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She's not only a singer but a motivational speaker and a dream maker.

Jessie J has been in the music industry for many years now. After many successful singles later, she has made her a name for herself internationally. And Singapore had the privilege last night to witness for ourselves what a talented person she really is.

The Singapore Indoor Stadium started to fill up has early as 7pm as all majority of the tickets were based on general admission. Whether it was the hardcore fans or even people who received complementary tickets from Singtel and Samsung, everybody wanted to get the best seats in the house.

At 8pm, the stadium was almost full and the atmosphere started to get really pumped as songs from DNCE, Shawn Mendes and even Taylor Swift were echoing throughout the common gathering space. Exactly at 8:28pm, the lights dimmed and Jessie's band started playing as the long-awaited pop star made her way up from the right side of the stage.

The one and only Jessie J was standing right before our very eyes and she started with what seemed like vocal exercises before finishing it off with "Singaporeeeeeee!!!" in a her famous vibrato voice. Obviously like every single crowd in the world, this one went wild at the mere mention of their country's name.

Dressed in a gold sparkly over-sized jacket and knee-high black boots, the English singer kicked off the show with her hit song Ain't Been Done followed by Domino.

After which she addressed the audience by talking about her day, about how she flew from L.A. to Tokyo and finally to Singapore. She mentioned that her whole body felt like sleeping so if she were to go for some notes and if they don't come out right, it's because her voice is asleep. Well, that was probably just her way of getting the crowd to sing along with her to Nobody's Perfect. (what a great segue Jess)

The 28-year-old singer continued to recount her eventful day when she reached her hotel in Singapore, she ordered chicken rice at 3 in the morning. She really enjoyed it but she said that the chef was rather confused by her order at such an unearthly hour. After her meal, she watched a movie and wrote a few songs. (Wow, that seriously sounds like an eventful and productive day.)

Feeling overwhelmed as she didn't expect so many people to attend the show, she begin to explain how her fans have inspired her. Of how she doesn't really get to see the people as all she usually sees are the stats. But when she does get to see the people, it's when she really feels like her music has truly impacted lives and that is one of the most beautiful things to her.

At 16 years old, she recounted that she was terrified when she auditioned for a girl band. She remembered that she sang this next song, and her whole life changed. After which she proceeded to sing her rendition of Whitney Houston's I Have Nothing. And dare we say her cover was as good as Whitney herself.

As an eccentric and emotional person, Jess wrote this song when she was just 17 and she had no idea what this song was going to do to her life. To be able to do what she does, she doesn't just help herself but others as well. This three and a half minute song helped her for about 11 years. And she encouraged the audience that although sometimes we are sad and insecure about ourselves, all we have to do is to work on ourselves everyday and that is how we will eventually step into our own. And the song that saved her was none other than Who You Are.

Coming to the middle of her set, Jessie admitted that her voice was really tired but she always believes in singing LIVE and not lip syncing no matter what. Sometimes in the studio, she thinks of writing songs for the lower register of her voice so it wouldn't be so hard on her but she never does. The respect we have for this woman is really one of a kind. For Flashlight, it was indeed a duet with the audience as we looked like a sea full of lights.

"What can I tell you about me that you don't already know?" Jessie asked the audience as she was taking burning questions from the audience. And there was a question in particular that really stumped her, "What's the best part of being alive?" WOW. There was a long pause before she eventually gave probably the wisest answer she could give. She replied that it was the chance to experience everything, to have the opportunity to walk and talk and know people, and to share her life in music. To know that her music has impacted the lives of others and it becomes a part of them that will never die. And if you're having a weird day, to know that you are alive, that is the best part. PREACH IT SISTA!

She also noticed a fan crying and asked if he was okay. He revealed that her last album saved his life. It was a little get-to-know the fans segment where Jessie made a friend. His name is Duane, and he is 23 years of age and will be entering university to major in the bachelor of arts. And what happened next was probably one of the many highlights of the night. They sang an improv duet. AND BOY CAN DUANE SING. The crowd seriously went crazy at how good the two sounded together.

For Burnin' Up, Jess wanted the audience to clap along but asked those who can't clap to the beat to use their feet instead because nobody can hear that. (oh Jessie!) She mentioned that the moment she got off the plane, she felt as though she was in a hand dryer. Oh girl, welcome to Singapore!

After Do It Like A Dude, the singer confessed that she decided not to do anymore shows this year because she said sometimes you have to say no and live a little but she just couldn't resist coming to Singapore because she loves it here. (AWW) She shouted out the boss man of the company and went, "Singtel say something, ring ring!" Oh my she seriously cracked everyone up.

Masterpiece really tugged on the heart strings of everyone present and to top it, Jessie invited a 13-year-old fan to sing the song on stage. Oh bless her little heart, she was so overwhelmed and could not sing the song without choking up on the words.

In between rolling her boots down because the lights were so hot and giving another motivational speech on why there's no such thing as perfect and making your own perfect straight to the camera, we were silently trying to soak up everything that was happening because we knew the end was near.

The night ended with some fan favourites, Price Tag and Bang Bang. WHAT A DANCE PARTY! The inner diva notes of everyone started coming out as everyone was cherishing the last moments with the Queen herself. Jessie seriously crushed Nicki's rap and those notes she was reaching were insane. Who would ever believe that her voice is not at its best??? Girl, don't be frustrated, your voice is amazing whether asleep or awake. YOU KILLED IT.


