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Album Review: Leona Lewis' First Album Without A Very Important Man's Help, 'I Am', Proves To Be One Of Her Best
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Album Review: Foals Play It Safe In 'What Went Down', Their Loudest Record Yet
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Album Review: Troye Sivan Shows His Seasoned Maturity In 'Wild', A Solid Pop EP
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Leona Lewis has been in the music game for quite some time since her 2007 breakout song "Bleeding Love", but her 5th studio album, I Am, is her first without the man who transformed her into a superstar, everyone's favorite talent scout/judge, Simon Cowell.

It's a big step for the British diva, and even the album title shows her independent approach to this record in which Leona expresses a lot of herself in ways that make I Am seem like a break-up album.

Lyrics like "All your runaway judgments no longer pin me down" on the heart-pounding Essence Of Me show her moving on state-of-mind, as well as when she proudly declares "No longer in chains / I'm dancing in flames" in the lead single Fire Under My Feet.

Leona also displays a huge leap forward in her vocal capabilities, particularly in the standout track Thunder with spine-chilling vocal runs as she sings "I won't wait any longer / When you left me I got stronger".

And although this different production approach with Toby Gad might estrange some fans, it's a first step for Leona in the musical journey that she will embark on more self-dependently, and this looks to be an exciting change in the diva's career.

Track Gems: Thunder, Another Love Song, Fire Under My Feet, Power

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Rihanna’s highly anticipated #R8 (Rihanna’s 8th studio album) has been in the works since 2013. Two years has passed and Rihanna has recorded, scrapped and re-recorded the entire album. 

Over the years, collaborators on R8 slowly unveiled included Yeezus himself Kanye West, rising star Charli XCX, and Miley Cyrus' producer Mike-Will Made It.

The release date was confirmed by Rih herself to be some point in 2015, in which we still have three months left of.

FourFiveSeconds was the first taste of the ‘scrapped album’ which featured more of a minimalist sound.

The 'scrapped album' also included the Charli XCX-penned Same Old Love (which eventually went to Selena Gomez for Revival). The song was to be a Rihanna and Nicki Minaj collaboration, but was never used eventually.

Alive was also given to Rihanna by Sia but… it was too good that Sia took it back after being rejected by Rihanna. How could she reject possibly one of the best songs Sia has ever recorded?!

Nine months after the first taste of #R8 was released, the album cover along with the title of the album, ANTI, was finally revealed at the MAMA Gallery in Los Angeles on October 7th.

ANTI: A person opposed to a particular policy, activity or idea.

A series of seven paintings at the museum, the album artwork which depicts a young girl with a gold crown covering her eyes, with a black balloon strung tightly to her wrist, painted in multiple, intersecting views.

Brialle is incorporated for the visually impaired to actually experience the album with the sense of touch too. Interesting...

Are you still excited for ANTI or has the hype already died down? Let us know!

Source: RihannaDaily, Twitter

This period of time has been really enjoyable as Little Mix has been announcing exciting news and releasing new material almost every other week! And we don't know if our little fangirl/boy hearts can handle it anymore especially when their Love Me Like You music video dropped a few days ago.

With every music video on YouTube, comes along the opinions of the people on the Internet - where some are just plain mean and others, hilarious. 

In this case, the comments left were really interesting fun facts noticed by Mixers. And they got us like, "Yeah, where did I see that from...?"


1. Same Cast as Black Magic MV

Yes, a lot of the cast from the Black Magic MV were used again because the two music videos were shot consecutively in LA.

The 'Mean' Girl

The 'mean' girl looks like she is no longer mean and is pumping up the party with her really cool dance moves!

The Ponytail Guy

LM's love interest in the music video was really hard to spot. But we finally found him enjoying himself amongst the crowd at prom!

The Professor

The same professor in the boring lecture theatre appears again at prom catching anyone canoodling.


2. Green Power Ranger as The Lead Male Actor

Apparently, a lot of Mixers are also Power Ranger fans! Who knew? 

This guy who played with all the girls of LM in the music video was recognised as the green power ranger!

Yes, he is the guy that gave all the girls this little "let's go to prom together" gift.

It was indeed hard to see the similarity at first but we have to say that Hector David Jr. looks a lot older since the season of Power Rangers that he starred in.


3. Perrie's Engagement Ring Makes an Appearance

Mixers certainly have very sharp eyes as almost everyone noticed Perrie's engagement ring at 2:11 of the music video.

Here you go, this is 2:11.

Many were wondering why Perrie was still wearing her engagement ring after the split. But referring back to the point made earlier, this music video was shot in back in April together with the Black Magic MV.

That means, it was shot at the time when Zerrie still existed.

And before any of this happened...


I think we have made our point very clear that Mixers have really sharp eyes for spotting really cool details in music videos. Did you notice any of them? Spot any more for yourself and do let us know if you find any!


Photo Credit: Vevo, Tumblr, poptower, morphinlegacy, usmagazine, evoke & digitalspy

Out of new music to listen to? Well good news for you. Kid Cudi has dropped possibly two of the most interesting tracks of 2015.

The American hip-hop star has dropped released two new songs on Soundcloud, possibly off his new album Speedin’ Bullet To Heaven. Oh and you will be in for a surprise.

In a good way of course.

The frequent Kanye collaborator has dropped two new and most certainly NSFW tracks and all I can say is farewell to hip-hop Cudi.

Judgmental C*nt features Kid Cudi as a 80s rock star, complete with electric guitars and occasional screaming from the man himself. Surprisingly, the reception among his fans about this song have been pretty good so far!


Wedding Tux sounds like it fits right into a Foo Fighters’ acoustic set. Complete with Cudi’s rockstar-esque voice and an acoustic guitar backing him up.

Both songs sound wildly different from each other and one can only wonder how both songs would actually fit into his new album.

Check out the previously released lead single Confused, below!

Photo Credit: Hypetrack, Tumblr

What Walk The Moon would describe as a victory march is a bubbly, energetic song about equality, love and diversity. Different Colors is not just another indie pop song… that probably has "no deep meaning," according to classic rock fans.



Written at the time when same-sex marriage was still not legal in the States, lead vocalist Nicholas Petricca turned his frustrations into what Rolling Stone magazine calls “glittery, feel-good rock," hence the birth of Different Colors. The band has established quite a distinctive signature through their effervescent songs and colorful aura.

However, the song is not just about sexuality; it’s about embracing your individuality and uniqueness which echoed through each band member’s differently colored hair and powerful stage presence.


The band emitted the exact same spirit their new vibrant single Different Colors is portraying as they went onstage at The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon!

Watch the performance here:


Photo credit: aclfestival, kylekphoto