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Reigning queen of pop Lady Gaga & veteran of jazz Tony Bennett have teamed up yet again for the Broadway number Anything Goes!

Anything Goes is the first song revealed off the upcoming collaborative album from both artists, Cheek to Cheek, which will be released on September 24th 2014.

This isn’t the first time Lady Gaga has collaborated with Tony Bennett, having recorded a track titled The Lady Is a Tramp for Bennett’s Grammy-Award winning album Duets II.

Gaga unleashes her jaw-dropping vocal prowess in this jazz piece, as compared to the pop / EDM tracks she is most commonly associated with. Her sexy, powerful jazzy vocals compliments Tony Bennett’s smooth vocals throughout the 2-minute track. 

"There might be 60 years between me and Tony, but there's no distance between us when we sing jazz," Gaga added.

There can only be one voice in the world to fit into any genre you throw her, and that is Lady Gaga. If anything, Anything Goes shows everyone what Lady Gaga really IS capable of, unlike your average Dr Luke or Max Martin produced pop song churned out by the other pop girls.  

Could this be the return of Gaga to mainstream success after the less-than-stellar showing of ARTPOP?

Check out the official video of Anything Goes below!


Photo credit: Steven Klein

Rap princess Nicki Minaj.
British firecracker Jessie J.
And petite powerhouse Ariana Grande.

The three ladies joined forces recently to produce a new single, Bang Bang – sure to dominate radio stations worldwide. No doubt, three is better than one.

Bang Bang is the feel-good dance anthem that every girl (and some boys) would lip-sync to, whether in the club or right at home, whether in tight skirts or sloppy pyjamas. It’s the pick-me-up song that actually does its job.

And there’s nothing like sassy, fierce and flirtatious lyrics like, “She might’ve let you hold her hand in school/But I’mma show you how to graduate.” Yep, this upbeat track knows exactly how to work it – snap your fingers, flip your hair.

Bang Bang will be featured on Jessie’s third album as well as the deluxe edition of Ariana’s sophomore record, My Everything. But for now, here’s the song on the Internet:


Photo credit: Girls That's My Song

I'm so ready for Hilary Duff's comeback. It's been 7 years since Dignity.

The former Disney queen has just released her comeback single Chasing The Sun on iTunes NZ and is creating quite the stir across the blogosphere. Co-written by Colbie Caillat, Toby Gad and Jason Reeves, the instrumental is so summery and gives off feel-good vibes! At first listen, the single is musically similar to Paris Hilton's Stars Are Blind. The synocopated beat is almost identical.

I can see this song getting some curiousity airplay but it is unforgettable, unfortunately. Perhaps a dance remix will save this single?

Boom Clap this is not.

What do you think of Hilary Duff's comeback single? Tell us in the comments below!


Photo credits: RCA Records

Adele's 1-year-old son Angelo will be paid a 5-figure sum after the Rolling in the Deep singer sued a British photo agency. Corbis Images UK had documented her son's "milestone moments” and Adele was certainly not pleased with that.

Adele and her husband Simon Konecki sued Corbis Images UK after images of Angelo were sold for publication in British tabloids. She has claimed that her child isn’t public property and therefore the paparazzi has no right to invade his privacy.

Adele’s lawyers sued the agency in High Court in London and won the case. Being a child of a famous person does not make the child a celebrity. However, taking photos of a celebrity’s child in the US is common due to the weak privacy laws there compared to the UK.

According to her solicitor, "These images were taken during private, recreational time unconnected with professional or public engagements. They represent a clear infringement of our client's right to privacy."

Despite the incident, Adele is still open to meeting her fans on the streets, although she feels that there must be a line drawn for her privacy. 

Hopefully this serves as a wake-up call for paparazzi - To respect celebrities' privacy in future! 

Should more celebrities take legal action against paparazzi for invading their privacy instead of letting it slide? Let us know in the comments below.

Photo Credit: E! Online

Not only were All Time Low nominees under four categories at the inaugural Alternative Press Music Awards, the Baltimorean pop punkers had the privilege of headlining Cleveland’s Rock and Roll Hall of Fame next to several of the scene’s most prominent, both past and present.

Bagging the Artist Philanthropic Award for their contributions to Rob Dyer’s Skate4Cancer foundation, the quartet pointed out that “There really isn’t a winner of this award - every band out there that’s standing for something, f***ing wins tonight.”

After a shameless, pun-filled introduction by Mayday Parade, ATL’s performance initially led fans on to believe that the quintessential Dear Maria, Count Me In would be belted out. The sudden emergence of Yellowcard’s Ryan Key and Sean Mackin however, saw a blistering medley that kicked off with 2005’s Lights and Sounds. Judging from their awe-struck expressions, members of the Contemporary Youth Orchestra might’ve picked up a thing or two from Mackin whose infamous aerodynamics could start a revolution amongst violinists.

In what must’ve been a pretty full-circle moment for All Time Low, the blitz was rounded off with All Downhill From Here by their newest labelmates and namesake, New Found Glory. Jordan Pundik’s urges assisted by fellow frontman Alex Gaskarth received the crowd reciprocation they deserved to say the least. Pikachu erected out your butt anybody?


ATL’s performance of AP’s Song of The Year, A Love Like War featuring Vic Fuentes can also be viewed here!

Photo credit: Alternative Press