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“I would say this song helped pave the way for a specific genre of rap collaborations that followed. And many careers were made on this specific model.”

Mariah Carey did not lie when she wrote that line in the album notes about her #1 hit Fantasy, included in her new Greatest Hits updated #1s collection album, #1 to Infinity.

Fantasy was the first true pop-rap collaboration that impacted charts all around the world. Since then, songs like Katy Perry’s E.T. (featuring Kanye West) and Justin Bieber’s As Long As You Love Me (featuring Big Sean) have utilized this formula to a roaring success.

 It is truly unbelievable a song that has been released 20 years ago is still relevant to artists these days. Here are three songs that will not have existed if not for Mariah’s Fantasy!


1. Beyoncé - Crazy In Love (Feat. Jay-Z)

It was only after post-Fantasy that it became standard for R&B star Beyonce to combine melodies with rapped verses. This one goes down in history as one of the biggest debut singles ever though.


2. Rihanna - Umbrella (Feat. Jay-Z)

Rihanna paired herself up with one of the leading MCs of hip-hop on her most successful single to date then, securing her place on pop royalty.


3. Katy Perry - California Gurls (Feat. Snoop Dogg)

Snoop delivers one of his slickest verses in years on Katy’s lead single off Teenage Dream, accompanied by an unforgettable bubblegummy video.

Check out Mariah's newest single Infinity below! (and listen out for the high note towards the end!!!)


Photo Credit: Idolator, Popsirens

Anna Kendrick's face says it all in one word: FIERCE. And in this case, it accurately represents two things happening in Pitch Perfect 2:

1) The fierceness of the Barden Bellas' insane mash up performance,

2) Of Queen Bey's alter ego, Sasha Fierce.

And oh boy, I know the highly anticipated movie's been out in theaters for a few days now, but I know some of you (like me), haven't got the chance to catch it yet.

Decked in plain white tees with blue vests and jeans, the cast ruled the competition (I assume?) with pitch perfect harmony of their solos and vocals on stage. I love how they're not being flashy or flamboyant with the outfits, but just killing it with their mad a capella skills.

Now here's the thing: after being blown away by this short 1 minute clip of the Barden Bellas performing a medley of pop songs, with Run the World as the leading tune, I just really want to run to the nearest theater and watch it. Right now.

Here's a fun fact: Ester Dean, who plays Cynthia Rose, actually wrote hits for Katy Perry and Rihanna. Say what?! So I can't exactly tell you how aca-awesome it is, you just have to watch it for yourself! 'Til you catch the movie, feast on this mashup!

You're welcome.


Photo credit: Universal Pictures

What’s more exciting than a video filled with gangs of assassins uncharacteristically described as the “epitome of girl power?” NOTHING, according to excited fans.

Taylor Swift's constant updates on Instagram and the involvement of a number of her celebrity friends got everybody hyped for the release of the Bad Blood music video.

But was it really worth all the feels?

When it comes to giving off the “Divergent” vibe (shown above) and hauling around some badass kicks, Taylor certainly did not disappoint. However, after over-analyzing the video, it seems that there’s much more to it than its highly talked-about celebrity cameos.
The highly anticipated video opened with “death defying stunts” by Taylor and Selena Gomez who were both busy kicking some guys’ asses. However, Taylor was later pushed out a glass window - by none other than Selena.  I would have described the video as badass... until I discovered the inspiration behind it.

Critics and a few fans would agree that it’s Taylor’s artistic way of portraying her relationship with now frenemy, Katy Perry. As a self-proclaimed Feminist, Taylor received quite a bit of criticism about the video going against the feminist belief that women should support other women instead of bringing each other down. (They did, after all, literally throw some awesome punches.)
As a former “Swiftie,”  I did fall into the trap of eager anticipation, and had also looked forward to the release of the video - especially when my homegirl, Lena Dunham, is part of it. However, Lena only had a few seconds of “exposure” and all she did was smoke a cigar. I must say I expected more from the celebrity cameos just like these guys here;


Do you think it was worth the wait? Do share with us your thoughts! 


Photo credit: Big Machine Records

Intimate - an overrated word used to describe this latest documentary of Kurt Cobain. The Brett Morgan film will give you access to one of the most intriguing mysteries that is Kurt’s mind. A realistic depiction of Kurt’s life. This is not only for hardcore Nirvana fans, but also to those who are curious about what goes on inside a creative genius’ head

The film follows a chronological order from Kurt’s childhood in Aberdeen to his battle with fame and drug addiction. Interviews with his close family and friends, from Courtney love, Nirvana’s bassist Kris Novoselic to his Father who seldom appears in front of the camera. Their words and personal relationship with Kurt contributed to the authenticity of the film.

Journals, paintings, drawings, audio-recordings, home videos and animations (shown below) represented Kurt’s thoughts in a variety of ways. From trippy images to journal entries, this documentary will make you feel like you’ve invaded Kurt’s privacy, though that’s what the film intends to do (in a non-offensive kind of way).

Montage of Heck will help fans understand Kurt’s battle with depression, and the reasons behind his “rebellious” acts. He discovered music in the middle of the chaos that is his mind. Kurt turned to art and music as a form of outlet to express his deepest frustrations with both himself and the people around him.

His dedication to Nirvana was shown through letters, scribbles of guitar chords and lyrics, and even sketches of the famous album cover, Nevermind.

Watching this film reminded me of the quote by Ned Vizzini, " All the physical suffering in the world couldn't compare to mental anguish." Though there’s only a brief mention of his death at the end, I believe the whole film sums up the reasons behind his suicide.

He was more than just the voice behind Smells Like Teen Spirit. He was man who fought hard to achieve happiness and contentment. This is not his backstory. It’s his life.

 Photo credit: Michel Linssen/Getty, HBO, Universal Pictures

If someone told me five years ago that a song by an immensely popular pop band would be titled… brace yourselves… This Summer’s Gonna Hurt Like A Motherf*cker, I wouldn’t have believed that.

And I still don’t. However, it actually is the title of Maroon 5’s newest single off the V re-release. Before the radio plays this at the top of every hour, stay away from this song while you still can.

Here are three of the worst lines off the Shellback-produced “summer anthem”;


Her body’s hot / Her body’s like the summer

Is it just me or does Adam just loves to compare a girl’s beauty to the temperature? (Cause girl you're hotter than the Southern California Bay Sugar) Could we at least have some variation around here?


I’m ripping off / I’m ripping off that bandage / Because I can’t stand it

Is this just a bad pun or a metaphor to describe how much better it is to deal with the pain at once than draw it over a period of time? Most people will go for the former, making this sound like a really silly line.


This summer’s gonna hurt like a mother*cker, f*cker

What was going through the mind of Adam when he wrote this?! This might be Maroon 5's weakest chorus yet, riding off the 'edginess' of the f-word instead of writing a proper one.

(p.s. Adam drops the f-bomb a whopping 21 times in just under 4 minutes)

Do you think the song will be a summer smash or flop? Let us know below!


Photo Credit: Direct Lyrics, VEVO, Tumblr, Wikipedia