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10 Questions with The Final 1 Winner Farisha Ishak

By  February 19, 2014

With a solo album out really soon, Farisha Ishak's life has immensely exciting since she emerged victorious in The Final 1. 

From intense recording sessions in the studio to rehearsals for live performances, the 20 year-old really has it going for her. 

Personally, Farisha and I went to primary school together and it truly is amazing to watch her grow up and be where she is today. 

Spin or Bin Music chats with the sweetheart of a songstress as she fills us in on what she's been up to and reveals some things we truly didn't know about her: 


 1)       How has winning The Final 1 changed your life? 

        I will always be thankful for The Final 1 because of the amazing opportunity it’s given me to live my dream. It has also given myself and other budding musicians and singers that platform to showcase our music and I feel that the competition has definitely allowed me to work on my confidence as a person and performer. I’ve been blessed with offers for performances at various prominent events such as Singapore Day, The President’s Star Charity as well as The First XI Finals, to name a few. Concurrently, I was also recording songs for my album in the studio so I have been pretty busy since the competition but I’ve never felt happier because I’m doing what I love.


2)      What can we expect from your album? 

        My album has a great mix of different sounds and that’s what I think makes it unique, in that I believe it has a song for everyone. For example, there is the element of love in “Aligned” and “Oh Cinta” yet there is also heartbreak in “Stranded” and “Bukanku Tak Cinta”. In the midst of all that, you can also find songs that uplift your spirits and hopefully inspire such as “Life is Beautiful” and “Believe”. I am very proud of my album and I certainly hope everyone out there will not only identify with the messages in the songs but enjoy the music too.


3)      What were some of the difficulties that you faced while creating this album? 

        My schedule would clash with recording sometimes. There was also a period when I was sick and we had to postpone recording. Recordings have to be consistent so any slight change in my voice will result in a postponement of a recording session. Also, as it was my first time doing professional recording in a studio, I was still getting used to juggling emoting the song and working on the technicalities in my singing. However, it was a great experience and I am still learning a great deal from my recording sessions.


4)      Who were your biggest inspirations when it came to making this album? 

        The songs that I wrote in this album are influenced by John Legend and Emeli Sandé.


5)      How do you handle school work on top of grueling recording sessions? 

I am currently deferred from my NUS course to focus solely on my music career. However, I will definitely be going back to school and I believe that when I do, it would take a lot of sacrifice and spectacular time management to juggle the two. Nonetheless, it is a challenge worth taking ☺


6)      Has there been any strange encounters with fans? 

 Hahaha well I wouldn’t say that they were strange but I think there was a very sweet fan who sent a letter to my home address. It was very heartening because in that letter he expressed his admiration for my music and it really is moments like this that make me so thankful for having an opportunity to share my music with everyone.


7)      What is the one really funny thing that we don't know about Farisha that the world definitely needs to know? 

 I am a person who likes to create humour and I enjoy making people happy! I like to talk a lot and my family gets very annoyed at how random I can be sometimes. When I was younger, I'd be the noisiest person in the car, imitating tv advertisements and persuading my family members (who were unfortunately stuck in the car with me) to participate in my nonsense! hahaha On bad days, I would get ignored and told to keep quiet but on good days, I would manage to get the whole car to play along with me! Though I am no longer as 'enthusiastic' as I was before(as a child), I still fill the silences during long car rides by trying to initiate games and what not :) 



8)      What is the most embarrassing thing that has happened to you on stage?

There was once during a rehearsal that I fell down the stairs in my heels because the steps were uneven and I misjudged the height difference. BUT thank goodness that it (1) Happened during rehearsals so only the crew witnessed my embarrassing fall and (2) didn’t result in a sprained ankle. (the heels I wore were stilettos!!!)


9)      Do you have any strange routines that you MUST do before going on stage?

Before performing, I have to be left alone because I get too anxious when I’m surrounded by people. I would normally visually go through my performance in my head before I go on stage. If all else fails and the air condition decides to turn backstage into Antarctica then I’d do jumping jacks. (in my heels and also in a secret spot haha)


10)     What is your absolute favourite song to sing on stage? 

I love to sing the songs that I’ve written. There is a certain kind of connection with songs that I’ve written and I love performing them on stage.

Photo credit: Hype Records


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