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Album Review: Chill Out To Chase Atlantic's New Sensual Music
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DNCE's Debut LP 'DNCE' Is Definitely A Jam-Packed Party Playlist!
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Grace VanderWaal Launches Her Music Career By Getting Real On Her Debut EP 'Perfectly Imperfect'
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Debuting a new take on covering songs, The 1975 revives their genre-bending style with Sade's By Your Side.

The British quartet have initially dominated the music scene with their indie rock tunes such as Robbers and Settle Down. Only recently did they venture into more velvety aesthetics present in their Sade cover and was introduced in their latest album I Like It When You Sleep, for You Are So Beautiful yet So Unaware of It, which won them the Best British Group Award at the Brits 2017

Though usual listeners of the Manchester natives found themselves with reservations about the cover because of its extreme vocal filters, we can’t deny that the romantic soundscape that George Daniel brought into the song still encapsulates the delicate style of The 1975.

As a an avid fan of the band, any cover by The 1975 is enough to fill my daily cravings. It would be interesting to hear original songs with this style hopefully in the near future.


Here’s By Your Side by Sade:


Listen to The 1975’s cover here:

Photo Credit: The 1975 (Facebook)

Remember when Ariana Grande had huge curly blonde hair? Me neither.

But a talented artist called Tronicbox on YouTube was able to make our curiosity come to life with photoshopped images of current popstars as 80s singers. Though that’s not the most exciting thing. Tronicbox remixes pop hits and turns them into 80s style anthems!

A few oldies junkies would usually complain how it was so much “better in the 80s,” as if they were already alive in that era. We really can’t blame them as there were a lot of timeless dance-pop anthems in that decade that we still can still hear on the radio today. But Tronicbox was able to merge these two decades into eargasmic tunes that you're going to feel sorry for snubbing current popstars!

If you’re a fan of the synth-based disco era and some glorious riffs, give these remixes a listen and thank us later!



Photo Credit: TRONICBOX, Kevin Winter/Getty Images

After being signed to The Vamps’ record label, Steady Records, rising boy band New Hope Club is making waves amongst teenage fangirls – much like their other boy band counterpart The Tide – with their debut music video, Perfume.

Keeping their YouTube page updated with vlogs and covers (like this one), definitely adds up to the exposure. Moreover, every member sings and plays the guitar! Though it might not really come as a surprise since we’ve got former X-Factor contestant Reece Bibby, Paul McCartney’s doppelgänger Blake Richardson, and the charming George Smith.

While the only reason I’ve discovered the band is because of my sister’s contagious obsession, I must say that I’d probably fall in love with them too if I was a couple of years younger. *cue secondary school memories*

With a few hooks here and there, some simple lyrics, and a catchy melody, New Hope Club definitely understands the formula to get younger fans enthralled through Perfume. The music video, though simple, is “not bad” for a debut. Packed with mostly singing parts with slow motions scenes, it surely brings out the teenage kick we’re all guilty of obsessing over a few years ago.

A band to watch out for, New Hope Club proves that honest-to-goodness content is not yet dead. While they might be seen as following The Vamps’ footsteps, it’ll come as no surprise to see New Hope Club on the charts if they only try to mimic no one but themselves and create a unique sound that will further charm our hearts.

Watch the music video here:


Photo credit: Thomas Hole

The Vamps might be taking separate vacations at the moment, but there's no stopping the British lads from producing content for their fans. Of course, this is through posting covers on YouTube, much like when they were just starting out. 

Treating us with four new covers in January, it's apparent that The Vamps are keeping up with the latest music releases too! Their two Ed Sheeran covers just show how much they adore their fellow British crooner as well, and unsurprisingly they did not disappoint.

Here are the four covers RANKED:


4: Sexual  NEIKED (Connor Ball)

There's no denying how much of an all-rounder Connor is. I mean, who needs a band when you can play the drums, bass and lead guitar, and on top of these, sing? Though the cover didn't give much of an impact compared to the others, it still deserves a listen!


3: Castle On The Hill – Ed Sheeran (James Mcvey)

For James, less is more, and this is evident in his effortless cover of Ed Sheeran's Castle On The Hill


2: Rockabye – Clean Bandit

Need I say more? Connor's deep alluring basslines and Brad's raspy vocals just make this cover!


1: Shape Of You – Ed Sheeran (Brad Simpson)

You've probably guesssed it, our favorite cover out of all the others is Brad's rendition of Shape Of You! Though the background and the sound of waves splashing onto the shore are definitely contributing factors, Brad's version gave the song a fresher and breezier vibe!

Photo Credit: Dean Sheerwood

The highly anticipated music festival of the year has received a few disappointing feedback regarding 2017's line-up. Though mostly thought of as an "Indie-electronic Paradise,” Laneway 2017 still carries must-see acts for potential mainstream-to-indie converts.

If you count yourself a fan of San Cisco, Mild High Club, The Lumineers, The Walters, and the likes, we might just share similar music taste and you can’t go wrong watching these 5 music acts live at Laneway!

Here are a sneak peek of what you’ll see on the 21st of January!



Laneway 2017 wouldn’t have been thought of as underwhelming with the presence of the mystical creature that is Aurora. The 20-year-old synthpop goddess has been making waves with her exquisite melodies that could just transport you.


Sam Rui

Representing Singapore for this year’s line-up is our very own Sam Rui. Seeing her perform for the first time as an opening act for The Sam Willows was mind-blowing enough not to catch her other gigs. So after missing what was supposed to be my second time seeing her live, it’s definitely exciting to have her perform at this year’s Laneway.


Glass Animals

Need I say more? Their latest album, How To Be Human Being, is beyond enthralling and is enough reason for you to want to hear songs from that record live.


King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard

The last minute addition of Australian psychedelic rock band King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard to the line-up made the annual event more tantalizing. If you’re into a slightly more fun take of Tame Impala’s trippy music, then King Gizzard is a must-see act!



There’s something about Whitney’s music that I would associate with that of The Walters’ - chill and atmospheric, but not too much that it comes off as pretentious. We certainly can’t wait to see Julien Ehrlich and his mad multi-tasking skills and the live version of my personal favorite, Polly!

Photo Credit: St Jerome’s Laneway Festival