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Album Review: McBusted

By Nikita Dec 18, 2014

Dropping their latest album, English Pop Rock McBusted (combination of McFly and Busted) gives us an edgy feel towards broken relations and hitches faced while growing up. Despite their differences as two separate bands, McBusted is still stained with harmony, strong personality and remarkable vocal layering.

The first half of the album is heavier in terms of crisp thumping drum beats and snaking guitar licks. The album opens with Air Guitar which reflects the phase of most teenagers when they are not part of the ‘Cool Kids’ social circle… uninvited kids to happening parties hence the only way to feel powerful is by imagining to be a Rockstar! Playing an air guitar and head banging to experience that one minute of fame. Close my eyes and see the crowd/ In my head I am a Rockstar.

Known for their acoustic elements, a hint of ‘McFly’ is being infused with Beautiful Girls Are The Loneliest which juxtaposes the views behold upon them. Everyone thinks that beautiful girls have a flock of suitors after them. However in relativity, the guys are lacking the courage to approach these beautiful girls as they perceive they are not good enough. 

Tracks such as In Da Club and Back In Time summarize the wild and frolicking days which the boys had while passing that adolescence stage. It is definitely a different take as compared to the individual albums of McFly or Busted... but hey at least they tried to explore more options.

Perhaps for their next album a matured approach towards love could be undertaken instead of the high school slant of summer flings or teenage struggles. 

Track Cuts: Air Guitar, Gone and Sensitive Guy

Photo Credits: Island Records

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So… Taylor Swift has really made it this time. A museum exhibit running for 5 months dedicated solely to Taylor Swift’s art form and perfection!? Swifties have been waiting for this long overdue tribute to truly one of the biggest pop stars to emerge from the 21st Century.

The Grammy Museum in Los Angeles will play host to The Taylor Swift Experience and features Taylor’s handwritten lyrics, tour costumes, props used in music videos and of course, her Grammy awards. There’s even an interactive portion of the exhibit which encourages visitors to shake it to Shake It Off!

"She's so relevant and so important and integral to the music industry and the way that it's changing. You can't deny her importance."

Even the museum curator has nothing but words of praise for her!

It’s no coincidence that Taylor is the youngest artist ever to have her own exhibit in the museum, launched just in time for her 25th birthday (which included VIP guests Beyoncé, JAY Z and Justin Timberlake among other huge A-listers).

Will you be visiting The Taylor Swift Experience? Let us know if you do! No wait, don’t. I’m going to be so jealous.

Photo Credit: Grammy Museum, Getty Images, WireImage

It's the most wonderful time of the year. Your friend pulled a name out of the Secret Santa hat and ended up getting a gift for you which you absolutely hate.

But we from Spin or Bin Music knows exactly what you want.

We've received an overwhelming amount of support and positive comments from you since we started this blog five years ago. In appreciation of your interest and support, we've assembled our biggest Christmas giveaway yet!

Our Christmas elf will be posting links to the giveaway on Twitter starting December 17 and all you gotta do is to follow us and retweet the link(s) below to stand a chance in winning the one of these secret gifts in the Christmas sock!

Here are the secret gifts which we will be delivering to your mailbox:

1. Katy Perry (link)
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Good luck! Season's greetings from all of us at Spin or Bin Music!

Ho ho ho

Terms & Conditions:
1. Open to Singapore & Malaysia residents only.
2. All entries must be received before 22:00 hours on December 22 2014.
3. Multiple tweets are allowed but each Twitter account will only be entitled to one winning chance.
4. Representative of Spin or Bin Music will pick twelve (12) tweets amongst all eligible tweets. Spin or Bin Music’s decision is final and binding. No correspondence will be entertained about Spin or Bin Music’s decision.
5. Spin or Bin Music reserves the right to disqualify all entries that do not meet the rules and regulations of the Contest. These include entries submitted with invalid or incorrect information.
6. Winners will receive a tweet/ DM from Spin or Bin Music with further instructions on how to claim the prize.
7. Spin or Bin Music is not responsible for, nor obligated to replace, any lost, stolen, or damaged prize sent through mail.

A wise man once said, "A smooth sea never made a skillful sailor." And truly, Yellowcard's latest album Lift A Sail is a perfect testament of that quote. With tumultuous events unfolding within the last couple of years (the departure of drummer Longineu Parsons III, Ryan Key's relationship with his wife, Sean's new bundle of joy), it's impressive to learn that the band is still waving its sails high, declaring, "Here I am alive!"

So it's during my casual chat with Yellowcard that I got an insight into the kaleidoscopic workings of their musical and personal lives. (I have to admit, sitting within an arm's length from the members is totes cool). And from a fan's perspective, I can tell you the deep-seated respect and admiration I have for this rock group is definitely well-founded.


You guys have been together for quite a while, a long time, in fact. So are there any changes you’ve seen about one another? Over the years?

