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join our team!

We hear that Charli XCX and Rita Ora are Doing ItAnd they even have a brand new music video to show for it. A blonde and a brunette slaps on bright red lipstick, cause shenanigans and drive 'round town - what could go wrong, right? Wait, that sounds kinda familiar.

But before we get to that, here are the Top 3 reasons why both of these British imports won't make it big by just 'doing it'.


3. The song doesn't speak much for itself.

Because music nowadays is all about making it for the eyes, and not the ears. The slightly catchy hook aside, lyrics like 'All night long/ We dancin' to this song/ We doin' it, we going on and on, on and on'.... Er... Okay. It's a fun song, it's a party song, we get that. But when you have Rihanna, Calvin Harris, Jessie J dishing out better hits on the radio, ask yourself: do we really need anymore of this?


2. Sidechick teams sidechick.

When you have Iggy Azalea's sidechick collaborating with Iggy's other sidechick, you're gonna get a formulaic video thrown to the sidelines. But WAIT! Enter almost-naked white men, policemen-strippers, sexy cowboy/girl themes. Yawn. I'm bored of that. Charli XCX rocked with Boom Clap, but Rita Ora? I'm sorry but girl needs to stand on her own. Fast.


1. Gaga and Bey do it better. Period.

Throwback to 2009. Remember Lady Gaga's Telephone? Man, that was THE bomb. Awesome costume changes, Gaga rocking prison outfits with Queen Bey jumping in to cause trouble. And not to mention the choreographed dances with a legit storyline. I miss that. We miss that. Now let's bring it back.

Example #1:


Example #2:


Obviously we know which blonde-brunette team slayed. And let's not forget Telephone's sick beat and that it got nominated for the Grammy Award for Best Pop Collaboration with Vocals - plus a wagon full of other noms. 

If I haven't spoilt the joy of watching the official music video for you yet, feel free to help yourselves to Doing It:



And let us know if you agree to disagree or vice versa! ;)

Photo credits: Poponandon, Asylum Records, Streamline Records

If there’s anything that Fall Out Boy continues to prove time and time again, it is the fact that the pop punk four piece continually strives to retain their relevance in a world where the “problem with modern rock is that it's not modern.” (Wentz, 2014)

Even prior to their release of American Beauty / American Psycho last week, track streams were strategically aplenty (leak be damned!) with a whole summer tour alongside Wiz Khalifa announced pre-emptively. Amidst the vaguely confused reaction to the Boys of Zummer line-up, the soon-to-be tourmates put their heads together to formulate a spanking remix of FOB’s Pulp Fiction tribute single, Uma Thurman.

Of course, this isn’t the band’s virginal dabble with rappers or remixes (see: Jay-Z, Lil Wayne, Big Sean, 2 Chainz, Kanye West) so fans really don’t have to be too nonplussed. Incorporating some of the original’s distinctive features (namely that sweet Munsters sample and audible line snorts), the song is morphed from a radio-invading one into a rave-ready banger, complete with a new verse from Khalifa. It boasts deafening bass drums and restless synths that give Patrick Stump’s highly durable tones an extra punch.

Swaggering onto the track with his usual blunt wordplay with a new girl on hand, the Pittsburgh MC assents, “Joint in my hand rockin’ jewels / My job, I do it too well.”

Check out the big brain on Wiz! The remix is certainly a gaudy effort but the reverberating beats do get numbingly repetitive after a while. Let us know what you think below! 


Photo credit: Fall Out Boy

Our favourite celebrities can have the most unexpected and unusual talents sometimes. Bruce Willis (from Die Hard) can play the harmonica, Lady Gaga can cook really well, and Justin Bieber can solve a Rubik’s Cube in 84 seconds flat.

However, Jessie J’s unusual talent will… blow you away. She was rather tight-lipped about her secret talent until recently, when Jessie demonstrated how she could sing with marshmallows in her mouth. What?! I can’t even talk with a mouth full of marshmallows, let alone belt out a song!


But wait! It doesn’t stop there. Jessie can also sing with her mouth fully shut! Now that’s… otherworldly. Jessie broke out into an impromptu song on The Graham Norton Show, belting Ariana Grande's Bang Bang verse. Yas Jessie!

Heck, even some of our pop girls don’t even sing as well as they can live with the mouths empty! (Yeap Katy, we're talking about you.)

Feast your eyes, or rather ears, on this spectacle!


Photo Credit: SantaBanta, Spin

When Travis Clark is not busy being the frontman of Bradenton’s We The Kings, the lanky ginger can usually be found on his YouTube channel undertaking one of life’s many wild adventures.

Chances are he’s probably accompanied by (or talking about) his significant other actress Jenny Robinson and now, officially his wife. Clark’s highly thoughtful proposal last May has since garnered over 500,000 views culminating in a recent December wedding in the Orlando area where the new Mrs. Clark grew up.

Surprising Travis with the very same song the lead singer wrote about her, That Feeling has received the perfect early wedding gift treatment, a black-and-white montage sharing some of the happy couple’s most tender moments including a sound bite of Jenny’s reaction that fateful day. As a band that encourages fans to “find out who they are as people,” the Clarks’ transparency is infectious, inciting a case of the warm, fuzzy feels, even for one who isn’t overly invested in their story.

Taking cue from a recorded voice message of Jenny’s, the creative process that has evolved from idiosyncratic noises, to a riff and currently, a patchwork showcasing the prosperity of a beautiful relationship is testament to the productive nature of art that just keeps on inspiring. 



Photo credit: Alternative Press

We all know that Ed Sheeran is a lovable ginger cat. And at times, if need be, this ginger cat pulls his claws out and writes a song about his cheating ex(es). Bad for them, good for us.

Unfortunately, it seems like Ed has given up on the real Cougar Town - after his encounter with 5-years-his-senior Brit songstress Ellie Goulding turned sour. But luckily for Courtney Cox (and for the rest of us), we get a new song on the TV series Cougar Town.

The brand new track below is a snippet of Ed's brilliance (with bits of dialogue from the show) yet again. However, I suspect it must be unused material that didn't make it into his two albums. 

But hey, we're not complaining! With poetic lyrics like 'We will cry until this fire is drowned/ Well, darling, I, I will keep you warm', we hope that Ed will continue serenading us on TV too.

What do you think of this track? Watch this space to hear the FULL track soon enough!


Photo credit: Haffif Muzik