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"The 1989 World Tour will be coming to Singapore!"

Those words changed our lives, emptied our wallets (but who cares), and totally rocked our world!

We still can't believe it happened and we had to pinch ourselves several times during the show because it felt so surreal to watch Taylor Swift rock that stage in our sunny island. We are going to attempt our best to break down for you what happened on that spectacular night because it all still feels like a dream. So here goes!

Excitement and the jitters could be felt even before the sold-out concert started outside the Singapore Indoor Stadium. Swifties who didn't win M&G passes were trying to take selfies with Tay Tay's mega face plastered onto pillars and walls because that was probably the closest they will ever get to have a picture with their queen. 

As usual, long queues were present at all the merchandise pop up stores. Fans were looking at the 1989 t-shirts, shades and tour book all going like, "KEEP QUIET AND TAKE MY MONEY!!!" Because spending a few hundred dollars on a concert ticket is acceptable, so a few more dollars on concert merch won't hurt right?

Decked out in Taylor Swift inspired outfits and Keds designed by none other than Tswizzle, the energy of the stadium started to increase as the stadium started to fill up with excited fans. Maybe some too excited fans as they started to make their own mosh pit on ground level, and security started chasing them away back to their seats. But lo and behold, nothing can stop Swifties from getting what they want as they ran back to their self-created mosh pit just before the show started.

The lights suddenly went off and the huge backdrop just, dropped. And BAM! The one and only Taylor Swift appeared with a sparkly green jacket and opened the show with Welcome to New York! Well, welcome to Singapore Tswift!!!

Taylor took off her jacket for the next song, New Romantics, and in between she started to say that she has been to Singapore so many times now. But this time, Singapore is the most beautiful. Aww!

The second single off 1989, Blank Space, was definitely a favourite for the 9,000-strong crowd and Taylor upped her game by adding a twist to the song. She used a metal rod to hit a pole situated in the middle of the runway and looped her saying "Singapore" into the backing track. That was something interesting and different for Swifties who have heard that song a million times already!

Following that, Tay played I Knew You Were Trouble and I Wish You Would. In between these songs, she thanked Singapore once again for welcoming 1989 into our bedrooms, parties and for choosing to spend our Saturday night with her. No, thank YOU Taylor for choosing to spend your Saturday night with us! We wouldn't choose it any other way!

Dressed in an amazing two-piece ensemble that lights up and changes colour, TayTay continued her set with How You Get the Girl. It was a real spectacle as her dancers were all armed with translucent umbrellas that lit up to match her dress, dancing around.

I Know Places followed, before Swift stripped it down with just her guitar to an old classic, You Belong with Me

Tay asked the crowd who lives here in Singapore, and a roaring scream answered her. Then she asked who travelled here to see the show, and an equally loud scream was heard. Since Singapore is the only 1989 show in Southeast Asia, it was certainly no surprise that fans travelled all the way just to catch their idol perform LIVE.

Before performing her next song, Taylor began to explain that she feels that although we may live in two different countries that are so far apart, but the fact that we are all in one place singing the same songs means that we face the same insecurities and doubts. And that makes her feel that there is actually no distance at all. 

And to remind us why she's an inspiration to all of us, Taylor tells us that the opinions of other people who don't know or don't care about you don't really matter. What we just have to do is to separate those opinions out of your life, and in that moment, you're Clean! (smooth intro Tay!)

"First number one international song", "back in 2008", "wrote when she was 17 on her bedroom floor", figured it out yet? If you haven't, Love Story is Taylor's breakout song that launched her career into what it is now and is the reason she credits why she gets to do world tours like this. 

With her incredible Style, This Love were performed in a very dreamy like stage set-up with her dancers in cropped blue suits and her back up singers in beautiful black gowns.

BAM! It was seriously a drastic transition of what seemed to be like a trance into this action-packed spy film as the loud dramatic music welcomed Bad Blood and a rock version of We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together.

There were pre-recorded video tapes of Taylor Swift's squad (which includes the usual Selena Gomez, Cara Delevingne, Haim, Abigail Anderson, etc.) that played in between songs during her costume changes. Her group of friends were asked about 1989 and what being a friend of Taylor is like. And their responses were like seriously #friendshipgoals.

We were definitely Enchanted to meet Taylor and for once, it wasn't in our Wildest Dreams although it really felt like it when Swift started to play on this amazingly shaped piano that looked so fairytale-like.

