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The after-school blues did not seem to hit Singaporean Vampettes on the 25th of January at Junction 8’s roof garden when The Vamps decided to do an impromptu signing. This utter euphoria and agitation fully embodied my sister, who dragged me to be her chaperone, causing me to rush to the venue straight from class…Boy, was I welcomed with excited fans preparing their CDs and handwritten love letters for the British quartet.

As I tried to find my way to a comfortable spot, I ended up standing beside a fellow chaperone - a mother of two young teenage girls. I couldn’t spend 2 hours in pure silence, so I asked her a bunch of questions about her daughters, which led to a delightful and entertaining conversation that will forever linger in my mind.

Here are 5 things she said that either made me laugh or slightly inspired to be a supportive mom in the future:


1.     *Fangirls screaming*

"Ohmygod, I’m going deaf."


2.     *Looks at her watch*

"I’ve been here since noon, you know!"


3.     *Sighs*

"I hope boybands won’t come so often."


4.     *Fangirls start singing*

"They should be singing the national anthem instead."


5.     *Calls daughter*

"Just take a quick selfie! Don't mind the security! This is your only chance!"


She might have jokingly muttered some complaints about being there, but I know that deep inside her soft warm heart, she loves being a Supportive Chaperone Mom. I occasionally stole some glances and caught her doing this:

Photo Credit: nicshields (tumblr), NBC, giphy, newhamrecorder

What does it mean to be a fake fan?

In the world of fandoms, being labelled as a "fake fan" is something that is not very desirable. Anything from not knowing the band's anniversary to forgetting one of their birthdays to even not being aware of the measurement of a certain band member's tongue length can result in you being called a "fake fan".

However, obviously we are not so mean as to call out people and label them as "fake fans". We think that people who usually fall under this category are just fans who are not THAT hardcore as the majority of the fandom. Some might even label these people as "casual fans".

But no matter what these people may be called, there's a certain expectation as to what you should know before you consider yourself a fan of a certain musician/band. So here are 3 things that The 5SOS FAM absolutely cannot tolerate to hear about their favourite band, 5 Seconds of Summer.


1. "5 ES-OH-ES"

The abbreviation for 5 Seconds of Summer is 5SOS. There is no problem when the band's name is written in this way, the problem only comes in when it is said out loud. It is pronounced "5-sauce" as in like tomato sauce not "5-es-oh-es". One is not supposed to sound out all the letters in its abbreviated name.


2. "Calum, that Asian guy!"

Calum had previously shared with us how he felt about being identified as an Asian all the time (point 9) and we think that this is a major mistake that nobody should ever make. Although Calum might look like he has some Asian-like features, he is not Asian. He is actually a Kiwi of Scottish and Maori descent.


3. "5SOS is a boy band." 

The term boy band is usually defined as a group of males who do not play their own instruments or write their own songs and 5 Seconds of Summer clearly does not fit that description. 


So if you're going or considering to go for the 5SOS concert in March, please take note of the above if you don't already know. Please don't foolishly say something stupid like the above listed and get yourself bashed by the hardcore fans. 

Just please, don't.

Concert Details:

Date               : 3 March 2016, Thursday
Venue            : The Star Theatre
Ticket Prices : $388 (VIP), $288, $228, $188, $148, $118

Tickets are now available for purchase at SISTIC.

Spin or Bin Music is proud to be the Official Music Blog for the 5 Seconds of Summer's Sounds Live Feels Live World Tour 2016 in Singapore!

Photo Credit: sugarscape, imgflip, ssubmissive-teen, @marinby & @5sos-imaginations on Tumblr

A well-executed 3-hour television broadcast carries a lot of pressure and high-expectations, but Grease: Live did more than just to entertain its fans with show-stopping performances.

Comparisons with the original film were unavoidable and criticisms were harsh, but let’s not forget that it was a live musical with no retakes. Just imagine the costume changes and rehearsals!

If you missed the musical (I’m assuming you did since we’re all mostly in Asia) and you’re in for a bit of a 70’s feel, here are 3 performances that you should definitely watch!


1.     Boys II Men as the Teen Angels – “Beauty School Dropout”

Carly Rae Jepsen (aka Frenchy) was serenaded by well-blended harmonies on a sparkly set.



