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Music News (Singapore)

Top 5 Concert Venues in Singapore in 2018

By  January 21, 2018

Imagine a world without live music?

The past few years have seen Singapore hit some serious highs and disastrous lows in our music scene - We have had a growing number of indie artists including Mew gracing our shores and the unfortunate issues with scalpers trying to make a quick buck on popular concerts. But as much as we love live music, we still prefer some venues over others in terms of  accessibility, comfort, sound, and availability of amenities.

Here’s the top five concert venues to keep an eye (or an ear) on in 2018:


1. The Star Theatre

One of the best venues out there that can house bands of any genre - whether its indie rockers Two Door Cinema Club or girl group Fifth Harmony. It's conveniently located at a walking distance from Buona Vista station and on top of Star Vista, which leaves you a plethora of food options for pre or post-show treats. 

The 5,000 capacity offers great intimacy with the artiste, however the seats on the first level aren't as staggered. Shorties like us will find it a struggle to see the performance if we are at the back of the section. There are also no TV screens at the first level.  


2. Singapore Indoor Stadium

Accessible location, solid sound quality, while being able to host more conceptually ambitious concerts that have higher production values.


3. Singapore National Stadium

It goes without saying that the smaller the venue, the more memorable one’s concert experience tends to be if we are in the standing pit. Sure, we managed to catch an amazing set by the legendary Foo Fighters but the fact that we were well and truly “watching” a live performance rather than actively participating in one still annoyed us a little. The best way to enjoy a gig might just actually be the one in which you’re struggling to stand your ground while narrowly avoiding a stray stage-diver.


4. Suntec Convention Centre

We love air-conditioned gig venues especially when we know we are going to be in the pit or if we are queuing for hours before a show. Suntec is easily accessible and has good amenities, it remains one of our top venues despite it being a second venue of choice amongst concert promoters. Having seated tickets is also not too shabby as you get a cinematic view of both the stage and the mosh pit.   


5. Zepp@BIGBOX

 This new place might look dodgy from the outside, but don't be deceived as its pretty spacious compared to older venues. The sound system and lighting also went beyond our expectations. Think of Hard Rock Coliseum, but bigger and less expensive (food, transport etc).


P/S:.Don't get us wrong. We love outdoor concerts. We would fly to Coachella in a heart beat if we have the chance. But standing pits at outdoor concerts are just too uncomfortable especially under Singapore's sweltering heat.

Photo credits: The Straits Times, The Star Performing Arts Centre, Sports Hub, Zepp@BigBox, CEI Asia

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