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What can we say? The wait was torturous but it was worth it for so many reasons.

Like many concerts in Singapore, an overly enthusiastic crowd will start to form outside the concert venue hours before showtime. And the attendees of Selena Gomez's Revival World Tour were no exception to this phenomenon.

Okay, maybe it was not much of a phenomenon because Cornetto was giving out free ice cream cones. So you do the math: Singaporeans + free things. Yup, we figured you knew the answer too. Other than the complimentary treats, long lines were formed both at the merchandise booth as well as in front of the backdrop to take pictures with Selena's colourful head. Because let's be real, that was probably the closest Selenators will ever get to the queen herself without M&G passes.

And just when you thought that those were the longest lines you will ever see that night, you couldn't be more wrong. When the doors opened at 7pm, the LONGEST line started to form from the entrance of the stadium all the way to the bridge and back! The snake line was inevitable because security was REALLY REALLY TIGHT that night. It was not your typical "poke stick in bag" kind of security check. Every single concert-goer had their bags THROUGHLY checked and had to go through a FULL BODY CHECK by having the beeping sensors swiped from their necks down to their toes by security.

Security was probably stricter than you have ever experienced at concerts held in Singapore because of the numerous attacks around the world especially after Christina Grimmie's tragic sudden passing. And because of the strict security checks, we missed the entire opening act of homegrown singer Gentle Bones. We are sorry mate. More than half of the night's crowd was still queuing very impatiently outside while the singer performed his set. Well, we found this video online of him performing his latest single Geniuses & Thieves if you would like to check it out.

Overly excited, the crowd started to scream and stand on their feet even before the newly turned 24-year-old singer appeared on stage to start off her show with a intro version of Revival. She followed her set with previous hit singles like Same Old Love as well as Come & Get it before proceeding to belt to Sober.

After which a video montage of SelGo looking like a model started to play and the crowd went crazy for some reason. Maybe it was the anticipation for the costume change which Sel changed into a black leather pants and what looked like drapes on her body. With that killer outfit, she sang Good For You along with the crowd who sang at the top of their lungs as though they didn't need them for breathing purposes. Survivors was a spectacle to watch as the dancers were ON POINT and you can't help but attempt to try and dance along.

To bring us back in time, Gomez did a throwback with Slow Down and Love You Like A Love Song which she didn't sing most of the chorus. It really puzzled us as to why she only sang the verses of the song.

Selena mentioned that the next song requires a little crowd participation and introduced the ultimate crowd-favourite, Hands To Myself! She probably didn't have to ask us to snap along and we would have gladly done so by ourselves anyways. "I mean I could but why would I want to" was the LOUDEST line sang by the Selenators that very night. It was sang (or rather shouted) with such great volume to the point that we couldn't even hear Selena singing it.

Another video montage was played and this time, the songstress walked out wearing a long simple black dress with her hair done in a low ponytail to sing Who Says. She described the song when she was a lot younger and being 24 now, she felt that she needs this song more than she did back then. She continued to say that she feels so fortunate that a girl like her from Texas is about to live out her dreams thousands of miles away from home.

Her piano lessons definitely paid off as Sel played it so well while singing one of her favourite worship songs Transfiguration. She took us to church and back man! She made a smooth transition into Nobody before we performed a new song Feel Me for everyone. #privilege

After new material was presented, the band started playing Mexican music as two HUMONGOUS roses started to sprout from the ground until it reached the ceiling. THAT WAS SO STRANGE but Selena came out wearing this black translucent body suit with a silver strip singing Me & My Girls followed by Me & The Rhythm that made everything not that weird after all. Body Heat ended with everyone dancing their way backstage, leaving one very talented dancer and an electric guitarist who totally rocked out and left their hearts on stage.

Covering Eurythmic's Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This), Gomez rocked out to it in an orange ensemble while assuring the crowd that she'll come back to Singapore again and urging everyone to dance it all out before everyone goes home. The bubble of joy introduced the next song Kill Em With Kindness as one that has got her through so much. The choreography with the orange exercise balls was so cool and everyone was basically in awe of the whole spectacle.

The show ended with a dance party to I Want You To Know before Selena Revival-ed her way off stage. And that was it. The crowd was definitely not impressed with how the show ended because it just stopped so abruptly. WE NEED MORE or rather, the ending could have been grander and more spectacular than just walking to the back of the stage before disappearing.

In conclusion, we really enjoyed ourselves and Selena's presence with of course, the hits. We just felt that the backing track was too overpowering and kind of over-shadowed everything else. And Singapore was blessed with the new outfits, that's basically what the rest of the world said.

