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"Jack" and "Joe" are probably their favourite names to say.

Not only did we have the pleasure of interviewing The Vamps during their time here in Singapore for their world tour but we also had the privilege of interviewing their special guests, The Tide.

The Tide is not just a band that tags along with their more famous musician friends, but is a band that has some real talent to show to the world.

Consisting of band members Austin Corini, Levi Jones, Drew Dirksen and Nate Parker, this Cali-formed band uploads various song covers from time to time on their YouTube channel but now has an opportunity to make their own music as they have been signed to The Vamps' new record label under EMI Universal. 

Watch this 4-piece band proclaim what they are really all about and what they would do if they see someone in the crowd not off their feet! And you also don't want to miss their hilarious attempts of pronouncing Singaporean food and places in The Whisper Challenge!


Photo Credit: Spin or Bin Music

"Lake snake!" WAIT, WHAT?

Yours truly had the once in a lifetime opportunity to just hang and have a little chat with the guys of The Vamps during their Wake Up World Tour here in our little sunny island!

We just couldn't believe our eyes when we first met the guys in the flesh and blood up close. NEWS FLASH: THEY ARE REAL!!!

Their charming depositions and oh so sweet personalities shone through the way they talked about touring this time round and especially when they shared a special message for the fans here in Southeast Asia.

The Whisper Challenge has been an entertaining segment in the realm of YouTube where contestants battle it out to try to guess what the other party is saying with loud music playing in their ears. We obviously couldn't let The Vamps go without playing a few rounds of this hilarious game!

Watch Bradley Simpson and Tristan Evans go head to head with James McVey and Connor Ball in The Whisper Challenge: Singapore Edition!


Photo Credit: Spin or Bin Music

To be honest, I’ve hardly met an artiste of this magnitude (in my 3 years of musical adventures) with such a refreshing amount of authenticity. Gone is the old Adam Lambert who may have created controversy once or twice on purpose in the past – we are now talking to the new Adam Lambert who just boldly declared “I don’t create controversies” to a room full of media personnel.

This is also the same man who cannot bear to sing “bubblegum pop songs” in light of everything that’s happened in the world this year.

I’ve always had respect for Adam and what he stood for, and this became even more pronounced in the wake of the recent petition hoo-ha. His flawless response?

Adam Lambert is genuinely a rare find in the gigantic American music industry that changes its whims faster than the Kardashians can change their outfits. Unsurprisingly, Adam’s larger than life personality has always stayed relevant no matter what.

He’s humble, more grounded and he actually takes the public’s concerns about him seriously without coming across as too politically correct or simply pandering to the crowd’s (or should I say, national) interests. He has stayed true to being Adam Lambert, come hell or high water.

Some even say his real agenda is motivated by unorthodox reasons. Yes, those people were right – he just wants to use his music to take over the world and brainwash all of our minds. I cannot believe that his fans ultimately became better people filled with kindness and acceptance. How terrifying is that?

So to further expose Adam Lambert, we asked him a few questions, and we also have a five-minute video chock full of Adam’s sassy answers for good measure. (He even smoothly brushes off rumours about him feeling under the weather. “What are you talking about? I feel great!”) The best part of it all? You’ll love every bit of it.


When did you get in? Did you just get in yesterday?

The day before yesterday was a day of rest. I watched a lot of Netflix on my laptop. Yeah, I just rested.


And you’ve been here before, in Singapore. Have you looked around the place, had any time at all to try more of our local food?

I’ve had chilli crab the first time I was here. I loved it. I’m going to get some of that before I leave. It was really good, really tasty.


Do you get time after New Year’s Eve or are you right out of here?

No I actually have the next day free! Might be sleeping in a little bit, you know.


How has 2015 been for you so far?

It was amazing. This album, The Original High that I’ve put out this year, I didn’t know that it was going to happen or not. I changed labels, I started floating around in limbo, going “Mmm I’m not sure what my next project is”. And when it all finally came together I was so thankful and so excited. I worked on it for 2 months in Sweden and then finished it in LA. I was very proud of it. I think that it’s very different from the Queen music, and I love that because I get to live out both sides of my artistry. With Queen I get to do amazing classics from the past, visiting and going rock n’ roll, which I love, which I was brought up on. And with my album, I get to live in the future and look ahead and talk about things that are my experiences. So I feel really fulfilled and I get the best of both worlds!


