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Here we see ol' T-Swizzle in action trying to absorb some booty for herself.

She's back. With vengeance, disses, and a seriously catchy single - Shake It Off. It's pop (not country anymore) darling Taylor Swift.

Taylor has a bit of identity crisis in this new music video - she's Jessie J, she's B.o.B (or any rapper really), she's Natalie Portman in Black Swan and above all, she's nailed Lady Gaga's early days.

Also she's no longer in the bleachers; she's Cheer Captain now.

Psych! Shake It Off's opening lyrics are self-deprecating at best. And Taylor hurls it back at us with every bit of confidence and I applaud her for that. 

I stay up too late / Got nothing in my brain

I go on too many dates / But I can't make em say / That's what people say

That's vengeance right there. We even got to see Swifty in body-hugging outfits, doing her best to shake her booty and do complex finger movements.


And the disses:

'Cause the players gonna play play play play

/ And the haters gonna hate hate hate hate


I'm sold - Taylor's single hooked me from the get go. I can't wait to hear what her new album 1989 delivers.

It's very different from Fearless, Speak Now and Red. I can hear Ed Sheeran's influence in this one.

What's your verdict on Shake It Off? Let us know in the comments below!


Photo credit: Big Machine Records

MTV World Stage Malaysia celebrated its sixth anniversary last Saturday on Aug 16, 2014 at the Surf Beach, Sunway Lagoon. As with World Stage tradition, this year’s performance was a mixture of R&B, Hip-Hop, Soulful Pop and K-pop from B.o.B, Yuna, Boys Republic and Thaitanium. Minus Jennifer Hudson.

I was actually looking forward to watch this particular diva sing live ever since she won her Golden Globe and Oscar for her ground shattering performance of And I Am Telling You. Were you one of those people stomping their feet in protest and beating their chest a la King-Kong style? No? I guess it was only just this idiotic writer then.

But as they say in show biz, the show must go on. Kicking things off that evening was Thai-American hip hop music group, Thaitanium. KHAN, WAY, DAY, BIG CALO and Tony B did a commendable job of opening the show on a high note. They did manage to score some extra points when they dedicated their latest single,Wake Up (Bangkok City), to the audience by tweaking it to Wake Up (KL City).

The night’s festivities continued when five cute Korean boys in black and white apparel emerge on stage with a surge of fire power; sending their Royal Family fan-base into a frenzy withYou Are Special. The audience was also treated to a remix version of their hit, Video Game. After a short video interlude and clothing change, One Junn, Sun Woo, Sungjun, Minsu and Suwoong returned to stage to serenade a luck fan girl during Dress Up before ending their show with Party Rock.

Clad in a white and gold ensemble, our very own home girl, Yuna, was welcomed with open arms and proclamations of “I love you!”. From the moment she transition into her first rendition of Falling, everyone present there were mesmerized by her silk soulful tone and charming demeanour.    

Soft yet powerful, Yuna gave fans what they wanted – a balanced combination of English and Malay songs including Mountains, Lelaki, Dan Sebanarya, Lights And Camera, Terukir Di Bintang, and Rescue. Call me bias, but Yuna was easily my favourite performer of the night. In the midst of testosterone men (and boys), she was the rose among the thorns. Wrapping up her set with the up-tempo song, Come Back, this talented singer-songwriter stood out for being picture and pitch perfect!

Since this year’s MTV World Stage was opened by a Hip-Hop/ Rap group, it was only befitting that another rap artist close the show; and who better than the King of collaborations – B.o.B. The international rapper wasted no time by jumping into a 16-track medley including tracks like Don’t Let Me Fall and So Good.

Throughout the night, B.o.B could be seen exchanging high fives, snapping selfies with his fan’s mobile phones and crowd surfing – all these while spitting out verse after verse. He was in short, quite the performer. While rap and hip-hop may not be everyone’s cup of tea, those who dig it had the time of their lives. 


Recorded live for global telecast, the show premieres on-air Wednesday, 20 August at 6.30pm (WIB), 7.30pm (SG) and 8.30pm (MAL) and repeats on the same day at 10pm (WIB), 11pm (SG) and 12am (MAL). It premieres in the Philippines on Friday, 29 August at 10pm.

Photo credit: MTV Asia, Lucas Lau, Kristian Dowling & Aloysius Lim

If you haven't check Katy Perry's video for her latest single This Is How We Do, I suggest you do so right now. The video, directed by Joel Kefali, offers up eye candy aplenty and paid homage to a number of iconic figures including Yves Saint Laurent, Aretha Franklin and Michael Jordon.