We love you Selena, please come back soon as you promised! (:


1. Revival (Intro)
2. Same Old Love
3. Come & Get It
4. Sober
5. Good For You
6. Survivors
7. Slow Down
8. Love You Like A Love Song
9. Hands To Myself
10. Who Says
11. Transfiguration (Hillsong Worship Cover)
12. Nobody
13. Feel Me
14. Me & My Girls
15. Me & The Rhythm
16. Body Heat
17. Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This) (Eurythmics cover)
18. Kill Em With Kindness
19. I Want You To Know
20. Revival

Photo Credit: Marcus Lin from Midas Promotion, smg-news, @nadiaquilla, @selenagomezcansing, @tcheriset on Instagram, @gomezswifts, @therevivaltour on Twitter

Do you have a thing for full-sleeved tattoos?

If your answer is 'yes', then here are some of the hottest arms of music today for your viewing pleasure (god bless). If you don't, then 1) what the hell is wrong with you and 2) let's see if this post can arouse a fetish for arms that you never knew you had before. 

That being said, we will not be held liable for any sexual frustration incited by this post. Don't say we didn't warn you - enjoy:


1) Adam Levine


2) Josh Dun


3) Zayn Malik


4) Andy Black


5) John Mayer


6) Pete Wentz


7) Justin Bieber


8) Ed Sheeran


You're welcome and have a nice day.


Photo credits: Giphy, Tumblr, Instagram, Favim, BaebleMusic

Wait what, does that mean she's impersonating herself?

The legendary Céline Dion made a guest appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon and of course when such a powerhouse is in the building, you gotta play a few rounds of Wheel of Musical Impressions with her!

Her eccentric personality shone through as she impersonated some of the best-selling recording artists like Cher, Rihanna, and Sia to little fun tunes like Frère Jacques, Row Row Row Your Boat and Hush Little Baby respectively. She even chipped in when it was Jimmy's turn to give her best impersonation of the late king of pop.

As we all know, the Wheel of Musical Impressions is such an iconic segment of the show where other singers have impersonated the My Heart Will Go On singer. And since Céline is such a fan of the segment, she got annoyed when Jimmy was explaining the mechanics of the game to her. Céline had obviously watched Ariana Grande's spot on impression of herself.

In between talking about other things and not wanting to record the iconic Titanic song, she impersonated Ariana's impression of her on the show. Let's just say, IT WAS HILARIOUS and creepily accurate. She went on to express her love for the pop princess' talent. And like the song, she went on and on about Ari's short stature. Oh Céline!


Photo Credit: theawesomer 

Remember Only The Young?

Former band members Charlie George and Parisa Tarjomani of the previously existing band Only The Young have reunited to cover We Don't Talk Anymore by Charlie Puth and Selena Gomez.

It has been quite some time since the 4-piece band have gone their separate ways in November of 2015 after they finished in seventh place on the eleventh series of The X Factor back in 2014. What we find truly saddening is that the band had been together for what seemed forever before they competed in the singing talent competition. It felt as though not winning the competition or rather not getting signed to a record label failed to keep them together, as though their love for music and friendship was not enough.

After the group announced their split, they have gone on to venture on several different projects individually. But we figured that since Parisa and Charlie have been friends for the longest among the four, they decided to reunite to collaborate on a cover together. And the song choice was rather fascinating and interesting altogether.

"We Don't Talk Anymore" sounded like a subliminal message to their ex-band members. Like hey, we used to live together and do everything together, but it's no longer the same till the point that we don't talk anymore because of a public fallout on Twitter. Well, we could be wrong about this interpretation. But it just seems like there is more than meets the eye of this particular song choice.


Photo Credit: itv & YouTube

What better way to spice up a mundane evening than to watch James Bay adorably chew his beer-braised beef...

Joining GQ Features Director Jonathan Heaf, Mr Bay was invited for the first ever segment called “Out to lunch” for GQ magazine.

What we noticed during the short video was James’ genuine selflessness to stir a conversation between him and the journalist, almost blurring the lines between the usual interviewer/interviewee relationship.

However, we also found him sharing about his first guitar, and of course asking the journalist back about his musical hobbies, as though they were just casual friends. What was lacking though was questions about James' writing style, but I guess they were going for a more informal interview.

If there’s a main takeaway, it’s James’ humility that radiates through his comfortable and unpretentious mannerisms, which undoubtedly is one of the factors to his charm.

Watch James Bay keep his posh and signature laidback demeanor in this video:


Photo Credit: Getty, WENN