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DNCE's Debut LP 'DNCE' Is Definitely A Jam-Packed Party Playlist!
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Grace VanderWaal Launches Her Music Career By Getting Real On Her Debut EP 'Perfectly Imperfect'
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Album Review: twenty one pilots Meets MUTEMATH (The MUTEMATH Sessions)
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Initially seen as a step backwards from last year’s exciting line up, St Jerome’s Laneway Festival 2017 surprisingly proved that not even a heavy downpour could stop the grandeur the festival continues to execute annually.

Attracting a crowd of thousands were four stages shared by a range of both local and international acts, promised to bring music discovery to a whole new level. Catching a certain band might be every fan’s initial motive to attend the festival, but it’s definitely inevitable not to leave without being captivated by a band’s live music for the first time.

Delighting the slightly small crowd in the early afternoon was Australian artist Tash Sultana performing at the Bay Stage. Though it’s a shame that not even half of the grounds were filled to watch her play the ever so captivating chord progressions in Jungle and effortlessly alternate between a windpipe and an electric guitar.

Switching the mood to a fierier ambience were punk rockers Luca Brasi’s thundering set that attracted a number of hardcore fans, mostly in their teens, who belted out an incomparable energy as they moshed in front of the Garden Stage. All these happened as the rest of the laneway-goers, still transfixed to their seats (aka the ground), watched from afar. For a moment, they were entertained not by the act onstage, but the aforementioned teenage boys’ aggressive yet entertaining moves.

It wasn’t until in the middle of Sam Rui’s set that it started drizzling. But the local act maintained her charm onstage with her atmospheric vocals as she debuted a new single, Solid Gold, played a cover of Jojo’s Too Little Too Late, and endeared her fans with her most popular song, Better. Having been lucky enough to catch KOM_I of Wednesday Campanella after Sam Rui’s set, I was welcomed with the sight of the bubbly Japanese performer being thrown over the crowd while inside an enormous inflatable balloon. Some of her other notable antics at Laneway were giving away free matcha to the crowd and singing on top of a ladder. I must say that this is the level of dedication every artist should have.

Moving on to another local act was shoegaze band Astreal. Considered to be music veterans in the local scene having formed in 1992 as Breed, Astreal didn’t seem to be much of a crowd pleaser as evident from their unexpected shy demeanor.

Enduring what turned out to be heavy rainfall, crowds started gathering in front of the Bay Stage yet again for AURORA’s set. The Norwegian singer-songwriter bewildered us throughout her mystical set, performing songs like Running With The Wolves and Conqueror. Aside from her mesmerizing stage presence and undoubtedly alluring vocals that could just transport you to places, the 20-year-old musical wonder is beyond her age when it comes to communicating with fans. I had the pleasure to meet AURORA and was left almost speechless with her endearing gaze that just translates her genuine appreciation towards her supporters.

Gang of Youths frontman David Le'aupepe was fascinating to watch as he slayed song after song with his quirky dance moves. He was also quick to respond to members of the crowd by reciprocating their greetings with winks and shout outs. The band captivated the crowd with catchy anthems such as Vital Signs and Magnolia and their it was a pity that their outstanding set was limited to only 50 minutes.

On another note, if Tame Impala went metal, it would sound like King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard. It’s spellbinding in a way that just wakes one up, which prepared us for Whitney’s mellow set that happened afterwards. Braving the rain despite being already drenched, I waited right behind the barrier for Whitney like a true dedicated fan and sang along to a few of my favorites, Polly and Golden Days. The band also treated us with a cover of Bob Dylan’s Tonight I'll Be Staying Here With You that triggered a male fan to confess his love for the band through deafening screams – though this received giggles from the crowd, it was amusing to see Julien Ehrlich responding with a shrug. For some reason, I was enthralled by Whitney’s “low key” aesthetic and seeing them live just escalated my fondness.

Making up Poptart were Singapore DJs weelikeme and KiDG that brought the party to those who sought for shelter from the rain in the White Room. Catering to the hipster crowd that evening, the duo played songs by Two Door Cinema Club and Grimes, and ended their set with Stereophonic's Dakota.

Returning to Singapore with electrogaze instrumentals were Tycho, who brought out ethereal vibrations through their soft melodies some of which were Awake and A Walk. But what seemed to be the highlight of the festival was Glass Animals’ infectious zest that radiated throughout the crowd as the band hooked everyone with their brilliantly crafted visuals. Bringing all of their album covers to life, every song played was accompanied by enchanting lighting the color of their specific album – blue and purple for Zaba and yellow and orange for How To Be a Human Being. Though let’s not forget the star of the evening, a lone pineapple that was later held up high by Dave Bayley as he performed Pork Soda, and of course, along with a giant inflatable pineapple being passed over the crowd.

Ending the final set on the Bay Stage was Nick Murphy, previously known as Chet Faker, who astonished the exhausted audience with his downtempo music. Though I only got to catch Gold and Fear Less, it’s safe to say that the Australian artist was one of the most anticipated acts of the day, still drawing a large crowd at 11pm with his hazy synths.

Thanks to the unexpected downpour, the enigmatic air of what everyone else would assume taste like the pretentious air or “festival-goers” and their undying obsession with flower crowns, Laneway turned out to be a dynamic gratification that was enjoyable for everyone regardless of age.


