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The first ever American Idol, Kelly Clarkson, has just released her seventh studio album, Piece to Piece, and one of the few stand out songs off the album is a duet with John Legend.

Run Run Run is a piano ballad which blends Clarkson’s beautiful voice, Legend’s legendary crooning and a pulsating drum beat which kicks in towards the end of the song. What Clarkson did not know prior to recording the track was that she wasn’t the first one to actually record it.

Tokio Hotel’s Run Run Run was released in 2014 as the promotional single off their comeback album Kings of Suburbia. Everyone thought she was covering Tokio Hotel... except Kelly herself.

I'm not kidding.

The pop star only realized it was a cover only 3 days after releasing the track on iTunes, probably after seeing a tweet from Tokio Hotel praising the cover (and some fans tweeting her about it). She claimed that they weren’t credited as writers as they didn’t write it ‘according to publishers’. A quick check in the album booklet however showed Bill and Tom Kaulitz, both members of Tokio Hotel, as credited writers of the song.

She assured fans that she isn’t trying to be ignorant by not knowing the original exists, or ‘stealing’ the song as the band isn’t credited in her album.

Kelly ended this weird fiasco by saying that there’s ‘2 versions of a great song’ now which we definitely agree!

There's really no reason for Kelegend to steal a song given her stellar track record so we firmly believe that it is an honest mistake!

Check out both Kelly Clarkson & John Legend’s and Tokio Hotel’s versions of Run Run Run!



Photo Credit: Audiomack

Best Superfruit Covers Part 1

By Brandon Mar 01, 2015

This week, YouTube duo Superfruit released their brand new cover for the Nicki Minaj and Beyonce collaboration, Feeling Myself. For the unintiated, Superfruit consists of Scott Hoying and Mitch Grassi from acapella group Pentatonix.

Their covers each receive millions of views and are even noticed by Beyonce herself.

This is a rundown of the best from the group, which are terribly difficult to choose.


1. Feeling Myself

The group's latest video and they showcase a gangster attitude not seen in their other covers.The tone is infectious and their fierce raps could seriously rival those from Nicki or Beyonce. Despite the high standards set by the original, this cover could really stand shoulder-to-shoulder with it. Look out for their deadpan deliveries and Mitch rolling off those "Rrrrrr"s. This is one for the repeat button.


2. 1989

Superfruit knows one is not enough so they gave us a mashup of all the songs from Taylor Swift's blockbuster of an album, 1989. Effectively capturing the spirit of the album while giving a new spin on each track, this is one for everyone regardless of whether you are a Swift fan or not. Both voices complement each other perfectly and it feels as if we are transported into different worlds every 10 seconds. Featuring beatboxing and handclaps, this cover is both exciting and emotional.


3. Defying Gravity

In a theatric version of the Wicked classic, this video captures the offbeat charm of both guys while still showing-off their pitch-perfect vocals. Complete with face-paint and wigs, Mitch shines in this cover with his gorgeous upper-register and the effect is a song which is at times funny while touching. You could see they really had fun recording it and willl be hard-pressed to not be affected by their sheer energy. Expect a smile on your face.


Photo credit: YouTube

It’s the year of new album releases, and I’m looking forward to this particular band’s - Passion Pit will be releasing their third synth-fuelled album named Kindred. And for a little tease, Passion Pit has released not one song, but TWO songs that will be featured in this upcoming album!

Lifted Up (1985) and Where the Sky Hangs were released a week ago and can be streamed on both YouTube and Spotify. When I found out about these two songs, I was completely excited to listen to them. I went on to Spotify and found myself immersing into the music, listening to the passion that’s been sung into the songs by singer Michael Angelakos.

What I love about Lifted Up (1985) and Where the Sky Hangs are that they are completely different in terms of beats and tunes. Lifted Up (1985) is the uber-catchy song that you would be dancing to at parties or in clubs.

As for Where the Sky Hangs, it’s the total opposite. It’s the kind of song you will find in a Chill playlist, or the kind of song you’ll be listening to at night with your night lights on, relaxing and daydreaming. Though the two song are completely different, they still represent Passion Pit at their finest. Perhaps the contrast of songs are what represents Michael’s struggles with bipolar disorder in the past.