Out of the Woods was greeted with very loud emotional singing from the audience as Swifties knew in this moment that the concert was beginning to come to an unwanted end. (and also because Taylor asked the crowd to sing with her one last time)

But there was nothing much we could do, but to Shake It Off. The last song of the night, was certainly one to remember. Taylor wore a green sparkly glitterly shimmery outfit to end off the night with the first single off 1989 and also the single that launched her career into the pop lane. As the stage lowered her down, Swift busted out some of her famous Taylor moves until we could see her no more. 

The show ended with these words that flashed onto the screen, "She lost him but found herself and somehow that was everything. Thank you. Good night!" We guess that's exactly what 1989 was all about. It was Taylor exploring new adventures everyday while finding her own person. And of course, becoming the global superstar that she has become. We couldn't be more proud.


1. Welcome to New York
2. New Romantics
3. Blank Space
4. I Knew You Were Trouble (Remix)
5. I Wish You Would
6. How You Get the Girl
7. I Know Places
8. You Belong With Me (Acoustic)
9. Clean
10. Love Story (1989 Remix)
11. Style
12. This Love
13. Bad Blood
14. We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together (Rock Remix)
15. Enchanted/Wildest Dreams
16. Out of the Woods
17. Shake It Off

We hope that this is not the last we see of her and that she'll be back here in Singapore in the near future! In the meantime, tweet us how your 1989 concert experience was like! We would love to hear your stories!

Photo Credit: Taylor Swift, AEG Live & Spin or Bin Music

It's been 3 long years since The Vaccines graced our island with their presence, and of course, their monstrous beats. But thanks to the ever so powerful gig gods, we experienced an almost psychedelic break from our mundane routine as the English Quartet shook the whole room with their shuddering tunes.

Despite the room being barely half full nearing show time, the small crowd immediately got hyped up with Handsome, one of the most popular songs from their latest record. Show stealer Freddie Cowan caught the eyes of many fangirls the moment he started his mind-tripping riffs. For a moment, I found myself surrounded by hardcore fans in the front row, which made me doubt my very presence in that mosh pit.

The energy died off for a while at certain parts of the set but there was another kind of entertainment happening behind me – another diehard fan singing at the top of his lungs to EVERY song and knowing ALL the words. Talk about DEDICATION!

The intensity came back again once Pete Robertson kicks off the opening for Teenage Icon with some sick drum beats. The familiar sound received so many piercing screams from future groupies, which carried out until the chorus as everyone sang, “I’m no teenage icon. I’m no Frankie Avalon. I’m nobody’s hero...” If my 16 year old self foresaw that I’d be singing this line live in 3 years time, I would’ve been very pleased. Let’s add the fact that Justin Young looked me in the eyes for about 3 seconds (I’m not kidding) as I sang along to Post Break-Up Sex.

The night was made more than just a breath of fresh air as Justin Young “wrestled” one of the staffs who was trying to help him with his mic stand and as I stood their laughing hysterically, lucky enough to get it on cam. Poor guy. Lesson learned: Don’t mess with a drunken dude.

Though the night was almost coming to an end, the electric atmosphere didn't die out as Justin Young and Arni Arnason switched places. Arni became the vocalist of the band for 2 minutes as he sang Blow Your Mind with so much calm and composure – totally opposite of the vibe he gives off when playing the bass.

A Vaccines show can’t possibly end without Norgaard. The much-awaited encore lifted up our spirits as we shouted, “A-M-A-N-D-A Norgaard. I saw you on a cover of cross bay boulevard!”

The galvanizing show the Vaccines put together recharged many tired souls in that room, especially in the midweek. No cheesiness intended, but I guess I could say we got vaccinated.


Wreckin' Bar
Dream Lover
Minimal Affection
Tiger Blood
Bad Mood
Wolf Pack / Blow It Up
Post Break-up Sex
In Love
Melody Calling
Give Me A Sign
Teenage Icon
I Always Knew
If You Wanna
All In White
No Hope (Acoustic)
Blow Your Mind

Photo Credit: Press, Instagram (@racheljl, @antonsiura, @vixharrisdesigns, @gaijintheoutsider, @alillustre)

Before last Friday night, many of us would have thought Dr. Martens was just a classy hipster shoe brand and nothing much more. But after the events at Singapore's arts venue 72-13, they showed that they know how to bring a night to life with free tickets, free drinks and fantastic live music, headlined this year by British indie rock newcomers Circa Waves.

Opening for the night was local band Riot !n Magenta (R!M), whose soulful melodies and rhythmic beats allowed us to groove along to their eye-catching performance. The energy in the room was definitely building with some of that vivacity radiating from frontgirl Eugenia Yip's stuttery movements and versatile vocals.