I understand that you had about 4 days to prepare for this tour and basically, the Singapore show is the one kicking off the entire The Original High tour?

Yeah, no, actually this show for New Year’s Eve, it turns out that we actually created it, the show for tomorrow night, especially for Singapore. It’s obvious that I’ve been working on my tour right now and that’s going to continue into the China, but you gotta do something special for Singapore, special for the television program, special for the audiences here. So I fought very very hard and I took a lot of time to figure out which songs will speak to as many different people as possible, which songs [are] best representing me, my current album, my mission statement. And I think we’ve got something great. But I think it’s going to be songs that people know and love, so yeah, I’m very excited to share them.


I mean it has to be us. Before you came here, there was the whole petition and controversy, and all that drama. So has that changed the way that you’ve prepared for the show as well?

I was actually flattered that people cared so much! You know, listen, over the past five years, whenever I do a TV performance, I work very carefully with the producers and the team to figure out what’s appropriate for the program, so, that’s what we did for this. Yeah.


You’re a huge Queen fan. You said in an interview once that Freddie Mercury embodies what you think is a rockstar. Basically he doesn’t care what people think and doesn’t give a shit. So is that something you adopt in your life since it’s so public?

You know it’s a constant battle between doing just what I wanna do, and doing what my gut tells me to do. And then the other side is also, I wanna make people happy. You know, I wanna make people feel connected. So it’s this constant struggle like “Ah, I don’t care” and “Oh, damn again!” [Laughs] But I think that’s me. That’s what makes me who I am. You know, the balance between the two.


How was it like working with Max Martin?

He’s amazing. He’s so down-to-earth and so kinda funny and sarcastic, never takes it too seriously, he creates a very light-hearted energy in the recording studio, and he just knows, he just has a way of knowing what’s gonna work, and what people are gonna connect to instantly. He’s got a gift for that. And Shellback is also the executive producer [of] the album, and he’s the same way. It’s like they’re psychic. Pop psychics. I don’t know how they do it. They just have a way.


Yeah, everybody wants to work with them at some point.

I’m lucky. I’m very, very lucky. You know, “Whataya Want From Me”, which was kind of my big hit off my first album – that was done by Max Martin and to come back and get to work with him a second time and his team, was such a gift and to have him oversee the entire album took a lot of the weight off my shoulders, a lot of the guessing off my shoulders, and to allow me to kind of just relax and I think that’s just the best type of environment.


Shortly after the news of the petition broke out, you tweeted “Fighting homophobia one song at a time”. So how do you plan to do that and what’s the best way in your opinion to fight homophobia?

Well, you know at this point, I think that we’re all moving forward to acceptance. I’ve always been an artiste that knows and feels that I’m lucky that I’ve been put on this planet and that I’m an international artiste and I get to reach out to different cultures, different places, different ages, genders, religion, beliefs, everything. My goal as an artiste has always been to connect people, and to try to find the common denominator between all of these different people from all over the world.

And the further I go in my career, the more I learn, and the more I understand about that. And the more I understand about the human condition, the human heart. And what makes us all the same, as opposed to what makes us different. So for me, you know, any sort of fear or difference is something that’s bound to happen, but I try not to worry about that too much. I try to stay focused on the positive and stay focused on the thing that unites us. And not the thing that divides us. [Sassily] … So I just sing my songs! [Laughs]


So how do you think you’ve grown in terms of your vocal, spiritual, emotional performance from your Trespassing tour to your Original High tour and album?

That’s a good question. I think I need a little more time to look forward and really understand it, but I think that with this album it kind of reflects where I’m at in my life right now, which I think is a bit more grounded than maybe when I first started out at the scene about 6 years ago. 6 years ago I got different ideas I wanted to discuss and different things I wanted to put out there, and different ways of going about it. And then naturally I’ve evolved. Might have been for better or for worse but just naturally. Like all people do. Changed maybe some of the ways I dress, and some of the ways I view the world, and my relationships have changed.

I think music on a technical level, this album, it explores more nuances that I might not have done as far into before, and I think we hit the tip of the iceberg with Trespassing. And with The Original High I think we really dove in all the way and I was able to sing about things in a certain way I was really excited about because they were very personal, but also very universal. You know, everybody wants happiness, everyone wants love, everyone wants acceptance and success in some form or another and I think that’s what the album talks about. [It] talks about that journey; sometimes you don’t get it, sometimes you go the long way, sometimes you go the right way. So yeah I’m excited, I’m excited that it could potentially really help people understand themselves. 


