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Spin or Bin Music Feature: Top 10 Gigs of 2012!

By  December 17, 2012

2012 has been a wonderful year in music for us here in Singapore. We saw some really great acts such as Lady Gaga, Passion Pit, We Are The In Crowd, Robyn and even The Beach Boys come and blow us away with their presence.

So, as the year comes to an end, we’ve decided to do a roundup of the Top 10 Gigs that have graced our shores this year just to relieve some of the best memories. Find out who made the cut below!



10. Foster The People

I’m sure many of you know the lyrics to Pumped Up Kicks (or at least the chorus of it), so when Foster The People came to Singapore just at the height of their popularity, they sent good vibrations our way. Never mind that the concert was held outdoor at Fort Canning Park or that people were smoking like chimneys or that the strobe lights used on stage could possibly blind fans, FTP delivered what was wanted of them and played a terrific electrifying set that kept everyone on their feet. FTP played a brilliant set of energetic anthems and interacted very well with fans as well, for that; they have earned their spot on the list.


9. We Are The In Crowd

Despite the fact that the number of attendees to their concert were not grand, American punk rock band We Are The In Crowd were not phased by it and continued to play. For that, this underrated (but not for long) band earns my respect for being a band with so much heart. Despite some technical difficulties that littered the set, lead singer Tay Jardine put her game face on and maintained composure all for the fans. I sure hope that they return to Singapore to perform for us once again but this time without the technical glitches because they don’t deserve that.

8. Lady Gaga

When Mother Monster puts on a show, expect nothing but the best. Pulling out all the stops with intricate costumes and sets, Lady Gaga makes sure that her fans leave her show with their dollars worth. Our resident blogger, Dyan most definitely had the time of his life there as he said, "It was worth the money spent and the time waiting in the queue. Absolutely a surreal experience and something everyone should see even if they are not a Gaga fan!" Although I’m not a huge Gaga fan, I have to admit that her Balls are definitely worth the money considering that a lot of planning went into creating a stellar show for each country. It’s really heartening to hear that an artist as huge as Gaga makes every opportunity for her fans count by putting on such great shows.

7. Jason Mraz

Marking his return to Singapore after a three-year wait, Jason Mraz played a sold-out show as the opening act for the Rhythm With Nature festival. To say the man is extremely talented is an understatement. The American singer-songwriter played a total of 23 songs and kept up his stamina throughout, making the night even more nostalgic. Friend who attended the concert agreed unanimously that Jason’s vocals at the show never faltered and that he played so passionately.

6. Snow Patrol

I have a thing for very charming lead-singers and when I found out that I was getting the chance to watch Gary Lightbody of Snow Patrol live; I could feel myself exploding in happiness. As expected, the concert was at Fort Canning Park and I knew for a fact that I would be complaining of the heat but all that didn’t matter when Snow Patrol took the stage. The band maintained their energy levels throughout the show and made the audiences forget just how humid the day was. Gary also interacted with fans well by sharing some personal stories making sure that we felt like family. It also helped that the stage setting enabled the audience to see the band at practically every angle. Undoubtedly, one of the best gigs I’ve ever been to.

5. Garbage

Garbage has been around for 18 years now and to catch this legendary band live would be an absolute privilege especially since many thought that the band would never perform on stage again. That was exactly how our resident blogger Solihin felt when he attended the concert, “Not many teenagers get to say, "Oh, I saw Garbage that night!" In fact most people my age don't even know who the hell they are so I felt pretty privileged to catch the legendary alternative rock band put on a rocking performance”. The concert was power packed with lead singer Shirley Manson giving her best with her top-notch vocals that lasted through the night. Without a doubt, the night showcased Garbage in full form and rested rumours that the band was never going to return.

4. Passion Pit

Making their debut performance here in Singapore, this band formed in Massachusetts made their maiden gig a night to remember. Launching straight into up-tempo songs like Take A Walk and The Reeling, the band members were like energy bunnies that constantly kept the audiences on their feet. Our resident blogger, Jeslyn was so captivated and charmed by frontman Michael Angelakos that she said that no other bands have made her feel the way Passion Pit has at live gigs!

3. Ingrid Michaelson

Ingrid Michaelson is a sweetheart and it showed when she played here in Singapore. Armed with her ukulele, the charming singer dished out hit after hit with her lustrous vocals leaving fans in a dreamy state after she ended her gig. She even did a cover of Bon Iver’s Skinny Love and showed how beautiful her voice truly is. It was a night of feels that many would definitely come to remember.

2. Yellowcard

Making their debut performance here in Singapore, Yellowcard would have been any concertgoers’ dream. They started on time (who wouldn’t love that?!) and set the benchmark really high from their first song and kept the tempo up the whole way through. Solihin, our blogger, once again had the chance to see them and agreed that the crowd was fantastic. Despite how small the venue was for a rock concert, the band requested that the audience create circle pits that increased the energy of the whole concert.

1. Sigur Ros

Everyone I knew who attended this gig had the same thing to say: The night was magical. With rain pouring on our faces towards the end of the concert, Sigur Ros bowed humbly to their fans that braved the rained and muddy field to watch them perform. The set list was so well put together that it sent shivers down our spines with each song. This was considerably amazing for the post-rock ambient rockers who sing in both Icelandic and ‘Hopelandic’ (a language that was made up by the band). Let’s hope they return to put on a stellar show once more!


Compiling this list has been tough! Other great acts that came this year included Death Cab For Cutie, The Fray and the Beach Boys that all put on such amazing shows.

With Ellie Goulding, Laneway, Big Night Out and more making their way to our tiny little island in the coming year, we can expect even better concert experiences! ☺ I don’t know about you but I’m really excited for that!

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