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Jennifer Hudson has been out of the spotlight for so long, nor has she done anything memorable in her career for us to remember her for.

Her latest single off her 3rd studio album, JHUD, is no different. Despite enlisting A-list producer Pharrell Williams, He Ain't Goin' Nowhere, is really, well, going nowhere.

Pharrell has failed to give the song his signature retro soul feel to it, with a beat that sounds dated, stale and generic. Jennifer Hudson, as a powerhouse vocalist, dosen’t suit the song at all. The song barely features her vocals which she is, or was, famous for.

Iggy Azalea’s verse even sounded like it was recorded at the back of a car right before the song was mastered at the studio. It dosen’t fit into the song by any means, and was probably only added in for the ‘star power’ the track needed to get picked up by radio. Nevertheless the verse was mediocre, forgettable and definitely unnecessary.

This song is literally a trainwreck that leads to nowhere, a horrible single choice for Jennifer, and a secured spot on the road to floppage. If this is “one of the centerpieces of [her] album”, I am highly worried for her and everyone else involved in her album.

Listen to the huge mess below, and let us know what you think!


Photo credit: HitFix

The Vamps have crashed into this suburban home with their latest music video for Hurricane which will feature in Disney's long-titled upcoming film, Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day featuring Steve Carell and Jennifer Garner to name a few. The British band's invasion of this family movie soundtrack includes a brief appearance from one of the film's cast members, Bella Thorne who's character gets seemingly pissed off with one of the band members.

The video begins with a scene from the movie which then transcends into the band's own portrayal of being in the movie. The boys, James McVey, Connor Ball, Tristan Evans and Brad Simpson, juggle between scenes of poorly carrying out everyday errands around the house and shots of them rocking out in the frontyard; something they're actually good at, to inject some humor. Short hilarious clips from the movie also fill in some spaces to complete this bright music video.

Hurricane features many familiar aspects of their pop-rock sound which were heard in their previous singles and this pumped-up beat is sure to amp up your energy levels and get you half-excited for The Vamps' future material and half-interested in the coming-soon Disney film. 

Check out the video here. Just ignore the ridiculous CGI kangaroo and it should be a blast for you Vampettes.


Photo credit: Mercury Records

Chris Brown might have pulled a mini-Beyoncé with the surprise release of his highly anticipated collaboration with summer’s reigning queen of pop, Ariana Grande.

In Don’t Be Gone Too Long, Ariana plays a princess who’s in love with Chris, which the kingdom doesn’t approve of. Chris gets jailed in an ancient medieval castle which he eventually escapes and returns to his love’s side.

The Chris Brown directed clip was filmed earlier this year, only to be delayed due to his jail sentence.

The song is insanely catchy, with an adorable video in which Ariana really does look like a princess. Sadly, this version of the song will not make it to Chris Brown’s latest album X for some reason, although Ariana appears as an uncredited backing vocalist on the album booklet.

X is due out September 16 and includes collaborations with Nicki Minaj, Jhené Aiko, Akon, Lil Wayne, Tyga and the late Aaliyah, among others.

Watch the classic love story of a couple that was never meant to be unfold below!


He may have once been a Jonas Brothers member, but he’s long shed all traces of his “teen king” days ­– literally, with his trademark boyish curls all gone. Following in big brother Joe’s footsteps (and perhaps doing it a tad better), Nick Jonas is now a solo artiste and he’s back with a new single, Jealous.

It flows from top to bottom with heavy R&B elements that, like most songs of the genre, pairs the soulful with the sexy. Certainly a more mature sound, Jealous lays down a sleek and somewhat lounge-y bass. Sounds like a track to kick back and chill with!

By the chorus, Nick is already embracing the falsetto that all heart throb crooning hunks have mastered. His predecessors, Justin Timberlake, John Legend and Robin Thicke, will be proud. Look out for this single riding the radio waves. It’ll come as no surprise if this turns into a chart topper.

“I’m with my girl and [some other guys are] looking at her and I was like, ‘I’ve just been training for three months how to be a real fighter for a TV show and I could hurt you now,’” he says to MTV News. “It was a moment when I was like, I’ve got to write about that because the fact that I got so passionate about it so quickly means that there is a song there.”

Hinted by the song’s title, Jealous is about being (yes, that’s right) jealous in a relationship. Well, who could blame him when his girlfriend happens to be 22-year-old former Miss Universe Olivia Culpo – beautiful, brunette and blessed with killer abs. Speaking of which, Nick has those too. And we can’t help but be jealous of Olivia for snagging that talented son of a gun from us ladies.

Check out the song below (a 10 out of 10 is in order, don’t you think? ):


Photo credits: Robyn Beck/AFP, AudienceDIRECTV/YouTube

Irish rock legends U2 has remained quiet for a while, after touring the world with the record-breaking U2 360° Tour (grossing $736m). It has been 5 years since U2’s last studio album, No Line on the Horizon, and nobody knew what they were up to after their tour concluded.

Then came Songs of Innocence, announced at the Apple Inc. keynote event on September 9 following an exclusive performance of lead single, The Miracle (Of Joey Ramone).

What happened next truly shocked the world. Apple CEO Tim Cook announced the release of the album to iTunes customers all over the world at a special introductory price of $0.00.

The album has a classic U2 sound to it and is definitely worth a listen, with some songs which will definitely wreck stadiums across the world. Standouts include Every Breaking Wave & Iris (Hold Me Close) which is a tribute from Bono to his mother who passed 40 years ago.

Well, who doesn’t like freebies? Especially a full-length record from the ‘Biggest Band in the World’, according to Billboard. Songs of Innocence is available on iTunes for FREE here until 13 October 2014.

We can only hope U2 drops by our sunny island soon, for what could possibly be Singapore’s biggest rock concert ever.

Photo Credit: iTunes