Here are the video highlights of the interview!


We just talked to Calum!!! Wait, WHAT?!

That's right! We had a chat with Calum Hood from 5 Seconds of Summer, and let's just say we were a little excited about this interview for the past few weeks. Okay, not a little but like EXTREMELY excited! We were just trying to keep it cool and contain our little fangirl/boy hearts from showing too much or else it would have actually scared our rock star interviewee away.

For you fans out there who were probably just as excited as we were when we announced that we were going to interview Calum, you are not going to regret submitting your burning questions in. Because let's just say, your questions have been answered!!! (You're most certainly welcome!)

We talked about many things with this lovely guy. From what he loves most about his bandmates to what he dislikes most about them! And he also mentioned something about the die-hard Singapore fan base here. And did he just call us baby?!

Be teased no longer and check out our interview with him below!

1. Hi Calum! Your latest album definitely sounds good and feels good!
What do you think makes your album, Sounds Good Feels Good, sound good and feel good?
I think the album feels good because it has a positive message, it has things that you can latch on to more, like the bunch of songs that we wrote on the second album is so that people can feel like they belong to something. It sounds good, oh hopefully it sounds good because of the music and production of the arrangements, just the general funk!

2. What's your favourite song to perform from the album?
We only played like 3 songs from it, I like performing Jet Black Heart.

3. Were there any songs that were recorded that you really liked, but did not make the final cut of the album?
I don't think any!

4. What is the one thing you love the most about your band mates?
I like Michael's hair. I like Luke's spontaneity. And I like Ashton's drive.

5. What is one thing you dislike about your band mates?
I don't like when Luke leaves water everywhere after every shower. I don't like... erm... they're just sitting right next to me so I can't really say anything!

6. Everyone is asking you to try various different kinds of Singapore food, do you know any?
No I don't! What should I know?

You should try our Chilli Crab!
Oh, Chilli Crab! Lovely! I'll try that!

7. Do you like Asian food?
I do like Asian food!

8. What's your favourite?
I like Laksa! Is that Asian? Yeah, I like that!

9. Speaking of Asian food, how do you feel when a lot of people think you're Asian?
I don't know, I've gotten over it. It used to get to me but now it doesn't get to me. So yea, that's it.

10. What present are you hoping to get this Christmas?
I don't know... I don't think I really need or want anything this year. I'm more looking forward to actually having the money to get my parents and family some gifts. It'll definitely be a change.

11. If the whole world is listening to you right now, and you could only say one thing, what would it be?

12. What's the degree of your eyesight?
360 baby! Oh wait, what? Nope, I don't wear glasses but I wouldn't say my eyesight is perfect.

13. A lot of people are amazed at how you can sing and play the bass at the same time, are there 2 other activities that you can do simultaneously?
Erm... I'm not sure, it's all coordination. I mean there could be things you can do that have like a similar effect like playing guitar and singing, singing and drumming. Just anything that is similar. I mean if you want to be good at bass and singing at the same time, you play and you sing, you try to do that as much as you can really.

14. What are you looking forward most to on the upcoming tour, and Singapore being one of your destinations?
We had a lot of noise from Singapore ever since day 1 on Twitter and such even before there were Australian fans. So we are really excited to finally be able to go there and see some of the fans because they have been waiting! It's been a while!

15. Do you have a message for your 5SOS FAM in Singapore?
Yes, I do! Hey guys, it's Calum from 5 Seconds of Summer! I can't wait to see you guys and for you to see the show and what we have been working on. I can't wait to see you guys, thanks for supporting the band and I know it's been so long and yeah, we love you!


I think that we can all just die in peace after Calum mentioned so many nice things about the 5SOS FAM here in Singapore, and especially because he said that he loves us! We love you too, Calum!

Concert Details:

Date: 3 March 2016, Thursday
Venue: The Star Theatre
Ticket Prices: $388 (VIP), $288, $228, $188, $148, $118

Tickets are now available for purchase at SISTIC.

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Spin or Bin Music is proud to be the Official Music Blog for the 5 Seconds of Summer's Sounds Live Feels Live World Tour 2016 in Singapore!

Psst... Here's a special voice message from Calum!


