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Interview: Catching up with Mr. Cooler Than Me

By  October 27, 2010

Mike Posner opens up about his growing up years, college time, and how he plans to make good music in this decade. Check out our interview below to find out how our favourite frat boy became a self-made success.

We heard a few of your mix-tapes and were surprised to find out that you were a rapper before a singer. Why a change in direction? Would you go back to hip-hop?

I used to rap when I was a teenager. I love hip-hop music and a lot of hip-hop elements find their way into my music. I enjoy singing more though.

What can fans expect from your major label debut - "31 Minutes to Takeoff"?

12 great songs, not just 3 or 4.

Who are some of the people in the industry that you would like to collaborate with?

I’d love to work with Andre 3000 and Paul Simon. I think they are the best lyricists of their respective generations.

What do you think of the music that came out in the last decade?

This is a really exciting time in music. More people than ever are able to be creative and I think genre lines are blurring more and more everyday. I find new songs on the internet that I love almost everyday.

What do you think needs to be brought to music in this decade and how do you plan to add to that?

Originality needs to be brought to music in this decade. I plan on adding to that by not sounding like anybody else.

What were you like growing up? What kind of student were you?

I was a little bit of a Momma’s boy growing up. I got really good grades but still partied on the weekends.

You have a lot of fans here who are still in school. How do you juggle between college and music, excelling in both areas?

It was really difficult balancing my academic career with my musical career. I had to remind myself that most people do not get the opportunity that I got to get an education. If you could put together your dream tour, who would be on it?

The Killers, Bob Marley, The Beatles

Have you been to Singapore? Any plans for a promotional tour in Singapore?

I have not been to Singapore but I hope I get to be there soon!

Any last words for your fans in Singapore?

I hate the word “fans.” My absolute love goes to those that allow me to not get a real job!

Mike Posner will be 'heading' to Singapore via Spin or Bin Music for an exclusive virtual tour on November 5. Don't miss this chance to watch Mike as he removes his designer shades and share with us his exclusive tour diary.

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