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There has been quite a buzz about photoshopped posters of music festival line-ups where male bands are removed, leaving only a handful of acts with female members.

It really is a male-dominated world, eh?

However, as we continue to improve civilization, women have been putting themselves not only in the “popstar” limelight but also in both rock and indie scenes. The word frontwoman isn’t really as common as it should be. There’s Hayley Williams from Paramore but how many others can you really think of?

Let me introduce 3 bands with female leads and some of their hits that will surely be up your alley.


Sleeper Agent

Pop-punk’s sugary effervescence with garage rock swagger – Spotify perfectly describes the band Sleeper Agent, fronted by Alex Kandel.


Wolf Alice

This emerging alternative rock band from London with their lead vocalist, Ellie Roswell, would be a familiar name to all indie lovers out there.


The Pretty Reckless

She’s more than just the chick from Gossip Girl. Taylor Momsen’s raspy yet rich alto vocals become the signature element of the band with genres ranging from alternative metal to hard rock.


Photo Credit: virtualfestivals, theguardian, Brian Tromans, elmodenafrontline

A rather typical question that is known to rear its head in the setting of an interview or press conference is the following: “If you weren’t playing music, what would you be doing?” It’s not a boring question (though it is arguably dependent on the interviewee) and you could say that it delves deeper into the psyche of said musician but in the case of Twenty One Pilots, the Internet is a source that has already given us a pretty good idea of what the guys might get up to.

That is, in an alternative universe where Tyler Joseph and Joshua Dun aren’t performing hyperactive sets and coming up with yet another uncanny tale to answer “How did you two meet?”


1.  Radio DJ

Introducing DJ Spooky Jim! Now there’s a radio personality that knows exactly what they’re talking about. Armed with thought-provoking queries and an unmatched resilience for fan-service, this Josh Dun lookalike is known to drill artistes and get to the core of their music. Even Tyler has sweated it out what trying to address certain rumours regarding TØP.  

They’re wondering if you kicked Josh out of the band based off the rumour that says that his style threatened you.”


2. Professional Basketballer

The story of Tyler Joseph’s unexpected transition from potential Larry Bird to a globe-trotting member of a musical duo has us drawing distinct parallels to one Troy Bolton. Even after helping Fall Out Boy fill up arenas, it’s still the familiar aroma of gymnasium-based sweat that surely makes the frontman think, “Get'cha Head in the Game.” Till this day, Tyler’s athletic prowess is remembered by a competitor, YouTube user btball1849, claiming to have “Played against his team [in] senior year of high school. He made five 3's.”

I had to make 500 shots every day before dinner. I still feel like I should be wearing gym shorts.”


3. Stylish Farmer

Whether it’s shovelling corn or guiding an unruly sounder of pigs, farming has never looked cooler than with Twenty One Pilots. Gone are their usual skinny jeans and in their place, the age-old combination of plaid and suspenders albeit with shades; always with the Ray Bans. Also, who needs a Maserati when you’ve got a trendy combine harvester?

It’s actually really nice to have machinery like this and then take it out on the road and go to the mall.  Meet up with some friends and say, “Hey I’ll pick you up in my combine, what do you want to eat? Let’s get some tacos, you’re popular, it’s good, buy a combine!


4. Gamer

With the rise of nerd culture and the increasing prominence of gaming personalities (aka YouTubers paid to walk you through video games complete with well-placed wisecracks), Tyler and Josh fit right in. Revealing an unmatched sense of empathy for characters that they curated themselves, even a simple game of Happy Wheels receives the 21P treatment: full of love and unadulterated encouragement.



5. Poet

It’s a no-brainer really, as if you haven’t already caught wind of the Arthur Miller reference. Tyler Joseph is quick to point out “this [Twenty One Pilots] is not rap, this is not hip-hop” so instead of worrying whether it was the right decision to kick Josh out of the band, the multi-instrumentalist/MC could have been penning odes in a more literary fashion.


Spin or Bin Music is proud to be the Official Music Blog for the Twenty One Pilots Blurryface World Tour 2015!

Concert Details:

Date                : 16 July 2015, Thursday
Venue             : Suntec Convention Centre, Hall 401-402
Ticket Prices: $78 (early bird), $98 (standard), $108 (at the door)

Tickets are now available for purchase at SISTIC and APACTix.


Photo credit: Fueled By Ramen

One True Pairing (OTP) and shipping are not new in the Internet world. If you’re a noobie, shipping is a term used by fandoms when they put two characters together as a pair; it comes from the word, relationSHIP.

We’ve had Mclennon and Larry shippers flooding websites like tumblr with their fan fiction and fan art.  However, the latest obsession today seems to be the several shipnames of the band 5 Seconds of Summer. Every member of the band has at least two other band members whom they’re paired with.

Shippers dedicate both time and effort in creating fan art for their beloved OTPs and here are bizarre ones that are worth sharing:


Muke – Michael + Luke


Cashton  Calum + Ashton


Cake – Calum + Luke


Mashton – Michael + Ashton


The Internet really is a weird place to be. But then again, it allows our imagination to run wild.

Share with us your fave OTP!

Photo Credit:, tumblr, weheartit

It’s not everyday that we get to hear a speech from the famous English crooner who melted our hearts with his melodious love songs.

A few days ago, Ed Sheeran enlightened us with his speech at the American Stuttering Institute Gala 2015.

He reminded us of 3 things that he learned while growing up with a stutter:


1.     Music helps

Did you know Eminem helped Ed overcome his stutter? Yes! He used to memorize rap lyrics when he was ten and that’s when he developed his love for music. Let’s all thank Eminem for his existence because without him, there probably won’t be an Ed Sheeran.


2.     No amount of struggle can stop you from excelling

Despite his problems with speech due to stuttering, it didn’t hinder Ed from pursuing his love for music. It even became his outlet for self-expression. Don’t stop yourself from getting the help you need. From Ed himself, “Carry on pushing forward.”


3.     It’s okay to be the weird kid in school

It might sound cliché but Ed reminded us to just be ourselves and to embrace our quirkiness. There’s a reason why it’s a cliché, because most kids are still trying to desperately follow the status quo in order to be perceived as “cool.” But guess what? The guy who used to be one of the cool kids in Ed’s School now does his plumping. Well, how the tables have turned.


Watch Ed's speech here:

Photo Credit: Billboard, Ed Sheeran

Have a tough week coming up? We’ve all had them, and we all got through them.

We've compiled 10 songs that helped us get through the toughest days of our lives, whether it is a major exam, getting splashed by a speeding truck driving through the puddle on the side of the road (this literally happened) or when things just don’t go well. These songs will calm your nerves and help you breathe in times of anxiety, trust me, breathing can be difficult sometimes.

Just remember...

I used to make “mix CDs” for my friends – an indirect way of forcing them to listen to the songs I’m listening to. I’d design the front of the CD using colorful sharpies based on the playlist’s theme. Now let me share with you a virtual version of the old school mixtape that you will still enjoy nonetheless.

I put Vampire Weekend’s Step as the first track for a reason; it never fails to lift up my mood whatever the situation is.

Note To Self by Jake Bugg is a personal favorite. I’d listen to it whenever my self-esteem goes downhill. It gets my mind off irrelevant thoughts.

I’ve also added a Bob Dylan classic, Blowin’ In The Wind. Play it in the middle of the night, preferably with good headphones on. Thank me later.

If you’re studying for exams or just dreading the week ahead because of a boring part-time job, then this playlist is for you!


Photo Credit: Pinterest,