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It’s been almost 17 years since the classic pop hit …Baby One More Time was released and this new cover by Tove Styrke is surprisingly a breath of fresh air.

The 22-year-old Swedish singer and songwriter made something that is far from the usual pop songs currently topping the charts. With a little help from a simple drum machine and some syths, I’d say the cover is like lovechild of Sky Ferreira and Grimes - complex but chill.

Diverting from the typically more intense pop sound, this head-bobbing tune is perfect for early morning commutes.


Is it Britney Approved?


What do you think about this cover?

Photo Credit: Elliot Morgan, SXSW, britneyuniverse

Time to raise the roof as Fifth Harmony just celebrated #3YearsOfFifthHarmony on 27 July! 

We are very proud harmonizers who have been there since day one, and we wish we could be with the girls to celebrate everytime they have accomplished something great in their careers. 

It was definitely hard to choose the top 5 moments because we all secretly wish we could be spying on them 24/7 from the back of their tour bus, am I right? Anyways, we somehow managed to pick our top 5 moments and here they are!


1. When they became a girl group.

This was such a magical moment to watch as the girls were eliminated as individual acts but were given a second chance to go through the next round together. What can I say, they are just better together ;)


2. When they got through to the finals of The X Factor.

Being the underdogs for most of The X Factor season wasn't easy, but their hardwork and exploding talent got them through to the finals when they thought they were going home that night. Just look at their faces!


3. When they heard Miss Movin' On for the first time on the radio.

Hearing their debut single for the first time on the radio was certainly a really emotional moment for them as all their dreams felt like they were coming true. But while jamming out to their own song, it turned out to be some sort of prank?!


4. When they won their first moon man at the VMAs.

After many many days of voting their thumbs off, the harmonizers finally managed to get Fifth Harmony their well-deserved award for "Artist to Watch" at the 2014 Video Music Awards. What a joyous day! It would be even better if we could join Dinah Jane to do the celebration nae nae though!


5. When all their singles from Reflection went platinum.

These amazing vocalists earned every bit of success that they have and being a multi-platinum recording band is just a validation of what great artists they are.


This girl-powered group has come a long way from their X Factor days, and we wish them all the success in the world as they continue to touch the lives of many with their voices and hearts of gold.

Photo Credit: Tumblr and Giphy

Sam Smith was a mere unknown when Latch, the debut single of electronic music duo Disclosure, was released in 2012. It made a rather huge impact in the UK but the US did not even catch on until almost 11 months later, peaking in the top 10.

Sam Smith’s career was to change forever. His debut album sold over 5 million copies worldwide and he won four Grammys in one night. Now that's something you can't add to your résumé.

Naturally, Sam returned to collaborate for a second time with the guys who literally made him the male Adele he is today.

The question remains, how does Disclosure x Sam Smith 2.0 hold up against their seemingly untoppable previous collaboration Latch?

Pretty good I must say.

Sam’s vocals soar above the signature ‘Disclosure Sound’, that has never been replicated since their debut, in Omen.

Fans of Disclosure will notice that the beat is not very different from their previous work, but that is not necessarily a bad thing. Even while keeping their sound, they have managed to make the track sound fresh and exciting. Something not many artists can pull off.

With Disclosure scoring another potential hit with Sam Smith, I won’t be surprised if they eventually put out a collaborative album together.

Listen to the latest smash from Disclosure & Sam Smith below!


Photo Credit: Consequence Of Sound, Tumblr, Variety

It felt not too long ago when Liam had curly hair and Louis wore suspenders, but time really does fly by as One Direction celebrated 5 years together as a band on 23 July.

Throughout these years, we have witnessed these lads grow as artistes as well as individuals before our very own eyes.

It is obvious that this band has played a huge role in the lives of many and we are so proud that we were there to celebrate their countless accomplishments. But we are not here to talk their number one albums, highly successful fragrances, or even the numerous iconic venues that they performed at because Directioners already know that all too well.

This is a celebration of One Direction for who they are, for reasons that we are truly proud to have chosen the right band to invest (most) our lives in and to call ourselves directioners. So here's 5 reasons why!


1. They are just being themselves.

In other words, they are just goofballs! Goofballs that we absolutely love because they did not let the industry change them but have stayed true to who they are.


2. They are great dancers.

HAHAHA! They say they can't dance but don't we just love their very cool and innovative dance moves?


3. They give back.

It's just so heartening to know that they understand the importance of giving back to those who are not as fortunate as they are.


4. They really appreciate and love their directioners. 

Directioners are a huge part of their success, and they acknowledge and appreciate that fact full well.


5. Their friendship is gold.


Their love for each other has made us fall in love with their friendship. #squadgoals


Even though One Direction is currently a four-piece band, let's not dwell on the past but celebrate what they have accomplished so far as One Direction. The future still looks bright for them as we wait in anticipation for more great music and success coming their way!

Photo Credit: Giphy and Twitter

Janet Jackson, sister of the late great king of pop Michael Jackson is back after seven long years without new material.

No Sleeep has been leaping up the Billboard charts only two weeks after its premiere and she finally dropped the long-awaited video without warning. That’s only half of the surprise.

The other surprise? J Cole is featured in it. The inclusion of the ever popular and talented J Cole is going to introduce Janet to a whole new generation.

A nod to the classic Janet while staying relevant in the competitive age of streaming. Well done!

In this day and age where older singers who try their hardest to stay in the game are getting kicked out (E.g. Mariah Carey), Janet is going to prove that she is going to rise above it.

The sultry R&B track is reminiscent of the sexy vibes she brought to the world back at in the 80s and 90s, while staying fresh enough to compete with the thousands of R&B singers out there.

Could Janet possibly score another #1 hit ever again? Only time will tell. But for what it’s worth, she is definitely here to stay for good.

"I hope u enjoy watching this as much as we enjoyed making it."


Photo Credit: OutInPerth, Spotify