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Spin or Bin Music Feature: Our Top 10 Most Anticipated Gigs of 2014!

By  December 17, 2013

Tick tock. While most of you are counting down to the New Year's, the team at Spin or Bin Music are restless. Our hopes run high. Yet, there's talk on who should make it into our list of most anticipated gigs for the coming year.

We've come thus far; 2013 was a damn good reign, we've seen throngs of bands and artistes grace our shores. But as the new year approaches, we've got to start praying to the Gods of the Gigs. Religiously. Now.

We've scooped up shows we would love to watch and YOU would want to - the wishlist, the confirm-plus-chop and the rumoured. 

It's crazy difficult to choose but here you have it: Our top 10 most anticipated gigs of 2014. Let's hit it!


10. Blink-182 (Wishlist)

Golden punk trio Blink-182 will always and forever remain on our wishlists. We know fully well that drummer Travis Barker will never travel here on a plane, but that's... okay. :'( Also, Tom Delonge, your Macbeth products are wild here in Singapore. Come here for a visit perhaps and we'll gladly hang out with you.

9. Lady Gaga (Rumoured)

Lady Gaga needs to drop by Asia for her artRAVE: The ARTPOP Ball Tour 2014. Who know's what antics she'll be up to again? Seashell bras yes. But the best thing about Mother Monster is, you'll never know what to expect. Her concerts are definitely on my list of 50-shows-to-catch-before-I-die. Yours?

8. Yellowcard (Wishlist)

Rock titans Yellowcard delivered one of their first and best rock shows here at Singapore last year, more than we gave them credit for. It was pure musical madness and beauty and I think 2014 is an excellent time for the band  to revisit again. Ocean Avenue Acoustic tour, anyone?!?!?!

7. Bruno Mars (Bring Ellie Goulding along! - Confirmed)

HA! Pop darling Bruno Mars finally, finally, set a date to enthrall us in Singapore on March 26. Despite rumours on him being banned from our island because of drug-related issues, he's all up and roaring on his Moonshine Jungle Tour again. Why no Ellie Goulding this time? The two are perfect tour buddies. Catch him if you can, because I know we'll be banging on his chest like Gorilla. ;)

6. 30 Seconds To Mars (Rumoured)

30 Seconds To Mars, we are going bonkers with the rumours already. So are you three coming or not?! Because there's no reason for you not to. Bathe us in your experimental lyrics, godly music and killer looks. It'll be one heck of a show.

5. You Me At Six (Wishlist)

Brit rockers You Me At Six are racking things up with their fourth album, Cavalier Youth.  The record will be released on Jan 27 and of course, I believe a tour is in order??? Don't make us live a lie, guys. We welcome you, ANYTIME!

4. Taylor Swift / Selena Gomez (Rumoured / Confirmed!)

I ship BFFS Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez together for a tour - who else too?! Both are superstars in their own right and strongly hold their own,  but there's no fear of one being overshadowed by the other. That's what I like, although it's too much girly goodness to take in for one night. Right then, Selegend wants you to come and get it on 21st Feb. Let's hope she delivers an amazing show.

3. Avril Lavigne (Confirmed)

Here's to NEVER growing UP! I, like many others, practically grew up with Avril Lavigne....'s songs. The punk princess will be immortalized as an icon in our hearts, and I bet the tickets are going to sell out. Crazy fast. And if you don't have a date for Valentine's Day, don't worry, Avril's got ya on Feb 15 at the Singapore Indoor Stadium. ;)

2. Justin Timberlake (Rumoured)

Justin Timberlake, you darling! We'd love for nothing more than you to show us what a fantastic time is. There are so many golden tracks on the 20/20 experience which would be amazing to hear live... And we want your Sexy Back

1. Beyoncé (Rumoured)

WHO RUNS THIS MUTHA?!?! Obviously queen Bey. We are still in awe after her quiet, very clever, and very sneaky album-releasing stint. (You can learn a thing or two, Lady Gaga.) Her fearsome and mad dance moves, and just the whole package about her, got so many of us under her spell. Maybe sometime next year, she will drop another baby bombshell on us during her show here. We don't mind. 


Have your own wishlist, or rumours to share? Tell us which gigs you're anticipating for the MOST!

Photo credits: The Musicians Guide UK, Alterthepress, Tom Munro, thatgrapejuice,,,, readmymindblog.weebly,

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