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Album Review: If You Haven't Heard Of Zella Day, 'Kicker' Is About To Blow You Away
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Album Review: Tori Kelly Re-Releases Her Debut Album With Something New
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Album Review: Avicii Puts An Alternative Spin On EDM In 'Stories'
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Have you ever encountered a sudden cringing thought just when you’re about to fall asleep? For some odd reason, that happened to me and I found myself reminiscing the good old days of living in a carefree world.

Let’s not forget about the childhood fantasies Nickelodeon and Disney-built boybands played in shaping our innocent little fangirl minds. I even remember asking a classmate when I was 12 to print the lyrics for When You Look Me In The Eyes by The Jonas Brothers, so we could bond over the song before the flag-raising ceremony. *cue childhood memories*

With typical boyband hair and matching dimples, there’s no doubt I was already satisfied spending most of my tween years in front of the TV, drooling over these “cuties” after school. If you did this too, take a stroll down memory lane and relive your younger days with these boybands' famous hits (“trigger” songs).


1.     The Naked Brothers Band

Then: (Ok, they weren't EXACTLY a boy band because they had a girl bassist, but there were almost there)

"Trigger" Song:



2.     Big Time Rush



"Trigger" Song:



3.     Jonas Brothers


"Trigger" Song:



Who was your favorite childhood boyband? share them with us!


Photo Credit: starpulse, natnalex, people, popcrush,, tigerbeat, fanpop

It’s one of those weeks when everything’s a mess and exams start to creep in. At the other end of the tunnel, however, we see a really bright light – Christmas... and a WEEKLY PODCAST from The Maine!

Missing The Maine? Well, lucky for you John O’Callaghan will be hosting a radioshow every week on Idobi Radio called...

Though initially hesitant about the idea of a weekly podcast, John starts off every show with a feel-good melody almost synonymous to a children show’s opening song. Don’t be deceived by the slow and slightly gloomy intro though. It’s really good!

In the first episode, John uncovers some deep meaning behind the weekly topic “Nostalgia.”

He reminisced some great moments with fellow musician and former roommate Eric Halvorsen. Together, they shared a few of their favorite tunes related to the topic.

Also, be sure to stay with John till the end as he ends every show with a cover. For the first episode, he did a heavenly live cover of Ivory’s Coast of Maine.



If you’re into laidback chats and personally handpicked playlists by John O’, then check out this weekly podcast! (Perfect for long bus rides or chill friday afternoons with a hot beverage in hand)

Mixed Tape with John O'Callaghan - Episode 1

Mixed Tape with John O'Callaghan - Episode 2

Photo Credit: Idobi Radio

Want to be motivated to finish up tasks on your to-do list? Follow Ed Sheeran for a day and be amazed by what one man can achieve in just 24 hours.

The British lad went on with his day with a full throttle of enthusiasm as he followed his friend Jamie Lawson to a whole day of promos, photoshoots, interviews, and small gigs. Lawson is the first artist Sheeran signed to his new Gingerbread Man Label, and what more can a friend do for a fellow singer than to provide moral support? Isn't Ed a such a sweetie?

To all you introverts out there who are afraid of getting out of your comfort zone, just look at the non-stop socializing this introverted musician has to do on a daily basis!



Last tip from the talented ginger, "turn your phones off and be human for a bit."

Photo credit: Billboard

Previously known for their black, slightly eerie signature, The 1975 emerges from the darkness of the void with a pop song and a pastel-pink themed music video.

Though the title itself is ambiguous, Love Me presumably carries the mindset of famous artists these days as they beg people to love them - represented by a craving for fame and status instead of being driven purely by the desire to create. This, of course, can be seen from the cutouts of ‘famous people’, which Matt Healy constantly attempts to make out with. *coughs* Harry Styles *coughs*

You might think of Matt Healy as the frontman who’s always carries a bottle of wine and blabbers about things no one understands, but trust me, this guy knows a lot of shit. He shares with altpress...

"You look famous, let's be friends and portray we possess something important” – doesn’t this remind you of the concept of celebrity “girl squads?” Yeah, you know what I’m talking about.

I like to think that I’m one of those fans who actually approve of this sudden change, especially now that the band is delving into producing content with more substance… and of course, some glitter and dancing! Don’t you just love the new attitude?!

I mean, look at Ross… He’s a changed man.



Watch the music video here!

Photo Credit: tumblr, The 1975 Philippines (facebook)

“Genre cross-over” is not an unfamiliar term for us millennials. Bands don’t stick to one sound anymore in this time of age. You’ve heard Lady Gaga cover The Beatles while the legend Sir Paul McCartney collaborate with Rihanna and Kanye West (I still can’t get over this fact). But how often do you see indie bands cover pop hits these days?

With the help of NME’s top 20 list, we’ve chosen 5 of the best that we think we’ll suit your varied music taste. Enjoy!


5. Arcade Fire – "Girls Just Want To Have Fun" by Cyndi Lauper

Surprise, surprise! Your Mom’s anthem made the list! Arcade Fire isnt just for underground music. The Canadian band brought the 80s hit to life with this fun live performance.


4. Haim – "Wrecking Ball" by Miley Cyrus

Drum pads seem to be Haim’s driving force when it comes to their music. Blending what the band calls Rock-R&B with Miley Cyrus’ controversial hit, extraterrestrial sounds emerged. These girls have so much potential! They deserve to be more than just Taylor Swift’s shadow! Seriously!

3. The 1975 – "What Makes You Beautiful" by One Direction

Let’s bring this 2 year old cover back, shall we? Before you even start, yes, The 1975 often refers to their music as “Pop.” But I get why fans associate the band with Indie and fitting them into the “hipster subculture.” The British lads brings us a melodic and stirring rendition, thanks to Matty’s emotionally triggering vocals.


2. Charli XCX –"I Want It That Way" by Backstreet Boys

A reminiscent of Tove Styrke’s electropop sound, Charlie XCX transforms I Want It That Way into an ethereal dream.


1. Arctic Monkeys – "Love Machine" by Girls Aloud

What?! Arctic Monkeys covered a pop song? Yes they did, my dear snowflakes, and they killed it! Girls Aloud’s groovy jive was turned into what I try to incorporate with The Beatles’ Teddy Boy era – a mixture of crunchy guitar sounds and deep vocals.

Photo credits: Bella Lieberberg, Haim (facebook)