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Amongst the many articles that have steadily piled over the years, one inherent characteristic remains salient – the overt desire for an up-and-coming musician or band (presumably through either divine intervention or relentless tweets) to somehow miraculously land on our barren shores for that one coveted evening of live music.  So what’s the point of having an instantaneous reach to a whopping 30k+ followers on Twitter alone if not to plug one’s own wish-list for purely selfish reasons (while benefitting the masses in the process)?


You Me At Six

In the case of our favourite Weybridge lads, this isn’t a case of the “young, promising band” sort. For too long have we suffered from tragically misleading tweets, teasing tour videos and Australian tours that conveniently avoided the region altogether. But for the first time in a while, the perpetual crisis might just be taking a turn for the better. A couple of days ago, local promoter Pennylane Events confirmed that they would be bringing You Me At Six to Singapore on September 3!


Neck Deep / State Champs

We can’t emphasise this enough: We LOVE Neck Deep and everything they’ve put out so far. From sped up Green Day covers to sentimental acoustic numbers, pop punk is well and alive in the abrasive hands of a sprightly ND.

Similarly, their New York counterparts in State Champs have been kicking up an equally potent storm within the scene. Injecting a compelling sense of accessibility into no frills instrumentals, the band’s irresistible likeability should propel them far.

Whoever paired the two for their upcoming Australian tour is a genius. Ben Barlow even felt that Singapore was Instagram-worthy on the last layover - why not stop by this September?



First appearing on our radar last year amongst the Warped Tour Bands You Should Check Out, the Californian indie pop quartet (touted by MTV as their Artist to Watch) has been making a name for themselves within the Warped circuit and more. Emerging with a remarkable debut album which sounds beyond their youth, local promoters have expressed interest in said record so perhaps it isn’t a coincidence that Echosmith is slated for Manila’s Bazooka Rocks festival later this year.


The Wonder Years

Not only is The Greatest Generation a statement that challenges the very term and its post-WWII origins, it was invariably one of 2013’s most profound records. While frontman Dan ‘Soupy’ Campbell may be busy continuing to kill it solo in Aaron West and The Roaring Twenties, TWY will also be touring the Land Down Under in September. For those who missed them in 2011, this could be a redeeming opportunity.


We Are The In Crowd

When we last saw the Poughkeepsie pop punk act, they were slowly but surely gaining footing as a reputable band who had only recently released their first studio album. With Weird Kids out and more than two years of absence from Singaporean soil, time has never been riper for WATIC to return triumphant.

Photo credit: Tom Welsh, Hopeless Records, Static Magazine 

Spin or Bin Music is in the finals for the Best Topical Blog and Favourite Twitter Influencer at the Singapore Blog Awards 2014! This is the 4th year we've been nominated and we're so exited to be part of the distinguished group of finalists!

It has been an especially challenging year for all of us at Spin or Bin Music. As you know, we are not full-time bloggers and music is the fuel for our passion in keeping our social media platforms alive. In the past year, some of us have transitioned from students to full-time working professionals. All of us have our own commitments and the pressure from starting a new job to preparing for major exams can be very stressful at times.

But all of us have one thing in common. We are committed to sharing our thoughts on music with you even if it meant staying up at 2am to deliver these information.

If you enjoy reading, watching, and generally partaking in our blog and Twitter, do cast a vote for us each day. All you have to do is click on the following images and they'll take you straight to the relevant page.

Note: You need to login to Facebook in order to vote.

The winners will be announced on August 16. Wish us luck!

They say music is the universal language of the human race. But when the World Cup takes over, football is all everyone can talk about and there’s no need for translation to enjoy the show. As we pledge allegiance to the beautiful game, our favourite celebrities join in and engage in social media cheerleading. Here, we’ve rounded up some of the most animated and hysterical World Cup tweets by 10 musicians.


#1 + #2 + #3 The Jonas Brothers

They may not be together as a band anymore, but they sure tweet like a team: Nick’s exclamation overload, Joe’s hashtag declaration, and Kevin being as cool as a pumpkin.


#4 Josh Groban

Holy nerves batman, indeed.


#5 Niall Horan

There’s no stopping he who has awaken the dragon of vigour and unadulterated excitement. (Game of Thrones reference, anyone?) PRA CIMA MAJOOOOORR!


#6 Liam Payne

Unlike fellow One-Directioner Niall, Liam champions the other team.


#7 Pete Wentz

Pete Wentz of Fall Out Boy opts for the minimalistic, yet equally expressive.


#8 Travis Clark

We feel you, Travis. We feel you.


