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Yes, I am writing this piece because I'm craving for new Twenty One Pilots material.

And yes, I do spend my afternoons lurking on the internet, endlessly searching for some new content to perk myself up after class.

It has been a couple of months since Twenty One Pilots dominated my social media feeds with Heathens. So, it was quite a surprise to stumble upon their live cover of Black Eyed Peas' Where Is The Love (a solid jam from my childhood) just a few days ago.

Like any internet user, I watched a video and ended up discovering a few more. So I suggest you listen to these 3 brilliant live covers by Twenty One Pilots while on tour.


1. Black Eyed Peas - Where Is The Love

There is something about Tyler's rapping that makes everything more exciting than it already is. I mean, that mere choreographed dance is just a bonus



2. The Beatles - Twist and Shout 

Hearing Tyler's laidback vocals sing a Beatles song already makes my day.



3. R. Kelly - Ignition

This, of course, is a bit from their 7 acoustic covers that I completely adore.

Photo Credit: Kevin Winter/Getty Images for CBS Radio

Zara Larsson might have just released her debut full-length international debut album, So Good, but one track has stood out amongst the rest.

Symphony is Zara’s sixth official single off her album, from which her first single, Lush Life, was released in June 2015, nearly two years ago.

Produced by Grammy-award winning electronic outfit Clean Bandit, the track follows their surprise hit single Rockabye which inarguably launched the career of up-and-coming British singer Anne-Marie.

As upbeat as Symphony is, the video is heartbreaking and might be difficult to watch for many. It tells the story of a conductor mourning the loss of his boyfriend who passed from a car accident. Of course, he conducted his own symphony to recoup and to heal.

The video pretty much falls in line with Zara’s pro-LGBT agenda which is very much needed in a world that is filled with hatred and discrimination today.

The classical-pop single was also given the live treatment it deserves, accompanied by none other than a strings section alongside Clean Bandit.

Listen to the brand-new track below!


Photo Credit: Tumblr, Official Charts

Machine Gun Kelly’s most recent singles were created with young female artists such as Camila Cabello on Bad Things, and girl group Little Mix on No More Sad Songs, and they’ve had huge responses so far. 

Similarly, since her debut EP, Haiz which was released back in 2015, Hailee Steinfeld has been teaming up with a number of artists on every track she has released. Her collaborations with DNCE and Grey as well as Zedd have been two of her most listened 2016 releases.

So, when MGK announced his latest track featuring Hailee, it was expected to be just as good if not better than Bad Things.

Sure enough, the new song, At My Best showcased both artists’ abilities. MGK’s rap found more of his classic deep lyrics and a heavier beat and vocals as compared to his previous two collaborations and despite At My Best not being a solo MGK track, he managed to put a lot of himself into it. Hailee also managed to show off her unique voice and style in the song even though she was only a featured artist.

There's not much else to say about the song because of it's simplicity. Overall, this song turned out better than MGK’s other two recent ones because it worked to each of the artists’ strengths – MGK’s much loved real lyrics and deep vocals, as well as Hailee’s adaptable yet unique voice – and combined them into one smooth song, as opposed to changing one or both of their styles just to sell the track.

Give the song a listen here and see what you think:


Photo Credits: DirectLyrics

With just 1 week to go before alternative rock band Coldplay grace our shores, it’s safe to assume that most of us are already preparing ourselves for the most monumental concert of the year.

I mean, we’ve fought over ticket sales and hyped ourselves up with endless posts about their upcoming shows, but have you ever thought of the song you can’t wait to hear live?

If you haven’t already heard, Coldplay usually takes in song requests from fans before every show – whether it’s an underrated song or a hit that they don’t play live anymore.

Til Kingdom Come has been one of the most requested songs so far in their A Head Full Of Dreams Tour and this is more or less their set list for their Singapore show.


Taking these into consideration, I’ve curated five underrated songs that don’t usually see the light of day but are as equally brilliant as those they typically play.


1.     Strawberry Swing


2.     Life in Technicolor ii


3.     Hurts Like Heaven


4.     Death And All His Friends


5.     Sparks

Photo Credit: Carlos Müller

The live action remake of Disney’s Beauty and The Beast has just hit movie theatres worldwide and it is slightly different from most other remakes – it is a musical, and following the 1991 animation, it contains all the classic songs (plus a few new additions) but recreated by today’s top singers.

The theme duet of the movie, Beauty and the Beast – formerly recorded by Céline Dion and Peabo Bryson – was taken over by Ariana Grande and John Legend, and to say the least, it was a really good effort.

The original duet was composed by Alan Menken as a smooth, wholesome ballad. The stellar track had the sweet, timeless voice of Céline and the deep, powerful one of Peabo’s, and together, they managed to come so beautifully to create the image and passion of Belle and the Beast. It’s fair to say that it is very unlikely you’ll find another two singers as perfectly suited for this masterpiece of a song as Céline and Peabo.

With that being said, the new version was indeed a good effort for a modern remake. Upon finding out that Ariana and John had set out to recreate the song, I had my doubts but once I’d heard it, I found that it actually wasn’t as bad as I had expected.

The remake had an unsurprising increase in tempo, and John’s vocals did not have as much depth as Peabo’s did, so this affected the overall dynamics and emotion of the song as it sort of clashed with Ariana’s vocals when they sang together. However, both artists did have the individual vocal power for such a ballad so the delivery of their respecitve solos turned out to be strong. The original Menken melody was still retained which I’m sure everyone is super thankful for but the 2017 version had a slightly edgier sound to it that surprisingly managed to complement the tune.

So basically, you really can’t compare anything to the 1991 classic but on it’s own, Ariana and John’s version is probably a good 7/10. I mean it could have been worse so I’m pretty glad that it turned out the way it did.

Check out the 2017 and 1991 versions below and see if you agree:







Photo Credits: Mothership