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She's not only a singer but a motivational speaker and a dream maker.

Jessie J has been in the music industry for many years now. After many successful singles later, she has made her a name for herself internationally. And Singapore had the privilege last night to witness for ourselves what a talented person she really is.

The Singapore Indoor Stadium started to fill up has early as 7pm as all majority of the tickets were based on general admission. Whether it was the hardcore fans or even people who received complementary tickets from Singtel and Samsung, everybody wanted to get the best seats in the house.

At 8pm, the stadium was almost full and the atmosphere started to get really pumped as songs from DNCE, Shawn Mendes and even Taylor Swift were echoing throughout the common gathering space. Exactly at 8:28pm, the lights dimmed and Jessie's band started playing as the long-awaited pop star made her way up from the right side of the stage.

The one and only Jessie J was standing right before our very eyes and she started with what seemed like vocal exercises before finishing it off with "Singaporeeeeeee!!!" in a her famous vibrato voice. Obviously like every single crowd in the world, this one went wild at the mere mention of their country's name.

Dressed in a gold sparkly over-sized jacket and knee-high black boots, the English singer kicked off the show with her hit song Ain't Been Done followed by Domino.

After which she addressed the audience by talking about her day, about how she flew from L.A. to Tokyo and finally to Singapore. She mentioned that her whole body felt like sleeping so if she were to go for some notes and if they don't come out right, it's because her voice is asleep. Well, that was probably just her way of getting the crowd to sing along with her to Nobody's Perfect. (what a great segue Jess)

The 28-year-old singer continued to recount her eventful day when she reached her hotel in Singapore, she ordered chicken rice at 3 in the morning. She really enjoyed it but she said that the chef was rather confused by her order at such an unearthly hour. After her meal, she watched a movie and wrote a few songs. (Wow, that seriously sounds like an eventful and productive day.)

Feeling overwhelmed as she didn't expect so many people to attend the show, she begin to explain how her fans have inspired her. Of how she doesn't really get to see the people as all she usually sees are the stats. But when she does get to see the people, it's when she really feels like her music has truly impacted lives and that is one of the most beautiful things to her.

At 16 years old, she recounted that she was terrified when she auditioned for a girl band. She remembered that she sang this next song, and her whole life changed. After which she proceeded to sing her rendition of Whitney Houston's I Have Nothing. And dare we say her cover was as good as Whitney herself.

As an eccentric and emotional person, Jess wrote this song when she was just 17 and she had no idea what this song was going to do to her life. To be able to do what she does, she doesn't just help herself but others as well. This three and a half minute song helped her for about 11 years. And she encouraged the audience that although sometimes we are sad and insecure about ourselves, all we have to do is to work on ourselves everyday and that is how we will eventually step into our own. And the song that saved her was none other than Who You Are.

Coming to the middle of her set, Jessie admitted that her voice was really tired but she always believes in singing LIVE and not lip syncing no matter what. Sometimes in the studio, she thinks of writing songs for the lower register of her voice so it wouldn't be so hard on her but she never does. The respect we have for this woman is really one of a kind. For Flashlight, it was indeed a duet with the audience as we looked like a sea full of lights.

"What can I tell you about me that you don't already know?" Jessie asked the audience as she was taking burning questions from the audience. And there was a question in particular that really stumped her, "What's the best part of being alive?" WOW. There was a long pause before she eventually gave probably the wisest answer she could give. She replied that it was the chance to experience everything, to have the opportunity to walk and talk and know people, and to share her life in music. To know that her music has impacted the lives of others and it becomes a part of them that will never die. And if you're having a weird day, to know that you are alive, that is the best part. PREACH IT SISTA!

She also noticed a fan crying and asked if he was okay. He revealed that her last album saved his life. It was a little get-to-know the fans segment where Jessie made a friend. His name is Duane, and he is 23 years of age and will be entering university to major in the bachelor of arts. And what happened next was probably one of the many highlights of the night. They sang an improv duet. AND BOY CAN DUANE SING. The crowd seriously went crazy at how good the two sounded together.

