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Jaden Smith is possibly the most interesting person on Twitter, apart from Cher, serving us with tweets like this on an almost daily basis.

This week, he decided to take over his sister Willow’s Soundcloud account to debut a brand new song Offering, as his ‘offering to the world’ (yes he actually said that).

His delivery is A+ but his verses are just as bizarre as his tweets…


1) “But the thing that really bothers me is when these Corvettes pull up to my doorstep and tell me something corporate about my dang foreskin.

What have I just read?! The rumours about Jaden ‘cutting off his penis’ were so ridiculous nobody believed it. Maybe except Jaden himself.


2) “I’m a new male Madonna,”

No Jaden. Bitch you’re NOT Madonna. You can’t be calling yourself Madonna when you have yet to make any sort of impact on pop culture!


3)  “My family’s not a circus, I told my dad to move the whole tribe down to Europe.”

Despite the Smiths being well loved by members of society, they’ve always been under a lot of public scrutiny. Perhaps Jaden should stop tweeting weirdly and dressing up like a girl if he really wanted to escape the American tabloids.

All that aside, Offering is a great headstart to the 16-year-old’s career. Jaden's smooth delivery on the laidback beat of the track reminiscent of the 90s is on point. Who knows what he could bring to the music industry 2 to 3 years from now?

Listen to the track below!

Photo Credit: ContentDope, ABC, DailyMail, 2Day, WeKnowMemes, NYDaily.

Florence + The Machine are finally returning after almost 4 years. Titled How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful, the album will deal more with reality, as shown in previous singles What Kind Of Man, St. Jude, and the brand new single, Ship To Wreck.

Shockingly, it’s the only song that is related to water on the album (producer Marcus Dravs disallowed her to write any more songs related to water after 2011’s water-filled Ceremonials), and it is indeed a thrilling journey into the mind of Florence Welch.

The video features different personalities of Florence having conflict with one another, on top of battling her own demons while trying to get out of an abusive relationship with her lover.

It ends on a chilling note as she fights with her multiple personalities for her future.

Watch the exhilarating new video below to find out who emerges victorious! 


Photo Credit: Wodumedia

A while ago, we found out that Mumford & Sons have not just changed their look, they have also changed their music. Ever since their hiatus, Mumford decided to abandon their vests and banjo, to adopt leather jackets and coats to suit their more rock and roll vibe.

We’ve introduced Believe in our last post, and now we have The Wolf. Mumford & Sons released The Wolf on April 9th, and yes, of course, it’s rock. It’s still a little hard to believe that instead of it being a fast-paced banjo-filled song, it’s a fast-paced rock-filled anthem.

Listen to the live version of The Wolf below:

The Wolf may have a slight similarity to Foo Fighter’s Everlong. The stretch of the vocals on both choruses sounded similar, and not to mention the riffs too. You could even play the two songs together at the same time, and it would sound really good (something for you to try out).

On another note, no banjo, no problem. Mumford & Sons nailed the rock score without flaws. It’s just that, adapting and adjusting to the new Mumford & Sons may take longer than expected, especially when you keep half-expecting that a banjo will be played somewhere in the distance, underlining Marcus’s vocals.

Even so, here’s to more rock vibes from Mumford & Sons, with Wilder Mind coming out in just a few more weeks. May 4th, we can’t wait!

Photo credit: NME

Adele’s 25, the follow up to one of the bestselling albums of the 21st century, 21, has been delayed yet again.

This time, it’s being delayed because Adele wants to go on a 2,000-mile road trip across America. Really?! We (basically everyone) are so thirsty for new Adele music it’s unreal.

Apparently, Adele hates the limelight so she wanted to go on a budget road trip to rebel against her superstar status.

She wants to drive across America “without the luxuries – sleeping in motels and meeting real people who don’t know who she is”. That might be a little hard because hey, who can’t recognize Adele?

Details of her third album remains a closely guarded secret with no collaborators or track titles confirmed. Let’s just hope we get to listen to it before 2015 ends.


Photo Credit: Camboheyes, Billboard, People Magazine

What’s indie rock that sounds like beach catchy goodness – that brings you light to your feet, or even a slight shoulder dance? San Cisco is close enough if you thought so, but who I’m finger-pointing to is The Jungle Giants.

Hailing from Australia, the fantastic four created The Jungle Giants in 2011. Having uploaded their first ever single on YouTube, Mr Polite, which they worked so very hard on, they received a wide range of positive vibes that compliments them on their perfect tune. What else do the commenters want after that? MORE of The Jungle Giants! Those hard work on Mr Polite was a first success to a brighter future.

And what a bright future indeed for the Giants where they get to play alongside Arcade Fire, Two Door Cinema Club, and even good old Pearl Jam. Having gotten more fans and acknowledgement, The Jungle Giants then released Learn to Exist, their debut album, on 2013.

Before I head on to introduce The Jungle Giants’ really catchy tunes, let me tell you that the Giants will be performing live in Singapore for the very first time at TAB on 26th April 2015!

Scroll down if you want to find out what you have been missing. You might have just discovered your next favourite band!

Mr Polite

Their first ever release is really worth a listen. It’s fresh, and it’s the budding music that The Jungle Giants are aiming to go. Simple guitar-playing and the light touch of the sound makes everything cheery. Forget your bad days; this happy song is here for you.

She’s A Riot

The song that got me addicted in the first place. I played this song on repeat so many times; I practically sing it in my sleep. Cliché words, I know, but it’s as how I described it. A little crazy dancing is very much recommended for this track to maximise greater listening pleasure.

Every Kind Of Way

The Jungle Giants’ latest single, which was released April 10, takes a whole new turn from their other tracks. An alien from their usual upbeat pop melodies, the experiment shocked fans with awkwardness, but even so, the catchiness still persists.

If you’re getting fond of The Jungle Giants by now, or am even considering Googling them right after reading this, then let me remind you again that they’ll be performing live in Singapore!

Photo credit: The Jungle Giants