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One Direction's first verse man, Liam Payne, now has all the verses to himself as he has finally dropped his first single as a solo artist.

Liam has finally caught up with his ex-bandmates on their own solo projects with his debut single, Strip That Down, featuring Quavo. Surprisingly, it's not bad, despite it being an expected direction (pun intended) for him to take. His song is a simple Hip-Hop/R&B tune with one of the most obvious musical elements is its pre-chorus which sounds pretty much like the chorus to Shaggy's It Wasn't Me.

The other thing that jumps out from the song is the lyric: / You know, I used to be in 1D / now I'm out, free / which seems like he's dissing his fromer band and bandmates. Of course he got a lot of backlash for it but he denied any intentions of being disrespectful in an interview, saying, "I never wanted it to be taken in a negative light. First off I thought that hiatus was some sort of religious thing, so when they said hiatus I thought we were all going to turn into monks or something. But I actually think the hiatus works out best for everyone because we all get to explore our music."

So that line is still up to interpretation and different opinions, just as the song itself is, with some people finding it underwhelming while others finding it a great start to Liam's solo career.

Check out the lyric video here:


Photo Credits: The Inquisitr

Remember this song from 2011?

Pretty sure we are all familiar with the name Rebecca Black. 6 years after the release of Friday, she has grown up, improved her craft and is back with an amazing song that could possibly be a contender for song of the summer.

Her new pop tune Foolish is greatly different from what she has released previously such as the emotional breakup ballad, The Great Divide, or her viral hits from 2011 and 2013. According to Rebecca’s interview with Billboard, the back-story of Foolish is about falling in love for the first time, experiencing new emotions and trying out things that you have never done before. In her words, “Love is real, and exciting, and weird and scary.”



It is actually really heartwarming to see her mature into the great singer and songwriter she is today. We’re super excited to have her back and can’t wait for her accompanying music video and EP which will be out this summer!

Picture Credits: Szwill86 on Tenor, Time

The Heydaze is a seriously underrated pop rock band from New York, USA. This band has been around since 2014 but they haven’t got nearly enough recognition as they deserve.

Back in their early years, the band’s songs were full of fun and amusement. A couple of my favourites are Adderall and Dumb – these songs have been deleted from their YouTube, iTunes and Spotify to welcome in a new era of music, but you can still find some fan uploads on YouTube.

The band used to have a unique sound to their music that could probably be described as “lazy but powerful.” Note: I say “lazy” in the best way possible because they had a great drawl both rhythmically and vocally which was just so sexy.

But now, The Heydaze have recently released their new single New Religion and by gosh, they have outdone themselves. With New Relegion and Hurt Like Hell (a single from last year), this band have take a slightly deeper and mature route with their music, switching their laid back tune for a more upbeat, present vibe.

It starts off with a synth note that borders on electro, and a smooth beat that is joined in by singer, Jesse Fink’s deep voice. The first 20 seconds is already enough to entice you, but when the build up of the pre-chorus begins, energy levels also starts to rise. Hitting the chorus, I immediately thought to myself, “This sounds like it could be a Harry Styles song if he had stuck to the newer One Direction vibe (adding a bit of a heavier rock element) when he went solo.”

I think that alone is enough to fully encapsulate the amazingness of this song. Songs like these remind me why I love pop rock.

The Heydaze is definitely a band you should not sleep on!


Photo Credits: PancakesandWhiskey

The Sink or Swim is an alternative/desert rock band from Arizona. Influenced by Arctic Monkeys and Electric Light Orchestra, it could be accurate to describe their music as 60's-70's meets modern alternative rock. The results are fresh groovy beats with hints of psychedelic tunes.

Their first single of 2017, Arizona, is an upbeat song with a catchy guitar riff that hooks you from the start. The deep bass notes add a raw, earthy tone to the song, while the drum line, which primarily consists of the hi-hat and cymbals, brings a lighter mood to it. All the aspects of the instrumentation manage to blend well together into a smooth, clean sound.

The core of the rhythm, as well as the lyrics, are reminiscient of 60's classics where almost every word is simple and straightforward with little to no hidden meanings. I think this is what makes their music unique from a lot of modern artists' - they're able to bring back the much loved oldies but with newer twists, and making applications like this work requires pure talent.

Personally, I'd say if you're more used to pure oldies music or pure modern alt rock, their music could be somewhat of an acquired taste. I also do prefer one of their first songs, Wasted Time, as the two styles are more blended and overlapped as compared to Arizona, which brings out more distinct sounds of each genre.

You could check out Wasted Time here before listening to Arizona just to get a feel of their whole vibe:



Alternatively, you could just skip straight to The Sink or Swim's new goods here!:


Photo Credits: The Sink or Swim (Facebook)

The live action remake of Disney’s Beauty and The Beast has just hit movie theatres worldwide and it is slightly different from most other remakes – it is a musical, and following the 1991 animation, it contains all the classic songs (plus a few new additions) but recreated by today’s top singers.

The theme duet of the movie, Beauty and the Beast – formerly recorded by Céline Dion and Peabo Bryson – was taken over by Ariana Grande and John Legend, and to say the least, it was a really good effort.

The original duet was composed by Alan Menken as a smooth, wholesome ballad. The stellar track had the sweet, timeless voice of Céline and the deep, powerful one of Peabo’s, and together, they managed to come so beautifully to create the image and passion of Belle and the Beast. It’s fair to say that it is very unlikely you’ll find another two singers as perfectly suited for this masterpiece of a song as Céline and Peabo.

With that being said, the new version was indeed a good effort for a modern remake. Upon finding out that Ariana and John had set out to recreate the song, I had my doubts but once I’d heard it, I found that it actually wasn’t as bad as I had expected.

The remake had an unsurprising increase in tempo, and John’s vocals did not have as much depth as Peabo’s did, so this affected the overall dynamics and emotion of the song as it sort of clashed with Ariana’s vocals when they sang together. However, both artists did have the individual vocal power for such a ballad so the delivery of their respecitve solos turned out to be strong. The original Menken melody was still retained which I’m sure everyone is super thankful for but the 2017 version had a slightly edgier sound to it that surprisingly managed to complement the tune.

So basically, you really can’t compare anything to the 1991 classic but on it’s own, Ariana and John’s version is probably a good 7/10. I mean it could have been worse so I’m pretty glad that it turned out the way it did.

Check out the 2017 and 1991 versions below and see if you agree:







Photo Credits: Mothership