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Directioners are known for the things they do in the world of fandoms. From trending hashtags about One Direction on Twitter daily to voting their thumbs off to win awards for the lads and of course, breaking records.

It was no exception when One Direction's latest single, Drag Me Down, had its music video released on Vevo on 20 August.

Directioners obviously went all out and started trending #DragMeDownVevoRecord on Twitter in hope of breaking the most viewed Vevo video record on YouTube.

This fandom is not only crazily dedicated and passionate, but intelligent. So here are the 5 ways Directioners are trying to break the #DragMeDownVevoRecord!


1. Play the music video on any possible device available

Even if it's not yours, just play the music video on whatever device you can find that has wifi!


2. Encourage fellow Directioners that they have the power to not just break the Vevo record but Vevo itself

Directioners should stick together in a time like this, and remind each other that they are not a force to be reckoned with.


3. Remind everyone who currently holds the Vevo record

Although Drag Me Down didn't beat Taylor Swift's Bad Blood Vevo record for the most viewed video within 24 hours, Directioners did not give up so easily. They found a new goal and are giving everything they got. Miley, you better watch out!


4. Thank the haters for helping out

Looks like Directioners have a little group called the "haters" to thank for adding to the view count of the music video. Thanks haters for watching!


5. Teach fellow Directioners to REFRESH not REPLAY

I repeat "REFRESH not REPLAY" in order for your view to count!

Which category do you fall under? Do let us know in the comments down below!

And we know that you've enjoyed watching the music video! So why not watch it again and again and again? Come on, we know you want to ;)



Photo Credit: Twitter and YouTube

Smoke + Mirrors is the sterling sequel to Night Visions and also Imagine Dragons’ jam-packed 90-minute gig that jumpstarted the heart of sleepy Singapore to its very core.

Imagine Dragons’ presence here is anything but a mere whirlwind that’s stopped by: it was a tour de force, a reigning tornado of high-octane pop and rock fusion that left ears ringing and fists pumping in its wake.

A quarter past eight and vibrations fired from the amplifiers left the Indoor Stadium quaking with frenzy: here there be Dragons! The leading notes of Shots rippled off guitarist Wayne Sermon’s strings shortly, dire proof that there’s indeed no escape from being devoured by the beasts of rock.

The almost psychedelic animations flashed on the LED screens injected a sense of surreality into the arena – a underlying semblance that’s omnipresent in both of their albums. The dexterous use of strobe lighting and lasers left me in a trance, but then I caught the sight of Dan Reynolds’ glorious man bun. The frontman dominated the giant bass drum on stage, clad in a black sleeveless tracksuit that showed off his biceps.

After roaring through an upbeat Trouble, Dan relinquished and took the time to express his sentiments, saying they’re absolutely blown away to be here, and to have experienced the local culture and sights (particularly that of the Botanic Gardens). And then he turned the mic on us. The atmosphere burst with united, proud proclamations of the famous line, “I’m never changing who I am” – It’s Time.

Smoke + Mirrors and Polaroid were both curiously satisfying songs. The eponymous track was the most enigmatic of all renditions, but Polaroid segued into a prodigious series of guitar solos thanks to Wayne.

It was only during the electrifying I’m So Sorry (my personal favourite) that I felt the incredible magnitude of their stage power surpassing anything I’ve witnessed before; a seemingly composed auntie even got her head bobbing wildly to the snazzy bass that’s courtesy of Ben McKee.

Gold hit so many hauntingly great notes during the chorus whilst Demons practically had close to 12,000 of fans singing their throats out (or better yet, unleashing their vocal demons).

A chirpy Hopeless Opus was followed by Release, but not before Daniel Platzman delivered his frantic, awesome drum solos – after all, how could ANY concert be complete without drum solos?

On Top of The World generated all new high contrary to Friction, the track equally agitated as the title claims – the ruckus especially resonated within the standing pit, as bodies gravitated to the sounds of Imagine Dragons.

Everyone was elated to lap up I Bet My Life, the single we all got familiar with not too long ago. But we didn’t surrender our voracious appetites for the Dragons, until Radioactive. It spanned the longest performance, as it should be. Even so, it felt short, the brevity of their iconic track limited by how fast time passed.

As the final cadences of encore track The Fall slowly fell away, the members of Imagine Dragons joined hands and graced the front of the stage one last time, but we know it will not genuinely be the last as the band made a pact to revisit our island once again.

As the saying goes, ‘What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas’, but I’m more than relieved that Imagine Dragons is the exception to the rule.



