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Fun Fact #1: There are people who impersonate singers and are sometimes paid to sing at events because they sound just like the singer (sometimes even look like them too)

Fun Fact #2: Each of the members of One Direction has impersonaters.

Fun Fact #3: Niall Horan pranked one of his impersonators on radio!

A couple of weeks ago Niall Horan was invited as a guest on BBC Radio where him and the host, Nick Grimshaw, brought up the topic of One Direction impersonators, and decided to prank call one of them.

The impersonator, who so happened to be named Liam, was called up and asked to give a mini audition of This Town, as Niall pretended to be a Londoner looking to book Liam for an event. 

The accents in the call are insane; Niall, an Irish, speaks with a London accent, and Liam, who is Scottish, tries to speak in an Irish accent! The video is full of Niall's signature laughs and humour - the Irish guy is all smiles, even when he asked Liam what his least favourite thing about Niall was!

Check out the full prank call here:

Photo Credits: InStyle

Two of our childhood faves, Ashley Tisdale and Lucas Grabeel have reuinted to perfom a classic jam from the very first High School Musical movie: What I've Been Looking For.

This cover was part of Ashley's YouTube series, Music Sessions, where she covers hit songs with her husband, Chris French, and also guests once in a while. She's had HSM co-star Vanessa Hudgens on Music Sessions, where they both performed a great cover of Elle King's Ex's and Oh's.

Now, it's been almost 11 years since HSM came out but we all still remember Sharpay and Ryan's hyped up version of Troy and Gabriella's ballad What I've Been Looking For. Ashley and Lucas have decided to take things a bit slower with their recent cover. They've got great harmonies in this duet, accompanied by Lucas' skillful piano playing. No jazz squares this time, though!


Check out their new and improved rendition of What I've Been Looking For!


Photo Credits: The Odyssey Online

Something society needs to learn.

Hailee Steinfeld recently released her latest single Most Girls, a single that speaks about celebrating females everywhere regardless of how they dress, what they do or where they are from.

Unfortunately, society has painted "most girls" to be a materialistic and self-absorbed group of narcissists. Therefore, many who just listen to the chorus that goes "I wanna be like most girls" jump to the conclusion that this is a horrible song that encourages girls to conform to the pattern of such disrespected behaviour.

However, Most Girls addresses the fact that the female demographic is one that consists of smart, strong and beautiful individuals who work hard and fight for their goals in life. It is a powerful message that does not shame other girls but empowers women as a whole because each one is uniquely beautiful in their own ways.

The conversation Steinfeld had with the guy in beginning of the music video serves as a reminder that saying "you are not like most girls" is not a compliment. Rather, Steinfeld's disapproval of the "compliment" emphasises the fact that girls are stronger when they stick together and not tear each other down. And that is exactly what most girls choose to do.


Photo credit: YouTube

We will LITERALLY support him!

If you haven't been keeping up with all things Harry Styles, we don't exactly know what to say to you because you have simply missed out on so much - from the release of his debut solo single and album to the announcement of his world tour to his very first stage dive!

You read that right, Styles attempted his very first stage dive during a private listening party in New York City. And let's just say that it didn't go according to plan. The Sign of the Times singer was up in the air for a split second before the crowd could no longer support him which resulted in his quick fall to the ground.

Styles explained on the Late Late Show that he thought that his first stage dive would feel like flying and it would be the greatest feeling in the world but instead, it was like "I should get up now..." The 23-year-old elaborated that that would probably be his last time trying to stage dive unless the mood to do so strikes again.

We are hoping that Styles will have the mood to attempt a stage dive again on his tour right here in Singapore. Well, The Star Theatre isn't exactly a mosh pit but we are sure we can figure something out. 23 November, Singapore. Let's make it happen!


Photo Credit: J-14

Slow or awkward hands?

There is absolutely nothing stopping Niall Horan from pursuing a successful music career especially after the release of the second single Slow Hands from his highly-anticipated debut solo album.

The singer-songwriter appeared on The Ellen Show to give an exclusive performance of the hit for the first time on television. As per usual, the superstar delivered perfect vocals with his undeniable stage presence and charisma.

However, it was brought to our attention that this is probably the first time the 23-year-old musician has sung without his guitar which he usually keeps by his side during performances of This Town. Hence, we noticed the Irish lad having a little trouble knowing what to do with his hands.

Without his other One Direction mates to interact with while roaming around on stage or his guitar to keep his hands occupied with strumming, Niall's hands seem to appear naked and lonely. But that is what makes his performance even more endearing to watch because these awkward hands are a part of the Niall we have all come to know and love.


Photo Credit: Just Jared & @squishyharold on Tumblr