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Album Review: What’s Lacking In Catfish and The Bottlemen’s 'The Ride'
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The 2016 reboot of Ghostbusters is not only known for its new female cast, but also for it’s brilliantly crafted soundtrack somehow more targeted to younger listeners. This, of course, comes with the involvement of teen heartthrob ZAYN, 5 Seconds of Summer, and more!


Walk The Moon - Ghostbusters

The first track opens with the familiar funky sound of Walk The Moon, who caught the world’s attention with their hit Shut Up And Dance. The band’s rendition of Ray Parker Jr.’s Ghostbusters is a mix of eerie and zest, perfect for the action-packed and comedic film.


Elle King - Good Girls

Adding to the action-packed theme is Elle King’s Good Girls, which finds itself in between the harsh dynamics of rock and country. Listening to this would make anyone feel more badass than I'm sure they already are. 


Wolf Alice - Ghoster

Wolf Alice, however, was able to make their indie sound more punk with that scratchy guitar in the background. Let’s not forget Ellie’s Rowsell’s celestial vocals that added a more eerie effect to the overall melody.


ZAYN - wHo

Let’s just say ZAYN’s doing much better despite going another direction (pun intended, I’m sorry). He’s been sticking to his first love, R&B, and delivers a chill track called wHo. Why the weird capitalization of letters? We have no idea. We just know that our favorite part is the catchy chorus, “Who you gonna call?” which was brilliantly inserted for the Ghostbusters reference.


5 Seconds of Summer - Girls Talk Boys

Last but not the least, the majority’s favorite is 5 Seconds of Summer’s Girls Talk Boys, which in my opinion is one of the best songs they’ve released this year! Yes, even better than songs from Sounds Good, Feels Good! I would definitely be looking forward to their next album if their music sways far from their second one and more into the jive of Girls Talk Boys. Give Calum Hood more funky basslines like this, please!


Listen to the full soundtrack here:


Photo Credit: RCA records

Have you ever found yourself having a peaceful day when suddenly, another Taylor SwiftKanye West drama unfolds? If most of you did find yourselves not being utterly surprised anymore, we’re on the same boat, my friends.

If you’re having a bad day, just think about how much sh*t Taylor Swift has to deal with – from being indirectly “attacked” by her ex Calvin Harris to being accused as a liar by Kim Kardashian. We don't even know what the truth is anymore.

Wondering what happened and what Taylor Swift MIGHT be feeling right now? Here’s a guide.

*Lyrics are taken out of context from original songs


Taylor accused Kanye of dissing her in his song, Famous, without her approval:

“I had it all, I had him right there where I wanted him.” (Better Than Revenge)


Fast forward, Taylor goes on with her life with new BF Tom Hiddleston as she indirectly shades ex, Calvin Harris:

"It seems like a perfect night to dress up like hipsters and to make fun of our exes.” (22)

Just this week, Kim posted a video of taylor’s approval of the lyrics on her snapchat:

 “All I knew this morning when I woke is I know something now, know something now, I didn’t before.”

Taylor posted a screenshot of her response about the whole drama and not agreeing to the part where Kanye calls her a bitch in the song:

 “Did you have to do this? I was thinking that you could be trusted." (Bad Blood)


The public realizes that Taylor has written the note a long time ago because of the apparent "search" button:

“Oh what a shame, what a rainy ending given to a perfect day.”



Could this be Taylor Swift’s downfall? Well, you decide.


Photo Credit: Kevin Mazur/WireImage, Getty / Christopher Polk/MTV1415

Confident, Badass, and Over-The-Top are words I associated with Meghan Trainor when I've first seen the music video for her breakthrough hit, All About That Bass. But the former blonde is stepping up her game with a recent and slightly dramatic cover feature on Notion Magazine.

After reading a portion of her interview on the feature, I’ve noticed that while Meghan has garnered herself a large group of fans, she still remains unlikable to the majority.

Here are some of our thoughts from the feature.

What We Agree On: Taking Risks

“I was just faking it! A lot of my first year was fake it till you make it. I had no idea what was doing.” – on her first music video

When it comes to taking risks, Meghan sure is one of us. You’ll never know what you’re capable of until you try it, and lucky for her, it worked.


