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3 Things You Should NEVER Do At A Foo Fighters Concert

By  June 5, 2017

There are bands who perform and hope that their fans enjoy themselves, and then there's Foo Fighters who take it upon themselves to make damn sure that everyone is having fun at their concerts; so much so that frontman Dave Grohl would not hesitate to call out someone from the crowd who is disengaged.

So if you're going to or planning to go to Foo Fighters' concert this August, keep in mind NOT to do these three things.

Remember, Dave is ALWAYS watching...


1. Use Your Cellphone

Some of us, myself included, have been guilty of opening Snapchat during a concert, holding our phones up to record a 10-second snippet and then bringing it down to furiously type a caption before sending the snap to our stories for all our friends to view. 

Taking photos/videos during concerts have always been a big taboo as doing so would give the impression that we're uninterested in the set. So when Dave spotted a fan on her phone as he was performing, he called her out and made a very interesting proposal: if she were to put down her phone, he would dance with her. 

Mind you, this was back in 2015 not long after Dave broke his leg and was still in a cast. So to see Dave hobbling on stage in an attempt to dance, it only goes to show how much Dave hates serial snapchatters. 


2. Start A Fight

During Foo Fighters' set at the iTunes Festival 2011 in London, Dave noticed a fight breaking out within the crowd. Dave promptly stopped his band and lashed out on the person who instigated the fight.

It was not a pretty sight when Dave threw him out of his concert. "Get the fuck out of my show," he ordered. "You don't come to my show to fight, you come to my show and fucking dance, you asshole!"


3. Cry

When a man in the crowd was tearing up during an acoustic performance of My Hero caught Dave's eye, the scene quickly turned into one of Foo Fighters' best moments. "Don't cry, motherfucker," Dave warned the fan, before inviting him up on stage to sing the rest of the song to him. 

Embarrassing? Maybe. Unforgetable? Definitely. 


Foo Fighters' concerts are always highly raved and there's no other band who could interact with their audience on such an intimate level no matter the size of the venue. So don't miss out the concert of the year! There are still limited seated tickets left - get them now!


Concert Details:

Date               : 26 August 2017, Saturday

Venue            : Singapore National Stadium

Ticket Prices : $238* (Standing), $168* (Standing), $238*, $198*, $168*, $128* (*excludes booking fee)


Tickets available now. Call 3158 7888 to book or log onto

Tickets also available at the Singapore Indoor Stadium Box Office and all SingPost outlets islandwide.


Spin or Bin Music is proud to be the official blog for Foo Fighters' tour in Singapore

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