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BØRNS is a soon-to-be household name in the music industry. His rich and just overpowering vocals are proof to that, especially with his latest cover of Zayn Malik’s It’s You.

It’s pretty hard to categorize which genre this beautiful rendition belongs to, but whatever it is, it’s out of this world. Musical theatre? Operatic? Psychedelic? Perhaps it’s a mixture of all those three.

With an eerie, church-like aesthetics and the beautiful soft sounds of a grand piano, BØRNS reinvented Zayn’s mellow beats and made it a bit classier. It’s sounds something that would be typically played in a film when an angel ascends to heaven, which perfectly captures most of the fan comments – “Play this at my funeral!!!" 

Listen to the cover here:



Perhaps a collab with Zayn in the future?  We hope so!


Photo Credit: Eva Pentel for Hungertv, Nate Rya for MPR


If you have been a fan of Fifth Harmony since Day 1 and just so happen to be living in Singapore, you would probably feel as though you have been waiting for a lifetime for them to bring one of their gazillion tours to our little sunny island.

And since they have just announced their #727Tour dates for North America, we can't help but feel left out! Like, over here! "Please come to Singapore!!!" that little voice in our heads have been dying a little each time tour dates are announced but we never seem to appear on any list.

We just don't understand why we are never a destination spot, maybe management has other plans. But you know what? We are here today to convince y'all with 5 really good reasons why Fifth Harmony should bring their #727Tour to Singapore and maybe stir up the right amount of commotion for them to notice the passion (and impatience) that is burning inside all of us!


1. 2016 Is The Year Of Band Invasions

This year has been a year for mainstream bands to tour Singapore. We don't know why but it just so happens to be. The new year kicked off with The Vamps followed by 5 Seconds of Summer and the girls of Little Mix just performed a KILLER show not too long ago. Fifth Harmony just has to be a part of it all!


2. Following The Footsteps Of Fifth Harmony's Inspirations

Many of 5H's musical inspirations such as Ed Sheeran, J.Lo and Tswizzle have blessed Singapore with their outstanding talent. And to be great, you have to learn and follow the great. Amirite?


3. We've got Amazing Food Here In Singapore

Okay, you must be thinking what does this even have to do with the girls taking their tour here. Well for starters, they obviously know how to appreciate good food. Dinah loves hot cheetos, Lauren can't stop eating sushi, all Normani thinks about are chicken wings, Ally is a big fan of Waffle House and Camila is obsessed with pizza. Wanna try some chilli crab here girls?


4. Singaporean Harmonizers Are The

Not only are Harmonizers here passionate, we are also fiercely dedicated and oh so fabulous! Just look at the love fest here, nothing but love for our favourite girls.


5. Fifth Harmony Wants To Come, So It's Not Like We're Forcing Them!

The singing quintet has mentioned Singapore several times in interviews and they obviously know who we are because, see point 4. Remember Camila's phone interview with 987 and them shouting out this Singaporean fan who flew all the way to the US to see them LIVE in concert? Whoever you are, you're one lucky human! (check out 2:13 of the Fifth Harmony Takeover with AwesomenessTV to see what we're talking about)


So what do you think of our reasons for Fifth Harmony making Singapore one of their destinations for the #727Tour? Pretty legit huh. Let's do this Harmonizers, #5HtoSingapore!!!

Photo Credit: Fifth Harmony Facebook, Auroracup, Musichel, Today Online, Powerofpop, @lausercabello on Twitter

Last week was insane, there were concerts happening in Singapore, there was the Billboard Music Awards and so much more.

Let us break it down for you.

It was pretty much a concertgoer’s dream this week; did you attend any of the shows? If not, here is what you missed. 


1.     Little Mix Live In Singapore

Now we know that the girls of Little Mix are actually real, I am questioning why do they have such perfect hair, perfect skin. They can dance, sing and perform with so much sass and swag. It was definitely a high-energy show that the girls put on.

You can read Teejay’s review of the show here! Personally, I feel that the girls really connected with the audience. During the groovy songs, everyone was on their feet dancing the night away. While during the more personal and emotional songs, everyone sung along in harmony.


2.     First Pictures From Dunkirk

You may already have heard that Harry Styles from One Direction has landed himself a role in the upcoming movie, Dunkirk. Well, guess what? The first pictures of him in uniform have hit the Internet.

