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Concert Review

Concert Review: Kasabian 'LIVE' in Singapore With Special Guests The Vaccines

By  February 9, 2012

Shortly after I arrived at Fort Canning, I was greeted by a very efficient ticketing system, which saw my friends and I amongst the other 6,000 fans in front of the stage within 15 minutes. The organizers really outdone themselves too as the show started only 10 minutes late, which was ridiculously punctual for a concert.

Expectations were high as The Vaccines took the stage. After all, as they get more and more popular with each passing day, it is hard to view them as just another opening act. I saw them as a huge reason to invest in a ticket, as it was basically two solid bands in one show.

However, it seemed like a case of ‘opening act’ syndrome, as they put in a somewhat lackluster showing. The boys just fell short of achieving a good show, which I was sure they were capable of.

There was a lack of stage presence and Justin Young didn’t really ‘own’ the stage. This could probably be because of inexperience as after all, these guys only came onto the scene in 2010 and haven’t exactly done a lot of touring with only their debut album to show for.

There was also the age-old issue with their set that the sound quality just wasn’t good enough. This seems to actually happen with a lot of opening acts that I’ve seen. The sound was distorted at times and made it hard to appreciate their technical ability.

Despite all that though, I’m still pretty stoked to see where these guys will be heading because it’s clear that there’s loads of potential. They seem like genuinely nice guys too, with Justin Young deciding to mingle with the crowd after the show to allow fans a couple of pictures.

After The Vaccines cleared the stage though, there was a half-hour buffer as the crew had to clear their set and set up for Kasabian. I, like everybody else, am not usually big on the waiting at concerts but these guys were really efficient with the show being able to start on time. They could have played more relevant music to keep the crowd entertained but that’s beside the point.

The fans have also got to be one of the nicest concert-goers I’ve seen in a long time with a group of random strangers overhearing that I was thirsty and deciding to share their drinks with my friends and I. Others made small talk as we waited for the show to begin.

When Kasabian eventually took to the stage, they decided to kick off the show with the high tempo track, Days Are Forgotten. Which was probably a good idea too, considering the tittering crowd being a bit lethargic after waiting for quite a bit.

They sort of faded away for a while in the middle though as they put in a pretty tentative performance, as if unsure of how enthusiastic the fans were going to be.

That soon all changed though as the crowd eventually got warmed up and began getting involved, with a particular female fan in front of me deciding to flash her assets to the band and to the crowd as well. It also helped that Sergio Pizzorno was constantly applauding the audience, which really kept the crowd going.

The band dished out many hits from their latest album, Velociraptor! which have been racking up the views on YouTube while also peppering their set list with old material from West Ryder Pauper Lunatic Asylum.

What really impressed me was the versatility of the band, which was on display for everybody to see. Tom Meighan has said that the band would never release an album similar to something they’ve done before and it was easy to see what he meant as fans were treated to a large diversity of music. The main factor has to be the chemistry between Tom Meighan and Sergio Pizzorno as well.

It was easy to tell that they’ve been playing together for a long time and I thought it was really cool how both of them take turns at being the lead vocalist with Sergio even doing all the vocals on tracks like, Take Aim.

The party really got started though when Fire came on. For those of you who don’t know, this is the song that plays during the weakly English Premier League highlight reel. The crowd went crazy as everybody started jumping and before I knew it, I was all the way in front against the barrier moshing with a couple of guys that I was pretty sure were drunk.

It was all over too soon though, and I felt that while it was still a great show as a whole from the two bands, there could’ve been a bit more energy from them. As a whole, I would definitely go again if either of them returned to Singapore.

Setlist (The Vaccines)

Blow It Up
Wreckin' Bar (Ra Ra Ra)
Tiger Blood
A Lack of Understanding
Under Your Thumb
Teenage Icon
Post Break-Up Sex
All In White
Wolf Pack
No Hope
If You Wanna

Setlist (Kasabian)

Days Are Forgotten
Shoot The Runner
Where Did All The Love Go?
Take Aim
Club Foot
La Fée Verte
Fast Fuse
Goodbye Kiss
L.S.F. (Lost Souls Forever)

Switchblade Smiles
Vlad The Impaler

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