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Songs are usually written for an artist's own album or written with a particular artist in mind. Sometimes, giving songs to unintended artists have scored them chart topping hits instead.

Approximately 9 years ago, Britney Spears rejected Umbrella, which was the reason why Rihanna recorded and released it instead. Guess what? It went #1 and sold over 4.5 million copies in the US, launching Rihanna into a international icon. Britney must have been livid.

Here are three other songs that were supposed to be recorded by a different artist instead!


1) Kanye West & JAY-Z – Ni**as in Paris

Can you imagine if this modern day rap classic is recorded by an underwhelming Pusha T instead of the hip-hop moguls Hova and Yeezy? Apparently Pusha said that ‘It sounds like a video game’ and that he wanted it out of here.

He must have regretted his words almost instantly as Ni**as in Paris became an instant hit, peaking at #5 on Billboard Hot 100 and winning 2 Grammys.


2) Meghan Trainor – All About That Bass

This song fits right into Beyoncé’s self-titled album, promoting being body-positive, and well loving yourself. But would the song be as huge if Beyoncé recorded this song instead?

Apparently, Beyoncé’s team thought that All Bout That Bass was inferior because the chorus was underwhelming (are you kidding?!), and that the song featured no synthesizers or auto-tune like all the other tracks out there today.

Poor Beyoncé probably missed out on her potential 6th #1 hit because of a bad business decision. On the bright side, it launched Meghan’s career!


3) Miley Cyrus – We Can’t Stop

Miley’s comeback single entirely erased her previous Hannah Montana image and gave birth to a generation of teenagers that embraced twerking and sticking out their tongues.

Bangerz became a huge success mainly due to success of Wrecking Ball and We Can’t Stop. This wouldn’t have happened if producer Mike-Will Made It shipped We Can’t Stop to Rihanna instead.

Thankfully, Mike-Will thought that this single could be used as someone’s first ‘real single’ or a debut single for someone and sent it to Miley instead. Also Rihanna’s Diamonds was a huge hit the year before.

Photo Credit: Josepvinaixa, KanyeToThe, Music-Bazaar, Fanpop

Iggy Azalea was rumored to having thrown a shade at Britney Spears after tweeting about how their Pretty Girls collab would have been more successful if there were more promotions. However, she later cleared that up and reminded everyone not to jump into conclusions.

After the misinterpreted tweet from Iggy about the collab, she backfires with some thought-provoking tweets targeting the media. It’s amazing how much buzz 140 characters can create and surprisingly, her tweets made me like her a little.

Here are some of the reasons why Iggy is not that much of a diva like how we think she is:


1.     She Supports Her Girlfriends

Contrary to recent speculations, Iggy actually loves all her girlfriends. From a recent interview, Demi Lovato mentioned how real of a person Iggy is; they knit and make gingerbread houses together as a form of bonding. Aw!


2. She’s Slowly Learning About Feminism

Iggy made us all realize how common it is for women in the music industry to be pitted against each other when they’re actually just minding their own business. Male artists rarely have to deal with this kind of issues!


3. She Doesn’t Care About The Haters

Despite her brief twitter hiatus, Iggy now learned how to block all the haters and be active on social media again just for her fans. Artists have feelings too, but she decided to put her emotions aside to connect to her fans.


Seems like we're learning more about Iggy just by reading her tweets, aren't we? Now it's time to stop all the negativity and just parteh!

Photo Credit: rapbasement, homebunch, huffpost, wifflegif

Simple Plan is BACK! We haven't heard anything from them since Summer Paradise, which was a mellow sing-along hit, so what are they up to now?

Busy appearing at music festivals and five stops of the Vans Warped Tour, of course. And now, they've surprised us with a comeback hit. And frankly - gosh, I am going to sound like one of those whiny fans, but hear me out - their new track Saturday - didn't really hit the spot, or should I say, sounded as nice as Canadians are expected or perceived to be.

Perhaps the children voices simply dialed the song backwards. (I'm all for bringing in kids in the studio, and sometimes, it turns out well. Take Owl City's Good Time, and Yellowcard's Paper Walls, for example). Or the too simple lyrics.

But this is only one track from their upcoming (untitled) fifth album to be later out this year, so what do we know?

I guess a good prequel to Saturday would be Katy Perry's anthem, T.G.I.F. Couple them together, and you're up for a good hangover cure.

But on the other hand, it's good to know that Simple Plan hasn't vanished off the face of the rock industry.


Photo credit: Atlantic Records

UK music lovers rejoice!

On Singapore’s golden jubilee year and to celebrate the 50th year since Tiger Beer released its first can to the world, Tiger Beer has lined up a slew of events and activities to commemorate this milestone in the nation’s history.

Two international music acts will be performing at Unofficial Official party of SG50 including a 4-piece indie-rock band, The Griswolds. Hailing from Sydney, Australia, this will be the up-and-coming quartet’s first time performing in Singapore.

Tiger Beer is tight-lipped on the other international music act – only revealing that it is a celebrated British alternative band.

Which band could this be? Your guess is as good as ours ;)

In addition to the music performances, Tiger Beer has handed the power in the hands of the people by getting Singaporeans to vote for what they want to see at their party. Some of our favourites which we voted for included a Chili Crab Fountain, Indoor Fireworks and Local music act (Yes! Support local music!)

Head over to their official website to vote now! Voting will close on 19 July and those eligible to win tickets to the party will be notified.


Photo credit: Tiger Beer

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So Pharrell has let the cat out of the bag. He’s officially working on Adele’s 25, the follow-up to the Grammy-award winning album 21. It’s been a long 4.5 years since Adele topped the charts with 21 and she hasn’t put out an album ever since.

“She’s kinda like, ‘OK guys, I’m gonna open my diary for 20 minutes.’ Then she gives it to you and closes it up and disappears, and she’s off with her beautiful boy – and that’s what it’s all about.”

Adele has got to be one of the most stressful people to work with. How is anyone supposed to come up with anything in 20 minutes!?

Well, turns out Adele’s 2-year-old son is way more important than her album. That's also why we might not even get 25 this year. Bummer.

Meanwhile, all we can do is speculate how the single will sound like.

1. Pharrell x John Legend

Aim High is a slightly blues/jazz track which kinda suits Adele and will definitely give her ample room to showcase her vocals. I wouldn’t mind if her new album sounds like this honestly!


2. Pharrell x Miley Cyrus

This melancholy track was featured as a bonus track on Bangerz, mainly because it doesn’t actually fit it with the main tracks of the album. Rooting For My Baby is a mid-tempo pop song which has a very personal feel to it. Sounds like I’m describing a track off 21 right?

3. Pharrell x Beyoncé

Blow is a stand-out off Beyoncé and I believe it’ll do wonders and elevate Adele’s career to new heights if she can pull off funk. I mean, this woman is so talented literally anything is possible for her. Could the Age of Funkadele be upon us?

Photo Credit: ThatGrapeJuice, Blogseventhblog, Msongo, Gigwise, Stereogum,