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Yes, I am writing this piece because I'm craving for new Twenty One Pilots material.

And yes, I do spend my afternoons lurking on the internet, endlessly searching for some new content to perk myself up after class.

It has been a couple of months since Twenty One Pilots dominated my social media feeds with Heathens. So, it was quite a surprise to stumble upon their live cover of Black Eyed Peas' Where Is The Love (a solid jam from my childhood) just a few days ago.

Like any internet user, I watched a video and ended up discovering a few more. So I suggest you listen to these 3 brilliant live covers by Twenty One Pilots while on tour.


1. Black Eyed Peas - Where Is The Love

There is something about Tyler's rapping that makes everything more exciting than it already is. I mean, that mere choreographed dance is just a bonus



2. The Beatles - Twist and Shout 

Hearing Tyler's laidback vocals sing a Beatles song already makes my day.



3. R. Kelly - Ignition

This, of course, is a bit from their 7 acoustic covers that I completely adore.

Photo Credit: Kevin Winter/Getty Images for CBS Radio

With just 1 week to go before alternative rock band Coldplay grace our shores, it’s safe to assume that most of us are already preparing ourselves for the most monumental concert of the year.

I mean, we’ve fought over ticket sales and hyped ourselves up with endless posts about their upcoming shows, but have you ever thought of the song you can’t wait to hear live?

If you haven’t already heard, Coldplay usually takes in song requests from fans before every show – whether it’s an underrated song or a hit that they don’t play live anymore.

Til Kingdom Come has been one of the most requested songs so far in their A Head Full Of Dreams Tour and this is more or less their set list for their Singapore show.


Taking these into consideration, I’ve curated five underrated songs that don’t usually see the light of day but are as equally brilliant as those they typically play.


1.     Strawberry Swing


2.     Life in Technicolor ii


3.     Hurts Like Heaven


4.     Death And All His Friends


5.     Sparks

Photo Credit: Carlos Müller

It was on the 3rd of March when I had the pleasure to watch Unknown Mortal Orchestra live. Though they were only opening for Explosions In The Sky, I didn’t leave the house without familiarizing myself with some of their songs before the gig.

Lo and behold, I ended up listening to them for a few consecutive days, and let’s just say I did a bit of stalking. Little did I know that Julien Ehrlich of Whitney, another band I’ve discovered earlier this year, was UMO’s previous drummer. Small world, eh?

Going back to UMO’s music, their tunes capture the sweet calming vibes of R&B coupled with a pinch of psychedelic indie rock, which I have been obsessing over the past week. With this, here are five songs that got me hooked on UMO:


1. Stage Or Screen


2. From The Sun


3. Ur Life One Night


4. So Good At Being In Trouble


5. The Opposite Of Afternoon


Photo Credit: Tom Spray

If there’s anything I’m looking forward to aside from the end of spring semester next month, it’s The Maine’s much-anticipated sixth studio album, Lovely, Little, Lonely.

You’ve probably already jammed to Bad Behavior and Black Butterflies & Déjà Vu since their release and are currently craving for more The Maine material. The good news is you’re not alone!

If you can’t get yourself to wait another month, just find comfort in these 3 reasons why it's all gonna be worth it.


1. It'll be a product of their 10th anniversary

The thing about anniversaries is that they tend to be a big deal, which means that The Maine might just have mind-blowing material instore for fans in Lovely, Little, Lonely.


2. Their new lyrics will be packed with John's poetry

I'm still bitter about not being able to get John The Ghost's book of poetry, so I guess I'll just drown myself in their new lyrics when the time comes.




Enough said.




Photo Credit: Steve Denton, The Maine (Facebook)

Ah yes, it's been some time since Ed Sheeran released his rendition of Little Mix' Touch for BBC Radio 1's Live Lounge. But I just happened to stumble upon comments on YouTube, like I always do. Fans weighed in about which version is better, while some just decided to mess around.

Here's a quick rundown of what netizens thought of the cover:

Of course, we've got fans who are were just completely blown away.

But we've also got solid Little Mix fans who preferred their idols' version.

Though it's worth noting that Ed himself is a fan of Little Mix and is genuinely proud to be one - "Who isn't [a secret Little Mix fan]? I rarely meet boys now who don't like Little Mix, they just have hit upon hit, there's not a song that comes out that I'm not like, 'Oh, that's gonna be in my head for a month now.' They're always on point."  

This fan even brought up a version of the song I didn't even know existed.

I mean, she's right! Little Mix really did own this acoustic rendition!

As mentioned, we have a netizen who just decided to contribute his wit in the comment section and we're not even mad.


Watch the cover here:


What about you? What do you think of Ed Sheeran's cover?


Photo Credit: