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Acapella renditions seem to be one of music’s timeless pieces, as Taylor Swift puts it, it’ll “never go out of style.” With Pitch Perfect’s popularity, we’ve forgotten that we have the real Barden Bellas existing in the music industry – yes, I’m referring to Little Mix.

Momentarily forget life’s struggles with these 5 enchanting vocal blendings from Britain’s local talent.



One of the group’s earliest performances together is this mesmerizing cover of Destiny’s Child’s hit. It was made even more perfect with Jesy’s mad beat boxing.



Now who casually sits down and effortlessly make crystal clear harmonies? These girls undoubtedly have pure talent.



Little Mix’s versatile voices were appropriately used in this song. Fun fact: Besides being the beat boxer of the group, Jesy is also the alto.



With Perrie leading the melody, it’s not a surprise this video got almost half a million hits. I’m not being biased here, they all have killer voices but Perrie did a great job in this one!


How Ya Doin’?

This is another one of their casual performances that get your fingers snappin’ along. That catchy ad lib leading to the chorus is a tune worth falling over for!


What’s your favorite Little Mix Acapella performance? Share them with us!


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Finding new music is not an easy task, especially when you’ve been craving for good tunes to listen to and have very high standards. This often leaves us slightly disappointed, doesn’t it?

Have you ever listened to a certain song a thousand times and felt like you need something new but similar? Well, we’ve done the job for you, folks. Here are are some song suggestions that might be up your alley.


If You Like: Ain’t It Fun by Paramore

You’ll Love: Smash Into You by Hey Violet


If You Like: What You Know by Two Door Cinema Club

You’ll Love: Work It Out by Knox Hamilton



If You Like: Chocolate by The 1975

You’ll Love: It Comes Back To You by Imagine Dragons



If You Like: Some Nights by Fun.                

You’ll Love: I Wanna Get Better by Bleachers



If You Like: Take A Walk by Passion Pit

You’ll Love: 27 Forever by The Royal Concept


Share with us some songs you love and we might find the perfect fit for you!


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We've been there, done that. But for any old or new concert-goer, we all pray that each gig experience is a religious one. And sometimes, especially in an open-air, compact area like The Coliseum, we don't really have the luxury of seats or your own personal space.

But 'fraid not. As an avid and seasoned concert-goer of the Spin or Bin Music team, I'm here to expound on the Top 5 Unspoken Rules of Being in a Concert. With that being said, twenty one pilots was hella awesome as the last gig I went to.

Are you guilty of breaking any rules?


5. Don't Be Mrs. Push & Mr. Shove.

'If you can't handle the concert, don't come' - what a great way to welcome fans from all walks of life to enjoy music. I don't know why some people love playing rough and then give a stupid excuse when they hurt someone.

For heavy punk or rock concerts, moshing and the Wall of Death are common. The injuries? Even more so. Just go ahead and do your thing - but don't injure anyone else, and say it's all in the name of good fun. No. 


4. Don't Be A Petty Snatch-Thief.

I can't stress how important this is. Be it a sweat-stained towel, a water bottle or a guitar pick thrown from the stage, you don't have to wrestle the damn thing out of the poor girl/guy's hands. And worse, you hurt the other person in the midst of fighting for it. Break your grasp or I'll break your leg - catcher's keepers. Got it?


3. Stay In Your Lane.

For air-conditioned, classier venues like The Esplanade or The Star Theatre, there is an air of relief - no rushing in or queuing up hours before just to find the perfect spot.

But all of a sudden, you see a group of girls descending upon the balcony on the section you are comfortably seated on. OH HELL NO. These girls swarm around, babbling in their loud voices, taking a ridiculous amount of selfies when there is obviously no one on stage.

And then you see a ray of hope coming down the stairs - it's an USHER! You secretly smirk while these girls put on their disappointed/irritated faces as they are gestured away. 

Thank you ushers. I thank you with all my heart.


2. Meet-and-Greet Losers.

I've heard people who'd say, "Hey, I'm gonna push to the front of the queue so I can stand beside XXX," or "Well, I've heard that XXX is quite rude and aloof to their fans". You know what? Those people actually paid money for the M&G ticket. Don't need you to be all up in your high horse to be telling us that, buzzkill.


1. Be A Friend.

I've met complete strangers who are so nice to me and my friends. And trust me - it's such a refreshing change to encounter these people, and we will always remember to pay it forward. Here are some instances of goodwill:

- When security offers you water, take it. Or drink it and pass it on to the next person in line. (Unless that person is saliva conscious.) Water only happens to people at the very front row, so do try to pass it to those who are stuck behind.

- Some girl had an asthma attack at Bastille and couldn't breathe, so my friends and I had to chase the people surrounding her away to give her air. 

- Letting the person trying to get in front go first, who usually need to find their friends. (Unless the person is acting obnoxious.) You'd think this is a fairly obvious move, but it's not. 

Being a friend is that easy and simple. 


Are there any more unspoken rules you think should be in here? Tweet us or leave a comment down below!


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Demi Lovato has gone through it all – bullying, battling a mental illness and dealing with an eating disorder at a young age. Demi is one of the thousands of teenage girls who struggled with these problems and survived. She’s living proof that you can bounce up again and be 100 times better than when you’re at your lowest.

Whether you’re feeling down about a bad grade, having feelings about unworthiness or dealing with depression, just remember that if Demi survived, you can too. These quotes may not completely heal you but it’ll surely make you feel better at this moment.


1. Start off with this small reminder...

2. Feel like giving up?

3. Accept your imperfections

4. Because those who mind don't matter, and those who matter don't mind

5. Just hold on tight, it'll be over before you know it

6. You don't need any validation for your feelings

7. You only need to satisfy yourself

8. Always put YOURSELF FIRST

9. Fall seven times, stand up eight

10. It will all be worth it in the end

Photo Credit: tumblr, favim, gurl, rebloggy, thegloss, news.iheart, demilovatodaily

Most of us find it hard to be around our siblings without fighting over something, let alone form a band with them. I’m lucky enough to share the same music taste as my sister but we always end up arguing about what song we’re going to blast in our rooms.

However, Echosmith, Stonefield and Haim have proven that if we only take time to have some coordination and a little bit of patience, siblings can actually make GOOD music together.

Here are 3 of your favorite All-Sibling Bands performing acoustic versions of their hits.


Echosmith – Bright

If I had a dollar every time I fail to harmonize with my sister, I’d be a millionaire by now. But Echosmith’s perfect vocal blendings seem to come out naturally and effortlessly. How do these guys do it?!


Stonefield – Through The Clover

This All-Sibling Australian band definitely needs more exposure, especially with those powerful vocals from Amy Findlay. Though originally produced as a rock song, Stonefield revives their hit, Through The Clover, and gives it an acoustic pinch.


Haim – Go Slow

Known for their long locks and fresh pop rock sound, Haim seems to bring more versatility in the acoustic version of Go Slow by using only 3 instruments. 



What are your favorite songs from these bands? Do share them with us!


Photo Credit: thesteamengine, thebullshithunter