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Album Review: Madeon - Adventure
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Album Review: Smallpools - LOVETAP!
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Album Review: Charli XCX - SUCKER
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Directioners still reeling from the shock of Zayn leaving the band should look no further!

Spin or Bin Music was given the chance to interview One Direction's Liam Payne when the boys came down for a phenomenal concert here in Singapore last month. We were incredibly honoured to be given the oppurtunity to take some time off Liam's busy schedule and the man was super friendly as usual. What we didn't expect was for Liam to reveal an EXCLUSIVE ANNOUNCEMENT just for you guys, the readers of Spin Or Bin Music! 

Alright, we know you Directioners can't wait to hear what the announcement would be. Here's a clue: it's got to do with an upcoming project from the boys ;)

What are you waiting for, listen to the exclusive news below!


Photo credit: Hollywire

Album Review: Madeon - Adventure

By Brandon Mar 31, 2015

Having worked with the biggest stars such as Lady Gaga and Ellie Goulding, 20 year old Frech producer Madeon is ready to make a name for himself with his debut album, Adventure.

Madeon's style is one that is colourful, poppy and whimiscal, transporting listeners into a fictional world the producer has created. Chopped-up vocal samples are aplenty, and so are the somewhat-'cheesy' endings to tracks which are actually heartwarming touches from the producer.

While such prodcution techniques are nothing too unqiue to be raving (pun not intended) about, it's a breath of fresh air from the more aggressive EDM songs dominating airwaves recently. An exception is the hard-hitting Imperium, which sticks out from the euphoric vibe of the other tracks.

Adventure features many big names including Bastille's Dan Smith, Foster The People's Mark Foster and Passion Pit. All three songs are highlights in an album filled with them. Madeon also lends his own voice to a couple of songs, the standout being the final track, Home. The line "If I could try a little harder, I could succeed. I'd rather give up and be happy" is sung in a surprisingly-resonant manner, showing off spades of maturity and soul, qualities many dance records sorely miss.

The album flows easily from one song to another, feeling just like an adventure, as the album title promised. As a result, tracks may appear similar, featuring the same clustered electronic instrumentals which may become grating to some.

However, others looking for a dance record that is filled with personality from its producer should look no further. Adventure is a briskly paced album that shoots by, providing an emotionally-resonant and blissful soundtrack for any occasion. Just be prepared to spam the replay button.

Track cuts, Home, Pay No Mind, Nonscence, You're On, Pixel Empire


Photo credit: Columbia

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Could he be Singapore’s 50 Cent dope swagger rapper? Picking up the art of rapping at a tender age of 10, Mark Bonafide has sealed a range of performances with A-lister international acts by opening for The Black Eye Peas and Craig David. In addition, this bonafide rapper has also won the COMPASS award for the best local song for So Bonafide with Don Richmond.

Stemming his influences from artists such as Prince and Pharrell Williams, he states that the duo has inspired him to be true to his craft and the image that he hopes to portray.  As they are able to sail across boundaries to create sounds and be trend setters.

Aside from performing across countries such as Russia, India, Australia, Indonesia and Malaysia, Mark puts his flair for rapping to the test as he anticipates the release of his upcoming album LV/RBL(Love Rebel) in May. Mastered by acclaimed Grammy winner Reuben Cohen, the album strives to bring together a wealth of real life and musical experiences to address the idea of loving rebelliously, on one’s own terms.

Teasing us before the album launch, Mark recently released his single You Thought FT Taufik Batisah. The song encapsulates how a girl can cause a guy to feel so special but in actual fact she treats any other guy the same way which leads to a bittersweet feeling.

The bass guitar riffs rain down like a hypnotic bomb, the track musters pure energy and expression with the motor-mouthed mojo rap by Mark and mellifluous vocals by Taufik. The track is a lucid and communicative, pushing the tunes beyond its surrounding texture.

Mark recalls the experience while recording the track with Taufik. “He is another brother right here. We started out making music when we were in NS, my original musical partner in crime when we formed the duo "Bonafide". So to me, there is a sense of familiarity and a homely feeling when we get together to do something creative.”

Well aside from being a rapper, I guess many of you will not have expected this but Mark does have a sweet tooth and started his dessert line called “BonafiDesserts”. He raps, sings and bakes - I guess he encapsulates everything of Mr Perfect!


Photo Credits: Mark Bonafide

I'm not gonna lie, I had some mixed feelings about All Time Low's first two songs from their upcoming album Future Hearts - Something's Gotta Give and Kids In The Dark. 

Those two songs had ATL written all over it, but they felt hasty and easy. The lyrics were pretty straightforward as well. 

But you know what they say, third time's the charm. I was hoping for it. And this one charming newbie to join the ranks of Future Hearts' released tracks is titled Tidal Waves.

It's such a mellow song with a great melody (not overdosing on the pop flavour too) - and I can't help but feel that it should belong in their previous album, Don't Panic.

It's no Remembering Sunday, and I don't think we need another one just like it. Tidal Waves stands out on its own amongst its hectic, energized sidekicks.

With Blink-182's Mark Hoppus chiming in the track as well, what could go wrong? There's definitely no winning formula to write a song but an old experienced hand (or voice) helps A LOT.

Hustlers, what do you think? I'm putting this down as one of my personal favourites from now on!

The song is yet to be officially released but do catch a (4%) pitched version down below! 


Photo credit: All Time Low

Actors are very very talented human beings. Apart from being able to portray themselves as different characters, they would have a side talent that just complements them in every way possible, be it being a comedian, or a producer, or in this case a singer. Actors are just born accomplished, and that’s why I envy them so.

If you ask me who are the actors that can sing well then, read on. There’s a little list you should know about - some may surprise you, while others may be a tad obvious.


Joseph Gordon-Levitt

I loved his cute acting in 10 Things I Hate About You, where he acted as the shy high school boy who tries to chase the girl of his dreams. Now, instead of being all shy and dorky, Joseph stands full of confidence, singing his veins out (literally), swaying adorably side to side. And what a voice. If he wasn't an actor, he’d fit well in a 90’s boyband.


Zachary Levi

Would you look at that? Who’s behind the charming Flynn Rider? It’s Zachary Levi! Popular from the TV series, Chuck, Zachary has a secret talent for singing! Alongside A Walk to Remember actress, Mandy Moore, who sings just as well as Zachary, they make the most beautiful duet that melts hearts and bring tears to the eyes.


Robert Pattinson

With all ears on Decode by Paramore, very little has actually noticed that the Twilight soundtrack includes a track sang by Robert Pattinson - Edward Cullen himself. R-Patz possess a soothing singing voice with an extra touch of soul.


Anne Hathaway

Princesses have great responsibilities, and one of them is to be accomplished with skills. Acted as the Princess of Genovia in Princess Diaries, Anne Hathaway wow-ed us all with her performance in Les Miserables. We’ve always known she could sing, but who knew she’s got the broadway potential.


Amanda Seyfried

Being a part of the Mean Girls shows that Amanda is just a really good actress. In real life, she’s not even close to being a dumb blonde like she was as Karen Smith, but she’s smart and talented. Amanda has a sweet voice which complements her beautiful appearance, and it shows in Little House, which she wrote for her film, Dear John.

Not all actors can sing. Some have tried and failed, while others carry on to pursue singing while acting (as those listed). With talents such as that, we give them a standing ovation as we drown in the sea of admiration. 

Photo credit: 7-themes