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Alternative Rock Band Kings of Leon Remerges With New Record - 'WALLS'
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Little Mix Proves That They Are The Reigning Queens of Pop With 'Glory Days'
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Lady Gaga Translates Innermost Emotions In Fifth Studio Album 'Joanne'
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Neon Lights Festival 2016 was a massive success with over 15,000 festival-goers caked in thick mud, just like Glastonbury except in the heart of a bustling city.

Acts like Sigur RósBlood Orange and Foals absolutely stole the show while Crystal Castles, Shura, and José González delivered their very best. Organization was splendid and there was ample time between acts to enjoy the sideshows (we loved Club Minky!) and grab a drink. Of course, food and beverages were decently priced although the coupon system should be absolutely done away at the next instalment. There is nothing more frustrating then having to queue twice just to have your food eh?

Here are some tweets that perfectly summed up our weekend at Singapore’s best music festival to date.

Many trudged around in slippers or simply without shoes and still managed to slip and fall. Yikes.

Also, there is no better place to meet celebrities than at Neon Lights, with most stopping for pictures right after their sets.

While most acts put on their festival set A-game, no act brought their full setup to Neon Lights except for Sigur Rós. By far the best act of the night further amplified by their insane light show. Don’t believe me? Most of the pictures posted of the festival were nothing but pure Icelandic goodness.

If you’re saving up for one major music festival in Singapore, forget about Laneway because Neon Lights is defintely where its at.

Photos: Neon Lights Facebook

We came. We fought. We conquered. (Well, at least some lucky people out there.)

With Coldplay's ticket sales being dubbed as an "unprecedented" event, it's safe to say that their two shows in Singapore might just be the most awaited concert in 2017. I mean, the last time we've experienced this kind of intense hoarding was during Taylor Swift and Michael Jackson's shows in our tiny island. 

While it did take me three tries before finally scoring a ticket (thanks to a really dedicated friend who managed to get through the virtual waiting room), the experience definitely wasn't a smooth one. I've spent hours lurking on the concert event's page on Facebook, scrolling down desperate fans' pleas, finding strength in the fact that I'm not the only one stuck in the virtual waiting room. 

Though it's pretty understandable that most people who didn't get tickets are pissed, some of them decided to turn their despair and disappointment into hilarious posts on Facebook and Twitter.

Here are 10 hilarious posts that perfectly sum up our emotions during the Coldplay ticket sales:


1. When this guy accurately depicts our feelings about the Virtual Waiting Room



2. I mean, it's another reason why 2016 is just not a good year



3. You realize how tough the ticket sales battle was when it's comparable to Singapore's education system



4. When you just turn to Coldplay for consolation 



5. When you spend more hours in the Virtual Waiting Room than you can ever stay still in a lecture (DUDE, 4 HOURS???)



6. When even Chris Martin is disappointed



7. When some people are just trying to lighten the mood



8. When you realize that resellers are selling one ticket equivalent to your entire tuition fees



9. When you know someone just had to say it... even though it's downright brutal



10. But at the end of the day, you realize that despite the struggle, it brought fans together


Photo Credit:

Nathan Hartono may have come in 2nd place in the recent Sing! China finals, but he will always remain number 1 in our hearts. Here's 5 reasons why:


1) When he made us laugh with his Facebook display picture

Who wouldn't fall for a guy who's not only insanely talented, but funny too???


2) When he danced like a geek and could still look like a total dreamboat

Read Letazia's full review of Nathan's Electricity music video here!


3) When he played the harmonica, rapped, sang and then danced in a SINGLE performance



4) When he highlighted to everyone the importance of a language skill 

Because, who knows? You may have to one day use it on stage in front of thousands of viewers, so... "DO YOUR TING XIE, DO YOUR ZUO WEN."


5) When he blessed us with Milo 

When asked what he would do if he were to win the competition, Nathan jokingly said that he would like to treat Singaporeans to iced Milo. Nestle picked up his comment and responded: "Nathan, win or lose, Milo will support you all the way! No need to rent, also can. Just tell us where, we bring the van."

!!! It's like as if he knew the way to get directly to our hearts


(Photo credits: Giphy, Straits Times, Nathan Hartono)

Just last week, blues-rock band The Façade dropped an impressive cover of Gentle Bones' Geniuses & Thieves

The band traded Gentle Bones' electro synths for the electric guitar, perhaps with inspiration drawn from the likes of John Mayer and The 1975.

While they have done a number of covers such as The 1975's Chocolate and Justin Bieber's Love Yourself, none of them have been as professionally recorded and produced as this latest release. If you haven't already, check it out below: 

That said, we reckon we'd be seeing and hearing a lot from this quartet in the last quarter of 2016, and here's why:


1) They will be dropping their first single, Better Than This, in September 


2) The band has announced that they will be releasing a number of covers in the meantime


3) Their first EP will be released by the end of the year

We can't wait!

Photo credits: The Façade

Pure genius?

Homegrown band The Sam Willows have just released their brand new mashup cover of Cold Water by Major Lazer featuring Justin Bieber & MØ and Same Old Love by Selena Gomez.

First of all, can we all just take a moment to appreciate the beauty of the place that they filmed at? The quartet shot this cover when they were together on top of Wentworth Falls Blue Mountains in New South Wales. It turns out that they went to Sydney for a songwriting camp and decided to take a trip to the Blue Mountains to shoot this beautiful cover.

The mashup of the two songs is very interesting as it takes two very different perspectives and combines them together like a conversation. Cold Water talks about being there for someone even though this person has drifted apart while Same Old Love expresses the annoying feeling of the constant back and forth with someone.

And it just so happens that these two songs are sung by Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez respectively. Coincidence? If not for this cover, we wonder if we would have ever connected the dots...


Photo Credit: @thesamwillows on Instagram