Ryan K: How long do we have for this press? This thing?

Half hour.

Ryan K: Maybe we can come back for a day and just talk about that? A whole day? Well we changed bands, we changed members, that’s just going to be the most obvious change, I think sonically we’ve changed, undergone quite a change over the years, sometimes we begin in one direction, and then going back to something we’ve had before. Sometimes going forward to a new place and taking that farther.

So I get there’s so many levels to the question on change, you know, when you’ve been a band for over 15 years. Personalities change and people change, music changes, your ability to play your instrument changes, you get better at it as you get on. You learn to play new instruments along the way, and I think for me, learning how to sing over the course of the whole thing.

When the band kind of exploded in 2003, 2004, it was at that point I realize that maybe I should know how to sing? Because I didn’t know how to do it at all. So that’s a huge, huge question so I don’t wanna like cheat the answer from you but it’s just there’s so many levels to what’s changed for us over the years.

Sean: I think people are always fascinated that we’re people too and our art mimics our life. Recently I’m married and my wife and I just have a daughter now, she’s 3 months old and it’s like those elements of your normal life and how they colour in our musical life and the Yellowcard experience and everything.

I think all of us have that story and it’s been documented… For 17 years the band has been around but we’ve been really touring for 15 years and you can just imagine the road miles and ways life has affected all of us. So it affects us also, we just have it in our songs.


It’s your second time back in Singapore. So has this tour been any different – or similar – fans-wise, travel-wise…?    

Ryan K: That’s totally a question for you.

Sean: I get that one? For us, it’s just amazing and incredible at this point in our career that we still get to go new places and there’s certain differences, obviously, between cultures and countries that most of the Yellowcard fans… (trails off) I don’t know if the Internet just makes the world that much smaller, but the experience is very similar and that people are really touched by Yellowcard’s songs.

And it had to be this because Twitter, Instagram. And it makes us a little more accessible that way. So it’s not so much this is specifically different, versus this. I think in the region, in Asia, in particular, I don’t know if the documentation or the cellphone era is a little bit stronger here than is anywhere else, maybe it’s because in 14 years we never gone to those countries. So, there’s a little bit of that happening but the volume of how the audience sings the songs and that emotional attachment is incredible.


And the reactions are still the same? At a decibel level? Anywhere you go?

Ryan K: No, it’s different, I mean, you know, there’s certain places that are also kind of Asia-Pacific that you can talk to Charlie from the stage to the soundboard because it’s just dead silence right between the songs. Um yeah, that’s something we’re not used to at home in the States. In the states we could be playing our most heartfelt ballad and someone’s in the back just going (yelling inaudibly) so it’s just totally different.

I think what Sean’s saying that concerts, I mean – I think when we went to China in 2012, for the first time, it hadn’t been very long that they had been doing concerts with Western bands – a couple years, four years, I don’t know. But you know, bands that had toured to every city in America for 50 years, so the experience was just different.

I think there’s just a little bit more reverence in this part of the world, towards the experience. And then there’s places like in South America that are just absolute and total pandemonium. From the second you take the stage, to the second you are done. It’s just absolute mayhem and insanity. Doesn’t matter what song you’re playing, doesn’t matter.

Sean: And with disregard to their well being.

Ryan K: Yeah. Yeah!

Sean: Like a gnarly pyramid, in a moshpit, and everyone will just tumble down on each other. And it’s unbelievable; it’s terrifying.

Ryan M: You’re playing and you’re like, “Oh my god, what are they doing right now?”

Ryan K: The one thing you get from going to a place for the first time especially this far in is that you can feel that anticipation, feel that excitement, and it’s at another level and it’s not about picking places that’s more favourite than another. Going to Hong Kong for the first time, those fans are going to be more excited, than you know, fans in LA. There’s an undeniable excitement. It comes from the fact that we haven’t been there before.


So I’m sure there are Anberlin fans amongst us… so what was it like recording your last album with Nathan Young?

Sean: One of the best recording experiences in Yellowcard’s career I think. He’s just amazing.

Ryan M: He’s unbelievable.

Ryan K: He’s a songwriter in his own right, you know? He does a lot of production in writing for Anberlin so that’s something that we hadn’t, in no negative way have I said, it’s just something we didn’t have in that position of the band before.

As far as having the production, the crafting of the songs from a melody standpoint, stuff like that. At that time it was less of the drums and the rhythm, and more about how the drums are going to work into the melody that’s being written as well. It was just a different process but having someone as creative, having someone that we’re fans of, for so many years now, be part of what we’re doing, it’s awesome.

Ryan M: He’s been a good friend of ours and we all loved his band for years and years so it wasn’t like “Hey that guy from that band is a really good drummer. I wonder if he would be interested?” We were like calling up one of our best friends and you know, he said, “I’m honoured.” It was a phenomenal experience, getting to work with him after all those years.