Apart from Kindred, Passion Pit is also featured in a song by Madeon called Pay No Mind. If you are a fan of Passion Pit and heard this song played for the first time, you’ll be asking yourself, “Does Passion Pit have a new song?”

Pay No Mind is a signature Passion Pit song filled high pitched vocal chops and I’m glad that 20-year-old DJ Madeon collaborated with them. The song has also been crowned as hottest record in the world by BBC Radio 1 DJ Zane Lowe.

Listen to Lifted Up (1985), Where the Sky Hangs and Pay No Mind in the playlist below, and don’t forget to pre-order Kindred which comes out on April 21st!


Photo credits: Passion Pit

Palma Violets are back, but that’s not it, they return with a brand new song for their upcoming album!

Danger in the Club is their upcoming album following 180 back in 2013. It’s been 2 years, and fans are eager for them to create some new stuff. The wait is finally over, and we welcome Danger in the Club, a song named after its album.

On February 16th, Palma Violets introduced their new song on BBC Radio 1. Danger in the Club, just like Palma’s previous garage-sounding music, are welcoming to the ears. Starting with a guitar chord playing, it slowly proceeds to the beating of the drums, enhancing the 2 instruments even further. It brings me back to their song called Best of Friends where the song started exactly alike - with guitar playing then drums after. However, when Sam started singing for Danger in the Club, it brings me back (yet again) to Step Up For The Cool Cats - with its lively singing, despite his very low, and raspy voice.

Even though this new song has its similarities with songs from their debut, I wouldn’t say it gets boring. It just shows that Palma Violets are able to focus solely on their music genre - psychedelic rock - while keeping their music fresh, and pleasing to the ears. Besides, that’s how they earned admiration from both fans and critics in the first place.

With their debut album reaching Top 10 UK charting, I expect Danger in the Club to reach just as same, (or maybe Top 5?). I would love to hear more from this upcoming album, with song names like Sweet Violets, or Secrets of America enticing me, but bummer, I have to wait till 4th May for the album to be released.

But in the meantime, why don’t you put Danger in the Club on repeat.


Photo credits: Rough Trade Records

Ariana Grande has released the video for her newest single One Last Time last week which continues the recent run of hits from her current album My Everything.

The road to pop superstardom goes on for the former Nickelodeon star but were the singles she’s released actually good? Let’s rank them all.


4. Problem (Feat. Iggy Azalea)

Don’t get me wrong, because what a tune this is.

However, the track does not really hold up one year later, and worse still in the near future. The (cheesy, sorry) saxophone solo feels really dated by now, especially with its inclusion in almost every hit song released recently. The song builds, to Grande’s credit, into a climax but the payoff disappears when it soon comes crashing down into the sax chorus.

And that god-awful choreography for the live performances doesn’t suit Grande at all.

3. Break Free (Feat. Zedd)

When this song was first released, I felt that it was the perfect mix of Grande’s unique vocals and Zedd’s exuberant energy.

Alas, that video was corny and the replay value was low. It may have been more a case of the latter’s production inducing listening fatigue but Grande was becoming overplayed and she needed something fresh, fast.

2. One Last Time

The newest single, which has really grew on me since the album was first released.

The production is top-notch (her best) featuring a memorable piano progression and the mid-tempo track is bittersweet, something different from the singer herself.

Grande also did a stellar job to turn an otherwise hollow track into something resembling a masterpiece in her discography. She knows how to unleash her sultry yet powerful voice into a rush of a chorus, but perhaps more memorably, pull back just enough in the verses.

Extra points to the video, which took a different direction from her previous efforts.

1. Love Me Harder (Feat. The Weeknd)

This single deserved to be a bigger hit than its siblings.

It was dark and edgy, giving a new dimension to Grande’s character that exudes maturity. Grande’s phrasings in the song were perfectly controlled and this is perhaps her most difficult song vocally.

Her chemistry with The Weeknd can also be heard and the pair playfully sings double entendres which resulted in a sexy R&B jam for the ages.

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