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Our Electra Heart princess dropped a new song a couple of days ago, and it's nothing like I've ever imagined. Marina and The Diamonds' Happy is a haunting re-definition of what it means to be in a state of happiness.

Having heard Pharrell William's unrelentless and incredibly infectious radio hit for months, I'm honestly quite relieved for another titular track to take its place. However, this Happy lies on the other end of the spectrum, and if I may so boldly declare, Marina's best song as an artist yet.

The music video opens up to Marina - a departure from her flashy outfits and backup dancers - just her and her song. Sometimes, it's the least that says the most. 

This ballad could very well steal our hearts, and our souls. But you'll have to hear it for yourself below. And may I add, Froot is her anticipated, rainbow-hued album. That's further proof Marina's a multi-faceted Diamond, and not just a pretty figure after all.


Photo credit: Marina and The Diamonds

When Instagram announced that they will be purging spam accounts, everyone, including Instagram’s own account, was not spared.

The crackdown on spam accounts was one of the many ways of exposing those that ‘buy’ followers in an attempt to boost their popularity. Of course, the other way would be a low number likes on your pictures.

Well personally I lost like 170 followers but that is nothing compared to the millions these people have lost. Here’s 5 artists that suffered the most following the great Instagram purge of 2014.


5) Selena Gomez – 1.12 million followers lost

The Heart Wants What It Wants and it certainly didn’t want to lose over a million followers! Her photos are still pretty sizzling hot though.


4) Rihanna – 1.16 million followers lost

Poor badgalriri made her grand return to Instagram after being suspended for a pretty long time for posting indecent photos but that did not stop Instagram from removing over 8% of her followers at one go. Perhaps she’ll be moving to Tumblr to post her pictures soon.


3) Ariana Grande – 1.53 million followers lost

The 5th most followed user on Instagram suffered a pretty small blow compared to the 20 million followers she has amassed on the social media app. The petite diva’s Instagram is filled with nothing but positivity, love, pretty selfies and her puppies! You’re missing out if you haven’t followed Miss Grande.


2) Akon – 2.46 million followers lost

Well clearly Akon bought his followers. I mean… what are the odds of 60% of your followers being inactive? Let’s hope he doesn’t notice a thing.


1) Justin Bieber – 3.54 million followers lost

So… Justin is no longer the most followed person on Instagram after the purge, now second to the one and only Kim Kardashian West. Turns out Instagram users eagerly waiting for Kim’s next Bootylicious selfie are actually real!


Photo Credit: BBC News, Instagram. Data Credit: Zach Allia

With each album cycle and its respective gargantuan sonic leap, Fall Out Boy seems to paradoxically promise to fill arenas while inescapably alienate fans who clamour for a glimpse of one last From Under The Cork Tree.  

Truly, even the most reluctant disbelievers tend to be rather sweeping in their dismissal, citing reasons revolving around the Chicago quartet’s constantly morphing sound and deeming their latest single, The Kids Are Alright, “wishy washy.” FOB’s aesthetic over the years is definitely one that is not without its fair share of contention but I think skin-deep observations hardly do the band justice.

Prior to American Beauty/American Psycho, lyricist Pete Wentz was eager enough to share their inspiration behind the title track: “In reaching out to (French DJ/producer) sebastiAn we wanted to make something that was a throwback instead futuristic. Angry. Primal,” comparing the sound to the how punk rock once made him feel. The result is a bold monstrosity (which managed to sample Mötley Crüe) unlike anything they’ve ever attempted.  

Aurally, The Kids Are Alright is much mellower in contrast (already spawning a misheard lyric, “Your love is a meme”) but its intended message is one that’s significant and conveyed intriguingly. Annotating their lyrics, FOB (presumably Wentz) explains, “Just I guess the point is- you don’t have to be alright all the time. It’s ok to get down. The world has this expectation of perfection sometimes. I personally align myself against it.”