For Burnin' Up, Jess wanted the audience to clap along but asked those who can't clap to the beat to use their feet instead because nobody can hear that. (oh Jessie!) She mentioned that the moment she got off the plane, she felt as though she was in a hand dryer. Oh girl, welcome to Singapore!

After Do It Like A Dude, the singer confessed that she decided not to do anymore shows this year because she said sometimes you have to say no and live a little but she just couldn't resist coming to Singapore because she loves it here. (AWW) She shouted out the boss man of the company and went, "Singtel say something, ring ring!" Oh my she seriously cracked everyone up.

Masterpiece really tugged on the heart strings of everyone present and to top it, Jessie invited a 13-year-old fan to sing the song on stage. Oh bless her little heart, she was so overwhelmed and could not sing the song without choking up on the words.

In between rolling her boots down because the lights were so hot and giving another motivational speech on why there's no such thing as perfect and making your own perfect straight to the camera, we were silently trying to soak up everything that was happening because we knew the end was near.

The night ended with some fan favourites, Price Tag and Bang Bang. WHAT A DANCE PARTY! The inner diva notes of everyone started coming out as everyone was cherishing the last moments with the Queen herself. Jessie seriously crushed Nicki's rap and those notes she was reaching were insane. Who would ever believe that her voice is not at its best??? Girl, don't be frustrated, your voice is amazing whether asleep or awake. YOU KILLED IT.


1. Ain't Been Done
2. Domino
3. Nobody's Perfect
4. I Have Nothing (Whitney Houston Cover)
5. Who You Are
6. Flashlight
7. Burnin' Up
8. Do It Like A Dude
9. Masterpiece
10. Price Tag
11. Bang Bang 

Photo Credit: Singtel, Sumsang, Universal Music & Jessie J Instagram

There was only one goal on Monday evening at the Star Performing Arts Centre, and it was to get everyone in the audience to shake their “bum bums” – according to vocal powerhouse Little Mix.

We finally got to see our queens live for the first time and man, was it explosive. I think I burned more calories dancing last night than I ever did this whole year so far. This just brings us to two points, 1.) I don’t exercise enough and 2.) Little Mix knows how to bring the house down and get everyone on their feet!

Opening for the night is Singaporean quartet The Sam Willows who serenaded the crowd with their hit songs, some of which are Take Heart and For Love. It wasn’t long enough before fans sang along to a cover of Justin Bieber’s Love Yourself, which then followed enormous screams as Sandra Tang confessed, “There’s nothing better than playing at home.”

The homegrown band might have made everyone feel a sense of pride, but it seemed like the energy only kicked off right after their set. It wasn’t just because everyone was filled with eager anticipation for Little Mix, but the audience seemed to be more turnt up by Beyoncé songs that were being played. It was then when a handful of people, young and old, started to finally get up from their seats to dance along to Single Ladies and Run The World. At that moment, the atmosphere was all set and ready for Little Mix.

It was as though I momentarily lost the poise I like to think I have when my queens started off with the banging song, Grown. The fiery dance hit left no one out, perhaps except for Jesy who was in a wheelchair the entire time because of an injury. But of course, this didn’t stop her for joining the rest of the girls starting from their latest singleHair until the very last song.

Putting two screens at each side of the stage probably would have been better for those at the top floors, but the lack of it didn’t hinder Little Mix from giving a phenomenal performance considering some security guards even told the audience to sit down. If those guys’ main objective was to kill everyone’s vibe, I’m pretty sure they didn’t succeed.


Truly living up to their tour and record title, Get Weird, Little Mix brought out the weird in all of us as Jade pointed out eccentric things she and the girls noticed in the crowd – a Dad wearing a unicorn mask and an adorable banner that says, “I wish I could pull off grades as high as your high notes.”


Dorky, unpretentious, and flawless are probably just a few terms to describe the insane night. Perrie prancing on stage and the girls snorting with laughter made everyone feel at home. However, the mood also became slightly emotional as Little Mix delved into more personal songs like Change Your Life, Secret Love Song, and Little Me, all of which gave a mushy feeling that left everyone teary-eyed. Not to mention my favorite song of the night, Love Me Like You.


