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Album Review:  Wilco - 'Star Wars'
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Album Review: Carly Rae Jepsen Is Back With An 80s Inspired Technopop Record, E•MO•TION!
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As a fellow music geek, I’ve experienced the inevitable and crippling feeling of loving a band or a song so much it that hurts. So if you only have a day to live, I suggest you have a movie marathon and have at least one of these 3 films on your list. Some of them might come across as cheesy but trust me, it’ll remind you of your love for music that you’d want to listen to your favorite record over and over again afterwards while pondering the meaning of life.


1.     Almost Famous

This film is probably the most relatable out of the three. It’s wild, crazy and inspirational. It’ll remind you of the spontaneity of the music industry and how despite all the chaos, you’ll find yourself still holding on to your passion. It is a perfect representation of what it means to be a fan and the importance of the journey we all go through before we reach our destination.

Remarkable Line:


2.     Nowhere Boy

You think you know everything about John Lennon? There’s more to him than being a Beatle and singing the popular hit, Imagine. He was once a boy who wanted to be Elvis (Presley, that is). Little did he know that he was going to make a name for himself and become one of the greatest musicians of all time. This biographical musical drama will take you back to his early days from being a rebellious student to meeting his fellow Beatle, Paul McCartney.

Remarkable Line:


3.     The Boat That Rocked

More popularly known as Pirate Radio in North America, The Boat That Rocked brings us a story of a radio station that plays rock and pop music in the 60s… but that’s not all. They broadcast music from a ship in the middle of the North Sea, which makes the title a brilliantly named pun - it LITERALLY is a Pirate Radio. The story follows the battle between preventing the government from shutting down the hit radio station and feeding their fans music they won’t get to listen to elsewhere.

Remarkable Line:


Do check out their soundtracks too!


Photo Credit: Dreamworks Pictures, Focus Features, Icon Entertainment

Have you ever found yourself just mumbling words at a concert while standing in a sea of hardcore fans? These fans would sing along to EVERY word of EVERY song with so much enthusiasm and no care in the world.

However, if you’re not a diehard Kodaline fan and you’re going to their show on Thursday, don’t you worry as we’ve picked 5 songs that you can familiarize yourself with before the gig!

Spare yourself the awkwardness, put these songs on repeat and you’ll surely have a good time!


1. Love Will Set You Free


2. Ready


3. All I Want


4. Love Like This


5. High Hopes


Catch Kodaline live on Thursday (13th August) together with Sheppard at Playspace @ SCAPE! See you there!


Photo Credit: brumnotes, Josh Shinner

Echosmith's gig is just hours away, and we CAN'T wait! And as every concert-goer knows, dressing well for a gig is just one step closer to impressing your fellow pals or even the band members themselves at a Meet-and-Greet.

So who better to be inspired by than Echosmith's lady, Sydney Sierota?

It's no surprise that she's already snapped up by Wilhemina Models, a top modeling agency. She's been stealing thunder from other artistes in her photos and music videos since Echosmith's debut.

Here are our top 5 favourite outfit inspirations from Sydney herself, and even extra fashion tips for the guys too! 


#5 The LBD... (Almost)

Ah, the Little Black Dress. Although it's not a total eye-catcher, it always saves the day. Black slims you down and a dress like that is meant to hug your figure a little. Heels/wedges aren't very advisable for an outdoor concert, but pair your LBD with maroon pumps or sneakers, and you're good to go!

For The Guys: A white button-up shirt with black jeans/pants - clean cut and straight edged. 


#4 Printed Dress

A printed dress with leggings will ALWAYS work. Cool buckled boots like Sydney's lend height (yesss to short people like me!) if you need that little extra boost at a concert and a studded bracelet on the wrist is a striking yet subtle accessory.

Switch your huge statement necklace (above) for a simple leather necklace cord. 

For The Guys: A plain basic T-shirt + your black combat boots and a leather cuff is cool enough.


#3 The Graphic Tee


The Graphic Tee is the safest, easiest, most comfortable route to take - especially with those split colour pants - it totally makes your waist looks much, much smaller. Those black wedges are real cute too.

For The Guys: Any graphic tee in your wardrobe with boat shorts!


#2 The Floral

Brightly coloured floral dresses like this one aren't everyone's cup of tea, but if you can rock those prints and colours, why not? It's comfy, it's breezy, throw in those silver wedges and I'm sold. 

For The Guys: A dull floral button-up shirt and your Oxford shoes. Done.


#1 How To Basic Without Being... Y'know, Too Basic

I love this outfit as much as Sydney loves her maroon wedges. A slightly oversized white tee with skinny jeans topped with a zippered bucket bag just screams "Cool Kids."

And the beauty of this is that 90% of people will have the basic top and bottom in their wardrobe.

For The Guys: A fitting black tee and jeans/boat shorts can do wonders, I tell you.


So which outfit inspiration is your favourite, and what will YOU be wearing to see Echosmith? Tweet us or comment below!


Photo credit: Sydney Sierota,

Acapella renditions seem to be one of music’s timeless pieces, as Taylor Swift puts it, it’ll “never go out of style.” With Pitch Perfect’s popularity, we’ve forgotten that we have the real Barden Bellas existing in the music industry – yes, I’m referring to Little Mix.

Momentarily forget life’s struggles with these 5 enchanting vocal blendings from Britain’s local talent.



One of the group’s earliest performances together is this mesmerizing cover of Destiny’s Child’s hit. It was made even more perfect with Jesy’s mad beat boxing.



Now who casually sits down and effortlessly make crystal clear harmonies? These girls undoubtedly have pure talent.



Little Mix’s versatile voices were appropriately used in this song. Fun fact: Besides being the beat boxer of the group, Jesy is also the alto.



With Perrie leading the melody, it’s not a surprise this video got almost half a million hits. I’m not being biased here, they all have killer voices but Perrie did a great job in this one!


How Ya Doin’?

This is another one of their casual performances that get your fingers snappin’ along. That catchy ad lib leading to the chorus is a tune worth falling over for!


What’s your favorite Little Mix Acapella performance? Share them with us!


Photo credits: weheartit,

Finding new music is not an easy task, especially when you’ve been craving for good tunes to listen to and have very high standards. This often leaves us slightly disappointed, doesn’t it?

Have you ever listened to a certain song a thousand times and felt like you need something new but similar? Well, we’ve done the job for you, folks. Here are are some song suggestions that might be up your alley.


If You Like: Ain’t It Fun by Paramore

You’ll Love: Smash Into You by Hey Violet


If You Like: What You Know by Two Door Cinema Club

You’ll Love: Work It Out by Knox Hamilton



If You Like: Chocolate by The 1975

You’ll Love: It Comes Back To You by Imagine Dragons



If You Like: Some Nights by Fun.                

You’ll Love: I Wanna Get Better by Bleachers



If You Like: Take A Walk by Passion Pit

You’ll Love: 27 Forever by The Royal Concept


Share with us some songs you love and we might find the perfect fit for you!


Photo Credit: Tumblr