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Album Review: The Summer Set Recapture Their Energetic Pop Rock Sound With 'Stories For Monday'
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Album Review: M83 Channels The 80s Pop Culture Yet Again, But With Average Results In 'Junk'
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Album Review: Weezer Fully Redeem Themselves With The Exciting 'Weezer (The White Album)'
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Queen Bey did it again, but this time it’s more personal than ever.

It’s true how Lemonade is more than just about Jay Z’s infidelity. The visual album captures everything from black empowerment, love, body image, and family - all merged into a ball of wonder in the form of poetry, music, and cinematography.

Let’s just say I’m in awe of Beyoncé’s artistic capabilities, turning suffering into a work of art and incorporating struggles of those similar to her – women of color in general. Just take a minute to read one of the interludes in the film entitled, “for women who are ‘difficult’ to love” by Somali-British poet Warsan Shire.

Lemonade has an eerie feel. It delves into the darker side of marriage and the pain that comes with it. But it also deals with survival and using what once others thought was a weakness into something powerful.

So I guess despite the emotional rollercoaster, Queen Bey still has the last laugh... both literally and figuratively.

When it comes to brightening the mood, just turn to Tumblr and you'll see several Lemonade memes that even Jay Z would laugh at.


Here are 5 of our favorites:


1. When Jay Z realized he's married to Queen Bey.



2. ...and he's regretting everything he has done.


3. When Jay Z becomes a little disoriented after the album release.

4. When Kanye realizes...


5. Finally, when the album got us all thinking...


Photo Credit: HBO, acklesbottomdean, jamaicanricosuavee, notlamestuff, coreyallenkimball, imsuchafuckinlady (tumblr)

Welcoming Vogue in her cozy Beverly Hills home, Taylor Swift answered 73 questions for all you Swifties to feed on.

I must say that as a former Taylor Swift addict, I used to actually read (and not just flip through) pages of every article written about the popstar that I could get my hands on. So don’t worry, my friends. I feel you.

Let’s just say I was 15 and obsessed. I never regretted that phase, so unsurprisingly, I still do enjoy learning little facts about Tay-tay.

Here are 5 new facts that I’ve learned about Taylor from her latest Vogue feature:


1. She keeps a VMA beside her coffee maker

I don’t even own a coffee maker, let alone a VMA to keep in my pantry.


2. The Martian made her cry

The film was great, but I guess Tay-tay had much more of an emotional outburst than the rest of us.


3. She would probably be in advertising if not a singer

Great choice for the creative type, eh?


4. Calvin Harris planted an olive tree in her yard for Christmas


5. She WAS scared but have always wanted to attend Coachella

…look at our homegirl killin’ it at her first ever Coachella this year though! 



Watch the video HERE:

Photo Credit: Roger/AKM-GSI, Giphy, Mashable

If you find yourself doing at least 3 of these signs, run. Just run away from civilization and reevaluate your life choices.

Ha! Who am I kidding?

I, myself, am guilty of doing all of these things and I must say that I’m quite proud of it. The dedication and devotion that fans do for their favorite musician is often unfathomable, but yes, they still do it out of pure love. Fans are even often ridiculed because of this. But don’t worry, we don’t judge here.

Here are 10 signs that you’re addicted to a musician:


1.     You watch EVERY SINGLE ONE of their interviews on YouTube


2.     You read every article written about them


3.     You setting their faces as your wallpaper

So you can see their beautiful face more than 10 times a day whenever you check your phone. Here is my current bae, BØRNS.



4.     Listening to every version of their songs

Live, acoustic, and electronic remix? We're equally adoring them all.


5.     You desperately try to learn their songs on guitar/ukulele...

and get frustrated about how you just can’t match their talent.


6.     You anonymously and unashamingly ask fanblogs about their whereabouts and personal issues on Tumblr - oops!


7.     You chronologically listen to tracks on their album to get the intentionally desired feels


8.     You set an alarm at 3 in the morning just to be the first one to watch the band’s newly released music video or live stream


9.     You actually purchase their 50 dollar band shirt...

and you find yourself with no money for an afternoon snack.


10.You get a little disoriented when they post something new on social media



Which one of these do you often do?


Photo credit: ringofstars, giphy, zombiesenelghetto (tumblr)

Never have I ever thought I’d be seeing King Joffrey being associated with Taylor Swift, and who would have ever guessed that it’s through a dramatic reading of the pop hit, Bad Blood.

We’ve seen Sam Elliot turn Bad Blood into poetry, but who can do a better job at incorporating such cruelty into the Swift song than King Joffrey himself, right? (May his evil soul rest in peace)

The adorable 24-year-old actor, Jack Gleeson, paid a short visit to ABC Gold Coast in Australia to meet some fans and to remind us of King Joffrey’s savage trademark.

“So if you’re coming my way… Just. Don’t.” Jack reads the lyrics well and alive, not on his deathbed and definitely not with those pair of creepy stone drawn eyes.

You know what I’m saying….


You better watch the video HERE before he crushes your soul.

Photo Credit: examiner, big machine. ABD Gold Coast, HBO

Is schoolwork preventing you from discovering fresh new tunes that are just begging to be heard? Are you experiencing what I’d love to call a “listening slump” where every song you try to listen to just doesn’t evoke a certain spark?

If your answer is ‘Yes,’ then you’ve come to the right place, my friend!

We all go through that excruciating period of our lives where we just can’t fall in love with new songs we’re listening to. So we’ve figured that we’d give you a little treat and revisit some old tunes from our favorite artists.

Mixing Twenty One Pilots’ Stressed Out, Melanie Martinez’ Alphabet Boy, Troye Sivan’s For Him, and Halsey’s Haunting, here is the ultimate megamix that’s all you need to hear this week:



Did it get you like...

Photo Credit: Giphy