Though Little Mix are known to keepin’ it real, they didn’t let the hype ruin their perfect harmonies, which I must say were as on point as those videos of them on YouTube. Angelic voices and quirky personalities? What more can you ask for?

Sadly, the euphoric night needed to come to an end and even Little Mix themselves were as devastated as their enthusiastic fans. But the show couldn’t possibly end with the most-anticipated song that opened with Leigh-Anne and the crowd chanting, “When all is lost, and love is tragic, cast a spell, it’s called black magic.”

Little Mix might be one of the most underrated pop bands in this lifetime, but their shows are definitely not ones to be missed. As cheesy as it sounds, it was shining, shimmering, splendid, and to answer Leigh-Anne’s question before the encore, “Yes, we Singapore fans would like to see you do the show all over again.”


Here’s the setlist (strategically revised to accommodate Jesy):


Photo Credits: @alvieisalive, @rafequinn & @trampledheart (instagram), @LittleMix_SG & @trampledheart (twitter), Rapresentz Photography (flickr)

It has been four longs years since M83 performed their psychedelic songs in Singapore, but last night we were graced by one of this generation’s most sought after electronic bands.

A crowd of 2000 gathered at The Coliseum @ Hard Rock Hotel Sentosa for M83’s much-anticipated set. However, the euphoric night didn’t start with a bang, as anyone would expect an electronic concert to be.

Perhaps majority of M83 fans are night owls, as the hall was barely half full when opening act .gif stepped onstage. The local duo might not seem as extravagant in hindsight, but tracks like Money and Juvenile left the initially unreceptive audience wide-eyed. Vocalist Weish carried the whole set so well, yet so effortlessly, with her versatile high pitched vocals – ranging from eccentric monkey noises in the intro to those unexpected rap verses. What Spotify would usually call “Atmospheric chill” is probably the best term to describe their music.

At half past 9 in the evening, the lights went out and the audience finally turned their whines into screams as M83 entered the stage. Opening with their first song for the night, Reunion, the band delved into what frontman Anthony Gonzalez described as adult-scripted-teen dreams – stunning visuals accompanied by dreamy fluorescent lights as Gonzalez and the rest of the people in the room sang, “There’s no more loneliness, only sparkles and sweat.” The lyrics could not be more apt, in my opinion, as everyone danced along not caring about how much they’ve perspired.


It was as though their latest record, Junk, was brought to life. The stage and the whole Coliseum were filled with an extra terrestrial feel not just because of the visuals, but with M83’s ethereal synth-driven tunes. I didn’t even know you could do that with The Coliseum, most of the past gigs at the venue merely consisted of a black backdrop. Thanks to M83’s magical forces, the venue finally discovered it’s hidden potential.

The electrifying set also entered the 80’s realm as multi-instrumentalist Jordan Lawlor led the audience into Walkway Blues, a song he has written that made it to their latest record. Can I say how much I’ve been left in awe with his swooning vocals and overall glorious talent? He alternately switched from bass to electric guitar almost after every song, and even played around with percussions during Couleurs.

With the audience’s exuberance almost reaching a full head of steam, there was an obvious shift in mood as M83 played the soul-stirring Wait, which followed the much-awaited dance anthem, Midnight City. The memorable and flawless sax solo was enough to make me feel like I was flying, just add the fact that there were flashing lights in front of me. What a perfect setting.

Let’s also not forget the lady of the band, Kaela Sinclair, who looked like she came right out of a fairytale storybook with her bright red and purple hair and vocals comparable to a real life Disney princess’ (no exaggeration, whatsoever).

To my disappointment, For The Kids wasn’t included in the setlist and I left the venue imagining how the song would sound like live. I’m sure Sinclair would have sung it as immaculately as the original singer Susanne Sundfør.

Nevertheless, M83 was able to create an ambience like no other, finishing off with the instrumental Lower Your Eyelids To Die With The Sun. Though most M83 songs are not ones that we’d usually sing along to, due to their mostly inaudible lyrics being overpowered by their mystical melodies, it’s safe to say that they are the perfect definition why music is the universal language. You don’t really need words to capture and even evoke such thrilling emotions.