#9 Snoop Dogg

There’s not a doubt in the universe that this is one of the greatest reactions of the year. On behalf of the Internet, we thank you Snoop.


#10 Rihanna

As you would expect, we’ve saved the best for last – the reigning queen of Twitter (World Cup edition), Princess RiRi. That woman does not take breaks. Bet she’s combatting finger cramps right now, especially after all the live tweeting. 

Photo credits: Twitter/Rihanna, Snoop Dogg, Nick Jonas, Kevin Jonas, Joe Jonas, Niall Horan, Liam Payne, Pete Wentz, Travis Clark, Josh Groban

Creative genius Kanye West has found a creative way to spend his community service hours: teach fashion classes. Yep, all 250 hours of them. 

With that also comes 24 months of probation - all part of the package after assaulting a paparazzi photographer outside of LAX last year. It was either that or sit in jail. Quite a plea bargain you made there huh, West?

Los Angeles' Trade Technical College, you're in luck. Because I myself would like to attend one of Kanye's fashion classes too, but instead here I am in Singapore. Oh bummer.

But never mind that, because I can still imagine the 5 important modules we can all learn from the rapper who's his own favourite rapper (no kiddin'):


5. How To Make Iconic Statements On T-Shirts 101

What wouldn't I give to wear this shirt around like a badge of glory? This is 2009 replaying fully in front of our eyes again; Miss Swift had no idea what was going to hit her and Kanye West standing up for his Bey. Iconic. Darling. Timeless.


4. How To Wear Your Face On Models 

And that module title excludes Kim. (If you know what I mean). This is a pretty cool piece and the models look absolutely gorgeous. With two dresses like that which can possibly match up to Kanye's ego, I think whoever designs something better than this will top his classes.


3. How To Be A Critically Acclaimed Fashion Designer

Excuse me, that's his wife now. Also, who do you think wore it better?

I really can't decide... (That's a mop dog, a Komondor, by the way.)


2. How To Be A Critically Acclaimed Fashion Designer II

What a lovely bouquet of roses Kanye brought with him to a red carpet event! I'm surprised he didn't bring Kim. Oh wait... Or is this a bouquet instead? 

Who wore it better?


1. Sell Out A Plain White T-Shirt: The Final Exam

This sold out itself. What an amazing feat. 'Fess up now, how many of you bought this? Egyptian cotton, silkscreened A.P.C KANYE neckline, what more can you ask for? It's every wannabe rapper's wet dream to own one, and every designer's to sell one for $120. 


Can't wait for those fashion classes Mr. West! Tell us what you think of Kanye's new part-time job below! ;)

Photo credits: Huffington Post, Rebloggy, Copypasterepost, Newgrounds,, Topbloom

Pink Dot, Singapore’s annual public gathering that celebrates freedom to love, has just ended moment ago with the formation of the giant human dot. Since its inception in 2009, the LGBT event has grown from strength to strength with this year's event expected to continue the unbroken string of record participants.

Whether it is sniggering at the transsexual walking past you, or avoiding the seat next to the sissy at the hawker centers, LGBT people have to deal with so much more than their own sexuality.

Let's be open by accepting and respecting each other’s differences. Allow everyone to love freely and without fear.

We at Spin or Bin Music wants to celebrate this occasion with you. Here are the top 5 songs in recent music that celebrates freedom and acceptance in the LGBT community.

1. Lady Gaga - Born This Way

Lady Gaga's 2011 anti-bullying winner Born This Way. The title track from her second studio album quickly claimed the top spot on the Billboard charts and made history as the first number 1 song to contain the word “transgendered” in its lyrics.

2. Katy Perry - Firework

From whipped cream bra to an invisible wonderbra that shoots fireworks! This is Katy Perry’s best video yet with its strong underlining message -  To be who we are and not what others want us to be. It is also telling us to embrace our flaws - because they are what makes each one of us unique.

3. Sara Bareilles - Brave

Co-written by Jack Antonoff of fun., the song is about Sara's gay friend who struggles to come out of the closet. It is positive, uplifting and makes a great statement to “say what you wanna say” in the face of peer pressure.

4. P!nk - Raise Your Glass

Underdog anthems are P!nk’s best trick and Raise Your Glass is her biggest call to arms yet. There’s no denying that when it comes to equality rights, P!nk’s on the LGBT's side

5. Demi Lovato (ft. Cher Lloyd) - Really Don't Care

This may not be Demi Lovato's best video but it was a statement well-made that I can appreciate. Kudos to her for filming the video at the L.A. Gay Pride Parade and driving the message that we should all be who we are.

Till a bigger and better Pink Dot next year!

Photo credit: Pink Dot