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DNCE's Debut LP 'DNCE' Is Definitely A Jam-Packed Party Playlist!
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Grace VanderWaal Launches Her Music Career By Getting Real On Her Debut EP 'Perfectly Imperfect'
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Album Review: twenty one pilots Meets MUTEMATH (The MUTEMATH Sessions)
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The highly anticipated music festival of the year has received a few disappointing feedback regarding 2017's line-up. Though mostly thought of as an "Indie-electronic Paradise,” Laneway 2017 still carries must-see acts for potential mainstream-to-indie converts.

If you count yourself a fan of San Cisco, Mild High Club, The Lumineers, The Walters, and the likes, we might just share similar music taste and you can’t go wrong watching these 5 music acts live at Laneway!

Here are a sneak peek of what you’ll see on the 21st of January!



Laneway 2017 wouldn’t have been thought of as underwhelming with the presence of the mystical creature that is Aurora. The 20-year-old synthpop goddess has been making waves with her exquisite melodies that could just transport you.


Sam Rui

Representing Singapore for this year’s line-up is our very own Sam Rui. Seeing her perform for the first time as an opening act for The Sam Willows was mind-blowing enough not to catch her other gigs. So after missing what was supposed to be my second time seeing her live, it’s definitely exciting to have her perform at this year’s Laneway.


Glass Animals

Need I say more? Their latest album, How To Be Human Being, is beyond enthralling and is enough reason for you to want to hear songs from that record live.


King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard

The last minute addition of Australian psychedelic rock band King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard to the line-up made the annual event more tantalizing. If you’re into a slightly more fun take of Tame Impala’s trippy music, then King Gizzard is a must-see act!



There’s something about Whitney’s music that I would associate with that of The Walters’ - chill and atmospheric, but not too much that it comes off as pretentious. We certainly can’t wait to see Julien Ehrlich and his mad multi-tasking skills and the live version of my personal favorite, Polly!

Photo Credit: St Jerome’s Laneway Festival

With Twenty One Pilots becoming one of 2016’s rising bands, the duo certainly has made a name for themselves.

Their apparent influence have inspired another band, Those Who Dream, to recreate all of their MVs into one innovative video while covering Twenty One Pilots' Guns For Hands.

While the cover itself is pretty mediocre, we can’t deny that Those Who Dream has an eye for aesthetically pleasing visuals and precision – just observe the eerie similarity in certain scenes!

Check it out here:

Photo Credit: Celebmix

If the recent Coldplay fiasco has taught us anything, it's that Singaporeans still have a burning, fervent passion for live music. We will beg, holler and petition till The Powers That Be give us what we want dammit – overpriced tickets for an exceptionally mediocre band at a shitty venue.

Even for those less inclined to drink the Coldplay Kool-Aid however, 2017 is already shaping up to be a pretty decent year, concert-wise.

It could be better, we say.

In fact, we DEMAND that these following acts make a date here simply because we can.


1. Adele

Holmen: With her announcing the end of her 2016/17 world tour on July 1st, there's a 50/50 chance that she'll drop by Asia in 2017 as she has added a string of Australian dates for the entire month of March.


2. Blink-182

Solihin: We now live in a time where Blink-182 is nominated for the very serious, very prestigious Grammy Awards proving once again how dubious and out of touch the Recording Academy can be. If you're anything like me and “just wanna see some naked dudes,” this is what (wet) dreams are made of so the next obvious step would be a celebratory tour around the globe with sights primarily set on Singapore. However unlikely, there's been talk of a Boat.


3. Catfish and the Bottlemen

Donwei: Have been watching their live performances a lot lately, which I think is so much better than their studio recordings and would love to see that for myself. They will be in Australia before heading to Japan in January next year so it would be great if they made a stop in Singapore in between haha


4. Carly Rae Jepsen

Teejay: I just really dig her latest album. She skipped SG for her Gimmie Love Tour for some reason, but played shows in Japan and Manila.