Text: Teejay Vergara and Ling Donwei

Photo Credit: Spin or Bin Music

Ed Sheeran is all about keeping the spotlight to himself this 2017 as he shares with Billboard the real deal about delaying the release of his latest album, ÷ "The plan was to come in September and then the album was meant to come in November, but the week the album was coming out was the week the presidential elections."

Sheeran thought it was a good idea to capture people's full attention without having to share the spotlight with other celebrities who were also making headlines at that time.

A brilliant marketing strategy turned out to be a win-win situation for all parties involved as everyone got their own “time to shine.” Though we’re not obviously ecstatic about Trump, we got some solid records released prior to ÷.

Who and what exactly got in the way of Ed Sheeran’s much-anticipated album release?


1.     Donald Trump Got Elected As U.S. President



2.     Bruno Mars came out of his cave with the smashing “24K Magic”


3.     The Weeknd’s “Starboy” saw the light of day

Will ÷ be worth the wait? I guess we'll just have to see on March 3!


Photo Credit: Getty Images, Giphy

A replacement for Camila?

As of 19 December of last year, former Fifth Harmony member Camila Cabello officially left her girl group days behind to pursue a solo career without being bounded by a legal contract.

It has been slightly over a month since her departure and Fifth Harmony's loyal fan base also known as the Harmonizers are still struggling to reconcile with the fact that there are only four members in Fifth Harmony.

To correct this irony, Ellen DeGeneres posted a photoshopped picture of herself and the girls in their brand new profile picture for 2017. This hilarious attempt at trying to poke fun at such a tense situation started the trending hashtag #BeThe5thChallenege where others were doing likewise but just with different people who they think can fit the mold of the fifth member of the multi-platinum selling girl group.

Let's take a look at some of the best nominees:


1. Ellen DeGeneres 

The lady herself who started it all... now she needs to invite the girls for a proper sit-down interview!


2. Lady Gaga

They sure look good in Gaga's iconic pink hat. This group of vocalists would surely be one powerhouse band!!!


3. Miley Cyrus

This would probably never happen in a million years but the photoshop skills here are the!!!


4. Ariana Grande

They are all around the same age, with amazing voices, they are also very family-oriented... they would get along fine and make a real super group that the world has never seen.


5. Ed Sheeran

Ed Sheeran fell in love with these girls since the early days of their music career... and if the dress does not qualify him to be a member of the group, can we at least get a collaboration please?


6. The Kardashians and Jenners

Keeping up with the Harmonies?


7. Mahogany Lox

They all went on tour together and had the best time of their lives. And who says there can ever be enough sass in a group?


8. The Incredibles

They will definitely be a force to be reckoned with, and the idea that their concerts may potentially have superpowers involved... one can only dream.


9. The High School Musical Cast

Their concerts will be EPIC musicals!!! And who doesn't like spontaneously breaking out into song and dance?


10. Elmo

The girls have appeared on this furry friend's TV show, Sesame Street. Shouldn't he do the girls a favour and be the fifth member of their group?


Who do you think should be the fifth member of Fifth Harmony? Or they are perfect just as a four-piece group? Do let us know by leaving us a tweet!

Photo Credits: @theellenshow, @iwantalox, @shinystew, @meikahsmmeika, @fernachaxd, @franciscodco, @aesthetic_paige, @_cuteinsider, @fiveprincesses5, @itskaythiel on Twitter

Lollapalooza was first staged in Chicago and has spread across the globe to Germany, Argentina, Chile and Brazil over the years. In mid 2017, yet another country will be hosting the global music festival - France and none other than in the city of love, that is Paris.

And guess what?

It is just about the one-stop music festival no matter what kind of genre you're into! Just take a look at how diverse their announced lineup is!


For the ROCK lovers:

YES, Red Hot Chili Peppers will be headlining the show *rolls eyes in jealousy*



Imagine Dragons too? Goddammit. 


For the POP lovers:

The queen and inspiration of festival outfits will also be gracing the event! Jelly!!!


For the DANCE lovers:

We can already imagine the rave at the end of each night!


For the INDIE lovers:

'Nuff said. Check out the full lineup below:


Photo credit: Lollapalooza

Chances are, you might not have heard of AFTRHR before but now that you have, there’s no better time to get grooving to their tunes than now: the release of their first single of 2017.

Alternative rock band, AFTRHR’s new single, Walking On Air sounds just like how its art looks: smooth and relaxed but with some edge. AFTRHR brings to the table some modern entrancing mixes blended with striking guitar and synth rhythms in Walking On Air, which is a common standout in their other songs So Divine and Perfect.

However, Walking On Air contains a more upbeat, party vibe with energetic vocals that make you want to get up and dance till everything around you becomes blurry so you actually feel like you’re walking on air.

I fell into AFTRHR’s clutches after hearing their first single So Divine and the band just keeps exceeding my expectations with every new release so this is a song you definitely want to check out if you’re into intoxicating, groovy dance jams.

Also, if Lynn Gunn (Lyndsey Gunnulfsen) of PVRIS thinks it’s a banger, then it really is.


So basically, AFTRHR is a really good band that makes really good music that you should really listen to.


Photo Credits: James Lano