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Last Saturday, I went for my first ever Laneway Festival. The lineup was amazing (Grimes! CHVRCHES! The 1975!) and as the excited first-timer that I was, I tried to do as much research as possible in preparation of what to expect. I read through all information and FAQs on the official website, and even made up a list of things that I should bring, which included sunglasses, portable charger, picnic mat, poncho, etc.

Despite all the prep work, I somehow still managed to forget one of the most important, if not THE most important item: sunscreen. Great job, Donwei, A+ for you. As a result of my stupidity, whatever skin that I had exposed under the sun that day (mainly my arms, neck and shoulders) is still hurting and itching from sunburn even after almost a week. I try to be more positive about it and call my new hideous and weird tan lines my 'battle scars', but that's about the best I can do. 

It's not like I would be dumb enough to go for next year's without applying sunscreen again if I do get to go for it (which I hopefully do). However if you were to ask me, I would say that the sunburns were definitely worth being upclose to the bands and singers. Having the opportunity to photograph them from the photo pit was an amazing experience that I am really thankful for, especially since it was also my first time holding a photographer pass. After spending 12 hours in the festival while surviving on the 2 hours of sleep I had the night before, it felt like I was going to die from fatigue and dehydration. That very night, I slept sound like a baby for the same amount of time I was in The Meadow, with an accomplished smile etched on my face.

As I religiously apply aloe vera gel on my burnt skin everyday following Laneway, I can't help but remember the fun I had on the 30th. I bumped into many friends and even got to play frisbee with a total stranger, which was awkward yet fun. Aside from the ridiculously scorching sun and trash left behind, the festival was absolutely enjoyable as well fascinating for people-watching. Therefore I decided to compile all the videos I took (146 of them!) into one that I could watch to relive the moments whenever I start to feel the pangs of post-concert depression.

For those who were there, see if you can spot yourselves in it! For those who weren't, here's what you missed:


Background music courtesy of Cashew Chemists, whom have graciously given us the permission to use Feel Amazing (what an earworm tho) for our video compilation. We hope you enjoy watching it!

If you haven't already done so, check out our review of Laneway Festival here!

2015 has definitely been an amazing year for music lovers in Singapore as we got some of the greatest music acts in the world to visit our little sunny island!

We are so sure that 2016 will not be a disapointment either. With several great music acts already lining up to come to our country in the new year, we simply can't contain our excitement but share it with all of you!

So here's 5 concerts that we absolutely can't wait for and we hope you are looking forward to them too!



When: 19 January
Where: Fort Canning Park

What We Can Expect:


The Song that Fans would be Most Excited to Hear: Shut Up and Dance
Probably the Loudest Line that will be sung at the Concert: Shut up and dance with me


2. The Vamps

When: 26 January
Where: The Coliseum, Hard Rock Hotel Singapore, Resorts World Sentosa

What We Can Expect:


The Song that Fans would be Most Excited to Hear: Wake Up
Probably the Loudest Line that will be sung at the Concert: So wake up, your sleeping heart


3. Laneway Festival 2016

When: 30 January
Where: The Meadow, Gardens By The Bay

What We Can Expect:


The Song that Fans would be Most Excited to Hear: Not gonna pick one because there will be many amazing acts there!
Probably the Loudest Line that will be sung at the Concert: Basically, we don't want to be bashed by other fandoms.


4. 5 Seconds of Summer

When: 3 March
Where: The Star Theatre

What We Can Expect:


The Song that Fans would be Most Excited to Hear: She's Kinda Hot
Probably the Loudest Line that will be sung at the Concert: HEY EVERYBODY!


5. Little Mix

When: 23 May
Where: The Star Theatre

What We Can Expect:


The Song that Fans would be Most Excited to Hear: Black Magic
Probably the Loudest Line that will be sung at the Concert: Take a sip of my secret potion, I'll make you fall in love


Which concert are you most excited for in 2016? Do let us know by tweeting us because we want to fangirl/boy with you!

Photo Credit: thenextweb, @mirandaeloitphotos, @janaalou, @jackxally, @morepayne on Tumblr

In the world of concert-goers, you win some and you lose some.

In our previous post, we listed our top 10 favourite concerts that took place in 2015, which includes Taylor Swift's 1989 and Twenty One Pilots' Blurryface tours. It is with no doubt that we got to see many great singers and bands this year. However, could it have been an even better year had these five performances not been cancelled?


1. Robbie Williams

It was announced back in July that the British pop singer's concert, which was supposed to take place in October, was cancelled along with the rest of his South-East Asia leg of his Let Me Entertain You tour.


