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join our team!

From performing for a handful of people at a hotel in Sydney to headlining countless sold-out concerts, 5 Seconds of Summer have definitely come a long way.

This Australian pop-rock band have certainly made a name for themselves in the music scene not only in their hometown, but internationally. And we could not be happier to be a part of their journey to world domination!

Inspired by their favourite bands, 5SOS have released their second studio album, Sounds Good Feels Good, which is packed with pop-rock hits that are currently dominating our local radio stations and playlists. 

However, we no longer have to rely on pre-recorded tracks to enjoy music from 5SOS as we can literally listen to them making music LIVE straight to our souls in 2016 right here in Singapore!

Concert Details:

Date               : 3 March 2016, Thursday
Venue            : The Star Theatre
Ticket Prices : $388 (VIP), $288, $228, $188, $148, $118

Tickets are now available for purchase at SISTIC.

Remember to get your tickets early as we have an exclusive opportunity for ticket holders to 'speak' to 5SOS! And remember our 2 favourite magic words, "STALK US!"

Spin or Bin Music is proud to be the Official Music Blog for the 5 Seconds of Summer's Sounds Live Feels Live World Tour 2016 in Singapore!


Here's a special message from 5 SECONDS OF SUMMER for fans in Singapore! Catch 5SOS performing their hits, including tracks from their new 'Sounds Good Feels Good' album, live on 3 March in Singapore. Tickets are available via

Posted by Live Nation Lushington SG on Friday, October 30, 2015

Not too long ago, 4 little lads started garnering the attention of many fangirls through cover songs on YouTube. Little did The Vamps know that a few years down the road, they'd be touring the world as one of Britain's pop hit sensations!

With the feel-good sound of Mcfly and charm of One Direction, it is undeniable that The Vamps may perhaps be the lovechild of these two British boy bands. Their rise to fame has caused chart-topping hits like Can We Dance, Wild Heart, and Last Night. With this, we’re proud to announce that Spin or Bin Music is the official music blog for their show in Singapore!

The Vamps are set to melt the hearts of hundreds of fangirls with their frolicking good tunes and sweet faces as they stop over our sunny island for their ‘Wake Up’ World tour! If that’s not exciting enough, they’ll be bringing along American pop band The Tide for a special opening set!

Don’t miss the chance to see Connor Ball, Tristan Evans, James McVey and Brad Simpson perform your favorite songs live!

Concert Details:

Date               : 26 January 2016, Tuesday
Venue            : The Colesium at the Hard Rock Hotel, Resorts World, Sentosa
Ticket Prices : $98 (early bird), $118 (standard), $168 (VIP Package inclusive of concert ticket, priority entry, soundcheck pass, VIP laminate & lanyard, and an exclusive gift item)

Tickets are now available for purchase at SISTIC and APACTix.

Don't miss a tweet and turn your notifs on, as we will be giving away meet-and-greet passes for ticket holders! Get your tickets NOW!

Spin or Bin Music is proud to be the Official Music Blog for The Vamps "Wake Up" World Tour 2016 in Singapore!


Photo Credit: Live Nation Lushington SG, tumblr

The highly anticipated For Love music video from Singapore's hottest band at the moment, The Sam Willows, has finally dropped at midnight exactly one week after its audio was released exclusively on Spotify!

That means we need not wait any longer and can finally end our countdown! WOOHOO!

We were looking forward to the release of the music video so much that we didn't really prepare ourselves for what the actual music video had to offer. There was some sort of expectation that the music video will feature the band doing their thing while just being themselves. 

But that wasn't the case.

We were treated to a short heart-wrenching film portraying the love of a mother with occasional scenes of the band situated in a white stripped down setting of what seemed like an abandoned building.

The story starts off with a mother going through a lot of pain while having reoccurring flashbacks of the moments spent with her daughter who was taken away. It ends off with the mother successfully fighting off all the baddies in order to rescue her little girl.

However, that wasn't really the end of the story. It then became clear to us that the mother was actually battling against cancer.

The true meaning of a mother's love was so strongly conveyed as she gave it all, all for the love of her daughter. And if you blamed your tears after watching this video on the haze, you must be lying.

It was not until moments after that we realised the whole concept of the music video was based on the Kheng siblings' mother who passed away years ago.

Benjamin and Narelle took to Twitter and Instagram respectively a few hours after the music video was released to dedicate this work of art to their beloved mother.

Y'all definitely did her proud and more.

Give your mum a big hug today and check out this amazing music video if you haven't done so! 


Photo Credit: The Sam Willows Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & Tumblr

For a modest band whose songs “will never be on the radio,” Ohio’s Twenty One Pilots sure has enjoyed a journey of considerable success over the years.

