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Sister Cristina Scuccia has chosen her first single to be an emotional cover of Like A Virgin by the Queen of Pop herself, Madonna. Probably not an obvious pick for a debut single for the singing nun who recently won Italy's version of the TV talent show, The Voice, and signed a record deal with Universal Records shortly after her victory.

The original upbeat and energetic feel of the pop song was taken down to a more heartfelt and sentimental mood with mostly a sad piano backing up her amazing vocal abilities. This gospel-ballad version of Like A Virgin was the background music to a black-and-white music video of Sister Cristina in various iconic parts of Venice.

Some may critique the debatable lyrical topics in Like A Virgin, but the Italian singer was quick to diffuse them saying to Catholic newspaper Avvenire, "If you read the lyrics without being influenced by what has gone before, you discover that it is a song about the capacity to love to make people new again. To release them from their past. And this is how I wanted to interpret it. That's why we've transformed it from the pop-dance track it was into a romantic ballad a bit in the style of Amos Lee." 

She added on, "I'd love to see [Madonna's] face when she [hears the track] and when they tell her it's a nun singing."

We'd all like to see what the Queen of Pop thinks about this. Check out the video below!


Photo credit: Universal Records

The lady of No Doubt is out of her eight-year sabbatical. Finally!

Making her comeback as a solo artiste, Gwen Stefani releases Baby Don’t Lie, the EDM-influenced lead single of her third solo record that’s lined with reggae undertones.

Drawing parallels with scenes from The Wizard of Oz, the track’s music video nods towards to her ever-present retrolicious style with a burst of psychedelia.

The technicolour video sees her being carried away by a tornado of words from a world of monochrome glamour to a wild land where pink skies and outlandish black-and-white pyramids exist. But of course, it had to be where product placements bide their time as well (See: Killer kicks, Beats by Dre headphones and music app).

No dates have been set yet for the release of Gwen’s upcoming album, so we’ll just wait like a patient little black dog with this buddy of a song.


Photo credits: Ultimate Music/Gwen Stefani

Aretha Franklin has finally released her first major label studio album in a decade, Aretha Franklin Sings the Great Diva Classics, covering popular songs such as Adele’s Rolling In The Deep and Alicia Keys’ No One. Of course, she has been doing interviews with various news channels to promote her latest album.

Except when you get a satellite delay, a faulty earpiece, Aretha’s lack of sleep and her general IDGAF attitude that morning, hilarity ensues.

If I could sum up the video with a gif, this would be it.

Key highlights include;

Reporter: You also do a mashup, talk about that.
Aretha: I do a what?

and not forgetting,

Reporter: You’re really the key to touching generations and still staying relevant throughout the years.
Aretha: Ok, and what is it you like to know about that?

Beat the mid-week blues and watch this unintentionally hilarious clip below!


Photo Credit: BET

Synonymous with their Interweb famous motto, “Defend Pop Punk”, New Jersey’s Man Overboard is best known for their no holds barred anthems that pack a distinctive punch. Be it declaring their overwhelming adoration for a girl (“She was chillin' looking hot, in her bed smoking pot”) or consequently the lack thereof, the quintet forms quite the emotional mouthpiece.

As a follow up to last year’s Heart Attack, the band has since announced a new five-song EP, Passing Ends that will be released independently on October 28 via Lost Tape Collective.

Temporarily reigning in their tenacious pop punk edginess, a more acoustic approach is adopted for Stood Up and the result is as emotive.

If you want to talk to me then I promise I'll stop begging you to love me.”

Frontman Zac Eisenstein’s wistful tones   speak volumes about the sense of desperation and even neediness when feelings aren’t reciprocated, requiring nothing but a few simple strums and the gentle buzz of distant overdriven riffs. The resentful melancholy is further echoed by the inclusion of mandatory gang vocals led by Nik Bruzzese who chant in unison, “You can take the sweet life and I'll take all the blame.” Honestly, it’s difficult not to imagine the sea of cell phones (or lighters) that will inevitably greet Stood Up.

Hardly the most intricate track but one that tugs at one’s heartstrings all the same wouldn’t you say?


1. Twenty Years
2. Passing Ends
3. Stood Up
4. Secret Pain (acoustic)
5. For Vince


Photo credit: Rise Records

Setting the crowd to over drive, pop diva Jessie J showed us what she is really made of on The Ellen Show! She was on flame, often sashaying away in her exquisite metallic blue outfit which revealed her midriff and whetted the audience with smashing hits Bang Bang and Burnin Up.

Finally there was no form of Booty Shaking and pure music was what we all needed from her! Burnin Up has this hypnotic groove that beckons listeners to get off their feet and to boogie with her. She owned the stage and she felt at ease as she powered her vocals along with thumping beats backed by the drum.

No one would have expected Jessie to be down with a sore throat from that standing ovation performance. She mentioned on Twitter: “Ellen yesterday so much fun. My voice was rusty but I gave it my all."

The British singer’s new album Sweet Talker will certainly be flying off the hook at record shops.


Photo Credits: The Ellen Show