You are welcome! Guys in uniform is becoming like a thing today, with the hype of Descendants of The Sun hitting Korea and other parts in Asia, I am pretty sure this movie is going to do amazingly well across the world. (Not only because Harry Styles is in it of course *wink*)


3.     Did Nick Jonas Get #TOOclose To Strangers?

If you ever wondered what Nick Jonas gets up to during his free time before an award show, you may want to watch this video.

In the video, Nick and his friend Zach went around making strangers uncomfortable by getting #TOOclose to them. (Get the pun?) They even managed to prank Shawn Mendes!


4. One Night Only – Jessie J

If Jessie J was not a singer, she would be doing motivational speaking or counselling. During her show at the Singapore Indoor Stadium, she spent some time answering questions from the floor, one of which went along the lines of “If you could have a superpower, what would it be and why?”. Instead of the usual (e.g. being invisible, teleporting, etc), Jessie said that she would want to not be famous and be able to go out on the streets and ‘heal’ people.

Read Letazia’s review of the show here!


4.     7/27 Is Finally Here!

The girls of Fifth Harmony are finally back with a brand-new album, 7/27! Strategically released on the 27th of May, the album features collaborations with Ty Dolla $ign, Fetty Wap & Missy Elliot. What are your thoughts on the new album? Let us know!

In case you didn’t know, the numbers forming their album title is actually the date Fifth Harmony was formed back in 2012!


Picture Credits: SpinorBinMusic, Daily Mail Celeb on Twitter, Nick Jonas's #TOOClose video on YouTube, Singtel on Facebook & Sasha Samsonova for Fifth Harmony

Rewriting, how genius.

Just the other day, we came across this amazing cover by a girl named Leah Guest. The 19-year-old rewrote the famous tune 7 Years by Lukas Graham. She obviously used the same melody of the song but what she did differently was that she changed the lyrics to tell her own life story so far and to predict what's to come in the following years.

Looks like a someone is starting a new trend and we find this absolutely fascinating. We feel that this rewrite cover by the singer-songwriter from England is the start of something amazing in the world of song covers.

Sure, you could argue that people have done something similar to this before. And yes, we know that they are good but this cover touched us like no other. It gave us chills, the good type of course. The strong emotion that could be heard in her voice was felt so genuinely because of those heartfelt lyrics. There was a connection - and isn't that what music is all about?

We are still beating ourselves over the fact that we have only discovered this talented young star now because we're fully aware that this cover has been out since February of this year. But boy are we glad that we could be a part of witnessing this beautiful piece of art and it's our joy to share it with you as it would be a crime not to.


So what do you think of this rewrite cover by Leah Guest? We know we will definitely be looking forward to her next rewrite cover if she ever does another one (because she totally should)!

Photo Credit: Leah Guest Instagram

Give these songs some spotlight!

We are fully aware that it has been more than a year since Fifth Harmony's debut album Reflection dropped. So you might be thinking to yourself, "then why bring this up? The Reflection era has already ended, and it is the start of a new one."

The second part of that statement is exactly our point. Since 7/27 has just been released today, we feel that we just have to celebrate Reflection one last time before it gets forgotten by many. So in celebration of a new era, let's remember the last.

Reflection was full of great singles that all went platinum. From the girl-power anthems BO$$ and Worth It to the super-catchy song Sledgehammer written by the girls' bud, Meghan Trainor, who also wrote 2 other tracks on their album.

There are so many other songs on this album that we feel didn't receive the right amount of recognition that they truly deserve. So here we are today to shed some sort of light to these belittled tunes.

1. Reflection

Well, this is the album title so why isn't this a single? The genius lyrics in this empowering tune seems like letting a guy know that he is so fineeee and what not but in the end, it's like psych! You're actually not describing him but talking to your own Reflection!


2. Going Nowhere

You can't help but get down together with the bass drop in this song. This would have been one of those songs that you'll be so thrilled to hear on the radio.


3. We Know

The 5H ladies are all about women standing together as one voice instead of bashing one another down. And this song represents that in one of the many ways. Don't let us even begin with that crazily amazing melodious hook.


4. Top Down

"Passed out real and I woke up realer" is probably one of the best lyrics from the album and definitely a fan favourite. Bring us to H town man!


5. Brave Honest Beautiful

As the song title describes, we know this one goes out to the Harmonizers. Thank you girls, we love you too.


If it were up to us, we would want the all the songs in the album to all be singles. That way, it would be perfect. But we can't change the past, so here's to looking forward to 7/27 together!

Photo Credit: Idolator