Missed the show? Listen to the setlist here!


Photo credits: Aloysius Lim & Alvin Ho / Laneway Presents

Solid Death Cab For Cutie fans have waited 4 long years for the return of their favorite indie rock band. So, it wasn’t surprising when they paid our tiny island a visit last night as all suppressed emotions filled The Coliseum at Sentosa.

At exactly 8 o’clock in the evening, no more no less, Take Two took the stage. The night seemed to have been brighter despite the preceding sunset when girls repeatedly screamed, “Wooh!! You’re so cute!” as they swoon over the frontman’s vocals and, of course, his looks. The frontman, Paddy, sure has his own tactics in getting the crowd hype up for the main act, constantly asking the Death-Cab-anticipating audience to dance along to their psychedelic tunes.

However, despite the slight failure of his request, I looked around and saw the stoned crowd focused on guitarist Peng Sing as he flawlessly owned those “Adam Hann” like guitar riffs. My personal favorites, In Your Arms and Luna, were just as good as the first time I’ve heard them at Fort Canning Park. Take Two made great use of the short 30-minute set they were allocated. Definitely a band to watch out for (if you haven’t already!)

During the half hour of waiting for Death Cab For Cutie, the audience noticed Take Two’s humility as they helped pack up every instrument – from their own Yamaha drum set to the bassist’s small electric fan, which I presume is now a gig must-bring due to his unmatchable energy! You do need a bit of air to prevent sweat from dripping, eh?

After a couple of more minutes, lights were dimmed and eerie sounds of a vintage stereo started playing. This was the first time I’ve ever encountered such a unique opening gimmick and as this happened, Death Cab For Cutie entered the scene.

With no other greeting aside from their sweet smiles and waves, Death Cab For Cutie opened No Room In Frame with a light-hearted kick! The song’s unfamiliarity probably accounted for the slow start, but as soon as Crooked Teeth started playing, all hell broke lose. One memorable part was the ending of the bridge as everyone sang along, “My head is weak, my heart always speaks, before I know what it will say,” and following what I think is the most badass transition ever. With no exaggeration, I think Death Cab For Cutie is one of those rare rock bands which can both tug at your heartstrings at the same time managing to make you go on an intense rage dance.

Thanks to Ben Gibbard’s thought-provoking lyrics and the band’s sentimental melodies, I was able to live in my pretentious bubble again as I try to let every second of the moment sink in.

Though Death Cab For Cutie seem to appeal more to older millennials, I noticed as they fully stride corporate suits, the band does have a few teenage fans. What these two “generations” do have in common is their love for early 2000s music that seemed to resonate such a feel-good vibe. The band played as though they emitted a kind of positive energy that got fans responding so distinctly. I mean, there were ones who kept clapping, the ones who knew every word to every song, and the quiet ones who just wanted to live in the moment. Whatever it was, they were all blessed by Death Cab For Cutie’s ambient songs.

I watched Ben through my dust-covered glasses as he made a couple of comments regarding the heat and temporarily naming The Colesium “Republic of Death Cab For Cutie. This, of course, received cheers and laughter from the crowd of Singapore fans momentarily forgetting about their “Monday blues.”

The highly anticipated I Will Follow You Into The Dark sounded perfect live. With just Ben and his acoustic guitar, he brought the audience to an internal crying spree as we all sang along to the famous song. I sang as I observed Ben’s sweat dripping on his majestic black guitar, showering the instrument with every strum. I was deeply moved.


The night’s charmer, guitarist Dave Depper, came prepared with some cool guitar tricks you won’t usually see in regular gigs. We were left in awe and complete curiosity.

Every corner of The Colesium was completely drawn as the band played with such an intense emotion. Though Ben seem to have limited interaction with the audience, the band went beyond bland verbal communication by bringing us heartfelt lyrics and melodies much more worthy of every split second than mindless blabbers.

This gig made me more observant of how musicians’ act on stage – the bassist, Nick Harmer, closing his eyes almost the entire time or how every person on stage fully embodied the energy of each chord strummed and every kick of the beat. I left with an unexplainable contentment as I walked back to the train station and that after-gig feeling lingered in me. That’s when you know the show was good.

