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Pretty please!

Amidst their highly successful Summer Festival Tour, Queen + Adam Lambert will be stopping by our shores to perform at The Singapore Grand Prix on the 17th of September at The Padang Stage (zone 4).

While waiting for their arrival, we decided that we're gonna have a little fun with this and pretend that we have some sort of control over the setlist of that night. Remember the keyword here is PRETEND. But we can always imagine right?

So here are 3 songs that we hope Queen + Adam Lambert will perform at The Singapore Grand Prix.

1. Another One Bites the Dust

With every set, we believe that it is important to have at least one song that sounds a little strange lyrically yet something that everyone is able to groove to and just have a good time!


2. Somebody To Love

Do we even need to explain this song choice? The way Adam Lambert hits those notes is done so flawlessly time and time again that we are sure Freddie Mercury would've been so proud of him.


3. We Will Rock You & We Are The Champions

The concert would probably not be complete without the iconic tunes where everyone would be clapping along in unison while belting out those golden lines.


There you have it, the 3 songs (okay, maybe 4 since the last is a mashup of two) we are really hoping to witness LIVE by the legends themselves! Are any of your favourite songs on this list? Do let us know what song you are crossing your fingers over by leaving us a tweet!


Concert Details:

Date : 17 September 2016, Saturday
Venue : Singapore Grand Prix - The Padang Stage (zone 4)
Ticket Prices : $168

Tickets are now available for purchase at Singapore GP.

Photo Credit: thestar

If you're one of those gig-goers who often choose fashion over comfort, it's time to change the game, my friend.

Lucky enough, we've got Halsey to look up to not just for her dreamy tunes but also for her effortless (and really comfortable) style!

Don’t worry, all of these outfits are achievable and of course you'd want to be able to mosh in Singapore's humid weather. We're all about casual clothing here!

Halsey's Singapore show might still be a couple of weeks away, but it's never too early to plan for her highly-anticipated set

Here are 5 Halsey-inspired outfits for every concert-gal that you can rock at the Singapore Grand Prix 2016!


1. For The Conservative Gal


2. For The "I Want To Be Demure But Also Edgy" Gal


3. For The "Cute On The Outside, Aggressive On The Dancefloor" Gal


4. For The "Almost Hippe But Not There Yet" Gal


5. For The "I Just Wanna Head-bob At The Side And Pretend I Know This Song" Gal



Halsey will perform at Singapore Grand Prix on September 18. For more details on the entertainment acts and prices, click here

Photo Credit: Polyvore, lookingforhalsey & twdhalsey on tumblr, lauryn on pinterest,,


It all began when Mumford and Sons released their Johannesburg EP which featured South African band Beatenberg.

Since then, my eyes have been opened to a whole new world that is South Africa's shining, shimmering and splendid indie folk-pop music scene. It really did feel like I was on a magic carpet ride as I listened to music from a region that I never thought I would be able to appreciate due to my prior ignorance.

Some of these bands and singers that I have discovered remind me of a handful of more renowned international folk-pop bands/singers.

Here are some of them:


If you like Bombay Bicycle Club...

You should check out: Beatenberg and Al Bairre


If you like Vance Joy...

You should check out: Matthew Mole


If you like Of Monsters And Men...

You should check out: Nate Maingard


If you like George Ezra...

You should check out: Jeremy Loops


Photo credit: Beatenberg

British band Bastille just can't stay away from hot, hot Singapore. 

After smashing it on stage on January last year, the quartet is soon returning to our shores to join the incredible list of acts playing in the highly anticipated Singapore Grand Prix 2016.

And what better way to impress fellow concert-goers and race fanatics - than to dress it all up?

Here are 5 gig-ready outfits Bastille would totally approve of!


5. Ol' School Plaid 

The black hairband, sneakers, top and bottom are safe choices to play by while raving to Bastille's hit track Pompeii in the pit. The plaid outerwear adds a refreshing splash of colour to your outfit!


4. To The Pit and Beyond 

If you're definitely the type to enjoy a rock concert with a drink in your hand (everytime without fail!), then this is the outfit for you. The inches-high boots and slick leather pants give you extra edge to withstand the hefty F1 crowd (and party places later on). Cheers!


3. The White Girl

Add a Starbucks cup in one hand, and you're all set. This outfit is so easy to match and blend in so even if you don't know the words to their underrated track Flaws, no one will know.


2. The Basic B*tch

This short-sleeved top and shorts combo is AMAZING for the insane humid weather on our sunny island. No bulky or swinging bags, just a mini wallet (with your F1 tickets safely stowed away) ready for easy entry!


1. Wardrobe Staples

This is pretty much a sweet combination of any item any guy/girl would have in their wardrobe. Even frontman Dan Smith would have them all, right? *wink wink*


Bastille will perform at Singapore Grand Prix on September 17. For more details on the entertainment acts and prices, click here


Photo credit: MyFestivalWorld, Polyvore, Collegefashion, Pinterest

Did you miss Imagine Dragon’s Smoke + Mirrors in Singapore last year? Well, don’t fret! The lads are back to party with us in September at Singapore Grand Prix 2016!

Whether it’s making your heart jump with intense beats or giving you that fuzzy feeling with their sweet melodies, Imagine Dragons has it all.

So like any other show, we’ve got you covered.

Here are 5 songs you should play on repeat and a little taste of what they would sound like live before their Singapore gig next month!





On Top of the World







It’s Time


Imagine Dragons will perform at Singapore Grand Prix on September 18. For more details on the entertainment acts and prices, click here

Photo Credit: abegmusic, billyssportsgrill