Solihin: My hopes got significantly raised when some Pitchfork lackey predicted that the Queen of Everything in the Known Universe might be headlining Laneway 2017. E•MO•TION Side B was the equivalent of a Marvel post-credits scene – a glossy leftover coy enough to tease yet another Infinity Gem which will unavoidably have game-changing repercussions for the world of underappreciated pop. Make Singapore great again; reinstate the CRJ monarchy.


5. Childish Gambino + Chance The Rapper

Solihin: Ever notice the distinct lack of hip hop and rap artists that actually make the trip here? How come Australia gets all the fun? 2016 was a massive, massive year for these two gentlemen and it would be great if we could be a part of the upcoming one.


6. Fifth Harmony

Letazia:The girls have talked about coming to Singapore since forever and it is about time that they get their butts here by putting on an amazing show here to thank local Harmonizers for their incredible support and patience all these years.


7. Green Day

Holmen: Revolution Radio was a great comeback to form and they've always sold out their shows here. Skipped SG last tour and are playing Australia in May. Asia tour seems likely!



Teejay: They're going to Manila for Wanderland 2017 along with Explosions in the Sky (who's gonna play a show here!) So hopefully, they'll stop by Singapore too!


9. John Mayer

Donwei: I hope he comes cuz i love him lol. Also his new album will be released next year so I think it's quite likely that he would go on a world tour, hopefully SG would be included

Michael: The man is a genius and his new album looks like it's gonna be a hit


10. Justin Bieber

Xinyi: In 2016, his Purpose Tour came to Asia but only to Japan so he definitely should explore the rest of Asia and come to Singapore. He will be doing the Australian leg in March 2017 so since he already travelled to this part of the world. He should stop by Asia too. Plus, the last we saw him was before the whole shenanigans and it will be good to watch the new Justin live.


11. Lady Gaga

Joey: With her new album Joanne out, she’s gotten a lot of rave reviews and returned back to the mainstream. She is most likely headlining Super Bowl 2017, but a world tour isn't exactly out of the question.


12. Little Mix

Letazia: Little Mix had a sold out show in Singapore for their Get Weird Tour this year and have mentioned Singapore several times in interviews saying that it was one of their favourite countries that they have visited on tour. Since their latest album Glory Days just got released, it is only right for them to make another trip back!


13. Radiohead

Holmen: One of the greatest bands ever has yet to extensively tour Asia yet. 2017 is largely empty besides a couple of European festival dates.

Michael: Because they are a world acclaimed band that has never played in Singapore, unfortunately for diehard fans (I think they haven't been to Singapore)


14. Sia

Joey: (It would be amazing to watch her and Maddie Ziegler live) – but it is super unlikely she will come since her recent Nostalgic for the Present Tour just ended in early Nov in North America.


15. Troye Sivan

Xinyi: He did Asia (but only South Korea and Japan) this year on his Blue Neighbourhood Tour. It will be great for him to come back as a singer as he came as a YouTuber for Fanfest 2014. He was one of the biggest names then, definitely proving he has what it takes to sell out a show in Singapore.


16. The Vamps

Xinyi: They came to Singapore pretty much unannounced a few weeks ago to do some promos (with Spotify, 987FM etc.) but did not do any public appearances or shows. So I think we deserve something. On their website, they did say Asia will be covered in Sep-Oct 2017.


17. The 1975

Teejay: They came this year for laneway but that was prior to the release of their latest album. It would be cool to hear more songs from "i like it when you sleep" live other than their initial singles.

Solihin: I Like It When The 1975 Comes To Town For Their Songs Are So Groovy Yet Emo Enough For Me To Say “Fuck that, get money” Ironically


Photo credit: ROSEWOOD, Dimitrios Kambouris, Rommel Demano, Jeff Hahne, Frazer Harrison, Ramona Rosales

Jut a couple of years ago, I was drawn to the indie folk goddess that is Ingrid Michaelson. That was the time when everyone in Secondary school was obsessed with trying to learn how to play the ukulele just so they can post videos of themselves singing You and I.

But that period of time is nothing but a memory now, as Ingrid Michaelson has evolved from our secret little sweetheart to a more mature vocalist.

