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Album Review

Album Review: Niall Horan Shows Us A Different Side Of Him In 'Flicker'

By  October 24, 2017

“It’s time!”

One Direction’s Irish crooner Niall Horan has always been known as the happy-go-lucky-smiley one, but his debut album, Flicker, shows us a whole different side. Talks about his debut album started a year ago, when he became the first member of One Direction to release solo material (apart from Zayn). Now, it is finally here!


Niall wrote on Twitter that it was the first time he properly poured out his emotions onto a record. The theme of love is prevalent throughout the album, which he has never really addressed in the past. As we know, Niall has been rather private about his personal life and relationships over the years. However, he sings about chasing the one that got away in songs like Flicker and Too Much To Ask. Also, just like any other young adult learning about love, Niall sings about the experiential process in tracks like Paper Houses and You and Me. Another interesting track would be On My Own – a singlehood anthem – where he sings about not needing anyone and just having fun on his own.

On the topic of romance, we looked through all 13 songs and picked out the top 5 most romantic lines. Man, he is good with his words…


1. Seeing Blind

"Oh, no I, you're too good to be all mine
Now I'm looking in your eyes
Oh, I must be seeing blind"


2. Since We’re Alone

"Since we're alone
Yeah, you can show me your heart
If you put it all in my hand
No, I swear
No, I won't break it apart"


3. Fire Away

"Darling, you don't have to hold it
You don't have to be afraid
You can go ahead and unload it
'Cause you know it'll be okay"


4. You And Me

When I look down the line
At the man I wanna be
I've always known from the start
That it ends with you and me


5. This Town

Because if the whole world was watching I’d still dance with you
Drive highways and byways to be there with you
Over and over the only truth
Everything comes back to you


Along with the album, Apple Music released a behind-the-scenes documentary following Niall on his album-making journey. Revisiting this short Q&A, he finally revealed that Flicker was the song that made a room full of grown men cry. The album title track really showed his vulnerable side and it gave us goosebumps.  

Overall, Niall stayed true to himself and his musical influences – pop, folk and a little rock. We’re looking forward to an Asian tour, maybe?

Picture Credits: DailyNiall on Tumblr, Niall Horan on Twitter, Niall Horan’s website

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