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It has been nothing short of a big week for Ariana Grande. From hitting the VMA stage in the fabulous opener with Nicki Minaj & Jessie J and releasing her latest album My Everything that very same night, to the release of the much anticipated Bang Bang music video.

Just when you thought her mini promotional tour for her sophomore album is over, Miss Grande hit the Americas Got Talent stage in New York City to perform her latest hit single Break Free on the live results show!

Rocking cute kitty cat ears, a full black outfit against the futuristic background, Ariana belted her heart out to the latest single, which features production by Zedd.

Ariana’s voice doesn’t suit EDM, and it is evident by her live performances of Break Free compared to her other songs, say Tattooed Heart. Apart from the amazing bridge, her voice fell pretty flat during the verses. It is also pretty annoying to see her toying with her ponytail every 5 seconds or so during the entire performance.

Do you think Ariana should continue doing EDM songs or should Break Free be a one-off track? Let us know below!


Photo Credit: NBC

Musicians and pop stars have an enormous effect on their fans. Just ask the Beliebers, Little Monsters, and Swifties what Justin Bieber, Lady Gaga, and Taylor Swift means to them and you will never hear the end of it. Their music and inspirational words make a huge impact on their fan base.

No one could have been more surprised than David LeCours when his idol, Britney Spears, penned a heartfelt letter in response to the fan letter he wrote to the pop star.

“I honestly can't believe I got to meet this wonderful and beautiful woman again. She is the sweetest and nicest person alive. I got to give her my letter that I put so much effort into. The letter explained how she helped me get through a real tough period in my life these past couple of months, and how I wanted to end it all but she made me be strong. As I was leaving the building where meet and greet was held, Britney's body guard ran and stopped me and said Britney requested my address so she could respond because my letter meant so much to her. Thank you for everything Britney. I wouldn't be able to be so confident and open about my sexuality if your music and you didn't help me. I love you so much, thank you for not only being my inspiration but helping me get back up and be strong.”

Fast forward one week later, this came in the mailbox.

*Cue collective Aw…*

Now if only more pop stars were like Brit Brit and her endless benevolence. Ariana needs a lesson clearly.

Photo credit: David LeCours' Instagram

“Black rage is founded on two-thirds a person/Rapings and beatings and suffering that worsens/Black human packages tied up in strings/Black rage can come from all these kinds of things.”

Once in a while, it’s healthy to be reminded of how music was made for more than just sex, drugs, partying hard and other mindless things.

The former member of the Fugees, who starred in 1993’s Sister Act 2, Lauryn Hill places meaning and purpose back into the picture with the rhythmic Black Rage, an unreleased track she’s been performing live for about two years. Only recently has she shared an old recording of the track on Twitter, saying it was taped in her living room – you can even pick up the ambience of little kids in the background.

Tweaking lyrics and injecting a fresh beat to My Favourite Things from The Sound of Music, Lauryn re-appropriated the dainty tune into a contemporary inspiration. One could almost say in blunt words that she’d put a “black” spin to a recognisably “white” song – and not for naught either.

Black Rage’s dedicated to the people of Ferguson, Missouri, who are currently under a severe racial divide. This month (Aug 9), outrage erupted in the city when a white policeman pulled the trigger on an unarmed black teen named Michael Brown. While the young man rests in peace, the same could not be said for the devastated city.

Take a listen to the moving song here:

Photo credit: Getty Images

When it comes to football, we know we can count on the lads of You Me At Six for some of the most ardent and lively banter but in the face of recent developments, the Surrey quintet has pretty much taken it to the next level.

According to the Wall Street Journal, the National Football League (NFL) is thinking about charging artists to perform a la “pay-to-play” to be part of the Super Bowl - America’s most-watched TV event which attracted 111.5 million viewers this year. Rihanna, Katy Perry, and Coldplay are amongst the candidates of potential performers next year.

Staying true to their cheeky selves, this outrage would not go unmolested by YMAS. Writing to the NFL, the band’s proposal is what the Brits call “taking the absolute piss” with a counter-offer of schooling the Yankees in proper football.

Dear NFL:

We're sorry to hear that you're in such dire financial straits. While Coldplay and Rihanna mull your offer, we're here to help with a multi-tiered proposal.

1. For $2 million we get to play the upcoming halftime show.

2. For $10 million one of us gets to quarterback a set of downs for the team of our choosing.

3. For $40 million the Super Bowl will be played with English football rules, where you must use your feet, and an actual ball.

We look forward to hearing your thoughts once you've had a chance to review. We welcome any of the Super Bowl committee to attend one of our upcoming American concerts. Our tour kicks off September 15 at the Troubadour in Los Angeles, CA.


You Me At Six

(Josh, Dan, Max, Chris, Matt)

Speaking to the BBC’s Newsbeat frontman Josh Franceschi explains, “We were like 'I can't believe they have even suggested they need the money to put on the Super Bowl. We've got a guy on our label called Jeremy Summers, who is one of the funniest people we've ever worked with.  And he was like ‘what do you guys think about us sending this message?’”

What Franceschi thinks is the “funniest thing [they’ve] ever done” appears to have garnered attention in America, with TV channels like ESPN discussing the band's proposal.

You Me At Six recently announced a co-headlining UK arena tour with All Time Low and plays *SCAPE The Ground Theatre on September 3


Photo credit: FIFA

Like this article, the writer is late to the party when it comes to all things Childish Gambino. But better late than never, right?

Donald Glover (or Troy Barnes to fellow #sixseasonsandamovie hopefuls out there) is a multi-talented wonder whose shining attributes include wry skills with words and an embrace of a geekier side not seen in most rappers. To be fair, the first encounter with any apparent rapping skills of Glover’s came in the shape of none other than La Biblioteca and for one whose street cred is null, that Spanish stuff was pretty rad.

With a name like Because the Internet, CG’s sophomore record at first glance offered a vague promise of something slightly intellectual and maybe even bits of social commentary. It delivered more than that in what Noisey’s Eric Sundermann describes as “the smoothness of Channel Orange blended with a Yeezus-esque bombast.”

Similarities with ‘Ye are drawn most easily to album opener, Crawl. Reuniting with Christian Rich, the original production duo behind the rather provocative track, Gambino released an official “re-work” remix last week. With accentuated bass drops and slasher flick samples that tore open the original kept to a minimum, Kai’s backing vocals  of “Where we were, kinda thing / Betcha crawl, all alone” are given sharper attention alongside an elastic drum machine.

Given Childish Gambino’s remarkable knack for live performances, it’d definitely be quite a sight to see how he’d treat this intensified version IRL.


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