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5 Seconds of Summer: Boy Band Or Poor Excuse Of A Pop Punk Band?

By  May 10, 2014

From the Egyptian’s hieroglyphics to meticulous tags found on certain Tumblr pages, the need to catalogue and pigeonhole stuff appears to be quite an inherently human characteristic. So indulge us as we try to examine why the classification and blatant marketing of 5 Seconds of Summer as a pop punk band incites a profound sense of discomfort amongst hypersensitive purists and has mere laypersons like us scratching our heads.

When Alternative Press braced itself to “address the elephant in the room” it asserted that indeed, the band ought to be included under the pop punk umbrella and more admirably, attempted to accentuate the potential of a mainstream return of the genre with 5SOS as a prime figurehead. In response,’s Thomas Nassiff deemed this hypothesis as a “daydream” - that the Australian quartet will not be responsible for any pop punk renaissance and is more likely to “evaporate with nothing more than a few hundred million YouTube plays.”

In a world where the likes of The Story So Far, Man Overboard, The Wonder Years, Neck Deep, Real Friends, State Champs and Fireworks are increasingly namedropped, the thought of 5 Seconds of Summer being lumped together with such acts in addition to being plugged as Our Salvation is brittle and falters instantaneously.

There isn’t a whisper about 5SOS in Billboard’s timely Top 10 New School Pop-Punk Bands You Need To Know either (including our faves in Candy Hearts) and rightly so because neither skinny jeans nor power chords mandate an entry to the genre that is blatantly being monetized by these One Direction spawns. “wow! it has guitars!” (Nasiff, 2014) Also, Are We Sure That [She Looks So Perfect] Isn’t a Parody?

Self-perpetuated comparisons to All Time Low and Mayday Parade also seem cursory if not ambitious in light of the group’s forgettable hooks that predictably lack emotional depth - falling closer to pop rock’s weaker products who more often than not solely comment on girls. Hayley Williams lookalike or not, 5 Seconds of Summer tries so hard to distance themselves from their boy band brethren (and does a relatively good job too) however to a trained eye, their synthetic nature grows more apparent with every (ironic?) Metallica or Misfits shirt donned.

In spite of the prescriptively anal views expressed thus far, we’re not saying don’t listen to 5 Seconds of Summer - by all means, imbibe copious amounts of airbrushed power pop as you like. Whether or not 5SOS’s masquerade as a pop punk acts poses a ridiculous irk to some shouldn’t affect your profound appreciation for such a bona fide and timeless art.

But seriously though, they’re really not pop punk.


Photo credit: Fanpop


  • Comment Link Renlynn Wednesday, 02 November 2016 06:53 posted by Renlynn

    They're a pop band. I don't care if they don't want to be known as a boyband but they definitely aren't punk nor pop punk...maybe if you want to stretch it you could call them pop rock. But they just don't have any sort of "anarchy" or political themes that many punk bands have. They also don't have the fast hard driven sound of punk. Also they didn't exactly start their careers in a "punk" fashion now did they?

  • Comment Link Poser Wednesday, 21 October 2015 08:20 posted by Poser

    I don't understand, if they actually listen to good music ( nirvana, rolling stones, clash) why can't they make good music. if they don't listen to their own type of music why would they make it -_-

  • Comment Link Mya Wednesday, 15 October 2014 00:43 posted by Mya

    They can act like punks and be fans of and listen to pop-punk/punk, but that doesn't make their music pop-punk

  • Comment Link Hollywood Undead Monday, 15 September 2014 04:32 posted by Hollywood Undead

    They are not a fucking punk band. They're a pop band.

  • Comment Link RYANFUCKINGROSS Sunday, 03 August 2014 03:46 posted by RYANFUCKINGROSS


  • Comment Link AC Thursday, 31 July 2014 03:29 posted by AC

    No they are not they are posers and fakes she is right.I want to punch their faces.

  • Comment Link Kieron Wednesday, 30 July 2014 10:16 posted by Kieron

    If they are punk then i really want to know what genre bands like the sex pistols, misfits, sum 41 and the ramones come under.

  • Comment Link hari Tuesday, 29 July 2014 11:02 posted by hari

    whatever forever, leave them alone and let them do their own thing.

  • Comment Link Lucy Sunday, 27 July 2014 19:22 posted by Lucy

    They are not punk and even if they were they would be killing the genre.

  • Comment Link GG Monday, 21 July 2014 18:27 posted by GG

    They are a punk band!

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