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Call him the Aficionado of “Finger Style” guitar-ing or Sunha Jung’s long lost brother - Amos Lim allows his music to speak for itself without any form of luscious vocals just pure instrumentals. His skills are too dazzling to be pinned down despite picking it up at the age of 13 without any form of formal lessons; it was wholly self-taught.

Hemming a kaleidoscope of achievements under his name, Amos was the opening act for Adam Rafferty at *SCAPE and performed for Tedx Youth 2013. Furthermore he is currently conducting guitar lessons for a handful of students. In the past he used to coach over 60 students at Music Centers/Maestro Guitar.

Being versatile on both the Ukulele and Guitar, I fell in love with Amos’ rendition of Little Talks by Of Monsters and Men. The arrangement is distinctive as it mixes around with the upper and lower tones of the Ukulele where the sparsest instants are accentuated with the lower lushness. The improvisations are thematically on beat with little room for error.

Perhaps you are looking for an Acoustic Evening Playlist after a tiring day, well Amos’s cover of Clarity by Zedd will surely set that mood for you. It pacifies the soul and enables listeners to unwind as he astounds you with his electrifying knacks.

Staying connected with his fans through social media, Amos has progressively built a sturdy pool of more than 4000 subscribers on his YouTube channel as of 2014. With more than half a million views on his channel and 3.5k followers on Facebook.

Being modest despite his success, Amos is the musician whom you should watch out for! He differentiates himself through his fast finger works on the Ukulele and it’s a gift which many aren’t able to possess.



Photo Credits: Amos Lim 

Kicking off the New Year with a BANG, 2015 is going to be a good year for the local music scene especially with 4 new covers from our beloved local musicians.


#4 MICappella - Style by Taylor Swift

Ushering in the New Year with 2 new members Tay Kexin and Goh Mingwei into the reputable A capella group in Singapore- MICappella enthrals the audience with their execution of Style by Taylor Swift. I love the visual elements of the video production from Black and White- Sepia and slowy a hint of full colour due to the sunrise. The unison beats together with the effortless, robust swoons from Kexin and It leaves fans clamouring for more. They will also be heading to Europe for their tour so here’s wishing them all the best!



#3 The Sam Willows - Blank Space by Taylor Swift

Identified by their cohesion of harmonies, The Sam Willows released their latest cover of Blank Space by Taylor Swift. I would like to applaud Jon for doing away with his guitar! Yes, let’s admit - Jon’s guitar skills are remarkable. However, he wasn’t really known as a vocalist but rather for his guitar competency. He proved that he has the vocal pipes as well by nailing the melody to perfection with this cover. The overall arrangement submerges listeners into the melodic contrasting harmonies which are intuitive.



#2 ShiGGa Shay FT Benjamin Kheng - Lose Yourself by Eminem

Staying grounded and being anchored to his roots ShiGGa Shay takes us on a roller-coaster ride with his rendition of Lose Yourself by Eminem. This is a bold move for ShiGGa as most of his covers or compositions are towards synthesised beats with a nil amount of acoustic elements. The saccharine serendipitous vocals backed by Benjamin Kheng glide over the powerful and jagged raps by ShiGGa. A refreshing approach indeed, the acoustic style was definitely a shock for many… BUT hey it doesn’t matter if it sounds dope.



#1 Cilla Chan FT Nathan Hartono - Jealous by Nick Jonas

Enchanting the girls with his smiley disposure and vaporous falsetto, Nathan Hartono teams up with Cilla Chan for the latest cover of Jealous by Nick Jonas. Cilla has definitely come a long way since she made her mark on “The Voice”. Her resonant upper register which reverberates on pitch leaves us in awe. HOW CAN SHE BE SO PERFECT without being Auto Tuned! It’s a great skill that she possesses. I love the camaraderie present on set too! O yes I am certainly JEALOUS of them.



There you have it! The Top 4 covers for the month of January 2015! It could be anyone’s game in February! YOU might be the next chosen one!

Photo Credits: Draftbank

2 years ago Druv Kent fathomed that it was About Time to quit his job as a bank Managing Director at a Singapore bank to pursue his zeal for music. Would you have taken this leap of faith if you were in Druv’s position?

While embarking on his journey, Druv's demo tracks ensnared the attention of renowned UK Producers such as Tim Bradshaw, Greg Haver, Simon Edwards, and Calum MacColl. With the aid of these professionals, he recorded his latest album in England.

