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Alternative Rock Band Kings of Leon Remerges With New Record - 'WALLS'
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Little Mix Proves That They Are The Reigning Queens of Pop With 'Glory Days'
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Lady Gaga Translates Innermost Emotions In Fifth Studio Album 'Joanne'
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What could be cuter than puppies tucked in white silk sheets, dreaming blissfully? Absolutely nothing.

10 famous puppies you might have seen on Instagram have come together to recreate a visionary rendition of Kanye West's controversial music video, Famous. 

In fact, these adorable puppies have collaborated with organization (RED) to raise funds for the war against AIDS.

They're not um, naked either - they're clothed in the cutest doggy pajamas ever. Dream come true, right? The company that sponsored the pajamas, Bedhead, has contributed over 50,000 days worth of HIV medicines.

Talk about doing good and doing cute.

Now let's dish some hot goss on these famous doggies - starting with the first one, Toast:

Yup, she's got those doe eyes going on. Guess what? Supermodel Karlie Kloss is a fan of supermodel Toast's account.


Not forgetting Tuna, the impressive impressionist.


Amazingly, these pups have garnered over 70,000 views on their music video already (!) - and you should watch it too:

Photo credit: (RED), Facebook, @toastmeetworld Instagram

If you had US$5,000 lying around, you could have caught Madonna in her latest Tears Of A Clown show, the second since its debut in Melbourne to a crowd of 1,500 people.

The latest iteration of the show, hosted by the Art Basel at Miami Beach's Faena Forum, saw yet another sold-out crowd of 500, who paid prices of up to $150,000 to attend the show and to have a meet-and-greet with the queen herself.

The show was joined by now good friend Ariana Grande, who modelled her popular 'flapper dress' Rebel Heart tour outfit.

However, it was her cover of Britney Spears’ Toxic, coincidentally performed on Britney’s birthday, that stole the show. It was creepy and off-pitch and kind of bad but the point Madonna tried to drive home was definitely there.

Of course, it was all a jab at the toxicity of Presidential-Elect Donald Trump himself. The performance generated enough buzz, although she failed to get a reaction from Britney herself.

Tears Of A Clown 2.0 drew a massive $7.5m in donations, with all proceeds going to Madonna’s Raising Malawi, which helps build schools and hospitals in Malawi. Check out the very exclusive show below!

Photo Credit: E! Online, Ariana’s Instagram

Simply asking for trouble?

The Vamps recently made a visit to BBC Radio 1 Live Lounge to cover Fifth Harmony's single That's My Girl.

We wonder how many "oh boys" were uttered when people first saw the thumbnail of this cover appear on their recommended YouTube page. If you have no idea what we are talking about, welcome to the world of fandoms!

There was basically some exchange of words between The Vamps about the breakup of Brad and Lauren during an interview that left the ladies of Fifth Harmony appalled. Vampettes and Harmonizers quickly came to the defence of each of the bands and let's just say things got ugly.

It's been quite some time since this incident, so naturally the feud died down and everyone had moved forward but The Vamps decided that it would be a great idea to put their very own rock twist to the girl group's pop anthem.

Are they asking for trouble by bringing back the ugly past or are they covering this song to inform everyone that there is no bad blood between the two bands? Or could this be a subliminal message to Lauren for coming out as a bisexual on Billboard recently?

Maybe we are thinking too much into this or are we? Do let us know what you think by leaving us a tweet!


Photo Credit: YouTube

He acts, fights and sings.

The man who does it all, Dwayne Johnson, has been named People's Sexist Man Alive for 2016 last month. And if you think that you can't love him more than you already do, please pause to think again after hearing his voice on the soundtrack of You're Welcome in Disney's latest movie Moana.

The Rock is obviously first and foremost not known for his incredible vocal range but he definitely brought something different to this interesting tune. In this musical number, Dwayne's contagious energy and charming personality shone through his animated character Maui.

We heard that this movie is definitely worth the time and money to catch because of its unconventional storyline and talented cast. Especially after hearing this catchy number, we will definitely be purchasing tickets to watch probably the biggest movie of this holiday for ourselves!


Photo Credit: highsnobiety

2016 is coming to a close. We have had a fair share of celebrity couples getting together and also couples splitting up. We break down the biggest ships that need to go canon in 2017.


1.     Charlie Puth & Selena Gomez

After the release of We Don’t Talk Anymore, we were almost certain that they were soon going to get together. There was so much chemistry when Charlie Puth joined Selena Gomez at her show. However in the following months, when asked about Selena, Charlie admitted that they don’t really talk anymore. It is such a pity, but 2017 will be a new year and maybe?


2.     Ed Sheeran & Taylor Swift

Ed Sheeran has been in Taylor Swift’s squad since 2013 when they collaborated on Everything Has Changed and went on tour together. They have remained the closest of friends throughout the years but we’re thinking maybe they can give it a shot? No doubt, Ed has confessed that he would not date Taylor, as she is too tall.


3.     Rihanna & Drake

This is the most talked about moment at this year’s Video Music Awards and this is why they definitely need to get together. There had been rumours that they couple finally went canon after the award show but there had also been rumours that they have broken up. Well, we will never know what is exactly going on but one can hope!


4.     Joe Jonas & Hailee Steinfield

From their chemistry in Rock Bottom to Joe Jonas pranking Hailee Steinfield during April Fools’, they have proven to be really close. This is why they are on our list of the biggest ships that need to happen. We do know that Joe has recently been spotted with actress Sophie Turner, but they are just so cool together!


5.     Ashton Irwin & Halsey

Their shippers exploded during Halloween when these pictures surfaced online through their Instagram and Twitter accounts. Ashton Iwrin and Halsey have been friends for many years and have been spotted together at several concerts and night outs. Do you want them to go canon?

Picture Credits: Buzzfeed, E!Online, @socially5SOS on Twitter, Forbes.