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Demo songs are usually recorded as a reference for the actual song.

The recording process isn’t as straightforward as one might seem and therefore many changes take place before we get to listen to the songs we love in its final form.

Here are three leaked demo songs that are, in fact, actually better than the final product.


3. Lady Gaga – Alejandro

Lady Gaga’s smash hit Alejandro was no doubt one of the best songs on The Fame Monster, but when the demo leaked, it took the song to a whole new level.

If only the demo was mastered…




2. Madonna – Rebel Heart

Madonna’s latest studio effort is her best in over a decade. Sadly, it has been sabotaged with the leaking of 13 songs in December 2014. The title track, Rebel Heart, received additional, unnecessary production from god knows who.

It should have been kept true to Avicii’s signature sound.




1. The Beatles – While My Guitar Gently Weeps

The Beatles’ George Harrison originally recorded the song on his own, with nothing but his guitar and his voice. Sadly, the band wanted to go for a more Beatles sound for the track and it took away the rawness of the song.

Thankfully, the demo for While My Guitar Gently Weeps was eventually released after the band broke up so…. at least we get to hear it in its proper, mastered form.



Photo Credit: Shopify, YouTube, Nola

If you don't already know who Miranda Sings is, your life must be missing quite a lot of red lipstick, expressive eyebrows and funky sweaters!

Miranda Sings is a YouTube personality portrayed by American comedian and singer, Colleen Evans. 

With an ever-increasing following of over 5 million subscribers on her YouTube channel, Miranda Sings never fails to make her audience laugh with her quirky big ego based on her non-existent talent of singing.  

And because of that, Miranda decided to give a few of your favourite celebrity musicians some voice lessons... not like any of them need one but here they are!


1. Fifth Harmony

So Miranda decided to give the ladies of Fifth Harmony a visit on the set of their Candie's music video shoot to give them some tips on how they could have sounded better on the Candie's theme song. Her tip: Lip Syncing.


2. Tori Kelly

Give it up to Tori Kelly for being such a sport and playing along to the extent of putting on some classic red lipstick, Miranda style. And might we just add, she still sounds pretty amazing while trying to sing like Miranda!


3. Pentatonix

This voice lesson with Pentatonix made us a little uncomfortable although we know that this is all just an act. By the way, they sounded effortlessly perfect before Miranda joined in.


4. Sophia Grace

Aww! This British sweetheart stole our hearts with that adorable giggle of hers. And like Tori, Sophia Grace wore some (or maybe A LOT of) red lipstick and gave an incredible impersonation of Miranda herself!


5. Rebecca Black

Rebecca Black looked kind of offended when Miranda asked her to change her infamous song, Friday to Monday, and looked even more offended when she was being critiqued on her singing skills. Rebecca has either really good acting skills or she took it way too personally.


Who would you like to see Miranda Sings give a voice lesson to next? Do let us know in the comments below!

Photo Credit: gdxphoto

2015 is Selena Gomez's year - or it's about to be. After the whirlwind release of her new album Revival, Selena finally took some time off to grace BBC Radio 1 Live Lounge with her signature low-pitched vocals.

Armed with a band on the ready, Selena launched into the famed reggae track, and best of all, did not change the pronouns. She looks relaxed and totally at ease with herself - I could even feel her renewed confidence from beyond the screen.

Although Rude is not exactly pop, it's easy to mistake it a as Selena track. Plus, with such a casual attitude and bright smile, we can surely pin this as one of her better perfomances. Artists who have appeared on BBC's Live Lounge have always surprised me (and that is why their videos are so worth watching) - Selena is no exception.

Selenators, hit play below now! Or better, tell us what you think of her performance! ;)


Photo credit: Selena Gomez's Instagram

Coldplay has been teasing about their supposedly ‘final’ album, A Head Full Of Dreams, since 2014.

Chris Martin is calling the band’s 7th studio album as the ‘last Harry Potter book’ and will be giving the album their all, capping off a 15-year-old career.

We’re secretly hoping he changes his mind because come on, if Radiohead can go on for 30 years now with no signs of slowing down, why should Coldplay?

With three months left before 2016 arrives, we’re pretty sure A Head Full Of Dreams has been indefinitely put on hold, with no new single or definitive date announced for the project.

However, we definitely have a sneak peek of what’s to come for Coldplay’s future, with the debut of the brand new song Amazing Day.

The bands’ best ballad in years, it premiered at the Global Citizen Festival as the final song off their 5-song opening set.

In typical Coldplay fashion, the song starts off slow before it builds up to an explosion of colours. If Strawberry Swing and Always In My Head had a baby, it would be Amazing Day.

Listen to the brand new song below, which.... may or may not be on the new Coldplay album. I guess we can only wait and see.


Photo Credit: Spin, Tumblr, Bandsintown

Laneway 2016: Our Top 5 Picks

By Holmen Sep 27, 2015

St Jerome’s Laneway Festival has been a staple in Singapore’s music festivals ever since it landed here in 2011.

Our favourite yearly affair is back again for the 2016 edition of Laneway and it features the biggest lineup EVER!

But is it the best lineup of all time? Here’s our top picks for Laneway 2016.



The Scottish synthpop trio CHVRCHES will be back in Singapore for the third time in two years, promoting their latest album Every Open Eye. We can expect new songs being played here for the first time and hopefully a headlining slot for the Laneway alumnus.


2) Grimes

Two years after Grimes played not one but two sold-out shows at the Mosaic Music Festival in Singapore, she’s back and will be making her Laneway debut! With a new album coming reportedly in October, it is more than appropriate Grimes is coming back to Singapore. Finally.


3) Purity Ring

Canadian synthpop duo Purity Ring has been playing festivals across the US including Coachella and they’re finally making their Singapore debut this January. Hopefully they play back to back with CHVRCHES so we get to be soaked in synthpop goodness.


4) Thundercat

Talented multi-genre bass player Thundercat, who has collaborated with the best of the best (Kendrick Lamar, Flying Lotus) will be chilling with us in Singapore with his smooth tunes. Possibly the closest thing Singapore may ever get to having Flying Lotus with us.


5) Flume

Electronic artist Harley Streten, better known as Flume, has been making waves around the world with his remixes of familiar songs as well as remixing them live. Named one of the must see acts at the SXSW Festival in 2013, he is one act not to be missed. Even if he clashes with your faves.

Tickets are available here and like last year’s event, its bound to sell out.

Photo Credit: Laneway