Photo Credits: 5 Seconds of Summer Facebook & popcrush

Okay, so we kind of interviewed a guy named Tristan Evans from well a little band you might know called The Vamps. They kind of released an album not too long ago titled Wake Up. We also heard that they will be playing a gig in Singapore sometime in January of next year.

Does that ring a bell? Alright alright, we are kidding! Of course you know and we all know very well who on earth Mr Evans is!

Not only is he from one of the biggest bands in the world right now, he is also one lovely guy who took some of his very precious time out to have a little chat with us! What a privilege it was and we can't wait to share with you what this talented drummer had to say about the new album, the upcoming tour, and (SAY WHAT!) shutting down the entire mall and something about bringing fans on stage?!

Wait in suspense no longer and check out our interview below!


1. Hey Tristan, lovin' the new album! So how does it feel that your album, "Wake Up", is already out?
We worked hard on it and we can't wait for everyone to come see us on tour and play it! So we're excited!

2. How many songs did y'all record prior to the choosing of the final songs for the album?
We had about 40 to 50 songs for the album and then we cut it down to 18. So it was quite a lot of cut down but it's a big album anyway, so it's all good!

3. Was there a certain criteria that y'all used to pick the final 18 songs for the album?
I think it was always fun, it's sort of the same as the last album, same happy pop-py kind of melodies.

4. Is there a particular song that you would say speaks most to you lyrically?
Yeah, I love "and we will dream a dream for us" from Wake Up.

5. Are you watching The X factor this year?
No, I'm not actually. I don't watch X Factor. But we went on the Xtra Factor and I really enjoyed it. Yea, it's a really great show!

The following questions will be a word play on the song titles from your latest album.

Wake Up
6. Since the album is called Wake Up, is there an issue in the world today that you feel humanity needs to wake up from and do something about it?
Yes, bullying.

7. What was the longest time you slept in and refused to wake up?
Oh wow, honestly about 14 hours. Yea, it was amazing. I slept till 3pm!

Runaway & Be With You
9. If you could runaway anywhere for a holiday, where would you go and who would you like to be with you on this adventure?
Bora Bora and with the 3 other guys.

Half Way There
10. What's one thing that you were half way there but kind of just gave up?
Yea, I'm sure there are many of those things. But I think it's just about a girl that you're kind of friends with but you kind of like them so you're like oh, we might as well!

11. Would you rather visit a volcano that is active so it can explode anytime in order to win a lifetime's supply of twister ice cream or a dormant one and nothing happens?
Oooooooh! Twister Ice Cream! I think yeah! And Silento was included in it!

12. What's the one thing you worry about the most?
Worry? I don't really know... I don't really worry that much. But I mean there is always worries about family and stuff.

Peace of Mind
13. What is something you do to get a peace of mind from touring so much?
I think to stay grounded and be friends with everyone and just rock it out on stage at the end of the day.

14. What are you most excited for when going on tour?
I think we are excited about visiting the beautiful country that you live in! And we are just kind of really excited to explore the world and play the shows and new material!

15. Do you get to go out without getting mobbed in another country?
Well, yeah! We have security and stuff. It's fine, we just, you know, shut down the whole mall and just go!

16. Singaporean Vampettes are all really excited for your show in January of next year, what can we expect from the show?
Obviously new music and old music as well. Kind of like a drum solo and piano. It will be fun, it will dynamic and yea, a good sweaty experience!

17. Will you be bringing any of your fans on stage?
Hopefully, yeah yeah! Let's do that!

18. Any message for your Singaporean fans?
Thank you for being so loyal and we can't wait to go there. The show is going to be so fun! Thank you so much for buying the album. And if you haven't already, please share it and spread the love. And we will be seeing you soon! 


Don't say we didn't look out for y'all Vampettes out there! If they really do bring up fans on stage during their tour and especially on their show here in Singapore, you know who to thank! ;)

Concert Details:

Date               : 26 January 2016, Tuesday
Venue            : The Colesium at the Hard Rock Hotel, Resorts World, Sentosa
Ticket Prices : $98 (early bird), $118 (standard), $168 (VIP Package inclusive of concert ticket, priority entry, soundcheck pass, VIP laminate & lanyard, and an exclusive gift item)

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Spin or Bin Music is proud to be the Official Music Blog for The Vamps "Wake Up" World Tour 2016 in Singapore!

Photo Credit: Giphy & The Vamps Facebook