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Album Review: Bleachers Delivers A Unique Female-Dominated Cover Album - 'Terrible Thrills Vol. 2'!
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Album Review: Leona Lewis' First Album Without A Very Important Man's Help, 'I Am', Proves To Be One Of Her Best
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Album Review: Foals Play It Safe In 'What Went Down', Their Loudest Record Yet
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We’ve all tried playing a song on repeat in the hopes of rejuvenating ourselves, and ended up not feeling anything at all. It turns out that there is a deeper analysis about our cognitive response to music and it's even backed up by a scientific formula!

Dr Jacob Jolij of the University of Groningen (Holland) formulated an equation to determine the level of “eargasm” of a song:

Let me break it down for you budding songwriters. According to Dr Jolij, here are the main components of a feel-good song:

-       Positive lyrics

-       High tempo of 150 beats per minute

-       Put the song into a third major key

Apparently, that out-of-this-world formula can make you go from this…

To this... in just a matter of minutes!

So if you’re an oldies junkie, there’s a reason for you to rejoice as these 10 songs are apparently from the 60s to 90s. Some of these may even be your favorite karaoke tracks!


Skip the caffeine and rejuvenate your tired souls with the “Top 10 Most Feel-Good Songs of all time!”

Photo credit: Supplied, EMI, Giphy

Before The Maine invaded our shores last August, vocalist John O’Callaghan and lead guitarist Jared Monaco spent some quality time with a small group of fans at the Alternative Press studios. Aside from the raw acoustic set which got the fans internally screaming, the band also shared the inspiration behind their hits, Miles Away, Sad Songs and English Girls.


1. Train Ride – Miles Away

Though pretty self-explanatory, Miles Away gives vivid descriptions of a train journey John had from Los Angeles to San Francisco. Who would’ve thought a simple train ride could lead to one of their hits?


2. Heartbroken Taxi Driver – Sad Songs

You know the feeling when you blindly listen to song lyrics and sing along to it despite not making sense of the context? Yup. That’s how I felt before. But my listening experience changed when I found out the meaning behind Sad Songs – a heartbroken taxi driver who listens to sad songs to make up for losing the love of his life to an arranged marriage. Somehow, you get to feel the driver’s sentiment through the song.

Thanks for making this experience possible, John.


3. Accidental Eavesdropping – English Girls

"This song is about a conversation I was sort of a fly-on-the-wall for.”

Have you ever experienced accidentally eavesdropping on a conversation between strangers that it causes you to create images in your head, JUST BECAUSE you don’t know what do with the information they’re indirectly forcing you to consume? John did, and he made a song about it.


Be careful when you talk to friends next time as someone might just use it as an inspiration for a song.

Photo Credit: giphy, Alternative Press

We’ve had Kelly Clarkson jazzed up Blank Space a few months ago while Imagine Dragons gave it a bit of a trippy feel with Stand By Me’s bassline. It’s been almost a year since the pop hit was released but several covers are still making its rounds online, and this time it meets the energetic sound of pop rock.

The rising pop punk quartet, Hey Violet, recently joined the Taylor Swift bandwagon with a pretty unique cover. Though not familiar to many, the California native has been opening for 5 Seconds of Summer’s Rock Out With Your Socks Out Tour. So if you’re a 5SOS fan, you know who to look out for!

Hey Violet changed the whole vibe of the song, thanks to Rena Lovelis' aggressive vocals and some sick beats by Nia Lovelis. That bright red hair really does emit magical powers, eh?

It was then perfected with a pretty iconic change in the lyrics, “I can make the good guys bad for the weekend.”

Four high-spirited youngsters brought the mellow song to life and made it more of a slap to heartbreakers, which was the initial intention of the original hit. Though still not well versed in the art of punk rock/pop rock (however you see it), Hey Violet shows so much potential and we’ll definitely still be seeing more of them in the future.

Watch the cover here!


Photo Credit: j-14, tumblr, dailymusicinsider

Blending music and the fine art of coffee making, Costa Coffee brought out the creative freaks in all of us as they held their first installment of a new series called, Costa Coffee With. A fusion of passion and dedication filled the crowded room of Costa Coffee at Vivo City as Gentle Bones (Joel Tan) serenaded us with some of his originals in a cozy and intimate gig.

I was welcomed with great hospitality and a plethora of food and drinks to choose from. For a moment, I needed to pinch myself and check if I was dreaming - Free croissants and coffee? Don't mind if I do! The friendliness of the baristas made up for the lack of space. It was a chill and laidback session made complete by the aroma of coffee, sound of clacking utensils and murmurs of curious passersby.

Having just returned from a recent tour in London (home of Costa Coffee), Gentle Bones played a few of his hits such as Elusive and Lost which fangirls in the front row enthusiastically sang along to. The 21-year-old singer shared his inspirations, experiences and struggles as a young kid trying to make it in the local music industry.  

“Never be afraid of something you wanna do.”

His words resonated Costa’s mission - to create a platform based around artistic expression and not limiting oneself despite the risks and apprehensions.

Such devotion to artistry was also present during the specially curated master class by Costa’s very own Maestros – Kevin Bong and Kathryn Finch. The two shared how they’re doing more than just “serving people their daily caffeine fix.” Simultaneously, I was being assisted to sniff samples of coffee beans and take espresso shots. A clean way to get high, I must say.

Costa successfully merged two cultures together and built a shared interest through art. Being surrounded with people who showed so much passion for their own craft didn’t only serve as a good breather from the stresses of life but it also introduced me to new perspectives.


Catch the next installment of Costa Coffee With next January!

Photo Credit: Vamos Photography

“Well, a broken leg’s not gonna stop me...”

Dave Grohl kept his word and had the most eventful summer anyone with a broken leg could possibly have.

Despite having to sit on a ‘Guitar Throne’, which weirdly replicates the Iron Throne, Dave still carried on with the rest of the Foo Fighters’ tour. Let’s just say it might be one of the best summers for the Foo Fighters – from special guests to trolling a church protest. What more could you ask for?

Here are 5 of the most unforgettable events that happened to the Foo Fighters this summer:


1.     Song Dedication to 'Tit Man'

Out in the freezing cold, a half naked man was spotted in the audience. Of course, it caught Dave’s attention and even had Taylor Hawkins (Foo Fighters’ drummer) sing to him.


2.     Surgeon By Day, Rockstar By Night

Dave’s surgeon totally rocked the stage when invited to sing White Stripes’ Seven Nation Army. If your doctor cancelled an appointment, you know where to find him.


3.     ‘Under Pressure’ cover with Roger Taylor and John Paul Jones

"This is a super-duper group… Let me just tell you that the Foo Fighters, right now, are living out our rock and roll fantasy with you tonight.” Need I say more?


4.     Rock and Rickroll

Silence the haters, Rick Roll them. No one saw it coming. Who would have ever thought of "answering" a church protest with Never Gonna Give You Up?  The song definitely came handy.


5.     Italian Fans Showed Some MASSIVE Love

Want your favorite band to come to your country and play a gig? Gather 1,000 of your fellow diehard fans and rock out to one of the band's hits. That’s exactly what Italian Foo fans did and it worked!

What are some of your favorite Foo Fighters events this summer?

Photo credit: Entertainment Weekly