It’s Time
Forever Young (Alphaville Cover)
Smoke + Mirrors
I’m So Sorry
Hopeless Opus
On Top Of The World
I Bet My Life

Encore: The Fall

Photo credit: Live Nation Lushington, Sports Hub Singapore, Aloysius Lim and Alvin Ho

Nobody would have thought about the relation between Meek Mill and Drake’s feud (link) to Nicki Minaj’s The Pinkprint Tour… until now.

The Pinkprint Tour, which ended recently, faced a massive drop in ticket prices as soon as Meek Mill started to call out Canadian hip-hop superstar Drake.

Drake dropped diss tracks, namely Charged Up and Back to Back, all while Meek Mill was still on tour opening for his girl Nicki.

Ticket prices immediately dropped 20% from $179 in July to $148 at the start of August, and it's freefalling. Looks like people are actually willing to boycott Nicki along with Meek for his row of disses towards one of the biggest hip-hop stars in recent memory.

Meek Mill’s album Dreams Worth More Than Money, which dropped a little before the feud started, has also halted in terms of sales. Despite selling 215,000 copies in its first week, it has struggled to attain gold certification (500,000 units sold) even after two months.

Is Meek Mill’s ‘career’ officially over after his not-so-wise choice to diss Drake? Probably so, to the point of no repair.

Well, it’s not like we knew who he was before this fiasco started anyway.


Photo Credit: Tumblr, Vibe, Urbanislandz, IBTimes

We might be done with our recent massive SG50 giveaway during Singapore's National Day, but we're firing on all cylinders this week with another fab giveaway from the cool team at Warner Music.

The cool kids from Echosmith delivered a sincere performance in Singapore two weeks ago and we've been suffering from post-concert depression ever since. It's not helping that their latest single Let's Love is ridiculously catchy and it's climbing up the music charts fast.

Now we know physical albums are becoming rarer these days especially titles from Warner Music. But the fab folks know music fans like to own physical copies of their favourite bands so they have kindly gifted us Echosmith's debut album to give away.

But that's not all. These aren't just regular albums. These are SIGNED Echosmith Talking Dreams album AND posters. Yes, the 3 siblings (minus Jamie who was away with his wife) have put their elbow grease into them and inked them all with their names.


And you could win one of them in just 2 simple steps!

1) Follow us on Twitter.

2) Simply tweet the message “So let's love #SpinorBinMusic while we are young! Gimme a signed album and poster from Echosmith!"

Photo credit: Warner Music

Terms & Conditions:
1. Open to Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines and Indonesia residents only.
2. All entries must be received before 21:00 hours on August 31, 2015.
3. Multiple tweets are allowed but each Twitter account will only be entitled to one winning chance.
4. Representative of Spin or Bin Music will pick three (3) tweets amongst all eligible tweets. Spin or Bin Music’s decision is final and binding. No correspondence will be entertained about Spin or Bin Music’s decision.
5. Spin or Bin Music reserves the right to disqualify all entries that do not meet the rules and regulations of the Contest. These include entries submitted with invalid or incorrect information.
6. Winners will receive a tweet/ DM from Spin or Bin Music with further instructions on how to claim the prize.
7. Spin or Bin Music is not responsible for, nor obligated to replace, any lost, stolen, or damaged prize sent through mail.

Can somebody please say awkward? How weird is it for two people who were once madly in love with each other, decide to collaborate on a song together and then break up?

These ex-couples would probably not be singing these songs with their used-to-be better halves anytime soon because the world would be screaming "AWKWARD!!!" in many different languages.

So here's 5 song collaborations by some of our previous favourite celebrity couples. Try not to cringe or reminisce too much!


1. Who You Love - John Mayer and Katy Perry

This pair have had an on-and-off again relationship for many years. And they broke off again after getting engaged. But we heard that they are back together again?! This is way too confusing...


2. Right There - Ariana Grande and Big Sean

Ariana and Big Sean was labeled an odd couple by many but managed to prove others wrong by being one of the sweetest celebrity couples out there. However, that wasn't enough to keep their relationship going for long.


3. Vertigo - Jason Derulo and Jordin Sparks

There were definitely sparks in their eyes as they performed this love song together. It's a pity we won't be getting any more performances like this from both of them again.


4. Nobody's Business - Rihanna and Chris Brown

We all know about the abusive relationship between Rihanna and Chris Brown. In this case, we have to say it is our business to show care and concern for Riri as we do not stand for any sort of domestic violence.


5. This Is Me - Demi Lovato and Joe Jonas

It is unlikely that you would sing a duet with any of your exes. But this duo has shown us how mature they are as they recently performed this Camp Rock hit on one of Demi's tour shows!


Have we missed out any of your favourite song collaborations by broken-up couples? Do let us know down in the comments below!

Photo Credit: Twitter