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After teen heartthrob Zayn Malik left the band shortly after One Direction’s first ever concert in Singapore, the boy band has been continuing their sold-out On The Road Again Tour.

It's business as usual for the four remaining members, although Zayn’s departure has led to speculations that One Direction may no longer be together anytime soon.

With the release of Drag Me Down, their first single as a four-piece, the band followed up with an announcement that the band will not be touring in support of the fifth album.

With the shocking statement that the boys are taking an “extended hiatus of at least a year”, the question remains, what now for the four members?


Louis Tomlinson

The 23-year-old is now a father to be with American stylist Briana Jungwirth. Neither of them probably expected the baby, with Louis still at the peak of his career and obviously not ready to settle down just yet.

We’ll probably see less of Louis in the spotlight during his well-deserved break to spend time with the baby before tour life kicks in again.


Harry Styles

The Mick Jagger lookalike has ventured into songwriting for other artists recently. From Ariana Grande’s Just A Little Bit Of Your Heart to Gavin DeGraw’s Not Our Fault, he’s just getting started. Could we possibly see Harry guestwriting for more A-listers?

Poised as the next Justin Timberlake of 1D, a solo career might also be viable for the most talented member of One Direction. He’s a great songwriter and got the looks and the voice. A perfect package if you ask me.

Hopefully we get to hear some solo Harry material during the break. A Harry Styles x Ed Sheeran duet anyone?


Niall Horan

The Irishman will finally have time off to enjoy none other than his favourite game of... golf (how boring). Also, we would absolutely love to see him as a guest musician collaborating and doing what he does best, shredding the guitar.

If I were him, I'd totally start a side project in which the world can finally notice his superior guitar skills. 

While it's known he isn’t the strongest vocalist ever, you’ve got to admit his guitar playing literally makes up for the lack of choreographed dance moves or fancy stage props while on tour.

You’ve earned that well deserved break, Niall!


Liam Payne

The best looking member of One Direction could possibly take this break to venture into… modelling of course! If Calvin Klein’s looking for a new face to replace Justin Bieber, it’s definitely Liam.

If that doesn’t actually work out, we might see the return of Big Payno, the DJ alter ego of Liam Payne himself. DJ Payno might want to consider doing live shows in Vegas given how popular he already is.

Check out one of his remixes below!


Photo Credit: Pintrest, News.Au, MaximumPop, IBTimes

Are you in love with a monster?

Fifth Harmony have just released their music video for I'm In Love With a Monster on 27 August. This song from the motion picture, Hotel Transylvania 2, has got Harmonizers all over the world very excited for its music video when the audio was released earlier this month.

Harmonizers, you need not wait anymore as the music video has arrived in its full glory. And it is just so scary to know how good this music video is!

Can we just take a minute to appreciate how good they look even when trying to look scary and monster-like? The stylists really did a good job dressing them up to look the part.

And a round of applause for the camera crew and editors for giving each girl an appropriate amount of screen time so that we can admire their beauty both individually and as a group.

Fifth Harmony should definitely be given more opportunities to collaborate on soundtracks for movies in the near future because their vocals are currently killing it in the music industry.

Which movie do you think they should collaborate with next? Do let us know in the comments down below!

Check out the music video now!


Photo Credit: Tumblr


*starts singing the song*

With over 100 million views on YouTube, Panic! At The Disco’s I Write Sins Not Tragedies definitely became the band’s most popular song.

You might have heard of the song a hundred times on the radio, but you’ll never beat Brendon Urie’s record. He performed the song so many times it probably haunted him in his sleep.

If you want to be entertained by Brendon’s sarcastic comments that suggest how high he was onstage, then treat yourself to this 1-minute compilation!



*Notable Parts:

When he replaces the lyrics with “Super Whore!” and wittily adds, “Yea, she is!” afterwards, and of course, the occasional “Yeahs."

Photo credit: altpress

Directioners are known for the things they do in the world of fandoms. From trending hashtags about One Direction on Twitter daily to voting their thumbs off to win awards for the lads and of course, breaking records.

It was no exception when One Direction's latest single, Drag Me Down, had its music video released on Vevo on 20 August.

Directioners obviously went all out and started trending #DragMeDownVevoRecord on Twitter in hope of breaking the most viewed Vevo video record on YouTube.

This fandom is not only crazily dedicated and passionate, but intelligent. So here are the 5 ways Directioners are trying to break the #DragMeDownVevoRecord!


1. Play the music video on any possible device available

Even if it's not yours, just play the music video on whatever device you can find that has wifi!


2. Encourage fellow Directioners that they have the power to not just break the Vevo record but Vevo itself

Directioners should stick together in a time like this, and remind each other that they are not a force to be reckoned with.


3. Remind everyone who currently holds the Vevo record

Although Drag Me Down didn't beat Taylor Swift's Bad Blood Vevo record for the most viewed video within 24 hours, Directioners did not give up so easily. They found a new goal and are giving everything they got. Miley, you better watch out!


4. Thank the haters for helping out

Looks like Directioners have a little group called the "haters" to thank for adding to the view count of the music video. Thanks haters for watching!


5. Teach fellow Directioners to REFRESH not REPLAY

I repeat "REFRESH not REPLAY" in order for your view to count!

Which category do you fall under? Do let us know in the comments down below!

And we know that you've enjoyed watching the music video! So why not watch it again and again and again? Come on, we know you want to ;)



Photo Credit: Twitter and YouTube

Nobody would have thought about the relation between Meek Mill and Drake’s feud (link) to Nicki Minaj’s The Pinkprint Tour… until now.

The Pinkprint Tour, which ended recently, faced a massive drop in ticket prices as soon as Meek Mill started to call out Canadian hip-hop superstar Drake.

Drake dropped diss tracks, namely Charged Up and Back to Back, all while Meek Mill was still on tour opening for his girl Nicki.

Ticket prices immediately dropped 20% from $179 in July to $148 at the start of August, and it's freefalling. Looks like people are actually willing to boycott Nicki along with Meek for his row of disses towards one of the biggest hip-hop stars in recent memory.

Meek Mill’s album Dreams Worth More Than Money, which dropped a little before the feud started, has also halted in terms of sales. Despite selling 215,000 copies in its first week, it has struggled to attain gold certification (500,000 units sold) even after two months.

Is Meek Mill’s ‘career’ officially over after his not-so-wise choice to diss Drake? Probably so, to the point of no repair.

Well, it’s not like we knew who he was before this fiasco started anyway.


Photo Credit: Tumblr, Vibe, Urbanislandz, IBTimes