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Pure genius?

Homegrown band The Sam Willows have just released their brand new mashup cover of Cold Water by Major Lazer featuring Justin Bieber & MØ and Same Old Love by Selena Gomez.

First of all, can we all just take a moment to appreciate the beauty of the place that they filmed at? The quartet shot this cover when they were together on top of Wentworth Falls Blue Mountains in New South Wales. It turns out that they went to Sydney for a songwriting camp and decided to take a trip to the Blue Mountains to shoot this beautiful cover.

The mashup of the two songs is very interesting as it takes two very different perspectives and combines them together like a conversation. Cold Water talks about being there for someone even though this person has drifted apart while Same Old Love expresses the annoying feeling of the constant back and forth with someone.

And it just so happens that these two songs are sung by Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez respectively. Coincidence? If not for this cover, we wonder if we would have ever connected the dots...


Photo Credit: @thesamwillows on Instagram 

The Summer State is back – but this time, bigger and better.

It’s been three years since these guys have dropped any new music, but the five-man band just broke that dry spell last month with their latest single Enough – and we sure can’t get enough of it.

The track opens to an infectious chorus of “na, na, not enough for me” (which we bet will be the loudest line sung/screamed at their future concerts) before drummer-turned-frontman Bryan Sta Maria takes us away with his powerful vocals. We’re so glad Bryan got to flaunt his singing chops here – he’s a great drummer, but he’s even better as a vocalist!

If you detected Yellowcard vibes from the single, you might be right – these guys had the chance to tour with the American band, and cited that experience as the highlight of their music career (they even made an unexpected cameo in the Rest In Peace MV #RIPYellowcard). 

But for us, Enough sounded more like a Simple Plan song. You know, the same devil-may-care attitude we heard in Welcome To My Life? Yeah, that's evident here, too.

It's undeniable that more and more local bands are on their way to becoming household names – The Sam Willows, Take Two, and Riot !n Magenta; to name a few. But if there’s one thing that differentiates The Summer State from them, it’s their rocking female guitarist, Victoria Chew. The other guys are great, but how often do we get to see female guitarists just owning the stage? 

Definitely not enough.

Overall, the single is everything we expected from a The Summer State song – it’s upbeat, fun, and totally jam-worthy. Looking forward to what these guys have in store for us, and hopefully that won't take another three years!


Photo Credit: Gabriel Lean


Remember the very first time you laid your eyes on the Pokemon Go trailer? 


1) Twenty One Pilots - Stressed Out


It was as though your prayers to turn back time to the good old days are finally answered as a wave of nostalgia hit you.

Then came its release. Though not in Asia, we lived through the gaming experience vicariously through video gameplays of others. 


2) Coldplay - Adventure Of A Lifetime

It was all so exciting!

Then came the strange stories... Expat fired from his job over the game? Dead bodies found and traffic accidents caused while searching for Pokemons? 


3) Jason Mraz - I Won't Give Up 

Doesn't matter. Ain't nothing is gonna get between you and the game, especially when rumours about it being finally out in Singapore in 48 hours made its round on social media...


4) Panic! At The Disco - Ready To Go

Boy were we ready to leave our homes to catch some Pokemon. However, 48 hours later, it turned out that the rumours were false...


5) Backstreet Boys - Quit Playing Games (With My Heart)

The latest news also tells us that Pokemon Go is probably going to take a lot more time than desired to arrive on our shores.


6) Mumford & Sons - I Will Wait

So that leaves us with no other choice but to continue our wait. Unless...


7) One Direction - One Way Or Another (Teenage Kicks)

You're gonna get it on your phone one way or another - a quick search on google would give you results of several articles to help you get the app ASAP! 

Photo credit: Vulcan Post

Best known for her role as frontwoman for home-grown pop quartet The Sam Willows, Narelle proves that she does have the singing chops to venture solo with first single Some They Lie. Just when we think that we’ve seen (or rather, heard) everything the 22-year-old has to offer, she drops the accompanying music video on YouTube – and we are OBSESSED.

Channelling her inner Lana del Rey, Narelle croons about not being treated right by the one she loves as a couple’s quarrel turns nasty behind her. It didn’t take us long to realise that this was a re-enactment of Narelle’s own relationship (or at least, the one she was singing about). And man, did we feel for her.

As the brooding synth-pop track swells to a crescendo right before the bridge, the video throws us into a state of psychedelia, with pulsating lights and trippy visuals. It reminded us a little of Troye Sivan’s Happy Little Pill video – not really sure whether that’s what director Joel Tan (Gentle Bones) was going for, but kudos to him anyway.

If we were to sum up the Some They Lie MV with one word, it would be artsy. It’s distinctly different from anything Narelle’s ever done with The Sam Willows, which might be exactly why we're digging it.

So just keep doing what you're doing – 'cause it's definitely working. 

Photo credit: Sony Music

How can a stalker be so creepy yet cool at the same time?

Nathan Hartono recently dropped some major acting and dancing skills in his brand new Electricity music video! From the song itself to the stylings of the MV, there's just so much to talk about so let's get on with it!

Firstly, Nathan can be seen dancing near the person he fancies at his workplace. Not only does he stalk her every move in the office, but he follows her closely when she goes to the supermarket to do grocery shopping. His love interest may look familiar to most of you as she is played by none other than the beautiful and talented Kimberly Wang from 987FM.

Other than the creepy stalking that goes on in the music video, the 25-year-old singer can be seen busting out some of his very own dance moves. It's definitely cheesy, but there's just something so attractive about it that you can't help but join in the weirdness of it all. Electricity dance party anyone?

We also need to applaud his two best friends who were willing to be creepy together with him. Not only do they have to wear seemingly matching suits to follow the fair maiden, but they also had to learn the choreography to the dance as well. It was all worth it in the end as we can see the two sharing a cute moment at what seems to be like a celebratory company event.

So what do you think of this piece of art? We have to admit, Electricity has been stuck in our heads ever since its release. It's just too catchy! "Come on over here~"


Photo Credit: Nathan Hartono Facebook