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Album Review: U2 - Songs Of Innocence
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Album Review: Chvrches - The Bones Of What You Believe
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Album Review: Taylor Swift - 1989
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Lady Gaga has teamed up with her tour promoter Live Nation and search engine Yahoo! to stream the last EVER show of artRave: The ARTPOP Ball World Tour LIVE! From the 16,000 capacity Palais Omnisports de Paris Bercy in Paris, France.

Lady Gaga has brought the artRave to over 24 countries in 78 shows, and will end the 7-month tour in Paris, her shortest tour ever. Nevertheless, the tour has been witnessed by over a million fans all over the world. With the livestream, Little Monsters from all over the world who isn’t lucky enough to attend the artRave will finally witness it in its HD glory on Yahoo!

The arena has played host to Kanye West & Jay-Z in 2012, in which they performed N*ggas in Paris a record 11 times in a row to end the show. With Lady Gaga playing the very same arena, we can expect something special, different and possibly out of this world from her.

With Gaga not playing a single artRave show in Singapore this time round, this is the only chance we can witness her perform this era.

Catch the bittersweet farewell to ARTPOP on Tuesday, 25h November, 2:45am (GMT +8) here!


Photo Credit: GagaDaily

As two of the most talked-about bands on this year’s Warped Tour bill, a collaboration between Issues and Neck Deep is sure to turn heads. The former is on the cusp of releasing Diamond Dreams, a new acoustic EP as part of the deluxe reissue of their Billboard-charting self-titled debut record.

Roping in their Wrexham counterparts, Ben Barlow takes the place of Michael Bohn next to Tyler Carter in a reworked version of Never Lose Your Flames. ND’s Lloyd Roberts also manages to get in on the action, contributing to the track’s sanguine guitar-play.

We had a lot of fun making this record, being able to reimagine songs and show that we aren't just metalcore kids, or whatever you wanna call us. We are multitalented, and we aren't set on one taste of music; we respect and appreciate all variations. Sorry it took so long to put this out, guys!”

Upon first inspection, it’s an unorthodox, trans-genre match. Absent is DJ Scout’s now signature glittery production and synths, leaving behind nothing but Carter’s velvet tones. Barlow - a seasoned veteran when it comes to sentimental acoustic ballads - then weighs in with some Welsh grit, providing the track with emotional gravitas that mirrors its deep connection with the ex-Woe Is Me frontman.

For a band that prides itself on musical versatility, Issues definitely picked wisely for their all-acoustic effort. Listen to NLYF x Neck Deep below!


Photo credit: Mimi Hong

"Like the cool kids..." Oh wait. They are!

Indie pop quartet Echosmith finally got the recognition they deserved on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. What's more, the band only released their debut album Talking Dreams last year. 

And trust me, every song is as good as their last. No skips, more replays. But before I launch into their performance, here's a fun fact. 

The band is made up of four Sierota siblings. Sydney (the lead singer), Graham (drums), Noah (bass & back-up) and Jamie (guitar). It's like their parents hit the gene pool jackpot - not just one, but four musically talented children!

The oldest is Jamie - 21, and the youngest is Graham who's only 15. At such young ages, Echosmith managed to make more than a name for themselves. 

They also produced a refreshing pop album with beautiful lyrics (re: Bright) and subtle social statements (re: Cool kids). 

So I hope I've convinced you - let them blow you away with a performance of their single Cool Kids

Psst.. time for a visit to Asia, don't ya think?


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Girl I never believed in love until I had yours/ Girl nobody from the past is beating you right now/ Cause I take you home to mama/ Let you meet my friends. Well well… could this be an indication that Justin Bieber is not over Selena Gomez? Teaming up with Cody Simpson, the duo released their first song Home To Mama from their impending duets album via Fahlo.

Haters are definitely going to dis this song, but let’s remain objective! A raw single, which reveals the masculinity of Justin and Cody. In addition, the highlight is its acoustic approach without any form of electronic beats and auto tune unlike JB’s past works. I love the overall arrangement of the guitar and vocals which enable Cody to flaunt his guitar skills, often echoing the runs of Justin.

The best composition from Justin by far, perhaps reflecting his prime of life that he is over his foolish days? I was never a fan of his works but this forced me to retract my negative statements.

I feel his genuinity and helplessness as he belts out the lyrics, a sense of powerlessness overwhelms me. The lyrics resemble so much about his relationship with Selena, despite the mistakes that he made she was not one of them? Cause you don’t come with drama so I want you till the world ends.

Well he certainly knows how to win a girl’s heart back, if this song is really based on Selena, I would be in a predicament if I was in her shoes. This song is extremely poignant and irresistible. It’s so rare these days to find a meaningful song.


Photo Credits: Warner Brothers

Since first appearing on Fall Out Boy’s comeback Save Rock and Roll Tour, more eyes have been trained on Danish alt-rockers, New Politics than ever. The band also enjoyed further exposure with their supporting stint on last summer’s massive Monumentour.

Previously announced as one of DCD2 Records’ newest starlets, the trio is all set for an early 2015 release of their third studio album, Vikings, on Pete Wentz’s refurbished label. If anything, the dance-rock outfit’s recent music video for Everywhere I Go (Kings and Queens) shows that they’re more than capable of blowing away any potential usurpers (not necessarily in a metaphorical manner).

We are first introduced to a riotous punkish couple intent on spreading mayhem while New Politics treats a warehouse crowd to a similarly rowdy time. In full Back to the Future style, the antagonistic duo speeds around in a Firebird, poetically leaving behind a trail of flames. Perhaps it has something to do with their Ghost Rider affliction but with seeming Wayne’s World gusto, the pair vandalises cars and light things up (a la 2 Chainz).

A face-off is inevitable as the villains manhandle label-mate LOLO but with a kiss from The Walking Dead’s Rosita (Christian Serratos), lead vocalist David Boyd obliterates his breakdancing opponents.  Questions like, “Were they denizens of the Alone Together curse?” must be raised.  It’s quite a lot to take in so brace yourselves. 


Photo credit: KROQ