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Concert Review

Concert Review: Lady Gaga 'Born This Way' Ball Tour in Singapore on May 28 (Day 1)

By  May 31, 2012

Trust me when they say there is no concert quite like a Lady Gaga concert, or in Monster terms, a Ball. Lady Gaga's Balls are well known for her elaborate props and costumes, the inspirational speeches and yes of course, Gaga's tip top live vocals. The Born This Way Ball tour finally came to its last Asian stop on Monday and Singapore went completely gaga over the lady!

Fans, including myself started queuing up from Friday onwards and when we were finally admitted into the stadium, you can only imagine how excited and anxious we were.

The show finally opened at around 7.30pm with an up and coming DJ, Zedd. He did an amazing job hyping up the monster crowd of 11,000 with his electro house beats as well as his remixes of hit songs, Rolling In The Deep, I Like To Move It and I'm Coming Home.

At about 8.30pm, the playlist of classical music (which I believed Gaga chose herself) seemed to grow in volume and within moments, the black curtain veiling the Kingdom of Fame castle was dropped. So did my heart! Her dancers came out holding G.O.A.T flags . My tears streamed endlessly when Lady Gaga followed after, in a futuristic alien suit while on a pantomime unicorn. The first song of the night was Highway Unicorn.

Government Hooker marked the start of Act 1, whereby "alien fugitive" Lady Gaga escapes from a prison on G.O.A.T. The audience is treated to  as she seduces a government official, before killing him off.

Act 1, was simply put a rebirthing act with songs Born This Way, Black Jesus + Amen Fashion, Bloody Mary, Bad Romance and Judas. My favourite part of the whole of Act 1 was Black Jesus! The choreography was one of the show's most fabulous choreographies, with lots of vogue-ing and strutting. It was also my favourite as she debuted a change in this song by having her dancers dance first to 80's-sounding rock & roll guitars.

Act 2 started with Fashion of His Love, with Gaga in a lovely pink origami crane dress. The crowd went balls crazy went Just Dance came on! Gurl was all being adorable and asking us if we remembered her first concert and how small it was.

From a big single, she moves on to two more big singles, Love Game and Telephone, asking the audience to pop their pussies off their floor.

I think Singapore was more than blessed to have seen a very very cute side of Lady Gaga during the first night. After a fan threw a doll onto the stage, Lady Gaga took time to play with the doll, making the doll do the choreography of Born This Way. My heart died a little when she announced that we can expect her to be like that when she's not on stage. TOO CUTE!!!

Act 3 started off with Gaga as/on a motorcycle before moving onto songs of empowerment such as Bad Kids and Hair. Hair had me crying when she shared with us about how she was bullied in high school. Eat your heart out, bullies! Lady Gaga's on a tour with a castle, a horse and a motorcycle. You?

It got even "etter with Act 4. Lady Gaga served female empowerment realness with Americano, Poker Face and Alejandro. She brought back meat (her meat did not look ratchet and I was so happy!) alright and I'm pretty sure the audience had a good laugh when she made jokes about her meat couch made from her past boyfriends.

The last act was impending when she finally killed Mother G.O.A.T after Paparazzi. She then moved on to the ultimate show closer, Scheiße, when her choreography slayed big time. Big time. I was trying to make space in whatever space I have to do the choreography along.

Thank god she saved the best for the last. Her encore songs were Edge of Glory and Marry The Night. Decked in Versace while she sang from on top of her castle, mama monster's vocals were at her best during these two songs before she finally bid goodbye to the audience. :'(

The show was everything you expected it to be and more, and I'm not just speaking as a fan of hers, I'm also speaking as an audience to a show. Whether you spent $288 or $108, every single dollar is well spent and worth it. As quoted from the second show here, Lady Gaga did not make this show to make you think that she's amazing. She created it to make you think that you're amazing. :'). There's no other superstar who truly cares so much about her fans as much as she does.

Setlist for Singapore's BTW Ball:

1. Highway Unicorn
2. Government Hooker
3. Born This Way
4. Amen Fashion + Black Jesus
5. Bloody Mary
6. Bad Romance
7. Judas
8. Fashion Of His Love
9. Just Dance
10. Love Game
11. Telephone
12. Heavy Metal Lover
13. Bad Kids
14. Hair
15. Yoü and I
16. Electric Chapel
17. Americano
18. Poker Face
19. Alejandro
20. Paparazzi
21. Scheiße
22. Edge of Glory
23. Marry The Night

And lucky me, I got to meet the Queen backstage myself.

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