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Boys next door, Pop Punk band American Hi-Fi is back with their latest single Golden State and is slated for the release of their new album Blood and Lemonade. Filmed in the studio of singer Stacy Jones, Golden State encapsulates the emotions of an agonizing break up or tiff which ratchets up the angst till it explodes in the chorus questioning the doubts of a relationship.

It is a loopy and psychedelic Rock song, accompanied with staccato guitar power chords together with the chomps and spanks of the drums which heightens the chaos of the situation and possesses its own rhythmic logic. Often resembling a whirlwind which one faces after a traumatic break up.

It is a shame that I was unaware about the great American Hi- Five and I chanced upon them a few days ago. Golden State captivated me upon the first listen.

Who are you? What am I fighting for? I Just got to know/ Cause I’ll never change your mind. Questions which many of us are constantly asking ourselves from time to time when we are caught in a situation. Be it over an altercation with our partners or best friend, such questions are bound to surface. It is a song which is relatable to many of us and leaves voices lingering in our heads before they deliquesce.

American Hi- Fi definitely nailed their new release, love the overall arrangement of the song. An addictive song which is suitable after a trining day or a work out song in the gym!


Photo credit: Rude Records

Heart throbbed sensation Sam Smith is certainly able to sweep a pool of girls off their feet. Sam Smith is a charismatic singer who possesses an impeccable crooned-sultry vocal.  With a spot on falsetto and wide octave range, the upbeat song Money On My Mind from his latest album In The Lonely Hour grabs the attention and connection from listeners upon the first listen.

The lyrics which strikes a chord within me is I don’t have money on my mind/ I do it for love, it is something relatable to many of us. Many a times, when we dive into a new field we are usually doing it for the money instead of the passion. Based on personal experiences, passion and love will certainly take one to greater heights and these values are certainly reflected in Sam Smith’s single. Let’s admit, many of us are so caught up with money making that we tend to neglect our emotions and we are clamped in between a chain of monotonous tasks which we aren’t enjoying.

At the end of the day, we should be enjoying life to the fullest and as Sam Smith say’s it  "Don’t want to see the numbers/ I want to see heaven." This can be something which we can all take home, to pursue our desired dreams instead of caring what people may perceive of us. At the end of it, we are in control of our destiny we should live to please ourselves and the rewards will be fulfilling!



Photo credit: Capitol Records

Does this peculiar girl who sounds similar to Lorde and Lana Del Ray look familiar to you? If you have been an avid viewer of The Voice US, then you may remember Melanie Martinez from Team Adam Levine.

With the release of her first dark-pop single, Dollhouse, US Magazine is already dubbing her as the singing reality show’s first breakout star. From her haunting sound, artistry and originality; this is the type of talent lacking in the music industry these days. (P/s: The mv was written by Martinez herself)

In her Dollhouse music video, Martinez dresses up as a demented doll, singing about a family that look picture perfect on the surface, but in reality they couldn’t be more dysfunctional. Remember Bree Van Dee Kamp from Desperate Housewives?

Hey girl, look at my mom, she's got it going on. Ha, you're blinded by her jewellery. When you turn your back she pulls out a flask and forgets his infidelity,” she sings; exposing her well-dressed mum as a drunk. Cate Blanchett’s award-winning performance in the acclaim Blue Jasmine immediately comes to mind.

Dad is having an affair with a slut, while her brother is smoking pot. Yet she has to “smile for the picture. Everyone thinks that we’re perfect, please don’t let them look through the curtains.” Pretty demented huh?

This depiction of a family full of secrets is brutally honest. Having encountered my fair share of plastic people, and being pressured to be “perfect” in the eyes of society made watching Dollhouse very relatable.


Photo credit: Warner Music

Lady Gaga has just premiered her new song Venus a few hours ago. Co-written by the Applause singer with the help of DJ White Shadow, Hugo Leclercq, Dino Zisis, Nick Monson and Sun Ra, the song was expected to serve as the second official single but was replaced by the R-Kelly-assisted track Do What U Want.

Our quick verdict.

We dodged a bullet. Thank god Do What U Want stopped the Birth of Venus.

I like the melody during the chorus, which sounds like it could have been on an Abba album from the early 80s. And that is pretty much the only redeeming feature of this - every other aspect is kinda terrible. The song comes across as a self-parody at times.

God bless the executives at Interscope for stepping in.


Photo credit: Interscope Records

Justin Bieber has just released an acoustic album full of popular songs from his 2012 smash Believe. The original album was met with mixed perceptions, some critics praising his new and more mature sound with others doubting his transfer into a more electronic and dance infused musical style.

One of the singles off of the original album As Long As You Love Me has been redone beautifully in an acoustic fashion. The original version is choppy, and distracts the listener from the actual musical masterpiece through the overuse of dubstep and electronic infused beats. By stripping it done to the essence of the song, Bieber successfully conveys raw emotion while singing simply over an acoustic guitar.

It seems as though the young pop sensation is crying out to be loved, or wanted by someone who he just can't convince to give him a chance. This can lead us to speculate as to whether this new, more emotional version is inspired by his recent break up with fellow young starlet Selena Gomez. The two were rumored to have broken up due to infidelity on Bieber's part, with Gomez breaking things off.

Clear any previous judgments towards the Canadian singer and have a listen to the beautifully bare version of the massively popular song below!