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Album Review: Sheppard - Bombs Away
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Album Review: Blur - The Magic Whip
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Album Review: Kodaline - Coming Up For Air
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If there was something between indie pop & indie rock, that's where you'd be able to find a lovely group of 6 Aussies, who call themselves Sheppard.

This indie band has brought a fun, fresh & new perspective on the widely debatable indie genre with their debut release, Bombs Away, which includes the worldwide hit Geronimo that is already rocketing them to success.

The unique group makes use of the diversity among them. 4 guys, 2 girls and a wide range of musical talent spread throughout the 6 of them. We hear the guys' soothing voices on most of the tracks, unlike in the female-sung pop ballad  A Grade Playa and in the soft-reggae-styled Smile.

Sheppard make music to take away your troubles and let you unwind with carefree songs like the sing-along duet, Lingering, and the acoustic masterclass in Let Me Down Easy, a campfire-worthy song with cheekily clever rhymes in the verses.

Their best work on the record has to be the consecutive This Electric Feeling & Find Someone. Hair-raising chord progressions, thought-provoking lyrics and groovy acoustic/electronic beats really set the songs apart from the rest. They should've just combined both songs into an epic 7-minute wonder.

The album started off with a definite hit in Geronimo and they unexpectedly ended with a contrastingly, dark song in Halfway To Hell, an interestingly intense tune to conclude a bomb of a debut album. There's just no telling how far these 6 people can go and Bombs Away is a most promising beginning.

Track Gems: Find Someone, This Electric Feeling, Smile, Let Me Down Easy

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Do you aspire to follow in the footsteps of young artists like Greyson Chance, Cody Simpson and the ever-famous/infamous Justin Bieber who gained their fame and fandom from YouTube videos showing their raw, young talent? 

If you think you have what it takes, you have a fantastic opportunity in nEbO's Encore 2015 competition that is searching for the next big artist that can sing English or Mandarin songs, or even better, both!

All you have to do is put on your best performance singing your most impressive song/cover and you could win yourself a rare, residential performing stint at one of Singapore's most adored music venues, Timbré at The Substation, a great platform to launch your musical career!

YouTube video auditions are ongoing and here's how you can join:

Step 1: Submit a video of yourself singing on YouTube                                                                                           Step 2: Email the YouTube link and your registration form to

Online video submission ends 2 Jun 2015.

Find out more here!

“I would say this song helped pave the way for a specific genre of rap collaborations that followed. And many careers were made on this specific model.”

Mariah Carey did not lie when she wrote that line in the album notes about her #1 hit Fantasy, included in her new Greatest Hits updated #1s collection album, #1 to Infinity.

Fantasy was the first true pop-rap collaboration that impacted charts all around the world. Since then, songs like Katy Perry’s E.T. (featuring Kanye West) and Justin Bieber’s As Long As You Love Me (featuring Big Sean) have utilized this formula to a roaring success.

 It is truly unbelievable a song that has been released 20 years ago is still relevant to artists these days. Here are three songs that will not have existed if not for Mariah’s Fantasy!


1. Beyoncé - Crazy In Love (Feat. Jay-Z)

It was only after post-Fantasy that it became standard for R&B star Beyonce to combine melodies with rapped verses. This one goes down in history as one of the biggest debut singles ever though.


2. Rihanna - Umbrella (Feat. Jay-Z)

Rihanna paired herself up with one of the leading MCs of hip-hop on her most successful single to date then, securing her place on pop royalty.


3. Katy Perry - California Gurls (Feat. Snoop Dogg)

Snoop delivers one of his slickest verses in years on Katy’s lead single off Teenage Dream, accompanied by an unforgettable bubblegummy video.

Check out Mariah's newest single Infinity below! (and listen out for the high note towards the end!!!)


Photo Credit: Idolator, Popsirens

Anna Kendrick's face says it all in one word: FIERCE. And in this case, it accurately represents two things happening in Pitch Perfect 2:

1) The fierceness of the Barden Bellas' insane mash up performance,

2) Of Queen Bey's alter ego, Sasha Fierce.

And oh boy, I know the highly anticipated movie's been out in theaters for a few days now, but I know some of you (like me), haven't got the chance to catch it yet.

Decked in plain white tees with blue vests and jeans, the cast ruled the competition (I assume?) with pitch perfect harmony of their solos and vocals on stage. I love how they're not being flashy or flamboyant with the outfits, but just killing it with their mad a capella skills.

Now here's the thing: after being blown away by this short 1 minute clip of the Barden Bellas performing a medley of pop songs, with Run the World as the leading tune, I just really want to run to the nearest theater and watch it. Right now.

Here's a fun fact: Ester Dean, who plays Cynthia Rose, actually wrote hits for Katy Perry and Rihanna. Say what?! So I can't exactly tell you how aca-awesome it is, you just have to watch it for yourself! 'Til you catch the movie, feast on this mashup!

You're welcome.


Photo credit: Universal Pictures

What’s more exciting than a video filled with gangs of assassins uncharacteristically described as the “epitome of girl power?” NOTHING, according to excited fans.

Taylor Swift's constant updates on Instagram and the involvement of a number of her celebrity friends got everybody hyped for the release of the Bad Blood music video.

But was it really worth all the feels?

When it comes to giving off the “Divergent” vibe (shown above) and hauling around some badass kicks, Taylor certainly did not disappoint. However, after over-analyzing the video, it seems that there’s much more to it than its highly talked-about celebrity cameos.
The highly anticipated video opened with “death defying stunts” by Taylor and Selena Gomez who were both busy kicking some guys’ asses. However, Taylor was later pushed out a glass window - by none other than Selena.  I would have described the video as badass... until I discovered the inspiration behind it.

Critics and a few fans would agree that it’s Taylor’s artistic way of portraying her relationship with now frenemy, Katy Perry. As a self-proclaimed Feminist, Taylor received quite a bit of criticism about the video going against the feminist belief that women should support other women instead of bringing each other down. (They did, after all, literally throw some awesome punches.)
As a former “Swiftie,”  I did fall into the trap of eager anticipation, and had also looked forward to the release of the video - especially when my homegirl, Lena Dunham, is part of it. However, Lena only had a few seconds of “exposure” and all she did was smoke a cigar. I must say I expected more from the celebrity cameos just like these guys here;


Do you think it was worth the wait? Do share with us your thoughts! 


Photo credit: Big Machine Records