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Move aside Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston shippers (and haters), Tswizzle is about to fill your feeds, yet again, with an exciting mystery book!

The upcoming book is wittily titled, Taylor Swift: Girl Detective and The Secrets of The Starbucks – inspired by Taylor's famous misheard Blank Space lyrics, “all the lonely Starbucks lovers” that was actually supposed to be “got a long list of ex-lovers.”

While most of us will just roll our eyes at those petty misheard lyrics, writer Larissa Zageris and illustrator Kitty Curran decided to team up and create a mystery novella.

If you’re ever wondering what else inspired the novella, yes, it’s Nancy Drew. The illustrator shares, “Her [Taylor Swift] publicity is focused more on her own derring-doishness and accomplishments than her sex appeal, much like a modern day Nancy Drew.”

However, since the book is still being funded on Kickstarter, we’ve only gotten to know a few details.

The plot revolves around Taylor Swift playing a detective who helps solve a mystery about a New York City actress receiving threatening message on her skinny mocha Starbucks drink.  Brilliant, huh?

To make it more exciting, Taylor is joined by her girl squad, which from the illustration shows the likes of Lorde, Lena Dunham, and Selena Gomez.

The whole plot might not be as overwhelming as Jessica Jones’, but from the looks of it, it might just involve some ass-kicking.


Photo Credit: kittycurran (tumblr)

It is the last week before school starts for some of you, hopefully these stories will make the last days of your holidays a little more exciting. It is time to run down what happened in music last week!


1.     Troye Sivan ft. Alessia Cara

Actor, YouTuber and now Singer Troye Sivan has teamed up with Alessia Cara on a revamped version of his hit song Wild. We already know that the original song is amazing, but this is just on a whole new level. Please take the next 3 minutes and 37 seconds to have a listen, I promise you it is so worth it.

Troye Sivan is definitely the one to watch this year! He is currently on his worldwide Blue Neighbourhood Tour till September.


2.     Musicians Are The Queens & Kings Of Instagram

In May, we found out that Selena Gomez is the most followed person on Instagram. In this article by Billboard, research revealed that musicians practically rule the world of Instagram especially when it comes to video views. For the past 5 months, the top-viewed video posts have came from musicians namely Selena Gomez (of course), Taylor Swift and Justin Bieber.

Take for example in the month of May, Selena Gomez’s video of how she spent the night after the MET gala garnered over 6.8 million views. That is absolutely crazy! YESS! #TeamMusic


3.     The X Factor 2016 Updates

In April, we predicted the judging panel on the UK version of The X Factor. So here is the follow up, and WOW time has flew past so quickly. On the UK series, Louis Walsh, Nicole Scherzinger and Sharon Osbourne will join Simon Cowell!


As for the Australian series, Adam Lambert was just announced as the final judge who will join Iggy Azalea and Guy Sebastian on the table.

Two brand new X Factor series to look forward to in the months to come, packed with talent and drama. It will be an exciting time!


4.     Here Is How You Mash Up Songs 11 Together

Could this be the best thing to come out from The Late Late Show with James Corden (alongside Carpool Karaoke)? As you know, James Corden is a multi-talented guy; he never fails to put himself out there for entertainment. In all the skits on The Late Late Show, he just never fails to entertain. Last week, Anna Kendrick made an appearance on the talk show and they produced something so brilliant, I have watched it about 10 times in the last 2 days.

The skit features 11 scenes, or 11 stages of a stereotypical love story. The whole skit performed through a mash up of 11 songs. Can you name them all?



Picture Credits: Ryan Enn Hughes, DailyMail, The X Factor & Selena Gomez on Instagram

Two of the newest singers in the scene have teamed up together for one epic track that will, if the cards are played right, be the unexpected hit of the summer.

Fresh off the success of the chart-topping Youth and the critically-acclaimed Blue Neighbourhood, Troye Sivan is launching his career to new heights.

His latest single, the remixed Wild featuring Alessia Cara of Here fame was previously released as the first single off the album, but didn’t catch much traction then.

