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9 Questions with English Alt-Rock Band Keane!

By  October 3, 2012

British band Keane graced our shores for a concert in support of their latest album Strangeland. We managed to sit down with keyboardist Tim-Rice Oxley and drummer Richard Hughes amidst their tight touring schedule to talk about their latest album, future collaborations and places which they have not visit.

1. What are the influences behind the new album, Strangeland?

Richard: We worked with producer Dan Grech for the first time. It was really fantastic working with him. He had just worked with The Vaccines and Lana Del Rey. We wanted something that would sound really fresh and exciting so I guess a cross between The Vaccines and Lana Del Rey would be a pretty good start.

2. How has your music evolve over the years since the first album?

Tim: I think we feel like we are slowly getting a little bit better. (laughs) Even though each of our albums is different, we don’t think about it very much, we just follow our instincts and our influences change all the time.

3. Do you think being married has influenced and changed your song writing?

Richard: We are all married now and it’s weird when you’re in a band. You got a life at home and a life within the band. It’s not like a job as it really does consume your life. It feels like we are almost married to our band mates as well.

4. Can you pick one song from the album and take us to Strangeland?

Tim: I think ‘On The Road’ is a good one. It’s about the journey of life. I was thinking a lot about my daughter when I was wrote it. At some point I had to say goodbye to her and she would like to start her own life. That got me thinking about my own life and making those decisions myself like wanting to join a band and do crazy stuffs.

5. Name one artist you would like to collaborate with on your next album?

Tim: I would love to work with Paul Simon. He’s our hero.

6. Strangeland became your fifth number one album in the UK, do you feel the pressure each time you come up with a new record?

Richard: We try not to think about it. However, there’s a lot of pressure on Tim especially on the song writing process because almost half the battle seems to be getting the songs to a point where we are ready to go to the studio to record the whole album.

7. What would differentiate Keane from the other bands?

Richard: We are taller than most other bands. That’s about it. (laughs)

8. Keane is heavily involved in philanthropic organizations, is there a specific motivation for it?

Tim: We grew up loving bands that used their fame as a platform to do good. Music in itself is a very positive power in the world. As we became a band ourselves, we thought that was part of what being a band was.

9. You have toured around the world, are there a place that you have not visit and would love to play a show?

Richard: New Zealand! Everyone says it’s really beautiful, I don’t know if we get to see the beautiful bit. We tried to play in South Africa a couple of times but it did not happen. Oh and the Antarctica too!


Keane's fourth studio album, Strangeland, is available at all record stores and digital outlets. Check out our review here!

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