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While Singapore might be regarded as a prime destination for musical acts in Asia, we also do get deprived of concerts from time to time.

There’s Paul McCartney who played a show in Japan earlier this year and Liam Gallagher of Oasis who recently visited The Philippines, leaving Singapore slightly jealous.

They say you can’t have it all, but 2017 would’ve been better if these bands also stopped by Singapore for a show while they were in Asia:


1. The Kooks

Indie rock band The Kooks were at We The Fest and Good Vibes Festival in Jakarta and Kuala Lumpur last August. It would’ve been a thrill to finally hear some songs from Inside In / Inside Out, but I guess we’ll have to wait.


2. New Hope Club

New Hope Club might not be a household name (yet), but the rising boy band sure has a large following in The Philippines, which they visited earlier this month together with The Vamps.


3. The Vamps

The British quartet played shows in The Philippines and Japan for their Middle of the Night Tour and we sure hope they’ll visit us in Singapore soon after their well-received gig in January 2016.


4. Kodaline

It’s been 2 years since indie folk band Kodaline made their Singapore debut with Sheppard. But the Irish lads skipped our country this time despite stopping by Indonesia and Malaysia for We The Fest and Good Vibes Festival.


5. Phoenix

Let’s just say August wasn’t as great of a month for me as I succumbed to watching videos of Phoenix on social media while others saw them play live in Japan, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, and The Philippines. It would’ve been a dream come true to experience their psychedelic show and see their kaleidoscopic stage set up in person after missing their show in Singapore 3 years ago. But yet again, one can hope.

Photo credit:, Shemazing, Project U, Press,

Backstreet Boys will be performing at the National Stadium this weekend in conjunction with the 2017 WTA finals. In fact, Singapore is extremely lucky as this show is their only stop in Asia before they return to Las Vegas for their residency show.

If you are attending the show and it has been a while since you listened to their tunes, we have got you covered. We sieved through all 8 BSB albums and curated these top 7 throwback bangers.

This is just a teaser of what’s to come!


1.     Larger Than Life


2.     The One


3.     Show Me The Meaning Of Being Lonely


4.     As Long As You Love Me


5.     Shape Of My Heart


6.     I Want It That Way


7.     Quit Playing Games (With My Heart)


If these have hit you with major nostalgia feels, we wish you all the best this Saturday!

Picture Credits: Gif from Backstreet Boys performing "I Want It That Way" live on the MDA Telethon, Billboard.

When Charli XCX's music video for Boys was released back in July, it got many heads turning with the staggering number of famous personalities featured in it, from British Olympian Tom Daley to Wiz Khalifa to k-pop idol Jay Park.

With the hype surrounding the video, it wasn't long until someone finally made a Singapore version!

Check it out below:


No disrepect to those who were featured in the video - they're all great and 100% deserve to be featured. However, we can't help but agree with the amount of dislikes on the video for one reason: it missed out far too many boys! Blasphemy!

Instead of featuring Nathan Hartono twice, here's 15 local boys/bands who we strongly believe should have been included in the Singapore version of Boys.

Not only are they incredibily good-looking, but also so musically-talented that they got us busy thinkin' and dreamin' bout them.


1. Charlie Lim

First on our list is none other than singer-songwriter Charlie Lim. As one of Singapore's most prominent local act of today, he would've been our first nominee to be included in the video.


2. Jack & Rai

Duo Jack and Rai may be veterans in Singapore's music scene, but they are just as qualified to be in the video, in our opinion.


3. T-rex

This all-instrumental band is just as good as bands with vocalists, and sometimes even better.


4. JJ Lin

How could the video miss out Singapore's biggest mando-pop star??


5. Taufik Batisah

Not even our very first Singapore Idol??? Really???


6. Electrico

Nor the band who has been around for over 20 years and is often credited for the revival of local indie music???


7. The Façade

We're guessing that the creator of Singapore's version of Boys probably haven't seen any of this band's music videos...


8. Caracal

Post-hardcore band Caracal is one of Singapore's suavest bands so it boggles our minds how they weren't in the video.


9. Ken Loh

If you're wondering why Ken looks so familiar, it's probably because you've seen him performing along the streets of Orchard. We think buskers, especially one as prominent as Ken, should also be included too!



The electronic artiste is not only super stylish, but is also the brains behind the likes of Disco Hue and Aquila Vasica. So of course THIEVVES is all good in our books!


11. Shaun Jansen

The Final One finalist is the epitome of Boys.


12. CampFire

We reckon hip-hop duo CampFire would add some spice to the mix.


13. M1LDL1FE

With their whole boys-next-door image combined with indie-pop tunes, the boys of M1LDL1FE would be perfect for the video!


14. Stopgap

Jumpsuits and covers of Sun Ho's China Wine are sure-fire ways to win our hearts!


15. Steven Lim

Last but not least, how could they miss out Singapore Idol alumni, Steven Lim Kor Kor???


Of course, this list is non-exhaustive. So please tell us if we missed anyone out!


Photo credits: Aimee Han, jufhzr, Men's Folio, Hype Records, Cross Ratio Entertainment, Aloysius Lim, Humans Of Singapore, Iyaad Salleh, TODAY

When it comes to Singapore's National Day Parade, one of its biggest and most anticipated highlights is the NDP theme song of the year.

If you haven't heard this year's theme song, Because It's Singapore!, here you go:


And... yep. Let's just say that we hope to hear better for NDP 2018.

Yes, we know we'd never get another Home, but before you lose hope in local music, you shouldn't.

In fact, the local music scene has been flourishing as of late. So, to celebrate Singapore's 52nd birthday, here are 5+2 (or 7) of our favourite songs released by local musicians in 2017!


1) The Façade - White


2) Jean Tan - Crowns


3) M1LDL1FE - Distraction


4) TOMGIRL - Heartbeats


5) Bakers In Space - Mute


6) The Sam Willows - Keep Me Jealous


7) LEW - Loved You So

Photo credits: LEW, Yak

"Due to unforeseen circumstances..."

We all know how it goes. No exciting news would ever begin with that line.

If you'd ask me, the words "cancelled" and "concert" should never be in the same sentence. Alas, life happens and sometimes things just don't work out as they should.

Here are four highly-anticipated concerts of 2017 that had been unfortunately cancelled:


1. Justin Bieber

The most recent concert cancellation goes to Justin Bieber, who cancelled his remaining Purpose tour just 18 days after it was announced that he would be performing in Singapore in October this year.

"Sorry for anybody who feels disappointed or betrayed," he apologised. "Have a blessed day."

Before you hate on Justin, it should not be ignored that the singer had been on tour for the past 16 months and performed at 150 shows. Give him a break.


2. Banks

After performing in Singapore for the first time at Laneway 2015, we were all excited for Banks' return in July 2017.

Unfortunately, in March, the alt-R&B songstress had cancelled her Singapore show. However, it does seem that both Banks and concert organizer, Secret Sounds Asia, are keen to work out a concert at a later date.

We're crossing our fingers on that!


3. Pitbull

Due to scheduling conflicts, Mr Worldwide a.k.a. Pitbull, could not go worldwide this year. Much to the disappointment of his fans, he cancelled the entire asian leg of his Climate Change world tour.


4. Colbie Caillat

Just two days before she was slated to take the stage at The MAX Pavillion, fans were shocked to find out that they would have to make other plans for that night.

When will her fans in Singapore finally be able to watch her sing Try and Bubbly live? Soon, we hope.


Photo credits: Getty Images, LA Times