The reimagination of the song comes as a surprise as many thought he was already done with the single due to the announcement of his newest single a couple of weeks ago, Talk Me Down.

Alessia replaces Troye’s second verse in the original and touches on unrestricted love and the strength of what love can do to another.

Troye and Alessia trade vocals after the second verse, one listen and you’ll never get this jam out of your head. The new music video would be revealed very soon so do keep a look out for that!

In the meantime, listen to the reimagined Wild below!

Photo Credit: josepvinaixa, Tumblr

What is wrong with you people?

Multi-platinum recording girl group Fifth Harmony just released their highly anticipated music video for their latest single All In My Head (Flex) with hip hop artist Fetty Wap and the Internet went bonkers.

(Please note that while referring to the Internet, we are neither targeting the fans nor the trolls because we cannot 100% prove the identity of anyone with just a screen name and display picture. So for the purpose of this article, we are just going to refer to them as 'the Internet'.)

Okay, back to the main point. After watching the MV, like almost any curious mind out there, we scrolled through the comments section on YouTube. And what we found there were some really nasty remarks coupled with unsatisfied viewers. (Where's the love man?) Okay, there're just so many to talk about so let's break it down for you.

Firstly, the type of comment that we found the most goes along the lines of "all they do is sing about sex with almost no clothes on". The majority of the comments were talking about how Fifth Harmony is still considered a young group of girls and shouldn't be singing about nothing but sex. They were also not too pleased that the swimsuits that they were wearing in the video were showing off too much skin.

Secondly, we found people commenting on how the girls are trying too hard to be sexy but aren't at all. They feel as though they are trying to use the sex appeal method to sell their music because of their similar previous successful hits like Worth It and Work from Home.

Thirdly, (and we think that this is the worst one of all) people were body-shaming some of the girls. The 5H girls have different body shapes, some of them are thin while others are thicker. And what we like about the fabfive is that they embrace all. The comments bashing the curvier girls in the group are just disgusting and disrespectful.

In conclusion, we know that people are entitled to their opinions but there are just some things that we need to change from what we think, say and do. Expressing one's thoughts in a constructive way is very different from just setting out to destroy someone's value. "Be responsible. Think before you comment." is just one piece of advice we would like to put out there.


Photo Credit: YouTube & @lmregui on Tumblr 

Just when we thought she could not get anymore adorable.

Should we say "finally"??? The time since Selena Gomez teased her Carpool Karaoke with James Corden on her socials till the actual date the video dropped felt like eternity. Not only because the video was released like weeks later but also because there were quite a number of Carpool Karaoke sessions that were made known to us in between.

Okay, enough about how we were waiting (im)patiently for what seemed like forever. Let's move on to why we have all gathered here today and that is to break down for you the 5 moments we absolutely love in this 12 minutes and 12 seconds of goodness. Let's GO! ;)


1. Singing & Dancing on a Roller Coaster

How does she even do it??? We reckon we would probably be James rather than Selena on that roller coaster. 


2. Getting Embarrassed at McDonald's

Can someone say AWKWARD!!! Oh my when James was demanding for SelGo lyrics on the McDonald's cup, it was hilarious yet strangely embarrassing for the pop star as well. 


3. Pretending to Care about the Opinions of her Squad

Sel's reactions to James' comments on her squad being sexist because there are no male counterparts are 100, shows that they are secure in who they are and nobody can tell them otherwise! WOO!


4. Mark of Success: Making Fun of Herself

You know you made it when people make fun of you. Now that's new!


5. Jamming to the Best Line EVER!!!

Well. come on!!! Isn't this everybody's favourite line in Hands To Myself?


For the millionth time, can we please be in the boot of one of these Carpool Karaokes? We feel left out all the time when we see our faves jamming out and having the time of their lives in that 4-wheeled vehicle!

What is YOUR favourite moment from the SelGo Carpool Karaoke? Do let us know by leaving us a tweet! We always love to hear what you have to say!


Photo Credit: Today, @oursong, @lermanholic, @alexrussogifs, @dailyselenagomez & @entertainmenttonight on Tumblr