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Ellie Goulding is incapable of doing a bad cover song. 

I probably have said the above statement before but I really do believe in it. She is the true queen of covers who can take any song of any genre and turn it into something of her own. If you've never heard any of her covers before (blasphemy!), it's about time you do. Below are 5 of her best cover songs that will surely convince you that she is the undisputed queen. 


1) Kodaline's All I Want

This is her most recent cover and it has climbed to be my favourite of all her covers on the first listen.


2) The Waterboys' How Long Will I Love You


3) Justin Timberlake's Mirrors


4) Elton John's Your Song


5) Rihanna's Only Girl


What are you favourite covers by Ellie Goulding? Tweet to us and let us know!

Photo credit: Polydor Records

Right after releasing his several singles, Sing and Don't , from his upcoming sophomore album, X (also known as Multiply), Ed Sheeran decided to put the pedal to the metal in his publicity campaign by doing a cover of Beyonce's Drunk In Love

A while back, the ginger-haired cutie did a 15-second cover of the song on Ryan Seacrest's show and it sparked a ton of fan requests. This time round, Ed decided to do a full length cover of the song on Elvis Duran and The Morning Show, albeit skipping Jay-Z's rap verses in the song. 

With his smooth vocals, Ed manages to do the first half of the song flawlessly but when it came to the sing-rap parts of the song, he started to wobble a little. Still, mad props for the man for trying! After all, Drunk In Love is a pretty fast paced song and only someone as regal as Queen Bey could do it without trembling. 

Watch the cover below and be sure to let us know what you think! 


Photo credit: Elvis Duran 

Whether or not Coldplay’s comeback hit, Magic has anything to do with frontman Chris Martin’s divorce is trivial. The track is surprisingly enticing in all its minimalist glory.

Like You Me At Six’s Cold Night, both singles seem effortless in their conveyance of adoration, with the bands turning their respective resplendent muscles down a notch. Making their fifth visit to BBC Radio 1’s Live Lounge, the Surrey-based YMAS made a rather convenient choice for their Mystery Cover this time round (between Coldplay and Kiesza, you can’t exactly blame them but The Pretty Reckless would’ve been bloody brilliant wouldn’t it).

The original which prides itself with Martin’s shimmering falsetto doesn’t bode too well for vocalist Josh Franceschi whose gravelly tones fall short with the awkward squealing of, “I wanna fall, fall so hard.” An avid crooner, Franceschi redeems himself with the song’s emotive verses, not unlike those which he himself has penned (see: Fireworks, Crash).

Other than the obvious absence of thudding beats and chilled production, drummer Dan Flint’s nifty drum machine adds fizz to fill the void whereas the occasional guitar picking appears to be child’s play for the usually erratic Chris Miller.

Be enchanted by You Me At Six’s cover of Magic below!


Photo credit: BBC

Duck Sauce, the masterminds behind It’s You and the off-kilter dance extravaganza Barbra Streisand, are back with new single NRG!

Utterly infectious right from its gorgeous reverb opening, NRG offers up their signature potent bassline which blends nicely with bouncy Moroder-esque snyth. The duo even inserts in a classic rock-styled guitar riff for that added chaos which makes Duck Sauce so much fun.

Fast-paced and full of energy, NRG doesn’t so much as demand attention, but command attention from listeners and fellow DJs alike. The song has already garnered remixes from Skrillex and Hudson Mohawke. Not too shabby.

Check out the original mix and both remixes below, and keep an eye out for their up coming album Quack which NRG is featured on, to be released today!


Photo Credit: Fool’s Gold Records

Yes, you heard it.

Among the many perks of being an international star, like financial stability and worldwide recognition, getting paid to attend music festival Coachella is apparently one of them.

I know what you’re thinking: As if those celebrities aren’t rich enough to buy themselves some tickets, right? Well, all this ridiculousness was only made possible in the name of advertising. Several brands will be hosting fringe activities and event at Coachella so in order to get more attention they garner the help of famous faces.

Glee’s Lea Michele, for instance, has to wear clothes from Lacoste whilst attending the festival. It’s as simple as that! Jealous yet? The best part is yet to come: the brand pays Michele $20,000 for all that work.

Other celebrities include…

- Vanessa Hudgens with $15,000 courtesy of McDonald’s

- Aaron Paul from Breaking Bad requesting $15,000 and a pair of VIP passes

- Joe Jonas asking for $20,000

I kid you not when I say that these stars are asking for more money to party at Coachella (and do a few simple things for their sponsor). If you think $20,000 is a great deal, Billboard smashes that record stating payouts as high as $50,000! Well… if you need me, I’ll just be curled up in a corner with my load of insurmountable bills.

Photo credit: Glamour Magazine, Her Campus