Though I certainly would prefer her more melodious songs than her current pop-sounding releases, there's still something nostalgic about listening to her ethereal vocals.

Her vocal prowess is amongst the most unique of many and she proves it with this stripped down rendition of Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas on SiriusXM.

Though not without some flaws, this cover proves that she still got what it takes to send shivers down our spines and just for a little while.


Watch the video here:

Photo Credit: cityoftenants


Behind the glitz and glamour.

Like every fan out there, you always want to know more about the musician or band that you look up to. Knowing what instruments they can play or their favourite thing to eat is never enough for you. And if you could, you would definitely do whatever it takes to chill at one of Taylor Swift's apartments or have lunch with Ed Sheeran at his favourite restaurant.

Well, it is not like we actually did anything like that but what we were blessed with is the opportunity to interview some of your favourite artists. It is certainly a privilege to ask some your burning questions to these international superstars. We really want to thank you for all of your support as well as for always being so enthusiastic in taking part in our meet and greet contests!

Today, we are saying thank you for your undying love for us by giving you an inside look at what it really is like interviewing some of your favourite artists in 2016!


Charlie Puth

He just seems like a really laid back dude with such effortless talent - joking around like how the media should be shouting at him while taking his pictures given that people in Singapore tend to be kind of shy. On Donwei's account, I remember her telling me, "Let's say Hi Mr Puth!'" to Charlie's Dad since we were the only ones waiting outside the interview room. Also, Donwei will probably not share this moment because she's humble (haha), but Charlie was really impressed by one of her questions that she just thought of on the spot during the roundtable! There you go! :) - Teejay

He's like really self-aware, so even though he knows exactly how talented he is and doesn't even try to hide or downplay it, he doesn't come across as cocky. He definitely looks younger than he is (25 but looks more like 18), but he's very articulate and puts a lot of thought into answering each interview question. He's also close to his dad who followed him on tour and who Charlie gave credit to as the person who keeps him grounded in spite of his fame. Teejay and i were waiting for the cd sleeves to be signed by Charlie when we had a (very) brief encounter with his dad. At first we were only like "eh, maybe that's his dad" and then i think it was Teejay who googled it and it turned out that it really was him. So yep, that was cool and he seemed nice haha - Donwei


5 Seconds Of Summer

Personally, it was really surreal being able to see the people I watch online or listen to come to life. When I watch videos of them online, they always seem larger than life but in fact they are just humans like every one of us. All of them were extremely nice and inviting as we conducted the interview. We also managed to teach them a couple words of Singlish which is always fun! - Xinyi


The Vamps

The Vamps were absolute gentlemen and oh so sweet. The minute we walked into the room, we were greeted with handshakes and hugs from the guys. (which by the way felt so warm and fuzzy) During the interview, they felt so genuine and kept on asking how we were. I really appreciated their enthusiasm in playing the whisper challenge and at trying to pronounce Singaporean words. The whole experience just felt unreal. - Letazia  

I really enjoyed playing the whisper challenge with The Vamps, they were up for it even though they didn't even know what the words meant, which I guess made it more interesting for viewers. - Xinyi



Donwei and I were the very first people who arrived at the venue, hence the room was still empty. But the silence and solemnity of the room was almost unchanged even after Birdy's arrival. She gave off a really zen vibe and she didn't even need to try. To be honest, the whole press conference was kind of awkward and lacking a bit of cheer. But I think it's just because of Birdy's unpretentious and reserved personality. She keeps a really low profile and I think that adds to her charm. - Teejay



Though it was only a phone interview, I could sense Halsey's honesty and humility through her voice. I interviewed her 15 minutes before my morning class. So prior to that, I decided to arrive 30 minutes early to school and look for a quiet spot praying that no one would barge in and ask me to leave. Thank god it was in the morning and it was dead silent. The whole experience didn't feel like I was talking to a celebrity, it felt more of a conversation than an interview, which was eye-opening because you realize that artists are just normal human beings, it's just that they have more guts to voice out their opinions. - Teejay


Photo Credit: Spin or Bin Music