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There are just simply no words to describe the immense feeling of bursting pride we felt when we first heard that The Sam Willows will be opening for Little Mix on their Get Weird Tour.

Our homegrown band has done us proud again. The fact that they will be sharing the stage with one of the biggest names in the music just goes to show that hard work does pay off in unimaginable ways. Who says that you can't achieve your musical aspirations if you're born and raised right here on this sunny island?

The thought of our local talent being exposed to the girls' huge existing fan base gives us hope that one day they too will be able to make it big internationally. But for now, it's one country at a time. Right guys?

In celebration of such an exciting time in their careers and obviously to announce that they will be seeing parts of the world with the girls, The Sam Willows dropped their rendition of Little Mix's Secret Love Song.

And just because our little fangirl/boy minds need to suggest possible but very unlikely scenarios, we are just putting it out there that it would be great if they could perform this number together with Little Mix themselves. Well let's be honest, Jason Derulo would probably not fly all the way to Asia to sing a part of the song with the girls... so we're suggesting that maybe The Sam Willows could fill in for him? 

We are happy that The Philippines will be able to witness all of this but seriously, can Singapore be added into the list too? Fingers crossed that the "TBA" dates include the whole of Asia because that would be wonderful ;)

Photo Credit: The Sam Willows Facebook

With the recent announcement of Panic! At The Disco's return to our sunny shores on 16 August (remember when we predicted it back in March?), LAMC Productions' stellar lineup of rock shows in the last quarter of the year has never looked this amazing. Our hearts, though, have never been this torn apart. In case you somehow managed to miss it, here's the low-down of upcoming concerts that LAMC have announced:


15 August 2016:

This will be the legendary alt-rock band's live debut in Singapore and we can't be more excited. The wait is finally over!


16 August 2016:

A lot have changed since Panic! At The Disco's last concert here in Singapore in 2008. The last time round, P!ATD was a four-member band with only two albums released. After a number of changes in band members, Brendon Urie is now the sole-member with five studio albums to back him up. We reckon that this gig would be an interesting one...


18 August 2016:

UK rock band, Nothing But Thieves is LAMC's second installation of their Rising Star Series, a new and brilliant initiative that features "today’s top emerging international artistes together with local or regional rising stars in an intimate concert setting". With such infectious tracks to their names, such as Trip Switch and Graveyard Whistling, this band is definitely one to look out for!


27 September 2016:

Originally set to perform here in January, fans would be finally be able to catch the British rock band live in September. 


LAMC certainly does not disappoint to bring us these four bands that fall under the genre of 'rock' and yet give different definitions to it. But as impressive as how our gig guide currently looks like, it certainly does not look as good for our wallets or bank accounts. If you're like me who would DIE to go for all four concerts but probably only have the budget for one, making the big decision to pick one out of the four concerts is even harder than deciding on a starter Pokemon, goddammit. 

Which of these four rock shows are you most excited for? Tell us which one(s) have you bought tickets to! We'd love to know and share your joy/frustration with you :-)

Photo credits: LAMC Productions

Happy. Sad. Confused. Hello heart, are you okay?

Our all-time favourite Singaporean band The Sam Willows have been heading nowhere but up ever since the release of their record Take Heart that debuted sometime last year. As their careers sky-rocket to success with each single, the quartet dropped their highly anticipated music video for their third single All Time High on Vevo just a couple of days ago.

Prior to actually watching the music video for the first time, we've already listened to the song like a billion times. (Okay, maybe we are exaggerating... it was just 74 times in actual fact.) So if you were like us, you would probably feel that this song is a pretty upbeat one. It feels like an uplifting song that you just want to jam out to and have fun. Therefore, we were rather surprised when we saw its visual representation.

The music video tells a story of 4 different couples; 2 of which start off enjoying the company of their significant other while the other 2 experienced some difficulties in their relationship. We see a twist of events towards the end of the video, and the fate of the couples were somehow reversed.

Kuddos to the quartet for executing some really good acting chops during each of their individual scenes! We were genuinely impressed because the different scenarios that were all going on at the same time made us feel so many different types of emotions in just 4 minutes and 7 seconds. This emotional roller coaster ride made us all really confused about what was actually happening in all the different story lines.

And if you were confused too, don't worry about it at all! We found the perfect explanation online by none other than Mr Dee Kosh. Please note: this is NOT the actual explanation for the music video but rather an individual's interpretation that we feel makes sense (kinda). So we just have to go along with this explanation for now!

So what did you think of The Sam Willows' All Time High music video? We feel that they just keep topping their game with each piece of work they release. Keep rocking guys! x

Photo Credit: The Sam Willows Facebook & YouTube

Canadian sisters Tegan and Sara were recently announced as part of the forthcoming Super Slippa music festival in Taipei, but this morning they’ve confirmed that they’ll also be heading to our sunny island to headline a show at The Star Theatre.

Three years after their last appearance on our shores, Tegan and Sarah are on the verge of dropping their new album Love You To Death (out this June), so their new show will be peppered with tracks from the new LP, along with favourites from throughout their 17 year careers.

Don’t miss the chance to see the pop duo perform your favorite songs live!


Concert Details:

Date               : 29 July 2016, Friday
Venue            : The Star Theatre, The Star Performing Arts Centre
Ticket Prices : $68, $88, $148, VIP BOX $228 (only 16 seats available)


Tickets are available for purchase at SISTIC from 28 April.

Don't miss a tweet and turn your notifs on, as we will be giving away meet-and-greet passes for ticket holders! Get your tickets NOW!

Spin or Bin Music is proud to be the Official Music Blog for Tegan and Sara Tour 2016 in Singapore!

Everyone loves a good o' song about heartbreak and unrequited love every once in a while. I'm a sucker for when alternative-rock bands give a glimpse of their sentimental side, which makes me a sucker for Heir of Hounds' latest single, Skin

The collaborative effort with Gentle Bones pulls substantial influence from the singer-songwriter himself, giving the band a good start amongst the mainstream. This leads me to my main question: "What is the rest of their upcoming EP going to sound like?" Would it be similar to their previously-released tracks such as Circles and Beginnings? Or is this a new direction that the band is experimenting with and embarking on? Surely, that would be interesting to find out. 

As for their music video, although professionally-produced, was a little too distracting for my taste. While I may not be the biggest fan of the video, it is probably still worth checking out:


Photo credit: Heir of Hounds Facebook