Dear Death Cab For Cutie, your melodies are still and will forever be softly soaring through our [Singapore/Hazy] atmosphere.


No Room In Frame
Crooked Teeth 
Black Sun
The New Year 
The Ghosts Of Beverly Drive
Grapevine Fires
Little Wanderer 
Company Calls
Pictures In An Exhibition
What Sarah Said 
I Will Follow You Into The Dark 
Everything’s A Ceiling
I Will Posses Your Heart 
You Are A Tourist
Soul Meets Body
Bixby Canyon Bridge
Passenger Seat
Movie Script


Photo credit: WOAH Fest (facebook), kathkirana, doyoulookatmeweird, _welocin (instagram), symmetry entertainment

Anyone suffering from major PCD right now? We know we are.

Before we start discussing about all the details and everything that went down during 5 Seconds of Summer's Sounds Live Feels Live show here in Singapore, we want to say a huge thank you to all of you who enthusiastically participated in our official concert poster giveaway! We love your smiles and your passion!

Hours before the doors were even open, lines could be seen forming at the various entrances. We were thinking to ourselves, why is everyone queuing so early to get in? Isn't the entire Star Theatre filled with seats? There isn't even a mosh pit... we concluded that's just the way the 5SOS FAM rolls.

The excitement level rose exponentially as fans decked in 5SOS T-shirts with signs expressing their love for the band in their hands started to fill the Star Theatre on all three tiers when doors open at around 7pm.

Expressing their excitement in the best way they know possible, the 5SOS FAM screamed their heads off every few minutes when a song that isn't even by 5SOS starts to play on the big screen or just from the speakers. Even when someone from the stage crew goes up on stage to set up something, the whole place just goes insane.

As per usual, people tried to get a better view of the stage than their seats could offer. Fans started gathering at the spaces near the railings and barricades only to get chased back to their seats by the security ushers.

Soon after, We Will Rock You by Queen started to echo throughout the theatre and everyone clapped in unison to probably one of the world's most famous rhythm. The song ended and BAM all the lights went off. Deafening screams together with flashing lights greeted the reason why everyone gathered in the same place that night.

Michael could be seen on the keys with the rest of the band playing their own instruments rocking out to the intro of Carry On. By this time, the word "seats" didn't exist in anyone's vocabulary as everyone was on their feet welcoming the next song, Hey Everybody!

During Money, all we could really think about at the chorus was that 5SOS really did take a lot of our money. Most of our money for the month was spent on merchandise and all things 5SOS. Y'all are probably guilty of spending a lot on the tickets, the album, merch and VIP passes right!

Disconnected from the outside world, the 5SOS FAM listened carefully to every single word the band uttered. "Singapore, how are we doing tonight!!!" were the opening words from the band's lead singer, Luke Hemmings. After which, he asked how everyone was doing by the tiers. This being their first show in Singapore, the band thanked everyone as it was very special to them that so many people came out to their show.

Michael Clifford, the guitarist and also the joker of the band, teased the crowd that he actually played here before with Steve (who's Steve?) before going on to say that he did the most Australian thing before going on stage. He ate a vegemite sandwich and his stomach was apparently feeling a little weird at that moment. Oh, poor mikey. We hope you're better now!

Shot a music video, dressed up as superheroes. Yes, the next song they performed was their second single from their debut album, Don't Stop. Heartache On The Big Screen followed as their sixth song of the night before the bassist of 5SOS, Calum Hood, mentioned that this was one of his favourite shows. (Do they say that at every show?) Luke continued by surveying who bought Sounds Good Feels Good and apologised for taking so long, specifically 4 and a half years to get here.

The 5SOS FAM obviously did not Waste the Night as we listened to Luke pouring his soul into the song with the band's Drummer, Ashton Irwin, finishing it off with a solo moment. One by one, Ash + Luke + Cal left the stage, leaving Michael as a Castaway. (How smart! We see what y'all did there guys) Mr. Clifford opened the first verse of Jet Black Heart with the spotlight on him as his band mates came back up in time to join him for the chorus.