2. Halestorm

Their cancelled concert which was slated to take place on 18th December would have been the American rock band's debut performance in Singapore. According to concert promoter Live! Empire, the performance had to be cancelled due to the band's conflicting schedules. Damn.


3. Gentle Bones

What a pity it was when Gentle Bones' sold-out concert was announced to be cancelled. The performance would have been the first by a solo local artiste at the Esplanade. Fans shouldn't be too disheartened though, we're positive a make-up concert would be arranged soon enough for this talented performer. 


4. Kina Grannis

I don't think there's any way to describe the sheer disappointment felt by Kina Grannis' fans when her concert was cancelled on the very day it was supposed to take place. Ouch. 


5. Passion Pit

The band was forced to cancel their Australian and Asian tour due to frontman Michael Angelakos' ongoing health issues. While it sure is heartbreaking that we didn't get to rock out to Sleepyhead or Cry Like A Ghost with the band this year, we certainly hope we get to in the near future (2016, preferably)! 


Photo credits: Gentle Bones, Vamos Photography, Genesia Ting Photography, The Music, Joe Papeo, Team Rock

Time really does fly. It feels like it was just yesterday when One Direction still had five members and it feels like it was just last week when they were performing at the Singapore Indoor Stadium. NOPE, all that happened nine months ago. It's like, wow, Harry Styles could have impregnated me then and I would be giving birth to our first-born today.

While that did not happen (sadly), 2015 was an amazing year for concert-goers as we saw many debut concerts as well as returning ones. Without further ado, here's a list of our top 10 favourite concerts of the year (in no particular order). Is yours on it?


1. Kodaline (with special guests Sheppard)

Bet you guys didn't know you could feel so many different emotions all in a night. Read Teejay's review here and let dem feels take you over once again.


2. F1 

Pharrell Williams? Maroon 5??? Bon Jovi????? The F1 Singapore Grand Prix may be already known previously for their star-studded lineup, but they really outdid themselves this year. Take a look at Letazia's review on the three nights of unbelievable performances. 


3. One Direction

Phew. It's time we thank all our lucky stars we got to see our five favourite boys perform together before it was announced just two weeks later that Zayn Malik was leaving the band. Here's our review on the concert


4. Backstreet Boys


We wanted nostalgia and thankfully, that was exactly what we were delivered. Read our concert review on how the Backstreet Boys turned the diversified audience of all ages into a unison bunch of screaming fangirls.


5. Imagine Dragons

"Imagine Dragons’ presence here is anything but a mere whirlwind that’s stopped by", describes Joey. Read the rest of her review on Imagine Dragon's Smoke + Mirror tour here!


6. New Found Glory

Their median age may be 35, but that ain't stopping the boys of New Found Glory from rocking our socks off at The Ground Theatre at Scape. They even covered Taylor Swift that night! Read what else they did here!


7. Twenty One Pilots 

If I had to pick my favourite concert of the year, it would be Twenty One Pilot's. "We are Twenty One Pilots and so are you"??? /dead. I second everything that Solihin has to say about the duo's amazing performance. 


8. Ed Sheeran

Remember that one night in March when everyone on your Instagram feed was uploading photos of Ed Sheeran performing at The Star Theatre while you were in bed, seething with jealousy? Here's what you missed.


9. Echosmith

Frontwoman Sydney Sierota is the dancing queen Abba sings about (young and sweet, only 17). She may be petite in size and tender in age, but her onstage charisma is undeniable, as confirmed by Joey.

And last but not least...


10. Taylor Swift

I know it has been a month since Taylor performed here, but the post-concert blues are still going strong. Relive the 1989 concert through our review here!


Photo credit: LAMC Production, Live Nation Lushington, Impact Live, AEG Live, F1 Singapore Grand Prix

Singaporean five-piece indie-rock band Stopgap have been exciting the local scene for quite sometime in recent years with their highlights being the Noise Singapore Award which they earned in 2013 and performing at the Baybeats and IGNITE! Music Festivals.

Members Adin, Joseph, Yewjin, Grayson and Eldad make up the group that deliver high-energy grooves and delicate melodies, and in the "indie" style, they've took it upon themselves to produce their debut album by themselves with the help of The Great Spy Experiment's Saiful Idris.

Totems features original tracks like Crossing Swords, which you may have heard during local radio airplay, Run-Out, a song inspired by the boys' own encounter with national conscription, and more.

Date: Friday, 4th December
Time: 7pm
Venue Name: *SCAPE The Ground Theatre
Venue Address: 2 Orchard Link #04-01, Singapore 237978
Admission Pricing: PAY-AS-YOU-WISH

The album will be on sale at the launch for $18. You can also pre-order the album online for an early bird offer of $15. For more information, visit their Facebook page for the latest updates.