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Spin or Bin Music Interview with Kasabian

By  February 25, 2012

Kasabian recently graced Singapore to promote their fourth studio album, Velociraptor! - their most ambitious albums to date. Not bad for a band that has seen lazy journalism call the band Oasis clones and labelled them lad rock. While the English rock band might share some of Oasis confidence and swagger, their music has always been more closely linked to Primal Scream, Happy Mondays, and even 70's glam rock. Spin or Bin Music got to interview frontman Tom Meighan before their epic concert earlier this month to find out more about what makes the band tick. Check it out below!

What is one thing you’ve learnt from your previous albums that you applied to this one?

Tom: ‘Never make the same album again. It’s just ripping your fans off. We try to be inventive, never make the same mistakes.’

What was Velociraptor! about?

Tom: ‘Well all of our other albums have us messing around with words in terms of the lyrics. This time round we wanted it to be less… Fiction. We wanted to be able to write a song about falling in love and having sex. Real stuff.


Who would you dedicate Velociraptor! to?

Tom: ‘Myself. Cause I came up with the name. Wait, actually, I’d dedicate it to my brother.’

It’s been 15 years since you guys started off in 1997. How have things changed?

Tom: ‘The weird thing is that we’re all in the same bodies. We still laugh at the same old jokes and we do the same things. We’ve grown a lot older but we’re basically still the same.’

What’s the most difficult thing about being on tour?

Tom: ‘I guess it’s mostly missing people. Your friends, family, pets, whatever. It can be hard adjusting to not seeing these people.’

What’s the best thing then?

Tom: ‘The best thing would probably be getting to travel and see the world.’

What’s your favourite thing about Singapore?

Tom: ‘Probably the people. You see, my mum used to live in Singapore when she was a girl, back when Singapore was still a colony and she’s always told me that the people here are great. You guys have really beautiful people here.’

You mentioned that you guys won’t do the same stuff over and over again. How do you find inspiration to keep coming up with new material?

Tom: ‘I don’t know. We come together and pray to God for inspiration, basically.’

How do you think social media like Facebook and Twitter has helped you guys as musicians?

Tom: ‘Well, the thing is, we did it on our own. If you’re a band or an artist, social media is a good way to market yourself. Lana Del Ray and the Arctic Monkeys are good examples. We grew the old way, by playing loads of shows. Nowadays though, social media will help you more. Back in our days, the internet wasn’t that big yet. It’s definitely easier to connect to your fans now.’

What do you think of The Vaccines?

Tom: ‘Oh, they’re sweet. The Vaccines are really good guys. Really nice guys. They’re like, what, 23 or so but they’ve got a really nice soul about them, y’know?’

You guys have denounced claims that you guys are an indie band. So what exactly would you guys classify yourselves under?

Tom: ‘Rock & roll. We’re not indie, no. You wouldn’t call Led Zeppelin or The Stone Roses an indie band. They’re rock & roll and we’re rock & roll. We’re definitely not indie.’

So what can we expect next from Kasabian?

Tom: ‘I don’t know. It could be anything. We might make a live record, an acoustic record, a record under water, a record with only instruments. I really don’t know. We’re going to put a new record out, that’s for sure.’

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