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Spin Or Bin Music Has One Last Interview With A Rocket To The Moon!

By  September 1, 2013

5 EPs, 2 studio albums, hundreds and thousands of fans later and A Rocket To The Moon are calling it a day. Trust me; we’re all recovering from that news.

If you have been following the boys on their social networks, you’ll find out that they’re pretty much stoked to be here in Singapore to play their first and last show. But for me, I had the pleasure of sitting down and finding out for myself what Eric Halvorsen of the four-piece pop rock band truly thinks.

The modest and boyish bass player immediately lit up as I entered the studio. But he seemed really tired – rest well, Halvo! Eric tells us why we shouldn’t get heartbroken and some of his favourite ARTTM things (spoiler alert: one of them is a potato). *Bursts out in Despicable Me’s Minion song*

Check out the full interview below!


A Rocket To The Moon has a single released this year, Ever Enough. So in the days of being together as a band, what is the one thing that has been ever enough for you guys?

I mean, it’s kind of everything as a whole, there’s not one thing like fulfills it all. It’s kind of just the whole career altogether, and it’s very fulfilling in what we’ve done thus far. But we’re kind of ending it, we made a couple of great records that we’re all very proud of, and did a lot of great tours, saw tons of places and met new people, you know.

So I’d say that would be it.

So if you could relive a moment in the band, what would it be?

I really liked the tour that we just finished – the 8123 tour. There’s the AP tour, it’s very fun as well. We had a really good time in Manila two nights ago, so I’d relive that. There’s a bunch of stuff as a whole and it’s all been pretty good.

What spurred the change of look from the On Your Side era and now, Wild & Free?

We didn’t like, set out to change anything, or changed too much either but I mean those records were like put out 4 years apart, so it was kind of like a natural progression. We just kind of grew up and changed, like people do.

Favourite tattoo and why?

I really like this one that I just got on my arm, it says Stop Making Sense. It’s a Talking Heads tattoo I guess you’d say. I won’t go into detail about that one but I like it. And then my other one would be a potato on my leg that Jared Monaco drew, that’s one funny. I like that one.

Any particular story behind that?

Yeah, the summer tour that we just did, the 8123 tour. There was like a running joke throughout the whole tour; it was potatoes. And so we kind of, to commemorate the tour and remember it, we decided to have Jared draw me a potato and he drew a couple out. This one in particular had a white hat on it. So I got that with a cowboy hat, yeah.

How would you describe A Rocket To The Moon to your future kids?

I don’t know, I mean, show it to them and see what they think. You know, I don’t know whether I’ll have children or ever, but, if I do, I’ll show them my music and see what they think about it and go from there I’ll tell them stories and stuff.

If you could fly a rocket to the moon to play one last song, what song would it be and why?

Maybe, I’d think it would have to be a like a David Bowie song or something. Like Starman or something like that. Just ‘cause it would be so fitting. Starman, yeah. I think that’s the one.

I know some fans are devastated that ARTTM is breaking up. What would you say to them?

I guess I’d just say, thanks for the support, you know, we’re all gonna do other stuff and life goes on and there’s no need to be devastated or anything. Things come and things go, and you know, like I said, life goes on. It’s just another chapter in our lives.

What are your plans after your last tour finishes?

We all have different plans; I don’t think I can personally talk about mine yet, until I have them figured out. Nick’s having his solo thing, Justin’s got stuff, Andrew’s got stuff, so. We’ll all be still playing music. 

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