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Frank Ocean Finally Releases 17-Track Wonder, 'Blonde'
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Hey Violet Revives Early Pop-Punk Sound With 'Brand New Moves' EP
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Album Review: Drake's 'Views' Is 80 Minutes Of Unsatisfied Expectations
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For some of you, you have just completed your first or second week as a university freshman. How has the experience been?

For me, daunting but filled with excitement.

This is how I would describe it.

Party In The USA by Miley Cyrus
“Welcome to the land of fame (brains), excess, whoa! Am I gonna fit in?”
“My tummy's turnin' and I'm feelin' kinda homesick”

Stressed Out by Twenty One Pilots
“Wish we could turn back time, to the good ol' days,”
“When our momma sang us to sleep but now we're stressed out.”

Now on with the top 4 stories from this week!


1.     5 Amazing Years Of Little Mix

The girls of Little Mix celebrated their 5-year anniversary last week by pouring their hearts out on Instagram and Twitter. Their team even put together this throwback video, which may leave you in tears. In these 5 years, Jade, Perrie, Leigh-Anne and Jesy have topped many charts with their songs and took their tours around the world.

In conjunction with their anniversary, their team has created this playlist on Spotify with their top tracks from the past years. The playlist included Wings, which is their debut single from DNA and hits like Black Magic and Secret Love Song, which took the world by storm.


2.     Little Monsters Listen Up! Lady Gaga Announces New Single

A few days ago, Lady Gaga took to Instagram to post 12 individual pictures which when put together would depict her new single title, Perfect Illusion. Lady Gaga has not released a single for a while now; her last single Till It Happens To You was released last September.

Perfect Illusion will be out in September.


3.     Singapore Gets A Piece Of Kanye West

Kanye West surprised the world when this Tweet was posted.

The Famous singer was going to open up 21 pop-up stores selling his Life Of Pablo merchandise and Suntec City Tower 1 happened to be one of the locations chosen. According to The Straits Times, fans started queuing up as early as 2am on Friday morning even when the store only opens at noon.

For those who did not get a chance to enter the store, here is a look inside the store.



4.     American Rock Bands Take Over Singapore!

It has been a good week for Singaporean fans of Weezer and Panic! At The Disco, both bands took the stage at Suntec City Convention Centre on 15 and 16 August respectively. Find out what happened during the Weezer’s concert from Donwei and Panic! At The Disco’s concert from Teejay!

By the way, you can always refer to our gig guide to stay updated with all the concerts happening in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and Philippines.

Picture Credits: Mirror, Telegraph, Lady Gaga on Instagram, Kanye West, Deadpress, Gigwise.

Demi Lovato is always making the headlines - whether it's for getting into another social media beef or releasing a new hit song, you have to admit she's pretty badass in a way. 

Speaking out for her celeb friends, admitting to struggling with mental illness and helming her skincare empire is just a few notable achievements on her repertoire. 

But what exactly are some of her more underrated and unknown achievements on her list?

We dig them out for you Lovatics:


5. Demi's Cool For The Summer Single Outsold EVERY Combined Single Released By Halsey


4. Demi Is The Only Ex-Disney Act To Have 3 Solo Top Tens On Pop Radio From One Album


3. Demi Has TWICE The Amount Of Top Tens Hits In The UK Compared To Selena Gomez


2. Demi's Let It Go Video Has More Views Than EVERY Selena Gomez Video


1. Demi Lovato's Stone Cold Failed To Chart On The Billboard Hot 100

Not all failures remain failures. We still love you Demi!


Photo credit: / GIPHY

Ball of sunshine and ex-Disney act Selena Gomez just proved to her superfans everywhere that dreams do come true.

A radio show on station KIIS 1065 hatched a plan with Selena to surprise superfan Sophie, who once flew to Texas just to watch her idol perform.

Sophie is a 22-year-old Australian and up until that day, she had completely no idea Selena Gomez was going to give her the biggest surprise of her life.

(When Selena burst into her room, Sophie was still recording a video she thought was going to be sent to her!)

The results are of course, priceless.

Sophie couldn't believe that Selena took time off her hectic Hollywood schedule to visit her in her own home. AWWWW. 

Watch the full video below:

Photo credit: KIIS 1065 /

Upon hearing the theme song for Netflix’s Stranger Things for the first time, I couldn’t help but compare it with Twenty One Pilots’ Implicit Demand For Proof (which is impeccable). So, I questioned the Internet, like any fan would do, “WHY AREN’T THEY MAKING A SOUNDTRACK OUT OF THIS BRILLIANT 80’s-ESQUE CREATION?”

But since I hopped onto the Stranger Things bandwagon pretty late, I never had to wonder any longer. The first volume of the Stranger Things soundtrack was released a few days ago and was crafted by Kyle Dixon and Michael Strein of the band SURVIVE.

The mix of eerie synth-based melodies is the perfect study playlist for all hustlers and fans of the 80’s distinct sound, which most would deem old school.


The latest Netflix sensation also has a Spotify playlist, which includes the show’s revival of The Clash’s Should I Stay or Should I Go.


What can we say? Old school music back! Thanks to Stranger Things and of course, our darling Winona Ryder.

Photo Credit:,

The troublemaker of the former Jelena couple, Justin Bieber, is at it again and this time, he’s really making his publicist work extra time to cover his tracks up.

He’s already known to openly dislike his fans, the people who got him to where he is today.

His Beliebers also forked out a hefty $2,000 (S$2,687) to meet him for a couple of seconds backstage at his Purpose Tour, eventually cancelling all of them due to personal reasons.

Thus, some had to settle for the second best option. What a way to spend money eh?

But this incident really takes the cake.

With Justin’s latest threat to turn his Instagram private after his fans hounded his new (underage) beau, Sofia Richie, Selena Gomez left some very kind advice on his Instagram despite not even following him.

Justin fanned the flames with another comment, accusing Selena for using him for attention.

Wait… who used who for attention? I don’t recall Selena posting any of these pictures even after the highly-publicized breakup.

Massive props to Selena for standing up to his childish behaviour and defending his fans who deserve the best for sticking with him through thick and thin.

Leave it to Selena to deal with such disgusting behaviour on her own, with kindness of course.


Photo Credit: The Source, GomezSource on Twitter, BreatheHeavy