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Gather around, the Queen has spoken! The reigning Queen of Pop, Madonna, has declared Taylor Swift is her favourite princess in the current music industry. Well with undeniably catchy hits like Blank Space or Love Story, it’s no surprise.

“She writes some really catchy pop songs. Can’t get them out of my head.”

To be praised by Madonna must be greatest feeling ever! You know you’ve made it if you’re being praised by the best of the best.

Taylor swiftly responded to the praise, with ‘thanks now I’m dead’. Oh well. The typical fan-girl reaction it seems.

The accompanying hashtags too showed a whole new side of Taylor we’ve never ever ever seen (#How Am I Supposed To Deal With This, #Be cool Taylor Stop Being Embarrassing). Calm down Taylor!

Madge singled out other artists, namely Miley Cyrus, Rihanna & Katy Perry, as the other princesses in today’s pop industry.

Madonna’s latest single is her first solo lead single in a decade, Living For Love is set to be released on radio soon.


Photo Credit: ohnotheydidn’t, tumblr

Thanks to subpar National Day Parade performances, the slowly declining quality of National Day theme songs, and the lack of support and exposure towards exceptional homegrown artists during these high-profile celebrations, the general masses have been deceived into thinking that local music is shoddy and unoriginal.

Allow me to beg your pardon. From the electronica duo .gif who’s just completed their set at St. Jerome’s Laneway Festival, to the underrated acoustic pop vocalist that is Lin Ying, we show you the songs made locally that’s been replaying in our heads. Here are five out of 50 reasons why it’s great to be a part of this country.

For optimal impact and appreciation, listen to the following tunes with a monstrous pair of headphones. Better yet, if you can find some way to play them through surround-sound loudspeakers, please don’t hesitate or slouch back in laziness.

Also, the rankings are arbitrary. Each item is sonically formidable and unrivaled in equal measure, loaded with the potency to travel far and wide in this tropical city and beyond.


#1: Juvenile by .gif

Kicking this list off is.gif, arguably one of the most inspired alternative outfits (and I’m not just talking locally) that’s clearly not getting enough airtime. Experimental rhythms of impressively smooth textures, topped with artful lyrics and enigmatic yet potent delivery, .gif (comprising of Weish and Din) is so much more than your typical “hipster” band, and not at all pretentious. Allow Juvenile to illuminate you.


#2: Top Man by Take Two

“Sit back, grab tight. We’re here to electrify,” sings Take Two’s sometime frontman Lee Yin Wei on Top Man. And electrify, they did. Top Man is exemplary of their prowess for churning out pumped-up hits, addictive melodies, and scratchy riffs. Not to mention, they’ve got probably the cleverest lyricist, managing to script poems out of a love for barbecued pork, and a brief, wordless encounter on an MRT train without sounding amateurish.


#3: Eagle Eyes by Lin Ying

Smooth, delicate, and fluid. There’s no way to brush this quietly formidable vocalist off after getting a taste of her sincere compositions. Lin Ying has come a long way from humble “YouTube cover” beginnings to form her own voice that consists of a graceful falsetto and a more than mellifluous tone. Eagle Eyes is an original that’s sure to make you do a mental double take at this underrated artist.


#4: Physical by Gareth Fernandez

He’s got pipes that could make anyone swoon, no doubt about it. It’s full, and oh so silky. But of course, Gareth Fernandez isn’t just a pretty voice and a pretty face. His single, Physical, is an explosion of funk and groove, transporting listeners back in time when it was all about bouncy afros, bell-bottom pants, and disco lights.


#5: For Love by The Sam Willows

This four-piece group is on everyone’s lips, constantly at the top of their game, even with cover songs. Between snagging the opportunity to work with legendary producer Steve Lillywhite, and getting nominated for the 2014 MTV EMA’s Best Southeast Asia Act, The Sam Willows has even made time for other pursuits - the Kheng siblings with their television stint, and Sandra Tang (whose voice is one of gorgeous singularity) with her new yoga studio. Thoughtful tracks such as For Love is exactly how our National Day theme song should sound like.

Keep your eyes peeled for Part 2 of “50 Songs We Love From Singapore”!

