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Actors are very very talented human beings. Apart from being able to portray themselves as different characters, they would have a side talent that just complements them in every way possible, be it being a comedian, or a producer, or in this case a singer. Actors are just born accomplished, and that’s why I envy them so.

If you ask me who are the actors that can sing well then, read on. There’s a little list you should know about - some may surprise you, while others may be a tad obvious.


Joseph Gordon-Levitt

I loved his cute acting in 10 Things I Hate About You, where he acted as the shy high school boy who tries to chase the girl of his dreams. Now, instead of being all shy and dorky, Joseph stands full of confidence, singing his veins out (literally), swaying adorably side to side. And what a voice. If he wasn't an actor, he’d fit well in a 90’s boyband.


Zachary Levi

Would you look at that? Who’s behind the charming Flynn Rider? It’s Zachary Levi! Popular from the TV series, Chuck, Zachary has a secret talent for singing! Alongside A Walk to Remember actress, Mandy Moore, who sings just as well as Zachary, they make the most beautiful duet that melts hearts and bring tears to the eyes.


Robert Pattinson

With all ears on Decode by Paramore, very little has actually noticed that the Twilight soundtrack includes a track sang by Robert Pattinson - Edward Cullen himself. R-Patz possess a soothing singing voice with an extra touch of soul.


Anne Hathaway

Princesses have great responsibilities, and one of them is to be accomplished with skills. Acted as the Princess of Genovia in Princess Diaries, Anne Hathaway wow-ed us all with her performance in Les Miserables. We’ve always known she could sing, but who knew she’s got the broadway potential.


Amanda Seyfried

Being a part of the Mean Girls shows that Amanda is just a really good actress. In real life, she’s not even close to being a dumb blonde like she was as Karen Smith, but she’s smart and talented. Amanda has a sweet voice which complements her beautiful appearance, and it shows in Little House, which she wrote for her film, Dear John.

Not all actors can sing. Some have tried and failed, while others carry on to pursue singing while acting (as those listed). With talents such as that, we give them a standing ovation as we drown in the sea of admiration. 

Photo credit: 7-themes

We’re back with the ninth in this Top 50 series, featuring homegrown bands, both old and new. Classics such as Electrico share this list with younger, but no less gifted, folks like Take Two and The Sam Willows (both making their second appearance in this series, just because they’re that good).

Be sure to catch up on the last instalment if you haven’t already. In the meantime, here are five of our favourite songs by five local acts.


#41: Catacombs by The Observatory

“The heart and soul of The Observatory is in its constant reinvention.” Having weathered almost 14 long years together, as well as a multiplicity of members coming and going, its sound has shifted from avant rock to psych folk. Catacombs, the title track off their 2013 record,is a great introduction to their experimental leanings.


#42: Always Been Right Here by Take Two

Fresh off their upcoming Pairs EP is this sunny, cheerful single. With upbeat tropical-sounding elements (almost like an homage to the indie rock outlet’s equatorial home country) that bring forth sonic ecstasy, Always Been Right Here is a worthy follow-up to Ariel.


#43: Trailing Ghosts by 7nightsatsea

A demo track by instrumental outlet 7nightsatsea, Trailing Ghosts oscillates between haunting, poignant undertones, and intense, high-energy crescendos. Even before their first EP, they were already creating such emotive soundscapes - a testament to their adept musicality and competence.


#44: Crimson by The Sam Willows

This soul-funk number deserves way more attention than The Sam Willows’ Glasshouse, just because it makes one’s body move along to its jazzy hooks and melody. Make sure you turn the volume up with this live rendition of Crimson, a cross-cultural collaboration with Canadian group Vibonics.


#45: Runaway by Electrico

Brace yourselves for a walk down memory’s lane. A homegrown classic, Electrico’s Runaway might be their best-known, most-loved song of all time. The trio, arguably the forefathers of the local indie rock scene at the turn of the 21st century, renewed our hope for this city-state’s music industry. Listen to the track, and you’ll know why.


The last part of this series will be coming to you soon next week!

Photo credit: Take Two/YouTube

What started in Australia has now bloomed to Singapore. St Jerome’s Laneway Festival has made its mark in the hearts of indie music lovers in Singapore. Making an appearance by the bay of Singapore’s skyline in January every year, Laneway is the most anticipated music festival here, and not just by the locals, but music lovers from all around the world.

Apart from Laneway Festival, we have a few other music festivals like that of Mosaic Music Festival that presents different genres of music, Baybeats which features local bands, or bands from neighbouring countries (support local talent too), and Big Night Out (though it’s missing in action now).

With the ever growing music scene in Singapore, and not to mention the growing number of music fans, I think more music festivals would cater to everyone’s needs. Not only that, but maybe bringing in bands that are long awaited by fans would be a nice touch too (ahem, Arctic Monkeys).

Here’s some of our music festivals dreams that should happen in sunny Singapore (even if it rains, there’s no stopping music lovers anyway, right?).