If any queries regarding mental health were to raised, the Caped Crusader would be a prime specimen and the band’s reference to the Neil Gaiman comic makes the symbolic metaphor all the more poignant. Featuring a soaring chorus and the occasional comfort of Patrick Stump’s croons, the power anthem is one that invites heartfelt sing-alongs a la Save Rock and Roll, ready to seduce the airwaves. While the fourth track off Fall Out Boy’s upcoming album is no The Offspring, its compelling epiphanies still warrant an appreciation.  


Photo credit: KROQ

So… Taylor Swift has really made it this time. A museum exhibit running for 5 months dedicated solely to Taylor Swift’s art form and perfection!? Swifties have been waiting for this long overdue tribute to truly one of the biggest pop stars to emerge from the 21st Century.

The Grammy Museum in Los Angeles will play host to The Taylor Swift Experience and features Taylor’s handwritten lyrics, tour costumes, props used in music videos and of course, her Grammy awards. There’s even an interactive portion of the exhibit which encourages visitors to shake it to Shake It Off!

"She's so relevant and so important and integral to the music industry and the way that it's changing. You can't deny her importance."

Even the museum curator has nothing but words of praise for her!

It’s no coincidence that Taylor is the youngest artist ever to have her own exhibit in the museum, launched just in time for her 25th birthday (which included VIP guests Beyoncé, JAY Z and Justin Timberlake among other huge A-listers).

Will you be visiting The Taylor Swift Experience? Let us know if you do! No wait, don’t. I’m going to be so jealous.

Photo Credit: Grammy Museum, Getty Images, WireImage

The Most Pirated Albums EVER!

By Holmen Dec 15, 2014

In this day and age where digital music has become a significant part of the music industry, pirating music has become the norm. From the old school Limewire to today’s BitTorent, pirating music is as easy as clicking a button, literally!

To many, pirating an album is just like downloading the album from iTunes. You get to hear the same songs of equivalent, or sometimes better quality for the low price of $0.00 as opposed to $18.98 for a copy of Taylor Swift’s 1989 on iTunes.

So why pay for the album? Well, consider it as a ‘thank you’ to the artist for their hard work they’ve put in for the album. Many fail to understand that and as a result, ‘steal’ their albums for free, causing the huge slump in music sales as we know today.

Were you among the millions who contributed to the 3 most pirated albums of all time? (Don’t worry, we won’t tell on you)


1) Drake – Nothing Was The Same

The 7th best-selling album of 2013 with over 1.34 million copies sold in the US alone was pirated, at least, an astounding 10 MILLION times. That’s even more than the number of albums Drake has sold throughout his career.

Winning Album of the Year at the 2014 BET Hip Hop Awards didn’t help sales of Nothing Was The Same much, it just fueled illegal downloads of the album. Perhaps Drake could write about heartbreak over the loss of sales for his next album.


2) JAY Z – Magna Carta Holy Grail

Perhaps releasing the album exclusively for Samsung devices for 3 days was a bad idea. This resulted in over 10 million illegal downloads of Magna Carta Holy Grail as nothing exclusive stays exclusive with the existence of the internet… right?

Here's a fact: JAY Z remains unbothered . I mean with over $520m to his name, losing over 10 million copies of his album in possible sales probably means nothing to the rap mogul.


3) Beyoncé – 4

Being the biggest female artist in the world, having one of the most illegally downloaded albums is no biggie. But why 4? The album got little promotion and was a little ‘break’ for queen B as she went on a break for her pregnancy.

Beyoncé’s first and only album to not have a top 10 single released from it and her lowest selling album to date was surprisingly her most illegally downloaded album, ever. Yep… I don’t get it.  


With such huge figures, Billboard might want to consider counting illegal downloads on their charts. It represents popularity of an artist and increases their net worth, at least to me that is. Here’s hoping they see this.


Photo Credit: Universal Music, Sony Music