Photo credit: YouTube/The Sam Willows

Call him the Aficionado of “Finger Style” guitar-ing or Sunha Jung’s long lost brother - Amos Lim allows his music to speak for itself without any form of luscious vocals just pure instrumentals. His skills are too dazzling to be pinned down despite picking it up at the age of 13 without any form of formal lessons; it was wholly self-taught.

Hemming a kaleidoscope of achievements under his name, Amos was the opening act for Adam Rafferty at *SCAPE and performed for Tedx Youth 2013. Furthermore he is currently conducting guitar lessons for a handful of students. In the past he used to coach over 60 students at Music Centers/Maestro Guitar.

Being versatile on both the Ukulele and Guitar, I fell in love with Amos’ rendition of Little Talks by Of Monsters and Men. The arrangement is distinctive as it mixes around with the upper and lower tones of the Ukulele where the sparsest instants are accentuated with the lower lushness. The improvisations are thematically on beat with little room for error.

Perhaps you are looking for an Acoustic Evening Playlist after a tiring day, well Amos’s cover of Clarity by Zedd will surely set that mood for you. It pacifies the soul and enables listeners to unwind as he astounds you with his electrifying knacks.

Staying connected with his fans through social media, Amos has progressively built a sturdy pool of more than 4000 subscribers on his YouTube channel as of 2014. With more than half a million views on his channel and 3.5k followers on Facebook.

Being modest despite his success, Amos is the musician whom you should watch out for! He differentiates himself through his fast finger works on the Ukulele and it’s a gift which many aren’t able to possess.



Photo Credits: Amos Lim 

We hear that Charli XCX and Rita Ora are Doing ItAnd they even have a brand new music video to show for it. A blonde and a brunette slaps on bright red lipstick, cause shenanigans and drive 'round town - what could go wrong, right? Wait, that sounds kinda familiar.

But before we get to that, here are the Top 3 reasons why both of these British imports won't make it big by just 'doing it'.


3. The song doesn't speak much for itself.

Because music nowadays is all about making it for the eyes, and not the ears. The slightly catchy hook aside, lyrics like 'All night long/ We dancin' to this song/ We doin' it, we going on and on, on and on'.... Er... Okay. It's a fun song, it's a party song, we get that. But when you have Rihanna, Calvin Harris, Jessie J dishing out better hits on the radio, ask yourself: do we really need anymore of this?


2. Sidechick teams sidechick.

When you have Iggy Azalea's sidechick collaborating with Iggy's other sidechick, you're gonna get a formulaic video thrown to the sidelines. But WAIT! Enter almost-naked white men, policemen-strippers, sexy cowboy/girl themes. Yawn. I'm bored of that. Charli XCX rocked with Boom Clap, but Rita Ora? I'm sorry but girl needs to stand on her own. Fast.


1. Gaga and Bey do it better. Period.

Throwback to 2009. Remember Lady Gaga's Telephone? Man, that was THE bomb. Awesome costume changes, Gaga rocking prison outfits with Queen Bey jumping in to cause trouble. And not to mention the choreographed dances with a legit storyline. I miss that. We miss that. Now let's bring it back.

Example #1:


Example #2:


Obviously we know which blonde-brunette team slayed. And let's not forget Telephone's sick beat and that it got nominated for the Grammy Award for Best Pop Collaboration with Vocals - plus a wagon full of other noms. 

If I haven't spoilt the joy of watching the official music video for you yet, feel free to help yourselves to Doing It:



And let us know if you agree to disagree or vice versa! ;)

Photo credits: Poponandon, Asylum Records, Streamline Records

Comebacks are hard, but Fall Out Boy seem to know how to avoid the risk of a possible failure.

The band choose to borrow from different genres and mix various elements in their latest album American Beauty/American Psycho, in order to craft a sound that is actually their own.

The result is a fine piece of work from the alternative rock heartthrobs that is overflowing with anthems, youth and passion.

Our personal favourite is Uma Thurman which brilliantly juxtaposes the Pulp Fiction actress to The Munsters theme tune - the best FOB has produced in years.

To celebrate the release of American Beauty/American Psycho, we are hosting a swag of giveaway goodness for Fall Out Boy fans! Thanks to the lovely peeps at Universal Music Singapore.

Yes, we are giving away three sets of Fall Out Boy goodness consisting of FOB's brand new album American Beauty/American Psycho, FOB poster, AND a set of FOB nesting dolls!


And as always, winning is super-simple!

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Photo credit: Universal Music

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