Glastonbury Festival

This five-day festival is everything a music festival-goer could ask for. Almost every band known have performed on the Glastonbury stage, and I believe that would have been such a sight to see. Singapore wouldn’t do a five-day festival, but maybe a two-day one would be enough, considering the success that one-day Laneway Festival had brought.

iTunes Festival

iTunes Festival debuted in the United States at Austin specifically for South by Southwest, commonly known as SXSW, after being held in London for its annual festival. But wouldn’t it great if they did an iTunes Festival that goes to different countries each year? I mean why not - iTunes is worldwide isn’t it? We want to be IN the iTunes Festival experience, not just streaming it on our laptops.

T in the Park

The three-day Scottish music festival is all fun where you can camp overnight and just chill with your mates. Two Door Cinema Club has played there. Oh, and even Beyoncé! They also have their own T in the Park ponchos if it’s raining out, isn’t that cute?

People say dreams do come true. I don’t know if this will, but if it did, then perhaps dreaming isn’t so bad.

Photo credit: Mothership, Fact Mag, iTunes Festival, Wow247

Formed in 2001, My Chemical Romance (MCR) had gone far together. Despite controversies like being labelled as “emo” and going through tough times of losing band members, they still held their ground.

However, My Chemical Romance figured that their time is over 12 years and 4 studio albums later. It’s now the second year since their split, so let’s remember them with top tracks from My Chemical Romance’s left-behind legacies.


Demolition Lovers

From MCR’s debut album, I Brought You My Bullets, You Brought Me Your Love, Demolition Lovers has garnered much attention from their fanbase. Though the track was never made into a single, Demolition Lovers was still as popular as the next.



Who doesn’t know Helena? From Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge that scored platinum, Helena is the third single from the album. The accompanying music video was nominated for five Moonmen at the 2005 MTV Video Music Awards.


I Don’t Love You

I Don't Love You sounds like obvious Gerard Way messages, where the campiness and poignancy of teenage love and rebellion run through the earpieces like they were put through emotional transistors. The emotionally charged song just solidify the belief that The Black Parade is the real deal - a solidly engineered, well-developed bundle of power and gutsiness and storytelling.



Third single from Danger Days: The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys, Sing was even performed by popular Fox musical comedy-drama show, Glee, which was then labelled as propaganda by Glenn Beck, a US broadcaster. Oh, Glenn, just because you don’t like the song, doesn’t mean you should accuse it of such things.


Welcome to the Black Parade

My Chemical Romance did a live album named, The Black Parade Is Dead! But I’m here to tell you that The Black Parade lives forever, so welcome.

In memory of My Chemical Romance - forever and always in our hearts, alive, and rocking.

Photo credit: Shorts Score

singaporean songs top 50

This week features three female soloists, and two all-male bands. On the feminine side, there’s the gentle voice of Pastelpower, the versatile and stunning Vandetta, as well as the zany lady with spunk, Masia One. On the flipside, we’ve got the hard-edged Plainsunset and the euphoric wyd:syd. Here are our eargasmic picks for numbers 36 through 40 of this series.


#36: Foolish Hunger by wyd:syd

Coupled with ethereal vocals and resonant riffs, wyd:syd’s Foolish Hunger paints a dreamy, beat-driven soundscape. An album opener from the five-piece alternative group’s debut EP, Oval East, the track creates a powerful sonic ambience that transports any listener to another realm.


#37: Oh, Louie! by Pastelpower

She’s a guitarist in Obedient Wives Club, a vocalist in Bored Spies, and a solo artiste in Pastelpower. She’s Cherie Ko, and she’s clearly got much to offer with her multiple creative outlets. Inspired by a picturesque scene in Edward Scissorhands, Pastelpower’s music is a unique blend of lo-fi twee, child-like instrumentation, synths, and reverbs. Oh, Louie! encapsulates these elements perfectly.


#38: Hey Stranger by Vandetta

Here, Vandetta becomes an a capella maven in an acoustic set for Bandwagon. That’s right, her gorgeous radio voice is capable of turning into a glorious pair of singing pipes. The soulful groove on Hey Stranger is one not to be dismissed, and neither are the smooth harmonies on this old number.


#39: Warriors Tongue by Masia One

Named the Best Hip-Hop Song by the 2013 VIMA SE Asian Independent Music Awards, Warriors Tongue is the work of Singaporean-Canadian female rapper Masia One. A fusion of cultures, styles and genres is what she’s about, and she’s doing pretty darn well with it. If you still need more proof on her legitimacy, just ask Pharrell Williams who’s worked with her on Errrybody.


#40: Girl On Queen Street by Plainsunset

Punk rock is not dead - at least, not in Singapore, it isn’t. Just listen to Plainsunset’s classic brand of high-energy, guitar-led anthems. Nineteen years and still going strong, the four-piece outfit produced countless catchy hits, one of which is Girl On Queen Street.


Stay tuned for the ninth edition of this series.

Photo credit: Cherie Ko/YouTube