What We Disagree on: Being Insensitive To Others’ Feelings

“I still get asked ‘Was it your intention to bash skinny people?’ NO! Absolutely not. I just wrote a fun song to help ME out with my insecurities – and the world loved it – that’s all I have.” – on the use of “skinny bitch” in her song

Now we’re all about promoting self-confidence and having fun here, but let’s be honest, there has got to be several other ways to boost one’s self-esteem than name-calling. Using the term “skinny bitch” is almost synonymous to having bullies call someone “fat,” which defeats the whole purpose of female empowerment. Amirite, ladies?



Photo Credit: Charlotte Rutherford/NOTION Magazine

You may have already heard that our favorite Internet Prince Charming ended up with Taylor Swift.

Fans have suspected the Hiddleswift romance to be a rebound relationship after Taylor's recent breakup with Calvin Harris. But now that Hiddleswift have taken over social media, fans can't seem to fathom the couple being together. “It’s just too surreal to believe,” many fans tweeted.

With this, conspiracy theorists have emerged and concluded that Hiddleswift romance is all just a ploy and Tom might just be another leading man in an upcoming Taylor Swift music video.

Do you think all of these are just part of a performance art? Well, we do.

Here are 3 pieces of evidence!



Kudos to the paps for capturing those sweet and precise Hiddleswift moments – from hugging and kissing at the Beach to meeting Tom’s family. The photos look too good to be true, according to fans. In fact, sources show that those “candid” photos were from the same paparazzi agency. So, is the couple really just into PDA or is everything just a staged act?



While having a romantic getaway at The Colosseum, Hiddleswfit were found looking at something peculiar. Could it be a script? A notebook? Who knows?



Ah yes, the classy multilingual Tom Hiddleston was caught wearing a “I Love T.S.” shirt - an image that would never have crossed anyone’s minds. For shippers, it’s a dream come true. But perhaps it might just be a prop for the “music video.”

Photo Credit: theimagedirect, fameflynet, splash

In this modern era of Snapchat and Instagram, and the constant sharing of videos, the thought of disabling phone cameras at concerts would seem ridiculous and a totally backward idea – but not for Apple.

Apple has been recently awarded the right to disable iPhone cameras at concerts. The awarded patent indicates, “An infrared emitter can be located in areas where picture or video capture is prohibited. An electronic device can then receive the infrared signals, decode the data and temporarily disable the device’s recording function based on the command.”

Though it might sound rather appealing to music labels and artists who want to stop online distribution of copyrighted music, fans have been eagerly opposing the idea. Don’t worry, we stand with music fans of course, and with this we’ve come up with 3 reasons why Apple shouldn’t disable iPhone Cameras at concerts:


1.     Free Will: People paid good money to watch the concert. Hence, they can do whatever they want.

Unless you’re not one of those people who film the whole show and obstruct viewers behind, then there’s nothing wrong with using your phone cameras. You've paid a good amount of money to watch the concert, it’s pretty absurd to deprive you of recording at least your favorite song.


2.     Online sharing is a move done for fans that can’t afford to attend shows – why stop them from appreciating the show even on the Internet?

Posting post-gig videos or pictures has become it’s own culture, so why stop these fans from engaging in free labor? Yeah, sharing content is actually free marketing for the artists themselves, in my opinion – Fans post videos online. Their friends get curious. They google the artist. They end up listening to the artists and possibly become new fans. It’s not like majority of music fans actually earn profit from online sharing.


3.     Most gig-goers like to look back at their concert experience, making such videos a nostalgic souvenir of the show

Live in the moment, they say. Stop looking at your screens, they say.

As mentioned eariler, unless you’re not planning to record the whole show, then I guess there is no need to completely ban the audience from filming a part of their favorite song for memory’s sake. Especially when the video was taken from your point of view. We all do a bit of reminiscing, don’t we?


Do you guys think Apple should disable iPhone cameras at concerts? Share your thoughts with us!


Photo Credit: U.S. Patent and trademark office, rhythmtravels, giphy