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Album Review: Lights Returns With Another Acoustic Rendition Album In 'Midnight Machines'
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Album Review: The Summer Set Recapture Their Energetic Pop Rock Sound With 'Stories For Monday'
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Album Review: M83 Channels The 80s Pop Culture Yet Again, But With Average Results In 'Junk'
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On May 5th, our favourite Brit powerhouse turns a ripe old age of.... 28!

Yup, Adele's still got her mojo, and she's the songbird of our dreams - incredible vocals, a wicked sense of humor and true genuinity. There's no one else like her, and no one ever will.

So to celebrate her existence and her gift to bestow heartwrenching tracks that's been heard around the planet, here are 5 wacky, underrated and little known facts about a certain Ms Adkins.


5. She can keep a secret... for 94 days.

Yup, that's how long she kept her son's name - Angelo - secret, until it was eventually revealed to the world on her necklace. What a super subtle way to do it, but that still can't evade the observable and secret-thirsty paparazzi.


4. She's a world record holder.

Adele's name is attached to 3 Guinness World Records. First and foremost, for having two singles and two albums at the same time in the UK Top 5. Secondly, for being the first female solo artist to reign the number one spot for most consecutive weeks with her album, 21. Last but not least, 21 broke a record by staying number one for 18 weeks - the most cumulative weeks for a female solo artist in the UK charts.


3. She has cross-dressed, and she looks amazing.

It's none other than George Michael, her music idol.


2.  Motherhood is boring (musically).

A whole new time before 25 was written, produced and dropped, Adele wrote an entire album about her experiences with motherhood (after all, being a first time mother's bound to bring out lots of feelings) - but she simply went "Nah" and sacked it.

Thank you for staying so real and relatable to us all, Adele.


1. Drunk-tweeting? Hell YES!


I mean, this tweet already says it all. Sadly, her management has taken over and it will be her last drunk tweet for ages to come.




Photo credit: XL Recordings



There are just simply no words to describe the immense feeling of bursting pride we felt when we first heard that The Sam Willows will be opening for Little Mix on their Get Weird Tour.

Our homegrown band has done us proud again. The fact that they will be sharing the stage with one of the biggest names in the music just goes to show that hard work does pay off in unimaginable ways. Who says that you can't achieve your musical aspirations if you're born and raised right here on this sunny island?

The thought of our local talent being exposed to the girls' huge existing fan base gives us hope that one day they too will be able to make it big internationally. But for now, it's one country at a time. Right guys?

In celebration of such an exciting time in their careers and obviously to announce that they will be seeing parts of the world with the girls, The Sam Willows dropped their rendition of Little Mix's Secret Love Song.

And just because our little fangirl/boy minds need to suggest possible but very unlikely scenarios, we are just putting it out there that it would be great if they could perform this number together with Little Mix themselves. Well let's be honest, Jason Derulo would probably not fly all the way to Asia to sing a part of the song with the girls... so we're suggesting that maybe The Sam Willows could fill in for him? 

We are happy that The Philippines will be able to witness all of this but seriously, can Singapore be added into the list too? Fingers crossed that the "TBA" dates include the whole of Asia because that would be wonderful ;)

Photo Credit: The Sam Willows Facebook

Little Machines + acoustic guitars = Midnight Machines. Canadian electropop queen Lights gives us yet another acoustic taste of her albums, but it just loses out to her previous effort in Siberia (Acoustic) with this new album's dull and lifeless tracks.

We love Lights for her upbeat and catchy synthpop tunes that place her beside other artists like Ellie Goulding and even CHVRCHES. But here, she transforms that electropop energy into draggy verses and soft-spoken lines such as in the almost 6-minute opener Up We Go.

She could also have given more vocally to songs like Running With The Boys and Don't Go Home Without Me which was pretty decent acoustically, but basically begged for a passionate and powerful vocal delivery from Lights, but it just wasn't there.

One bright side for the acoustic album comes in the song Same Sea, where Lights does a pretty fine job singing it, but what really catches the eye, or in this case, the ear, is how a heart-pumping electropop tune was beautifully reconstructed into a melodic acoustic song that oozes chill vibes.

Still, the album proves Lights' dedication to her fans by giving us her different persepectives towards her works which always interests us and gives us more about what kind of artist she truly is.

Track Gems: Same Sea, Running With The Boys, Meteorites

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Dear 7/27, please come soon.

It seems as though May 20 couldn't be further away than it already is but now that the ladies of Fifth Harmony have changed their album's release date a week later to May 27, Harmonizers freaked out all over the Internet saying that the whole sticking to the theme of 27 is just trash talk.

Basically, what fans speculate is that Fifth Harmony doesn't want to drop their album on the same date as Ariana Grande who will be dropping her third studio album Dangerous Woman. So moving the release date of their album gives a better chance for 7/27 to chart well rather than competing with one of the most successful chart topper of this generation. But hey, what's a Fifth Harmony album without a delay in its release date? (If you're a true Harmonizer, you would have caught the joke ;))

Obviously Fifth Harmony's management isn't blind to the whole reaction by the fans, so guess what? We have been teased with a track by track reveal of 7/27 with a monochrome series of pictures on Fifth Harmony's instagram account, some of which came with little descriptions of the songs. What a way to pacify us don't you think? But we definitely ain't bitter about it at all!

So let's take a walk down each track shall we?


1. That's My Girl


2. Work From Home feat. Ty Dolla $ign

3. The Life

4. Write On Me

5. I Lied

6. All In My Head (Flex) feat. Fetty Wap

7. Squeeze

8. Gonna Get Better

9. Scared Of Happy

10. Not That Kinda Girl feat. Missy Elliott

11. Dope

12. No Way


So after looking through all the song titles and visuals that came along with it, which song are you most excited for? And what do you think of the collaborations? Do leave us a tweet to tell us what you think about it all!

Photo Credit: Fifth Harmony Instagram

We’re all aware that Game of Thrones is back… Yes, every single Internet user is aware of that fact, even the ones who don’t watch the show. I’m glad we’re all being bombarded with constant updates about Game of Thrones though. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have stumbled upon this absurd Spotify music match. It basically matches you with a character along with its corresponding playlist.

Being the curious Internet lurker that I am, I gave the music match a try. But God was I disappointed. I didn’t expect to get “musically” matched with Theon Greyjoy. I mean, am I really as lonely as Theon? Maybe I am. Perhaps I’m just not yet aware of the darkness that is slowly eating my soul. Just look at the percentage of meloncholia in the genres… just wow.

I’m not going to complain though, so I’ve just decided to match four songs from the playlist that perfectly capture every stage of Theon’s life.


When Theon thought he captured Winterfell:




When Ramsay tortured Theon and later named him Reek:


When Theon escaped with Sansa (a bit melancholic with a pinch of slight victory):



Theon Greyjoy’s complete playlist:

Photo Credit: HBO, Vox, ladygeekgirl(wordpress), giphy, gotrole