After forgettable long queues at the washrooms and drink stations, Circa Waves took to the stage and suddenly there was a shift in the vibes in the room. From good, to fucking fantastic. Opening with their blood-pumping single Young Chasers before the crowd sing-along hook chorus in Good For Me.

Circa Waves showed their indie-rock 4-piece prowess with lively drums, groovy basslines and the interaction between the two Fender guitars just behind Kieran Shudall's shamelessly rugged singing. Best Years was the song of the night for sure, with the band really getting everyone's hands up in the air and jumping to the tunes.

After a few spur-of-the-moment crowd surfing attempts from a couple of people in the audience during the "rock n roll song" Get Away, Circa Waves brought on their most well-known song, T-Shirt Weather, and every one danced their heart out screaming "It's gonna be okay!"  in the final song of the night.

There's just something about small, intimate venues that bring a special aura to the performances and music for the people who make the effort to see live music. They are experiences you can never have on your earpods or on Spotify, so here's to many more gigs like this.


Credits: Instagram (@leannemhmin @littleong @jenoosia @rdioasia @cherlynnlian @nextofqin @qoirool)

FORMULA 1 GRAND PRIX is back in Singapore again for its upteempth time! In the midst of all the smoke and sound coming from the race cars with F1 enthusiasts from all over the world, this 3-day event will never be complete each year without its amazing headlining performances to end the races each night. 

This year, Singapore Grand Prix is honoured to have the Happy singer Pharrell Williams, American pop-rock band Maroon 5 and long-time standing rock band Bon Jovi to perform at Singapore's very own Padang Stage. 

In pole position, we have Mr Pharrell Williams who kicked off the first night on Friday with his latest single, Freedom

Decked out in a really cute giraffe T-shirt and Adidas sponsored jeans, Pharrell entertained the non-stop screaming crowd with everything he had to the point he was glistening in his own perspiration. We were wondering if Adidas actually told Pharrell how many seconds he had to turn his back facing the audience so that the huge print of the Adidas logo could be seen at the back of his jeans because his butt had a lot of screen time!

Pharrell invited some fans to dance on stage with him for a couple of songs, and we have to add that these fans can really dance! Before the fans had to get off the stage, they all shook hands with the man himself. It was a really weird sight. These fans look like they were meeting the president as they dished out formal handshakes. We think that if you are THAT close to a famous singer like Pharrell, just go in for the hug!

In between songs, Pharrell would always mention his amazing dancers who were by the way, beyond talented. Dressed in different colours of Adidas gear, he introduced his dancers individually by name. A cute and awkward moment gatecrashed when he forgot the name of his back-up dancer in yellow. Clearly embarrassed, Pharrell later explained that she was the newest member in the crew and apologised to the talented dancer.

I think Pharrell probably invented the Kallang scream (or Padang scream?) as he mananged to get the crowd to scream at the top of their lungs across the entire mosh pit simply by just saying, "I think that the energy is over here." and waving his hand above the crowd.

For his song, Get Lucky, a lot of his younger fans were chosen to go on stage for the next song. Aren't they just so lucky? 

Finally the moment everyone was waiting for, Pharrell performed Happy as his second last song before closing his entire set with of course, another performace of Freedom. (Get that promo Pharrell!)

Who's on for the second night? It's none other than Maroon 5!

There was definitely something different in the air as Maroon 5 is probably considered a favourite band by many. Opening the show with a bang, Animals, drove the crowd wild. The energy level of the audience rose as the band continued to play crowd favourites throughout the night.

In between This Love and Sunday Morning, Adam randomly sang some notes and the electric guitar echoed through perfectly. The whole band gathered together with their arms on each other's shoulders as Adam gave a mini speech. "It doesn't matter if you're not singing in tune, as long as you enjoy singing with your friends like I do, sing along." Motivated, the crowd united in acapella to the chorus of Payphone.


The concert 'ended' with Daylight, which was rather ironic because it was past midnight. By this time, the crowd was singing so passionately to every single word of the song.

However, every concert goer knows that a concert is not really over until the act performs their latest single. A good 5 minutes crawled before Maroon 5 reappeared on stage to complete their set with She Will Be Loved, Moves Like Jagger and Sugar.

Then this happened.

The heat in Singapore was probably too much for Adam to handle. He took off his shirt for the last song before proceeding to play his neon pink electric guitar. The entire crowd went nuts and screamed louder than the sound of the race cars.