So if Yellowcard was commissioned to a write a song for the new Star Wars movie soundtrack, how would you guys go about it?

Sean: Yes.

Ryan K: We would go about it saying yes.

Ryan M: Yes. Whatever you would want us to do.

Ryan K: I don’t know, I mean, first of all, I have to demand that we get to see the film, so that we can write.

Ryan M: We need to see what we’re writing for.

Ryan K: Yeah, exactly.

Sean: We would have to get a lightsaber.

Ryan K: That would be amazing but Star Wars isn’t really the type of film that would use contemporary music though, for what they’re doing. It’s pretty much like John Williams and John Williams… that’s it.

Ryan M: We would still say yes though. If you know someone, this is a test of question! We will say yes.


When you’re through thinking, say yes, right?

Ryan M: We’re not thinking. Just yes.

Ryan K: Clever one that.


So your songs like Ocean Avenue, obviously, and Only One, have been a teenage anthem, I think everybody grew up with that. How about personally? What are your teenage anthems?

Ryan M: Smells Like Teen Spirit. Smashing Pumpkins… Anything on Siamese Dream. Such a great album.

Ryan K: When the Foo Fighters’ first record came out, when we were like 14, 15, I was listening to that record. When the Colour and the Shape came out when I was 17, My Hero, Monkey Wrench, Everlong… those singles, those songs were just life-changing. Green Day’s Dookie was out. It’s hard to pick songs; it’s easier to pick albums because we grew up in a decade where we were teenagers and the decade that was just the pinnacle of rock music.

I mean it’s insane. The amount of amazing, lifelong artistes that are still played on every radio station, on every country across the world. You know that’s not so much happening for bands that came out of the 2000s and on. There’s still this thing about alternative rock that happened, that we just got to experience.


Photo credit: Joey Han for Spin or Bin Music

katy perry dark horse most viewed music videos of 2014

At more than 716 million views, Katy Perry’s Dark Horse music video is 2014’s reigning champion of YouTube’s popularity contest. One may think the Internet has long forgotten the over-the-top offering since its inception on Feb 20. But one can be wrong or agree to disagree.

A quick scan of the top 10 trending music videos will reinforce our head-scratching. Don’t ask me why or how Enrique Iglesias found a place in this ludicrous list.   

1. Katy Perry – Dark Horse
2. Enrique Iglesias – Bailando
3. Shakira – Can’t Remember to Forget You
4. Shakira – La La La (Brazil 2014)
5. Jason Derulo – Wiggle
6. Iggy Azalea – Fancy
7. Sia – Chandelier
8. Taylor Swift – Shake it Off
9. Meghan Trainor – All About That Bass
10. Nicki Minaj – Anaconda

Here are three pieces of work that should have gotten more views than Dark Horse.


Beyonce, Grown Woman

We really thought this powerhouse soon-to-be mother of two hit the nail on the head with this one. Manipulating the footage recorded from her salad days, it got young Yonce to lip sync to the track, fooling countless viewers (almost including this writer) into believing this cinematic sorcery. To pull that off in the most organic manner must have required unparalleled technical expertise. If only the video had been released earlier to catch all the curious eyes… that’s one thing the RNB goddess failed to anticipate when she decided to drop her entire album online, granting consumers exclusive access to the music videos at the same time.


Jimmy Fallon feat., Ew!

What could go wrong when you doll two grown men up in a couple of perky pigtails, shimmering orthodontics and garishly girlish garb? For one, we viewers could suffer a cardiac arrest and die of laughter. But I suppose people weren’t game enough to take the Tonight Show host and the progressive rapper too seriously as professional comic/musical artistes. Are and Sara (with no H because H’s are ew) less entertaining than some tunic-wearing Egyptians?


Sia, Chandelier

The stark contrast of an animated pint-sized performer in a stripped-down, moth-eaten house conjures a formidable visual – one that profoundly stirs the innards and leaves its victims breathless. Dominating the Chandelier music video is 12-year-old contemporary dancer Maddie Ziegler – one of the Dance Moms’ prodigies. A child of reality television, she spazzed her way onto a larger stage (one that takes the shape of an ordinary abode) in this video, which now circulates the entire planet where WiFi exists. While the electropop music video has found a place in the top 10 trending videos of the year, it’s somehow still not enough to earn top prize. Well, art is subjective.


Oh, who are we kidding?

No African queen, captain of hysterical talk shows, or wunderkind can beat Katy’s otherworldly Cleopatra alter-ego. It’s got human-feline hybrids, a glorious golden throne, the Great Sphinx of Giza with glowing eyes and talking lips, floating hieroglyphics, a dancing Pomeranian, towering pyramids with neon pink tips, the works.

Then again, if we hadn’t granted the bubblegum pop princess this accolade, she might’ve zapped us into oblivion with her electrifying dark magic.

Photo credit: YouTube/Katy Perry Vevo