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Album Review: Austin Mahone - The Secret
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Album Review: Sam Smith - In The Lonely Hour
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We all have that one friend in school who was so strange and odd, it was hard to relate to them no matter how hard we tried. 

Personally, I think Weird Al-Yankovic was one of those people. 

Keeping to his promise of releasing 8 music videos in the span of 8 days, the singer (?) recently released the music video for his song, Lame Claim to Fame. Much like most of his songs, Lame Claim to Fame is a parody of sorts. 

Share the same birthday with Kim Kardashian? Slept with the members of Motley Crue? Weird-Al is not impressed and he shows it with this southern rock number. 

As trashy as the song might be, I really find it extremely infectious especially when I've been listening to it in the office and singing along. 

The music video too is pretty darn cute. Watch it down below.


Photo credit: Capitol Records

It was hot, sweaty, smelly and exhausting but it was so worth the wait when those 4 familiar figures appeared out of the white smoke. The 1975 had arrived in our small country and they totally blew the Hard Rock Coliseum away. I can’t count how many times the stage smoked white and everyone was cheering thinking the boys were coming out. It was demoralizing to say the least. Even though an eternity seemed to pass during the wait, once they finally were up on stage, they gave everyone their energy back.

Everyone started jumping to the opening song The City and it did not stop there. The boys from Manchester made us dance with upbeat songs like Milk and She Way Out. They swayed us with the bone-shaking ballads Me and fallingforyou. And the moment every girl in the audience was waiting for, frontman Matty finally giving in to our country’s super hot weather and taking off his shirt.

They just could not stop screaming and that was one of the rare times we would be thankful for Singapore’s weather. The moment that really got me was during Head.Cars.Bending. I mean everyone was headbanging in total sync. It was amazingly connecting everyone together. Especially during the fan-favorite slow-beat Robbers everyone was shouting out the lyrics you look so cold! I really loved the songs where the saxophone player was introduced. It totally brought out a whole new dimension to the vibe in the Coliseum.

These boys really brought their A-game that night and despite their bad-boy attitude with the on-stage cigarettes and alcohol, they showed their surprising compassion when they asked everyone to move back to save the people in front who were like fucking dying in front here mate, to quote Matty.

Overall, The 1975 put on a fantastic show, appropriately ending off with the hits Chocolate and Sex. It was just absolutely amazing to see The 1975 live in front of us and we hope they come back soon. As they promised.

Check out our Facebook page for more pictures of The 1975 live in action!

Photo credits: Dominic Phua and Marcus Lin for Now/Live

“I’m not a perfect person/There’s many things I wish I didn’t do…”

That's right, people. You heard it here first! The great rock outfit Hoobastank will be gracing Singapore’s shores on November 30, 2014!

The band that was on everyone’s lips in the 2000s, Hoobastank has accumulated a total of six albums, the latest of which is Fight or Flight (2012). But you have to admit, nothing compares to The Reason – the single that catapulted them to the top of the charts and brought them international success; the very song that everyone knew the words to, even to this day.

Now, you can look forward to rocking the song out with front man Doug Robb himself, so be sure to leave your November untouched. 


Concert Details

Venue  : The Coliseum, Hard Rock Hotel Singapore
Date     : November 30, 2014
Tickets: $78 (Early bird), $98 (Standard), $118 (At the door), $188 (VIP includes meet-and-greet)

Tickets available on Peatix.

Spin or Bin Music is proud to be the Official Music Blog for Hoobastank Tour in Singapore!

Photo credits: Hoobastank

Malcom Brickhouse, Alec Atkins, Jarad Dawkins. Remember their names, because they're going to make history as young metal legends. Malcolm the guitarist and Alec, the bassist, are both 13 while drummer Jarad is just 12. 

Together as metal band Unlocking The Truth, these three boys have already signed a S$2.2 million record deal with Sony. 


A video of them busking in New York's Time Square went viral on YouTube, and a Sony executive who watched it contacted their manager. 

Jarad exclaimed, "I'm so excited! We've made it!" It's definitely hopeful and heartwarming to see talents being spotted for their work. Let's hope their debut album sells more than 250,000 copies, as that's when they'll get their cut of the deal.

You can marvel at their ferocious and kickass performance for their song Monster below! Let us know what you think of these little metal heads.


Photo credit: Rolling Stone

One name that insists on vying for attention in the race towards nu-pop punk notoriety is Illinois’ Real Friends.

Formed only in 2010, the quintet’s forthcoming debut LP, Maybe This Place Is the Same and We're Just Changing (out July 22 via Fearless), is undeniably one of summer’s most awaited records. The band has earned a name for themselves thanks to their brand of fervent lyricism (hence the “emo” allusions) and with a spot on the Vans Warped Tour, I Don't Love You Anymore is the third consecutive single to be released within two months.

Sticking to the timeless theme of heartbreak and unrequited love, expressionless woodland animals engage in various forms of intimacy within the track’s eccentric video as an alienated protagonist meanders past, obviously forlorn. According to Fuse, the faceless motif - with the aid of masks - is a visual to avoid typecasting and “much like Real Friends’ music, the masks add a little bit of fun to an unhappy situation,” elaborates director Eric Teti.  

Vocalist Dan Lambton’s coarse deliveries have yet to fail in conveying moroseness and his blunt words only abet it: “I can't believe you've got the nerve to say you love me and you left me for dead, I don't love you anymore.”


Photo credit: Jered Scott