Spawning a global cult-like following (a skeletøn clique, if you will) that tentatively emerged from the sleepy confines of Columbus, Tyler Joseph and Joshua Dun are now the proud ringmasters of their self-made circus – and a No. 1 record helps too. But it is perhaps 21P’s wanton embrace of their inner demons that strikes a chord amongst their many misfit fans, us included, so it really does come as a thrill to announce that Spin or Bin Music will be the official music blog for the Singaporean leg of their Blurryface World Tour!

With a recent stint on Jimmy Kimmel Live! and a festival trek which included the legendary Bonnaroo, TOP’s reputation for highly-charged, impactful performances is notorious (the recurring ski mask motif we saw at the MTV Movie Awards remains pretty dope). Having toured with the likes of Paramore and Walk The Moon, Twenty One Pilots are right on their way to becoming one of the greats. So how could you possibly miss out on their Singaporean debut?

Concert Details:

Date                : 16 July 2015, Thursday
Venue             : Suntec Convention Centre, Hall 401-402
Ticket Prices: $78 (early bird), $98 (standard), $108 (at the door)

Tickets are now available for purchase at SISTIC and APACTix.

Remember to get your tickets early as we will be giving away those highly sought-after meet-and-greet passes for ticket holders right here on Spin or Bin Music! STALK US!

Spin or Bin Music is proud to be the Official Music Blog for the Twenty One Pilots Blurryface World Tour 2015 in Singapore!


Photo credit: Live Nation Lushington

“What started out as a hobby is slowly becoming a career choice. I'm putting all of myself into music and the pursuit of making music all around the world is really quite consuming.”

How many musicians in Singapore are given the chance to perform on numerous platforms especially grandeur ones? Well, you’ve to be at top form for that to happen, and the boy next door is a perfect embodiment. Despite his prime age, actor cum artist Nathan Hartono has helmed various achievements under his belt including releasing three albums and remains modest to date.

Aside from emerging as the winner of 2005 Teenage Icon singing completion (which Nathan cites as the craziest thing that he’s ever done), Nathan’s been gaining exposure across countries such as America, Finland, Slovakia and London. He’s also performed at Mosaic Music Festival, Java Jazz Festival and Asian Youth Games.

Regardless of the shuffling between Jakarta and Singapore, Nathan still relishes the journey. “The interesting thing about it (I feel) is that because the music scenes in Singapore and Jakarta are so separated from each other, it's almost like I'm leading two lives. I'm the real life Hannah Montana (but not).”

Although Nathan has had his taste on big stages, he admits that his most memorable gig was at a bookstore- which is rather surprising! “Honestly, the most memorable gig I've done in recent memory was this tiny thing I did in a local bookstore (BooksActually). Very small space, probably 30-40 people there, max. I did a full set of original music, and there was just something about telling stories to an audience, surrounded by the stories of hundreds of thousands of brilliant minds. It was magical from where I stood. I loved that little show.”

Berklee College is known to be a prestigious music school in Boston and many musicians are clamouring for a place. If that doesn’t impress you, artists such as Gavin DeGraw, John Mayer and Corrine May are alumni from Berklee.

Nathan is one of the talented chaps who secured his position to hone his craft for music further. “It's broadened my horizons infinitely. It's shown me such a big world of amazing music, heart, talent, dedication and everything. It's made me realize just how small I am and how much more I have left on my journey in music. It terrified me, it inspired me, and it changed me. I love it!”

Recalling on his most memorable YouTube collaboration, Nathan added: “When I wrote a song with Inch Chua YEARS ago (Birthday). It was probably one of my first collaborations with another musician, pretty much ever. I was so nervous and hesitant, because that process was something that was so alien to me. But I loved it so much, also we had tons of fun writing and recording it."

Also a couple of years ago, he was looking for that song they wrote together on YouTube just to reminisce. Nathan stumbled upon a video of a Japanese duo singing his song at a random bar in Tokyo - which made him flabbergasted!

Nathan doesn’t need to corral across a continuum of styles as he remains true to his form instead of mimicking his idols which roots from Ben Folds to Michael Jackson. Admiring their musicianship, writing and adventurous spirit which have led them to be successful musicians across a wavelength. 

“I think what was life changing for me was when I started doing original music at live shows, posting it up on the internet etc. and then getting feedback for it. That was a game changer because all of a sudden people were not just enjoying my voice or whatever. They were connecting with me on a different level, past the music and into my heart and mind. When I fully grasped that concept, that people were actually digging the stuff I wrote, I got pretty hooked to it. That changed a lot of things.”

He’s captured the hearts of many females with his endearing and sweet disposition. Well one may think that he is made for the cameras however he simply hates them! Nathan possesses the voice and flow that fit the nooks and crannies of productions across the musical spectrum. His prolific energy and multitude of emotions are infectious in most of his videos and volatility of falsetto coos.

A remarkable success indeed, do keep up with him through his social media channels as he’s been busy filming for an upcoming production and also materials for his next EP! On behalf of the fans Nathan - WE SIMPLY CAN'T WAIT!



Photo Credits: Nathan Hartono