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Album Review: Jessie J - Sweet Talker
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Album Review: Tokio Hotel - Kings of Suburbia
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Album Review: The Madden Brothers - Greetings From California
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Giving us a taste of semblance in terms of vocal qualities from Mariah Carey and Pixie Lott– the Bang Bang hit maker assuaged the hunger of her hopeful fans for her remarkable vociferous runs. Enabling listeners to navigate the bouncy melody gracefully and generously, well Jessie J did it again for her third studio release Sweet Talker, surpassing the expectations being set for her.

Collaborating with prevalent rapper 2 Chainz, Burnin Up is being spiced up with a tinge of sassiness. This track beckons listeners to sashay their hips away in the club, piquing and whetting the interest of listeners as the song progresses. I love the fusion of Hip Hop together with Pop within this track, bringing about themes such as temptation and seduction. The breathy vocals enhances the overall appeal too!

Have we ever reached a point in life- everyone thinks they know us but they don’t really know who we really are? Acting strong on the out-front but we are crumbling behind the facade? How could you know me/ I keep praying that the cracks don’t show my pain. These lines struck a chord within me.

You Don’t Really Know Me embraces an ingenious crafted approach towards the song. In turn putting across a sense of helplessness by the acoustic set, it is not being over powered by heavy instruments.  This enables Jessie to connect with us through her inclement vocals.

As a whole the album balances itself with a mixture of slow and fast tempo songs which takes us on an emotional roller coaster ride. Well I would certainly like Jessie to show us something more aside from the usual compositions about love. Also more collaboration with Hip Hop artists perhaps Kendrick Lamar or Drake! Let’s bring something new to the table.

Track Cuts: Burnin Up, Bang Bang and Sweet Talker

Photo Credits: Republic Records

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The CHVRCHES camp has been a flurry of activity over the past few weeks.

Apart from being involved in Zane Lowe’s Radio 1 Rescores: Drive (a reinvention of music from the 2011 Ryan Gosling movie), the synth-pop trio has also been recruited to be part of the upcoming instalment of The Hunger Games soundtrack by none other than Lorde. These two projects will see the band featured alongside other phenomenal acts Bring Me The Horizon, The 1975, Kanye West and HAIM.   

Barely a month ago, The Bones of What You Believe celebrated its one year anniversary and already there has been talk of a second record as a follow up to its acclaimed predecessor. As this particular album cycle comes to a satisfying end, Under The Tide - with Martin Doherty on lead vocals duty - is a fitting final single.

Introducing a new mix that differs slightly from its studio counterpart, Doherty is given full reign – adopting a stylistic approach that is closer to his manic onstage presence, dance moves included. Doherty’s breathy vocals add an edge of desperation to the lyrics that hint at the torment of a severed relationship and the fruitfulness of mending such ties. Culminating in a psychedelic cum anime-inspired (Gundam Seed sans robots anyone?) music video, even the constellations point to a very flashy CHVRCHES future as two lovers are separated by what seems to be an apocalyptic outer space and possibly a hyperdrive-related accident.

In an interview with Fuse, bassist Iain Cook commented, “Because it's quite dance-y it has a really nice dynamic. The verses are quite laid back and the choruses are punchy, it gets people jumping up and down. It's a great to play live.”

Luckily enough, Lauren Mayberry and co. will be returning to Singapore this November for a headlining show! How convenient. Meanwhile, check out their latest video below.


Photo credit: Rachael Wright

While listening to Taylor Swift’s latest album, 1989, you might have noticed a peculiar song titled Bad Blood, in which Taylor’s lyrics seem exceptionally angry. You might also wonder who it is about, and how it all began. Here are all the answers to your questions!


March 23 2013: Katy Perry retweeted a tweet by her former dancer Scott Myrick. The tweet is a comparison of birthday cakes given to him by Katy the previous year when he was on tour with her, and the current one given by Taylor Swift, in which he is on tour with.

The tweet seems to be Katy acknowledging that her former dancer is dancing for Taylor now, although it isn’t very clear what Katy was trying to put across.


19 July 2013: Taylor unfollows the three dancers after they have given her notice to join Katy’s Prismatic World Tour.

What could they have possibly done that  pissed off Taylor to the point that she unfollowed them and sent them home from the ongoing tour?


September 8 2014: Taylor calls out a female artist she declines to name on a Rolling Stone interview. She calls it the “angriest song on 1989”. She also reveals the title of the song to be Bad Blood.

Taylor revealed the feud “had to do with business” and that “she basically tried to sabotage an entire arena tour”, by trying to “hire a bunch of people out from under me”.

Those were some harsh words to whoever has been trying to ruin her tour. Unless you’ve been following the minute details on Twitter last year, you wouldn’t have known or guessed it.


September 9 2014: Katy tweeted, indirectly referencing Swift’s Rolling Stone interview. 

For those who have been living in a well all their lives, Regina George is the main character of the hit movie Mean Girls, in which she ruined friendships by talking about girls behind their backs.

This is definitely directed at Taylor. Taylor fits the shoe as she was the one who talked behind her back, to Rolling Stone. It is 100% safe to say it’s Katy that’s been pissing Taylor off now.