"Let me hear you scream if you're in trouble for being here tonight!" There were some pretty loud screams that followed after Calum made that statement. Oh wow, the 5SOS FAM is one rebellious fandom. (sneaky sneaky) He also begin to say that when he was backstage, he wanted to sit on one of the boxes thinking it was closed and fell right into the box! Luke joined in the "new segment" of the show by saying that he managed to go to the toilet and pee-ed in time to come back on stage. "You know what I did backstage?" Michael asked jokingly. (He was on stage the whole time.)

On a 5SOS tour show, it is definitely a must to read the signs that the fans have spent so much time and effort to prepare. So the band started playing some "sign reading music". And if you did not bring a sign, you could just raise up a peace sign! Signs like, "Damn Daniel" and "We love you more than chicken rice" were the lucky few that were being read aloud by the guys.

Amnesia and Beside You followed before Luke asked if the crowd would mind if they play one more slow, mid-tempo song before we rock out together. And mentioned that the next song, Vapor, is his favourite one that 5SOS has ever released.

Ashton: "This is the part where I can finally talk. I've been thinking of what to say for about 55 to 1 hour. And all I really want to say is can you sing? Can you dance? Can you jump?" Basically the crowd just screamed at all those questions. He also asked, "How many of you have been to a 5SOS concert?", "Oh, that's like 15 of you." Wow, these 15 people are seriously lucky enough to be able to watch them in concert in another country! "And how many of y'all haven't?" and almost everyone screamed. "Sing the next song with us as loud as you can and we'll come back here ASAP." As you probably already guessed everyone sang very loudly to End Up Here which led to Voodoo Doll and Good Girls.

This next part has got to be one of the highlights of the night. Michael shouted, "SINGAPORE!!!" and made a farting noise into the microphone and continued by saying, "I wrote this song about you." He started to sing an improvised song that goes, "Sing, sing, sing, sing, sing, sing, Singapore." and the whole band joined in. The crowd went wild. We were so amazed by that talent. Ash made it very clear that it is their song and if anyone were to publish that song before them, he's gonna fine that person. (Oh Ash!)

It was clearly the band's favourite song of the night because they said so themselves and also because they just kept singing "Singapore" to the tune of Permanent Vacation as they forgot the real words to the first part of the song.

What I Like About You ended with the guys standing at every end of the stage, all looking at Ashton and playing that last note real tight as a band. And when you thought that the screams could not get any louder, it did when She's Kinda Hot played.

The entire show ended with the band's very first single together, She Looks So Perfect, where they gave it their all with their famous high jump-turns on stage! By this time, the crowd still had so much energy in them and was singing their lungs away. Michael threw his guitar pick into the audience and Ashton passed his drumsticks to some lucky fan while the rest threw towels.

Obviously those who were not close enough to catch any of those things went to the front of the stage after the show to get their hands on anything they could find that were touched by the guys. That includes, the pieces of set-lists and water bottles which the stage crew so willingly helped to give out. Aww!

OH WHAT A NIGHT! You guys seriously rocked that stage and it will definitely be one to be recorded in our book as one of the best nights ever!!! Please do come back soon! Singapore loves you!

Do let us know by tweeting us your favourite moment during 5 Seconds of Summer's Sounds Live Feels Live show here in Singapore! Let's get through this PCD together as a 5SOS FAM!


1. Carry On (Intro)
2. Hey Everybody!
3. Money
4. Disconnected
5. Don't Stop
6. Heartache On The Big Screen
7. Waste the Night
8. Castaway
9. Jet Black Heart
10. Amnesia
11. Beside You
12. Vapor
13. End Up Here
14. Voodoo Doll
15. Good Girls
16. Permanent Vacation
17. What I Like About You
18. She's Kinda Hot
19. She Looks So Perfect

Spin or Bin Music is proud to be the Official Music Blog for the 5 Seconds of Summer's Sounds Live Feels Live World Tour 2016 in Singapore!

Photo Credit: Spin or Bin Music, Aloysius Lim/ Live Nation Lushington  & Universal Music Singapore