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Album Review: Shawn Mendes Pours His Heart & Soul Into His Sophomore Album 'Illuminate'
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Glass Animals Opens A Dream-like Realm With 'How To Be A Human Being'
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Carly Rae Jepsen Disproves Critics With Synth-based Dance Pop Collection, 'Emotion: Side B'
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If you haven't heard of TOMGIRL, it's perfectly fine. The buzzing new duo, made up of Singaporean Cherie Ko (who you might know from Obedient Wives Club) and Australian-based musician Ted Doré, have burst onto the scene with their cinematic dark looks and sound.

Their stunning debut single Darker Now is an alternative number reminiscent of Scottish-American band Garbage that infuses noir pop elements with Cherie's alluring vocals. For this track, Cherie set out to fully express herself and create a world not only made of music, with the idea of a Bonnie and Clyde-esque criminal story for the music video, and the grimy audio and visuals compliment each other well. You could totally picture it in the soundtrack to a Tarantino film.

Darker Now is just the curtain-raiser for their upcoming self-titled debut album (dropping September 2, 2016) and it's exciting to see what else this rising duo can bring to the table. The single is now out on iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify, Tidal and Vevo.


Photo credit: Deer Island Records

Cascading guitar licks slide in as it opens the latest single A Simple Hello by JJ and The Paperplanes (Debbie Lim, Micah Tan, Jj Ong and Xavier Lee). Emulating a strong semblance from bands such as The Click 5 and Simple Plan, this single encapsulates the snags which we may face when we have a crush on someone.

Exploring a kaleidoscope of synth pop elements, the lead guitar glides across the electro pulse of the song as it fuses with an amalgamation of spot on drum beats.

Accompanied by relentless beatings on the hi hat which builds a form of whirlwind and bass depth that slithers around the beat's sweaty thrust and climaxing the song with coos in falsetto backed by JJ.

I love the arrangement of the bridge as it soars towards a falsetto and lunges into a lower register, a dynamic track that keeps revealing new surprises across its runtime. An array of soul and energy filled within a single hit.

This is a song to convey my intention/ To speed up your heartbeat to catch your attention/ Too shy too nervous to go up to you first. SO if we ever fall for someone we should muster up the courage to confess before it’s too late!


Photo Credits: JJ and The Paperplanes

Exploring a gamut of genres is the main goal of the Ciao Turtle's and their latest single I’m Out has earned them more fans. This new single is definitely a distinctive approach as compared to their first single When The Stars which is a slower tempo love ballad. Well the great news is… I’m Out definitely reverberates better with me!

In today’s context, tracks which brew this synth pop feel with entrancing pulsations seem to work better as compared to slower ballads. Maybe it’s true that music is no longer being determined by the supremacy of the lyrics but more of the editing and beguiling beats?

I’m Out has this hypnotic grove which causes a reflex action to bust out the song’s iconic motif tune along with a short phrase of “aaa aaah” as hips sashay away.

This single taps into their personal experiences of bad relationships and the liberation felt upon walking away which brings about the angst and sentiments within this hit. The soulful and resplendent voices from Jared and Dennis inoculate an appealing depth to the ambling electronic zoinkiness. Thumbs up from me! 


Photo Credits: Ciao Turtle

Boys next door, Pop Punk band American Hi-Fi is back with their latest single Golden State and is slated for the release of their new album Blood and Lemonade. Filmed in the studio of singer Stacy Jones, Golden State encapsulates the emotions of an agonizing break up or tiff which ratchets up the angst till it explodes in the chorus questioning the doubts of a relationship.

It is a loopy and psychedelic Rock song, accompanied with staccato guitar power chords together with the chomps and spanks of the drums which heightens the chaos of the situation and possesses its own rhythmic logic. Often resembling a whirlwind which one faces after a traumatic break up.

It is a shame that I was unaware about the great American Hi- Five and I chanced upon them a few days ago. Golden State captivated me upon the first listen.

Who are you? What am I fighting for? I Just got to know/ Cause I’ll never change your mind. Questions which many of us are constantly asking ourselves from time to time when we are caught in a situation. Be it over an altercation with our partners or best friend, such questions are bound to surface. It is a song which is relatable to many of us and leaves voices lingering in our heads before they deliquesce.

American Hi- Fi definitely nailed their new release, love the overall arrangement of the song. An addictive song which is suitable after a trining day or a work out song in the gym!


Photo credit: Rude Records

Heart throbbed sensation Sam Smith is certainly able to sweep a pool of girls off their feet. Sam Smith is a charismatic singer who possesses an impeccable crooned-sultry vocal.  With a spot on falsetto and wide octave range, the upbeat song Money On My Mind from his latest album In The Lonely Hour grabs the attention and connection from listeners upon the first listen.

The lyrics which strikes a chord within me is I don’t have money on my mind/ I do it for love, it is something relatable to many of us. Many a times, when we dive into a new field we are usually doing it for the money instead of the passion. Based on personal experiences, passion and love will certainly take one to greater heights and these values are certainly reflected in Sam Smith’s single. Let’s admit, many of us are so caught up with money making that we tend to neglect our emotions and we are clamped in between a chain of monotonous tasks which we aren’t enjoying.

At the end of the day, we should be enjoying life to the fullest and as Sam Smith say’s it  "Don’t want to see the numbers/ I want to see heaven." This can be something which we can all take home, to pursue our desired dreams instead of caring what people may perceive of us. At the end of it, we are in control of our destiny we should live to please ourselves and the rewards will be fulfilling!



Photo credit: Capitol Records