Well done, Mr Levine, well done.

Returning to Singapore after twenty years of absence, Bon Jovi was the final act to end the largely successful F1 event on Sunday night. 

Clothed in a long sleeved black sweater and jeans, many thought that he was crazy and wished to die of a heat stroke. However, this legend was street smart enough to change into a black looking vest later.

Not only does Bon Jovi have an amazing stage presence, his charisma charmed the (mostly drunk) crowd with his spot-on vocals and high energy moves despite his age.

From the very mouth of Bon Jovi, "We came a long way here for one reason and one reason only, to hear you scream!!!' We really doubt he just came all the way to Singapore to hear people scream. Props to him for getting the crowd to scream which was probably what he was going for!

We have no idea what was going on with the sound system half way through the concert but aren't we glad that Jon Bon Jovi was there to save the situation with his humourous response? "The guitar's tech's gonna have a long walk home to America."

After countless selfies with fans, Bon Jovi treated the 60,000 strong crowd with their biggest hit, Livin' on a Prayer. What a great way to end the show!


Huge congratulations to Sebastian Vettel on the win! And to the random F1 fan who walked onto the Marina Bay circuit track for making our day, we hope you are okay!

We look forward to more amazing acts in the next lap of F1 Singapore!

Photo Credit: Singapore GP Pte Ltd and Mediacorp

Let me paint the picture here. The theme is vintage cool. The men are dapperly suave in their suits while the ladies are gorgeous in their vampy yet classic guises. The music: taking today’s contemporary pop hits and infusing them with the sounds from a different era. And the atmosphere? Magic. House all of these under one roof, and you have before you – a Postmodern Jukebox live show.    

For the uninitiated, the brainchild of Postmodern Jukebox – Scott Bradlee – studied jazz at the University of Hartford. The then struggling pianist began posting videos online in 2009, experimenting a ragtime medley of 80s pop. Fast forward six years later, Bradlee’s project has evolved into a worldwide sensation. Their undeniable popularity and entertaining prowess were affirmed by the enthusiastic audience at KL Live on Tuesday night.

While Bradlee is clearly the genius behind the concert, he shines the spotlight on his musical ensemble and, particularly, the four amazingly talented vocalists – sexpot Ariana Savalas, band original Robyn Adele Anderson, soul diva Maiya Sykes and the young crooner Von Smith (five if you include MC Mykal Kilgore). Each of them were exceptional individually, and the chemistry they had with one another, the band and the audience was outstanding.  

Ariana Savalas, the clear femme fatale of the bunch, was oozing sexuality as she flirt and tease individual members at the front row, drawing laughter from the rest of the crowd. Her melodic whistling was simply eargasmic. Adele Anderson and Smith were no slouches either. They continued the trend with reworked covers of Wiggle and Rude respectively, which had me toe-tapping and swaying my hips from side to side.    

Part of the fun on a PMJ show is discovering the songs they were covering after just hearing the first few lines of the song. It was pure ear candy when I realised the vintage 1950s doo-wop tune was Miley Cyrus’ We Can't Stop. Maiya Sykes took it up a notch when she performed Radiohead's self-loathing anthem, Creep. Full of power and pathos, the soul diva’s voice tore through the roof and gave us chills down our spine. This girl can sang!

Another highlight of the show was when Bradlee asked the audience to shout out random bands or artist (among the suggestions: Earth, wind & fire, Beyonce, Nickelback, Lady Gaga), to which he then proceeded to deliver a continuous instrumental piano mash-up right there on the spot. It was heart-warming to see an artist who loves what he does so much and enjoys sharing it with everyone else.

By the end of the night, PMJ had the entire floor shaking to Taylor Swift’s Shake It Off and Meghan Trainor's All About That Bass as their encore number.

It’s not often one would see a well-balanced group of old and young gathered in the name of music. The young people are fans of the pop songs they hear on the radio while the older generation are captivated by the nostalgia and sentimentality of these rearrangements. PMJ's ability to breathe new life into already popular hits cleverly bridges the gap between Gen X and Gen Y with their signature PMJ trademark.   

To sum up my PMJ live show experience, it was pure entertainment! These performers know they are talented but are not showy; they are simply having fun performing and they want you to have a terrific time as well. 

Memorable moments: Being seduced by the vampy Ariana Savalas where she took my specs off and ruffled my hair. Oh, and appearing on Scott Bradlee’s selfie had me fanboy-ing all over again.



Photo credit: RMI, Muhayminomar, Jameslsy, Scott Bradlee