Here's our Top 5 moments of This Is How We Do video:

5. The video gives us so much 80s vibe.


4. The twerking ice-cream cone.

3. Mariah Carey-oke (Brilliant!).

2. The Mondrian Moment.

1. Homage to Josie & The Pussycats.

Katy's videos are best when they're fun, colorful, and not too serious. Easily my favorite video of the Prism era.


We are giving away Katy Perry's Prismatic World Tour water bottles to celebrate our Favourite Twitter Influencer win at the Singapore Blog Awards!

Yes, KatyCats! We have five sets of the OFFICIAL water bootles to give away! All thanks to Universal Music Singapore!

You want one? You might want to enter the draw! Here's how:

1) Follow us on Twitter.

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Photo credit: Capitol Records

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7. Spin or Bin Music is not responsible for, nor obligated to replace, any lost, stolen, or damaged prize sent through mail.

Synth-pop sensation LIGHTS makes motherhood appear so manageable.

On top of undertaking the gruelling responsibilities that come along with raising a 6-month-old infant, the Canadian singer/songwriter has a third studio, Little Machines, coming out on September 23. Her previous reveal of lead single, Up We Go exhibited a familiar punchy, hook-filled electronica approach but Portal on the other hand, is entirely in a realm of its own.

A literal gateway to the upcoming LP, Portal is a blissful entrance for listeners as Track #1. If Siberia’s Cactus in the Valley was a great indication of Lights’ capability in crafting endearing ballads (spawning even an acoustic guest appearance by Adam Young), the lyrics that cascade seamlessly this time are purposefully poignant.

There are so many things that make Portal special to me. It started as a one-chord experiment and was finished in New Mexico on a solo writing getaway. The drumbeat of the song is actually comprised of me recording baby belly drumming when I was full term with my daughter.”

Beautifully disjointed the wordplay may be, but with her conclusion of “Nothing is sacred and nothing is sure anymore / Except all that you are and stand for,” we can’t help but feel that such assuredness in a world of uncertainty can only allude to her newborn. The magical quality that is echoed by Poxleitner’s ethereal coos is a calm found only in quaint faraway lands and Portal’s grayscale video does exactly this.

Naturally a song so unique gets special treatment, and this video is no ordinary video. Myself and a small, talented crew spent the day in an otherworldly glade about an hour outside of Toronto meandering through elvish woods and driving old cars. It was perfect.”

Seriously, we wouldn’t be too surprised if we found Mr. Tumnus waiting on the other side.


Photo credit: Ashley Osborn

The divas of the music industry like to play (with clothes) and it’s no surprise. Many of them do it well, landing themselves free publicity time and time again. Today, we place the magnifying glass over one, in particular.

For the love of our fans, we grant a Spin or Bin Music reader’s wish (shout out to Radh E. Linden) for us to write about five of Rihanna’s most iconic ensembles. Ten selections were given; five were shortlisted. And here they are.


5. The Tuxedo

Throngs of fashion-forward female celebrities have been sporting the androgynous tuxedo for a while now. So, it’s no big deal seeing another lady without her usual dress. But Rihanna brings it up a notch at the 2009 Met Ball by pumping up the puff-shoulders, slipping on a pair of gloves, cuffing up the pants, and pinning on a bow tie for an eccentric touch.


4. The Super Black

As you may suspect, this pop princess doesn’t seem to be a fan of covering up. Lacing it up at the Jean Paul Gaultier fashion show, Rihanna goes black (completed with gothic lips) with a touch of posh around her neck.


3. The Secret of Victoria

Fun, flirtatious and feminine, the Barbadian beauty struts down the 2012 Victoria’s Secret runway in what can only be described as lingerie for the great outdoors. Sure, you could probably sleep in those baby pink laces. But for this fashion icon, she could buy groceries in that outfit and the world would thank her for it.


2. The “Whiter Than Will Smith’s Choppers”

The 26-year-old might as well whip out a halo and a pair of wings for this Stella McCartney number. Her hair’s tossed up in a messy bun; her torso’s ever toned; and her train flows like satin milk. What is perfection? This is.


1. The Nearly Naked

Now, this is what I call being over-dressed and under-dressed at the same time. The work of designer Adam Selman, RiRi’s twenties-inspired dress (sprinkled with over 230,000 Swarovski crystals) is roaring “scandalously sexy” from tip to toe – No doubt a field day for the reporters and photographers at this year’s CFDA awards. It tops our list of her most iconic apparel, which will definitely be talked about for years to come.

Who else do you want to see in a “Top 5” feature? Let us know and we just might write about it!


Photo credits: EPA, Just Jared, Axelle, Charles Sykes, Kevin Mazur/Wire Image, Rex