September 10 2014: News finally broke that Taylor believed Katy has been stealing her dancers, literally. Three of Taylor’s dancers for her Red Tour suddenly gave their notice to join Katy’s Prismatic Tour.

The media also found out that Taylor’s new dancers have been dancing for Katy’s California Dreams Tour and were only dancing for Taylor’s Red Tour while waiting for rehearsals to start from the upcoming Prismatic World Tour.

Poor Taylor probably had not known that, as she probably wouldn’t have hired them in the first place, knowing they would eventually jump ship to Katy’s tour.

This goes in line with what happened a year ago and seems to confirm the authenticity of the events that happened in 2013.

There’s no saying who’s in the wrong here, as Katy knew that her dancers were working for Taylor and that they would be coming back to her. Furthermore, Taylor was not informed of the situation by neither her team, nor by Katy herself.


October 27 2014: The world gets to hear Bad Blood for the first time. Lyrics include direct digs at Katy.

1) Cause baby, now we got bad blood: The bad blood here refers to the hostility between Taylor and Katy.

2) You know it used to be mad love: Taylor and Katy used to be friends, from tweeting silly stuff to each other in 2009 to even hugging at award shows! (this was taken at the 2011 AMAs)

3) So take a look what you’ve done: Taylor is putting the blame on their ruined relationship entirely on Katy.

4) Now we’ve got problems / and I don’t think we can solve ’em / You made a really deep cut: Taylor talks about the serious problems that have arisen from the situation which is impossible to overcome

5) Still got scars on my back from your knife: Taylor directly talks about Katy backstabbing her by stealing her dancers.

6) You say sorry just for show: Taylor talks about how Katy is two-faced, only apologizing to her just to save face, not really meaning it.

Well, you get the idea. Taylor blames Katy for their poor relationship now and thinks that they can never ever, ever, ever reconcile.


Present Day (October 30 2014): Katy has yet to provide any response to Bad Blood. Perhaps Katy’s already penning down her response in her next album.

Meanwhile, Taylor has sold 600k copies of 1989 in its first 24 hours and is on track to sell a million copies in the US in its first week, making history by being the only person to have three consecutive albums sell more than a million units in its first week.

So who’s really winning here? The answer is painfully obvious.

Which side are you on, #TeamTaylor or #TeamKaty? Let us know!

Photo Credit: HN9, Billboard, iTunes

German rockers Tokio Hotel are back with their 5th album, Kings of Suburbia, although it's not quite the glam rock we're used to hearing from these guys. Twin brothers, vocalist Bill and guitarist Tom Kaulitz had been living in Los Angeles recently and drawing influence from the L.A. nightlife, the band have gone for an electronic sound in this album. Despite the abscence of their glam rock style, the band didn't completely disappoint with this experimental work.

The first line of the opening track, Feel It All, reads strobe lights flashing out of your eyes. Poetic yet cementing the German band's new club life identity, as seen in many of their newer videos. The heavier tracks like Stormy Weather and the anthemic Kings Of Suburbia are sure to get your blood pumping.

Run, Run, Run is the most contrasting song here, being a piano ballad with Bill singing behind Tom's piano playing. The lead single, Love Who Loves You Back is the pick of the electronic bunch with Tom's guitar strumming adding to the synthy beat backing Bill's singing of all types of love regardless of gender, race, etc.

With Girl Got A Gun, the band went too far experimentally for my taste. It's a really weird song which is always a good thing, but the chorus just gets increasingly irritating after each listen. Other than that, Tokio Hotel's most experimental work is definitely a good listen for fans of electronic music. However, most of us would like to see these guys in their original glam rock image and sound again in the future.

Track Cuts: Love Who Loves You Back, Run, Run, Run, We Found Us

Photo credit: Island

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The Evolution Of Boy Bands

By Nikita Oct 28, 2014

What were your fondest memories of your favourite boy band? The evolution of boy bands has taken a drastic change over the years! 

Remember the good old days when The Beatles satiated a sea of girls for their sudden thirst of vocal driven house with their sultry vocals and fans reaching out to them as they belted out I Wanna Hold Your Hand?


Who could ever forget the legendary NSYNC? Often serenading the crowd with I Want You Back and This I Promise You, everyone wanted a piece of Justin Timberlake for his tender falsetto.

Hit makers of I Want It That Way and Show Me The Meaning, they melted the hearts of many girls. Crooning to breakup tunes, Backstreet Boys will remain gold till date!

Every girl would have admitted that at a certain juncture in life they were drawn to a bad boy… presenting to you the bad boys of music- Simple Plan. They spoke out for kids who felt demoralized by their parents for not being Perfect.

Overtime, the image of boy bands evolutionized and girls were going gaga over the Jonas Brothers. They were Burning Up as they screamed SOS when they looked at the JBs in the eye.

Now you may ask who the ultimate boy band is in 2014, a band which leaves every boyfriend saying don’t Steal My Girl. Growing stronger since their time on X Factor, One Direction has taken the world by storm by possessing this electrifying power which draws the girls to them.

There you have it the evolution of boy bands and music! Now do you feel old? 



Photo Credits: MTV, Sony BMG and Apple Records