IF THAT DOESN’T IMPRESS YOU YET, sessionists such as Mikey Rowe (who once shared the stage with Oasis, Sheryl Crow) and Clive Deamer (who drummed with Radiohead and Portishead) are featured in Druv’s latest album too.

Here’s what you can expect from his latest album About Time!

As he tests the waters, Druv is following the footsteps of Kelly Clarkson - being a successful artist across all genres. The album is an intersection of Country and Rock - infusion of Keith Urban and Bon Jovi.

The album opens with a soothing track Little Bit Of God, reflecting on despair, melancholia and hanging on to fleeting hopes. As it progresses, Rock elements are being introduced and Druv’s husky vocals slithers over the pommeling drum beats of Glitter and Dynamite. Ending the last few tracks with an Evergreen Country feel.

Druv isn’t defined for his large capacity of vocal range however he has this unique vocal quality that broadens his genres. A ONE OF A KIND IN SINGAPORE, it does not constrain him to a specific style. For his future works, I do hope to hear more Rock and fast tempo songs!

Check out his album if you haven't already!


Photo Credits: Druv Kent 

Stressing out about where to go on Valentine’s Day? Feeling the blues as you are going to be celebrating Valentine’s Day alone? Well fret not! You may find your next soulmate here through music! How about a cosy place surrounded by luscious greenery accompanied with pervasive coos from international and local bands? Is this your ideal way to spend that special day? If it is, you HAVE to LISTEN UP!

The Gathering” will be held on the 14th of February 2015, Doors open at 12pm, Fort Canning Green Park, featuring local acts: Charlie Lim and Pleasantry, International bands-  Belle and Sebastian, Caribou, Temples, Tune.Yards, Real Estate and How To Dress Well.

8 fantastic acts within a single day, how lucky can you get?! I am certainly thrilled for this event, and here’s why!

Top 3 bands that I am EAGERLY anticipating:

#1 The guitar maniac soloist who sweeps girls off their feet with his insane guitar finger work and elusive vocals- a masterpiece which leaves us in reverence. Charlie Lim is the number one choice for me, a strong semblance to John Mayer.

#2 Oozing a mix of Synth Pop-Indie, How To Dress Well is like a combination of Gotye and Justin Timberlake in terms of music knacks. I love the single Cold Nites - it has this hypnotizing ability which leads listeners into a forested trance with the pensive vocals.

#3 Perhaps you are into the oldies kinda feel like myself well Scottish Indie band Belle & Sebastian will be the superlative choice for you. If you haven’t heard of them yet be sure to check out their latest single The Cat With The Cream.


Top 3 reasons why this is a music event you ought to be at:

#1 Bundle Tickets- 4 Tickets for $400. Good things are best to be shared among your friends so rope them along!

#2 If you can’t make it for Laneway, this is your second best option! An outdoor concert, dress down and you get to enjoy the music in comfort.

#3  If you think that The Gathering is meant for the hipster Indie kids wannabe… you are so wrong. You don’t have to be an Indie lover to be present, electronic group How To Dress Well will be able to drop the beats down low as you sink into the atmosphere too.

So what are you waiting for? Purchase your tickets now!

Photo Credits: The Gathering Asia 

Drumming his way to the top and triumphing despite a young age, Chow Kiat Er is an avid sessionist with an immense experience.  Recipient of the Musicians Institute Outstanding Student of the Year 2014 Award, Winner of Drum Challenge Asia 2008 (U-19) Competition and Endorsements with Yamaha Music Asia (Singapore), Chow’s success does not stop there, he was also the winner of the Musicians Institute Full Ride Scholarship Contest 2012 which paved many avenues for his career.

Aside from performing at places such as Hard Rock Café, Gardens By The Bay and the Esplanade, USA is also a common performing ground for Chow which includes the Silver Legacy in Reno, Catalina Jazz Club Hollywood and Cache Creek in Sacramento.

He has this slick drumming bravura, and if you aren’t CONVINCED yet check out Chow’s cover of Toxic by Britney Spears. A jazz pop infusion and I love how the cover unfolds as it ruminates on the snare and open hi hat, eventually the song dramatically creates and radiates energy with just the drums and guitar. His flair for drumming is exemplified from the various fills - it is just dope and on beat!

Having a taste of success in LA, Chow admits that the music industry in Hollywood is more supportive as compared to Singapore. However he believes that with a spade of talented artists, Singapore could be the next entertainment capital in South East Asia in the next 5-10 years’ time. We need more musicians like Chow in Singapore!


Photo Credits: Chow Kiat Er