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Remember last year when we swooned over Martin Garrix, not only for his good looks but also for his track, Animals? The track got so big in clubs that even shopping malls like Marina Square started playing it too. 

Now, the EDM world spawns a new talent and he comes in the compact form of 10-year-old Aiden Jude. 

At the age where most kids would be struggling with their math homework, the New York based producer spent his time sampling tracks in the lead up to his debut, Tonight

Sounding a little bit like Animals (especially when the beat drops), Tonight sounds like a typical club banger that gets you in the mood for dancing and at slightly over four and a half minutes, it's just about the perfect timing too. Personally, I find this pretty impressive. How could a 10-year-old, who's not even legally allowed to enter clubs, mix a track like this?

So far, YouTube comments have been pretty harsh on Aiden, with some saying that his affluent parents must have paid a ghost producer to mix and dub the track for him. 

Take a listen below and let us know what you think! 


Photo credit: Idolator

Korean star Ailee took to the stage for her Immortal Song 2 performance covering the late Whitney Houston’s signature song I Will Always Love You to spectacular results.

Everyone tries to take on the massive song, but no one ever seems be do it justice – just take a look at all the Idols and X Factors around the world. Even Beyoncé couldn’t quite make it out unscathed.

It is hard to get excited about the song, unless you are, somehow, able to get Whitney herself to perform it. Ailee, however, was able to channel her inner Whitney and get through to the audience.

The performance and Ailee’s vocals were absolutely perfect, aside from a minor crack at the very end, leaving the audience members and her competitors all on the verge of tears.

Ailee might not have won this episode of Immortal Song 2 – which is a travesty, by the way – but she definitely won our hearts.

Watch the flawless performance below!


Photo credits: YMC Entertainment 

The rumor mill has been churning as of late and the most lasts piece of gossip is that Christina Aguilera will be taking a break from The Voice Season 7!

It doesn’t come as particularly shocking news, seeing that baby number two is due sometime in the fall, right when The Voice films. However, with the departure of Cee-Lo Green, can the popular TV show survive the departure of another original judge?

Reports have been swirling around that two pop divas are in contention for Xtina’s spinning red chair – No Doubt frontwoman Gwen Stefani and country singer Jewel.

According to several sources, Gwen Stefani is the producers’ top pick at the moment, but nothing is finalized until an announcement is made by NBC.

Let’s be honest here though, neither possible replacement will be as crazy fun as Christina has been all these seasons. Thankfully, it seems that Grammy-winning singer will be back for Season 8. Phew!

SpinOrBin-ers, tell us are you team Jewel, team Xtina or team Stefani? Let us know!

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What if One Direction were secretly Chinese opera face-changers? Or what if... One Direction were actually One Guy With Many Faces?

That's basically what went down in their latest music video, You & I. Slated as the next single, this ballad is nothing exceptional - I daresay Story of My Life is way better.

Niall kicks off the simple MV and he slowly morphs into Liam. To me, that's actually kind of scary.

But more importantly, the big question I have for you 1D fans is: Who wore it better?

Come on girls and guys, I know you already have the answer in mind. The same grey sweater, the black jeans and boots. So was it Zayn Malik, Niall Horan, Louis Tomlinson, Liam Payne or Harry Styles?

I personally think Zayn looks the best - Liam and Louis look really scruffy here. And it's not a compliment.

Let us know what you think in the comments below! wink


Photo credit: One Direction Facebook

As Chicago’s Fall Out Boy prepares for the upcoming mammoth of a tour that is the MOMENTOUR, bassist Pete Wentz and lead vocalist Patrick Stump look back at the whole year that has passed since the band crystallised their comeback on April 12 with the release of Save Rock And Roll.

“One year later. How do we assess where we are? How do we determine our thread level?” Wentz muses. FOB returned all guns blazing, snagging collaborations with huge names, both old and new (Elton John, Courtney Love, Foxes). Never mind the plaques on the walls or the slew of sold-out arena shows, music, to me, has always been about how tonight the headphones will deliver you the words I can’t say. Fall Out Boy is just a manifestation that cuts deeper than most. Ultimately, Wentz concurs, “There is simply no unitive measurement for lost voices.

This record felt like a monster. But you gave that monster life.”

Stump’s description of a “bestial-like passion”, one that’s “almost violent” is thoroughly accurate. I could be sandwiched a body away from the barrier yet somehow it wouldn’t have been right to not be breathlessly bellowing out the lyrics to This Ain’t A Scene, It’s An Arms Race at Fort Canning last year.

But it doesn’t stop when we go home.”

Even months after a show, the urge to let loose of one’s earnest vocal chords every time Alone Together comes on is very real. Because, as Stump rightly points out, “The whole point is catharsis, the whole point is feeling better, is expressing that anger in a constructive manner.

I’m on stage doing my stupid thing, I’m watching you guys enjoy it so much that you’re doing your stupid thing – we’re all doing our stupid thing.”

In addition to their music’s therapeutic qualities, FOB preaches pragmatism rather than prescriptiveness, a triumph against narrow-mindedness that could have hindered one’s musical journey. Michael Jackson, Tupac Shakur and Madonna were amongst the likes of Kurt Cobain and The Beatles the group pays tribute to during performances of Save Rock and Roll. Unfazed by criticisms due to the lack of traditional guitars on their latest record, the band’s more cohesive songwriting stayed sharply poignant while toying with an outwardly pop sound.

Taking away that elitism of this is what rock ‘n’ roll is, this is what cool is and this is what music is. Nope, that’s all what bullshit is. When you have these rules that you’re supposed to play by to be cool? F*ck that. What’s honest and what’s real and what’s you? That’s what’s rock ‘n’ roll. That’s what’s cool.

One year later. This is our love letter back to you. Thank you.”


Photo credit: Ashley Osborn