2.     Jordan Fisher as Doody – “Those Magic Changes”

Jordan Fisher is starting to make a name for himself as the handsome crooner in the musical as he gives a spellbinding rendition of Those Magic Changes.



3.     Vanessa Hudgens as Betty Rizzo – “There Are Worst Things I Could Do”

Vanessa revisited her roots and channeled her inner highschool babe in this slaying performance, despite the death of her father preceding the much-awaited live broadcast.

Photo Credit: nesshudgens (tumblr), FOX, Paramount Television

With their recent feature on NME for “I Like It When You Sleep For You Are So Beautiful Yet So Unaware Of It,” we’ve learned more things about The 1975’s creative processes as a band. This, of course, wouldn’t be possible with their quirky spokesman, our all time favorite, Matty Healy.

You might think of him as a high-maintenance guy who just can’t get himself to shut up, but that’s just how the lad carries himself – confidently honest with a diva-ish persona… and a bit of eyeshadow. Gotta love him.

If you’re still in denial of your love for him, here are 5 reminders why he’s one of the most well-liked frontman of all time (or at least of our generation):


1.    He Speaks His Mind

“I’d rather people think I’m pretentious than not care. The idea of provoking ambivalence is my biggest fear. Certainly bigger than being seen as a w*nker…”


2.    He’s Not Into The “Hollywood Culture”

“I see all these celebrities hanging out with one another and I’m very suspicious of whether they’re actually friends or not… People just want to be in photos with people. ‘Squad goals’. The phrase makes me die.


3.    He Doesn’t Conform To Stereotypes

I hate that indie band bullsh*t of acting like you don’t care so you don’t get judged about being sh*t. That’s what indie is now. That fey sense of ‘we don’t care’. Well, don’t do it then. F**k off and do something else.”


4.    He’s Passionate About His Craft

“I’m a musician, not a socialite who ended up in a band. That’s my love: music as a form. I’m not doing it because I wanna shag birds or be famous. I’m doing it because it really turns me on. When I have that moment on my own writing, when I get it, I equate it with a sexual desire. It’s like a carnal thing within me. It’s not about anybody else.”


5.    He’s The Eccentrically Beautiful


Self-explanatory, need I say more?


Photo Credit: NME (Facebook), Jen Santo (Instagram), Mattyhealygifs, Mattyssmile, Itstrumanblack, mattysteeth (tumblr), giphy

Cool on the outside, soft-hearten on the inside. That’s what the self-proclaimed term, “Band Dads,” stands for.

They might have badass personas onstage, but these musicians know the ways to good parenthood as well. We might not have been blessed with rockstar dads, but I think vicariously living through their adorable moments will do.

That’s what the Internet is for, right?


1.     Joel Madden

Fave moment: I don’t know about you, but don’t you think this picture is just too adorable? I bet those kids receive a lot of envious stares when Good Charlotte frontman Joel Madden drop them off at school. JUST IMAGINE.


2.     Pete Wentz

Fave moment: Fall Out Boy bassist Pete Wentz might have two sons now, which means double the work and double the fun and resulted to this deeply touching message for his boys that he penned down on fathers’ day last year:

"Boys: always take the high road, even when the low road seems easier or simpler. Let your kindness radiate and defend those who cannot defend themselves. Be yourself when it is not popular to be. Love your friends not in spite of their flaws but because of them. Bronx, I remember once asking you what your favorite color was and you said, “Red, black and the color of lightning.” Never let the world take away your creativity and divergent thinking. Be the color of lighting, be wild, and always laugh a lot. Never forget who you are." 


3.     Chris Martin

Fave moment: It might have been a tough year for Chris Martin especially with the dramatic split with ex-wife Gwyneth Paltrow, but this awesome dad still knows his prioties. Here he is with 9-year-old son Moses enjoying a basketball game in LA.


4.     Dave Grohl

Fave Moment: "I love everything about my job, except being away from the kids. The day I was leaving, my daughter said, 'Daddy, I want you to wear this [points to ring]. And every time you miss me, look at this ring and just know that I love you so much'. She's not even five! I was blown away."


5.     Tom Fletcher

Fave moment: McFly frontman and supportive husband Tom Fletcher has been pretty active on social media. However, this viral video found its way around the Internet last year and melted the hearts of the general public.


Photo Credit: Splash News, Fameflynet, GC Images, Intotheglass, petewentzdoesthings(tumblr)