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Album Review: The Madden Brothers - Greetings From California
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Album Review: Rahul Advani - Night Stories
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Album Review: Gerard Way - Hesitant Alien
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Sprawling the cities and reaching a critical mess The Summer State shows us how Pop Rock should be carried out. The band storms on stage with triumphant and convoys with the famous head bang as seen at every Rock concert: throng of fans are lured into the music by their charismatic frontman Bryan, who manages to capture the hearts of his vehement female fans.

Formed in 2012, The Summer State has a wealth of experience from being the opening act for International Bands such as Mayday Parade, Yellowcard, A Rocket to the Moon and Alex Goot & Against The Current to performing in the Phillipines (Sonicboom Shockwave 2014) and Johor Bahru (JB Art Fest 2014).  

The band rosed to fame as they released their EP in 2013 with their former frontman Ryan Lopez. In addition, the EP managed to clinch the number one spot on the iTunes Rock Chart. My two personal picks are Love, That’s What They Call It These Day and I Do, I Don’t.

I simply love the honesty of this local band, often reminding me of Boys Like Girls. Drums and synths catapulted onto the sonic field by the talented Ritz, spellbinding groves backed by Edwin, propelling guitar tensions by Victoria & Shaykh and not forgetting the gravelly vocals by Bryan. A promising future for this local band indeed! I can’t wait for their upcoming EP! 



Photo Credits: The Summer State

Irish outfit The Script have been on Singapore soil for their sold-out concert last year.

And it looks like fans of Danny O’Donoghue, Mark Sheehan and Glen Power will get to experience it live again next year!

Midas Promotions has just announced that The Script will return in April next year for their Asia tour.

Famous for their hits Breakeven, Before The Worst and Hall Of Fame and their recent hit Heroes, fans will get to see the Irish rockers live in Singapore as they take over the Singapore Indoor Stadium for one night in April 2015. We are so thrilled to get another opportunity to see one of the finest bands take to the stage as they bring their tour to our sunny shores!

       Date    : April 21, 2015
       Time   : 8pm
       Venue : Singapore Indoor Stadium
       Tickets: TBA

Stalk us on Twitter for ticketing information!

Photo credit: Midas Promotions

I’ll be on my suit and tie shit/ Let me show you a few things. Decked in a fine suit with a slicked back hair, look no further as the Singapore version of Justin Timberlake is making a solid mark for himself. Known as the Gareth Fernandez Band which comprises of Gareth, James, Titus, Sikai and Anson, there isn’t much room for criticism for this local band.

Possessing a formidable voice which proves a thrilling listen, the intensity of Gareth's vocals swoop in to lock on one note, only to glide gracefully to the next, resembling a feather caught in the breeze. Charming listeners with his goofy self, he has easily won a pool of fans during his gigs including Music Matters 2014. Nailing it each time he reaches the climax of a song with his well-trained falsetto, the audience gasps as he works his magic.

Gareth will be holding his EP launch on the 22nd of October 2014, from 7pm-11pm at The Barber Shop by Timbre which features a 10 piece band. Tickets are going on sale at Peatix ($30- Standard and Physical EP/ $25- Standard).  His latest EP unfolds a mid-tempo exploration of passion and heartbreak which airs his grievance in a song. His art is the nexus of nuanced interpretation, charisma and the virtuosic control which channels that emotion to breathtaking effect. 

Giving us a sneak preview of what we should anticipate at the EP Launch, Subliminal Love MV was recently launched and clinched the seventh spot on Singapore’s iTunes Chart. Evoking a jazzy feel, trumpets and guitar riffs ringing within the song accompanied with atender falsetto that sustains the muscular force even at the top of its register. To top it off, the track has been played on Power 98, Lush 99.5 (Singapore) and 88.3 Southern FM (Australia).

So without further ado let’s show our support to The Gareth Fernandez Band for their first EP Launch! 


Photo Credits: Gareth Fernandez

Having launched their third album Synapses at the Esplanade Recital Studios in August, Pleasantry is a local band which stands out from a bunch of other local bands due to their psychedelic voices. Establishing themselves since 2010, the Indie-Pop band has performed at places such as The BluJaz Café, Home Club, Artistry Café and even at annual music festival such as The Mosiac Music Festival.

Pleasantry has the abilities to yoke together the various instruments with vocals being binded by an invisible thread that evokes a form of tranquillity - leading listeners down a memory lane. Proving to be ambling and entrancing with the lush string instrumental arrangements as they bloom at the start of their tracks. Also gelling together in terms of harmonies, the enchanting works of Samantha, Isa and Haziq while Daniaal, Adel and Ahmad provides the robust instrumental support. I love the incorporation of the Ukulele and the subtle thumping beats of the Drum that backs the vocals!

My two personal favourites from Synpases will be False Realities and Channels. I love the rawness of False Realities which is not being over powered by the heavy usage of instruments, showing that simplicity is the best. Basics such as the shaker, ukulele and tambourine were all they needed to amalgam with the vocals. Exuding a mythical feel within a forest which fits in with the theme of the song: being blinded by reverie. False realities concocted by childhood fantasies/ Swallowed expectations and invented by their calculations.

Stone walls they divide the silence to forget it all again/ Who you’ve been forms a road. The delicate voice and breathy vocals resonates within one’s head and reflects the brittleness of that moment. In my opinion Channels encapsulates the different paths which we may take in life and the bulk of fear within us as we embark on this journey.

Honing the abilities to channel their thoughts about love and struggles into lyrics which are not “in your face” makes the band formidable. Well Pleasantry has certainly grown stronger as a band and I can’t wait for their next work!



Photo credit: Pleasantry

Remember the good old days when Boys Like Girls were the talk in town? College girls swooning over them for their pervasive charisma? Well JJ and The Paperplanes are taking the lead in Singapore as the next “High School” band where female fans clamor with post fan syndrome. Euphorically hypnotic is the way JJ and The Paperplanes translate their itinerant, hyperkinetic tendencies into songs.

Hemming accomplishments under their belts such as Yamaha Asian Beatband Competition 2013, Youth Jammerz Battle of the Bands 2014 and Hard Rock Rising 2014. This is the band to look out for within the local scene. To top it all, Converse Singapore is the official Sponsor for JJ and The Paperplanes.

With time to come the band desires to be a part of wider scaled events such as Music Matters and Baybeats. Putting them in the lead will be the latest single entitled A Simple Hello which will be launched on the 11 November 2014 and they will be having their launch at Hard Rock Café. The track will be on sale via platforms such as Deezer, Spotify and Artistry Café.

Garnering over 15 000 views for their cover of Catch Your Wave by The Click 5, this seals most of the doubts for the band. Being associated with Pop Punk, the band imbues a form of uniqueness through “Dub-Step”/ Bridges/ Synthesizers for lead lines.


Photo credit: JJ and The Paperplanes