1. Ain't Been Done
2. Domino
3. Nobody's Perfect
4. I Have Nothing (Whitney Houston Cover)
5. Who You Are
6. Flashlight
7. Burnin' Up
8. Do It Like A Dude
9. Masterpiece
10. Price Tag
11. Bang Bang 

Photo Credit: Singtel, Sumsang, Universal Music & Jessie J Instagram

Give these songs some spotlight!

We are fully aware that it has been more than a year since Fifth Harmony's debut album Reflection dropped. So you might be thinking to yourself, "then why bring this up? The Reflection era has already ended, and it is the start of a new one."

The second part of that statement is exactly our point. Since 7/27 has just been released today, we feel that we just have to celebrate Reflection one last time before it gets forgotten by many. So in celebration of a new era, let's remember the last.

Reflection was full of great singles that all went platinum. From the girl-power anthems BO$$ and Worth It to the super-catchy song Sledgehammer written by the girls' bud, Meghan Trainor, who also wrote 2 other tracks on their album.

There are so many other songs on this album that we feel didn't receive the right amount of recognition that they truly deserve. So here we are today to shed some sort of light to these belittled tunes.

1. Reflection

Well, this is the album title so why isn't this a single? The genius lyrics in this empowering tune seems like letting a guy know that he is so fineeee and what not but in the end, it's like psych! You're actually not describing him but talking to your own Reflection!


2. Going Nowhere

You can't help but get down together with the bass drop in this song. This would have been one of those songs that you'll be so thrilled to hear on the radio.


3. We Know

The 5H ladies are all about women standing together as one voice instead of bashing one another down. And this song represents that in one of the many ways. Don't let us even begin with that crazily amazing melodious hook.


4. Top Down

"Passed out real and I woke up realer" is probably one of the best lyrics from the album and definitely a fan favourite. Bring us to H town man!


5. Brave Honest Beautiful

As the song title describes, we know this one goes out to the Harmonizers. Thank you girls, we love you too.


If it were up to us, we would want the all the songs in the album to all be singles. That way, it would be perfect. But we can't change the past, so here's to looking forward to 7/27 together!

Photo Credit: Idolator

Earlier this year in March, I had the opportunity to catch James Bay perform live in Antwerp, Belgium. It was less than a week after the terrorist attacks in Brussels, so while it felt like there was solemn in the air as I walked down the streets of Antwerp, the concert was anything but somber. His concert now holds a very special place in my heart, and it will probably stay there for many years to come, especially for the fact that I travelled across Europe to see him.

Then just a few days ago on 19 May 2016, I got to see Mumford and Sons perform live in Vienna, Austria. I believe that I qualify as a concert veteran (seven so far this year!) and out of all the concerts I have ever been to, Mumford and Sons' concert was hands-down the BEST one yet.

The two concerts I went for were absolutely amazing and I would not trade the experience for anything in this world, which is why I strongly believe that everyone should travel and watch a concert overseas at least once. Here are three reasons why:


1. Brand new experience

Have you ever wondered what concert cultures are like in another country? When I was in Antwerp for James Bay's concert, I found myself seated amongst many older people (about 40-50 years old), which was a little shocking for me since I would not expect someone of the same age as my mum to listen to his music. During the intermission after the opening band's set and before Mumford and Sons took the stage, I witnessed people giving way to others and letting them stand in front of them. It was that chill, I swear. The lighting effects for their concerts were also far more intricate than I have ever seen in any concert in any venue in Singapore, which added on to the whole experience. 


2. Cheap tickets

Would I have been able to get first-category tickets in Singapore to see either acts for less than S$100? Probably not. I paid a total of 90€ for both shows, which is approximately S$140, or the average price of one ticket in Singapore. James Bay's ticket also consisted of a one-day pass for transport in Antwerp, which saved me a couple more bucks. 


3. No more waiting in vain


Have you ever waited for a band to perform in Singapore for so many years that you are on the brink of being convinced that they would never come here? I totes understand your feels, cuz that's exactly how I feel about Mumford and Sons. However, instead of waiting for them to come to you, why not you go to them? 

Having that said, I guess there's still the question about "what about the costs of flight tickets and accommodation when you travel to catch a concert?" Yea, I get it. But the point is that if you ever find yourself travelling to a place at the same time when a band or a singer you like is performing, I would strongly recommend that you go catch the show!

Photo credits: Spin or Bin Music

Adele in a gorgeous floral dress is just downright classy. And I love that her latest album features a classy (yet shady) track like no other - the perfectly titled Send My Love (To Your New Lover).

As someone who adores Adele but isn't too crazy about her slow-paced and broody ballads, I found myself falling in love with this catchy, upbeat single right away.

It's so lighthearted, cheerful and it shows Adele in a different light - that's so much closer to the Adele we now know than the Adele who was mourning over bad breakups and ex-boyfriends. I mean, she's a mother now!

Keep it up Adele - and I'll be keeping my ears peeled for more sweet hits like this from 25.

Check out the elegant and minimalistic video below!


Photo credit: The Grammy Awards

Long story short: well now you can!

A member of the popular Kanye To The forum website has bought a demo tape that belonged to Kanye West that was recorded 19 years ago.

Despite being bought off Ebay 2 years ago, it was not until someone offered $600 to upload those demos did the owner decided to take up the offer to release the 8 demos.

Kanye’s production has evolved through the years, from the soulful production on The College Dropout,

To the darker sounds on 808s & Heartbreak.

And even the brash industrial noise sounds of Yeezus.

The 1997 8-track demo tape that Kanye recorded didn’t mostly go to waste though, with at least two known songs using his beats.


A pity the other 6 demos didn't see the light on other songs eh?

Listen to the demos below before Kanye realizes and takes it all down.

Photo Credit: Soundcloud, FashionBombDaily