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Album Review: Shawn Mendes Pours His Heart & Soul Into His Sophomore Album 'Illuminate'
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Glass Animals Opens A Dream-like Realm With 'How To Be A Human Being'
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Carly Rae Jepsen Disproves Critics With Synth-based Dance Pop Collection, 'Emotion: Side B'
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Tyler Joseph and Joshua Dun of Twenty One Pilots seem to be pros at everything do, whether it's evoking such strong emotions with their depressive lyrics or channeling their undying bromance. But despite their skyrocketing success with Blurryface and performing on Saturday Night Live (SNL), the duo hasn't lost that certain charm that brought them where they are today.

In their latest interview on Coup De Main magazine, Tyler and Josh share with us facts about each other and some insightful thoughts about their music.

Think you know everything about Twenty One Pilots? Think again!


1. Josh’s favourite Halsey song is “Roman Holiday"

No, they're not dating.


2. Tyler’s favourite video game of all time is Super Smash Bros

The more you know, eh?


3. "Goner" almost didn’t make it on Blurryface

"It was actually the last song that we recorded on ‘Blurryface’ and it barely made the cut - if we ran out of a couple of more studio days we probably wouldn’t have had that song on the record, that’s how close it was." - Tyler


4. They’re currently writing new music

This is more of an update, but still, we're excited!


5. They advocate acknowledging the darker sides of humanity through their music

This is more of a given fact seeing that most of their lyrics revolve around thoughts most of us are afraid to open up about.

"So, music has kept that alive, to know that it’s still an option to go down there, and keeping some sort of rope behind you so that you can make your way back and not lose yourself. But it can’t be helped to go down there, you just can’t stay down there all the time." - Tyler



Watch Tyler and Josh test how much they know about each other in this video!

Photo Credit: Coup De Main, 20d0llarn0sebleed (tumblr), rebloggy, giphy, favim

If you love 20-year-old DJ and producer Martin Garrix, you'll love what we got for you in this month's installment of awesome music recommendations!

But if you don't know his hottest track at the moment, you're in for a treat:

With soulful beats and the sultry voice of Bebe Rexha, In The Name Of Love is sure one hit you can't forget. But neither can you forget LA quartet Transviolet, once you hear their track New Bohemia:


What more can you possibly ask for with an indie electro-pop combo with supernatural elements? Although they're not mainstream like Martin, Transviolet's EP certainly shows strong promise.

But that's not all yet.

Another indiepop fav you might have heard of is BØRNS - his hits have already made it on the big screens and movie soundtracks.


Pardon the Ozzy Osbourne vibes - Electric Love will definitely snatch a spot on your playlist after a first listen. His music video already garnered over 10 million views. Not bad eh?

 (Don't forget us once you hear these exclusive recommendations on the radio!)


Photo credit: Global Sets

In a world where music is automatically deemed mostly for romantics, Alicia Keys reminds us that melodies aren’t just made to make your heart flutter. It’s also supposed to remind you of the importance of family.

Her genuine and kind soul is the reason why we should be paying attention to "The Girl On Fire." Her new song, Blended Family (What You Do For Love) was inspired by her love for her stepson with husband and producer Swizz Beatz. Taking us back to the early 2000s RnB vibes is a track about advocating “a true testament of love, growth and healing,” as described by Keys herself.

I don’t know about you, but the song totally captures Keys’ precious heart - treating her husband’s son as her own. The song also encompasses A$AP Rocky’s childhood and growing up in an unconventional household.

We need more songs revolving around such topics! Am I right?

Listen to the song here:


Photo Credit: Paola Kudacki

Upon One Direction’s hiatus, we haven’t really heard much about Harry Styles. We’ve occasionally read news about him pursuing actingchopping off his hair and donating it to charity, but that’s about it…

Not until the past week where he teased photos of himself on the cover of Another Man magazine.

You’ve probably already seen and swoon over these gorgeous photos, but have you ever wondered how much they represent the struggles of the common man? We have. So here are some you might be able to relate with.


1. When you see someone you’re uncomfortable with


2. When you see your crush and you immediately decide act cute on top of a trash can


3. When someone insults you so you contemplate about life for a sec


4. When you’re already dressed up but your parents aren't ready yet


5. When there are bugs crawling on your back but you have to pretend to be ecstatic because Instagram aesthetics is LIFE


All jokes aside, we truly appreciate Harry for blessing us with such majestic photos and venturing into the world of fashion. Who knows? We might just see him walk on the runway in the future!


Photo credit:, Ryan McGinley & Willy Vanderperre for Another Man Magazine

WARNING: What you’re about to read is based on a subjective opinion. Read with discretion.

I like to think that Ms Carly Rae Jepsen has saved me from the mundanity of routine, has altered my mood and prevented me from always getting pissed at Singapore’s 30-degree weather.

I listen to her on the way to school, to a gig of some band whose music does not even closely resemble hers, in the shower, and sometimes to sleep. Who knows? Her songs might just end up being a lullaby a few years from now.

This obsession started when she released the masterpiece EMOTION. God, was I taken to an alternate universe with this album and her unique take on pop. Since then, I’ve been listening to her new music religiously. It’s not a complete day without blasting Let’s Get Lost at 6:30 in the morning when I’m getting ready for my dreaded 8:30am class.

With this, I pondered over the gloomy sky while listening to Favourite Colour and came up with 5 reasons why Carly Rae Jepsen should be the Patron Saint of Pop (and hopefully some reasons to turn you into Carly-converts):


1. Her aesthetics...

I mean, god. 


2. She has salvaged herself from being a one-hit wonder.


3. She made a song about our typical response when our parents ask us where we’re going and it's been our jam ever since.



4. She unites hipsters and pop fans.


5. Her song Run Away With Me became the Internet’s anthem...

See what I'm saying?


OK, that's enough.

Photo Credit: @carlyraejepsen via Instagram, Giphy, M. Milner